Should I give in to my Capricorn man?

CapricornCapricorn men can be bossy. They are ruled by authoritative Saturn, the CEO of the zodiac.

The question you should ask yourself is what your Capricorn man wants. It sounds like you two totally disagree on a course of action, and one of you must yield to the other. Capricorns do not easily surrender, unfortunately.

Capricorn rules the mountain, and the Goat wants to be on top. He’s worked long and hard to get there, so what incentive does he have to give up his status?

Saturn rules our insecurities that we strive to overcome. The feeling that deep inside he’s not good enough — that’s the soft sticky interior underneath Capricorn’s hard surface. If he gives in to you, he needs to maintain his self-confidence in the process, or else he’ll feel less-than. Your Capricorn man will only give in if you can find a way for him to save face while he succumbs to you.

Libra’s “win win” may not appeal to Capricorn, but he does want to be seen as a benevolent leader. As much as he likes his position, he realizes that his authority only lasts as long as his organization thrives. If the relationship’s stock price increases as a result of his temporary relinquishment of power, then he may be willing to step down — just this once.

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  1. virgowoman, I too am a virgo & have been “seeing” a capricorn, if that’s what you want to call it, for the last 6 months. Honestly, the man you speak of sounds very immature. A typical capricorn will only treat you like that if he does not take your or your “relationship” seriously. Granted, my cappie & I live several hours from each other, he has the capabality to travel freely. However, we spent three months of building trust and friendship before coming together & engaging in any sexual activity. I also know that if I wasn’t comfortable with it at that time either, he would have continued to work to build my confidence in him. He is just as fearful of getting hurt as I am & sometimes it’s like pulling teeth to get him to say how he feels. Capricorns are a good sign for us, but it’s also about finding the right one too. I am sure that my capricorn has treated women the way yours treated you, because he knew they weren’t a long-term prospect. However, if he remotely thinks you are in it for the long haul, he will show it by taking things slow in order to build a solid foundation with you. He desperately wants stability & security in a relationship just as much as we do, and he will be patient in order to obtain it.

  2. VirgoWoman says:


    Sounds like you got a “good one”. 🙂 I’m happy to hear it.

    That Cap I had three dates with in January is just kind of an oddball. He met a woman a month or two later and proposed marriage after only about 3 weeks. I suspect she is a “monied” woman. No matter.

    I know there are good Cap men out there. I’ve been seeing a Sag man since April, and he is quite respectful of me wanting to take things slow and see if we can be friends first before jumping into the physical. I know he has been a horn dog with other women in his past, but he thinks I am worth the patience.

  3. Thanks Virgowoman, I’m happy to hear you’re seeing someone who is willing to be patient. I know capricorn men can be very challenging emotionally but the right one is priceless. I was previously married to an Aries & that was a disaster! My cappie is very predictable & cautious. He will open up some & then retreat some, open up more, then retreat some, lol. It does feel like he is testing me to see if I freak out when he retreats but I don’t because the virgo in me who has been hurt before, takes that time to analyze everything too. 😉 Some Capricorn can be childish & immature but I’m finding the mature ones are absolutely priceless.

  4. Michlibra:

    It sounds like you’re really hoping wanting for Cap to return to you permanently. If he cheated, he is disqualified in the book of worthiness. So you can’t trust him anymore. You know what they say about a broken trust. So you went out with another man and he finds out, now he doesn’t trust you as well. So the cracks are on both sides. Sounds like two people who need to walk away from each other. Shredding one another holds no purpose. To quickly lose anyone, not just cap or whatnot, is to lose his trust or to erase dignity and self-respect from oneself. There are many ways to do it. One is to tell him you went out with another man. The sure other is to stay around after a typhoon of disrespect he blows your way. This tells it is ok to jam his booted foot down your throat; you allow it by staying. There is nothing forceful hurtful disrespectful you can do to make a man love you, be he cap sag taurus leo gem aqua etc. Love = Love; respect = respect; trust = trust; trustworthiness = the same, so on and forth. BTW, there is a vast diff between lovely and beutiful; pretty and beautiful; gorgeous and beautiful; successful and really successful. Having evolved spiritually, one finds this profound difference. A woman who is a lady at the same time holds this gift of difference. It is she who needs not render nor speak so much to draw into her a man’s true love and devotion. True beauty and success are found within, not without. Silence and humility reside in a beauty that commands victory in the field of love, the realm that you seek. God bless -Kara

  5. Where Are You Guys Tonight? What’s Cracking?

  6. Where Are You Guys and Gals? Hope you all are alright?

  7. HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Are Capricorn men really cold, or just really, really, REALLY cautious?
    And they are very good at sending mixed signals too!!!

    Me Pisces, him Capricorn.

    Do Capricorn men test women they like, but hide their true feelings because they are scared? My one came out of a 4 yr relationship about 6 months ago. I don’t know the full story, who broke up with who.

    Have known him for more than a year. Nothing intimate, just occassional friendly hello. Things seem to move along very rapidly at beginning of this year when he made it clear he wants to do the dirty deed with me, he really fancies me, etc.
    But he said that is all he can imagine doing with me. He said he can’t see it in the context of hanging out, watching dvds, etc.
    Was he testing me to see how ”easy” I am?

    All well ‘n good, I really like him. I told him appreciate his honestly, and I’ll be honest with him. Although I’m not expecting marriage, I’m not going to just sleep with him and not have anything in return. Eventually, I want it all because I deserve more and deserve better. I put my foot down, gently, that as much as there is chemistry between us, I am not going to use sex to ”make him like me”.

    Weird thing is, we are still in contact. When I made it clear that I will not say how hi when he says jump, he still keeps in contact with me!! I txted him and said its weird how we are still in contact despite nothing actually happening. He replied, he also thinks its weird but really likes it, regardless of the give/take, right/wrong, etc, etc. And that all good things will happen in good time.

    When he told me he was at a party and had the chance to have sex with this girl, he chose not to. I don’t know if its true or not. I was honest and told him I was really pleased he didn’t sleep with her. He just laughed and said, I’m glad someone is pleased!

    Was he testing me? I know patience is the key with these guys. And I am being patient.
    But also I feel, if someone really likes you and wants to be with you, he makes an effort. Also, I said to him, I am trying to be understanding because he has just come out of 4yr relationship.

    I really feel mixed signals from this guy!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  8. mz_coco says:

    Funny sounds just like a carpicorn I have been hanging around with. I like him but he is more in to the non relationship kind of thing. I wont have sex with him he wants it to bad but no relationship means no sex from me…Most capps are this way… sexy as hell tho strong hands nice frame and freaky you cant make them do nothing they dont want to do if he doesnt want a relationship he wont do it makes them seem cold but thats how they are..

  9. Scarlet says:


    Thats so freaky! Mine as well, is like no, no, can’t do relationship…..but then I told him, well no sex then….and he still hangs around.

    How are things with your Cappy coming along?

    I emailed him the other day about getting together this weekend – I had always said no when he suggested because I was like, you expect me to jump when you call! Pfft!
    This weekend I suggested, I’d come to his area, a little wine, conversation, see where it leads PERHAPS. (depending on the weather). Altho truth be told, I’ll probably not have sex with him, want to keep him baited for as long as I can, not sure if that is a good idea or not?!!!!!

    No rush to make a decision bout this weekend, I put the ball in his court and told him no rush to let me know.
    He was like, yeah that sounds like a good idea, except that he MAY have this on and he MAY have that on this weekend, altho he says nothing set in stone. He said sorry that he was being so vauge, and asked if we could play it by ear.

    I’m not sure if that is a brush off??? One of the things was getting together with his Dad and I know Caps are very family orientated, like me (Pisces), so I told him no probs, spending time with his Dad comes 1st. He also MAY play golf, altho that’s not set in stone.

    WTF!!!!!!!! Patience, Scarlet, Patience….

    My Cap also has nice hands, big strong and manly….and really big feet….;-)

    I certainly hope I can resist him if we do get together this weekend, it has been so long since we last saw each other and I don’t think he realises that there is something about him that is very attractive. I have told him and complimented (not OTT stuff), but geniune.

    Sigh….I want him…..

  10. michimyne says:

    Is there any cappy’s out there that have experienced Low-T? If so, how did it impact your relationship?

  11. Vann Elliott says:

    What is Low-T?

  12. Michimyne says:

    Low testosterone – can’t get as hard as normal, mood swings…etc depression…

  13. Vann Elliott says:

    Wow. I am definitely not sure how to answer that. Seriously, I don’t if you should have even asked that question here. However, minus the sexual problems, we Cappies are known for are dark moods that effect our inner world that can show up physically. I have know a couple who had your problem due to some kind of mental restraint place upon them.

  14. michimyne says:

    Yes, that was my point for asking here. It is my boyfriend/baby daddy. He told me that he wanted to see a doctor because he thinks he has low testosterone. For a while now he has been saying that his “friend” isn’t getting as hard as it used to. I thought that it was me… he wasn’t attracted to but I have been working out 4 days a week and I know my thing is tight and right sooooo I just wanted to know if maybe he is using that as an excuse but his mood is very bad these days. He actually hit me a few times… I forgave him because we have been together for 8 years and has never raised his hands to me and it has only been when he binge drinks… (I know, no excuse) but it is what it is… I just wanted to know if anybody has heard of this. I mean, he is gorgeous with a fantastic body and women LITERALLY throw themselves at him when he goes out… even on a regular basis…and he has had a very sexual life over the years…so if it is true… this could be a huge blow to his self esteem… not to mention he cant get a job…

  15. Vann Elliott says:

    Okay, first, no man is worth eight years if he hits you just once, drinking or not. Second, low testosterone could be his body’s way of telling him to slow down and relax. Believe it or not, I just talked to a friend who graduated with a psychology major with her emphasis being mental and sexual behavior. After she read your response with me, she told me that your boyfriend needs to take a serious personal vacation – slow down and get his head straight.

    Finally, you might need to get your priorities straighten out too. I am very sorry to say this, but it almost sounds like your staying around for the fact that he has a good body and he is the daddy of your child (I said daddy cause you mention baby daddy). I don’t know what to say about the job factor because of the various problems, but there are jobs out there. He will have to take one that’s not exactly thirty k a year to start, but that job can lead to many places and some food for that baby.

  16. michimyne says:

    As I stated before, he never hit me in the 8 years we have been together. I think that his psychological state right now when he drinks to much is the problem (which also isn’t that often). I have my priorities perfectly in order, but we have 2 kids together and I don’t think anybody should abandon the person they love when they are going through a tough time. It is different if he was the type of person to always put his hand on a women. He definitely isn’t and he is a really good father and family is very important to me.

  17. Vann Elliott says:

    Alright, thanks for clearing that up. I apologize. However, that low-t thing maybe just a stress factor.

  18. Michlibra says:

    I have been with my cappy for 8 years. We started out with other people. He is known to be the man about town but everybody pretty much knows we are together. I get bent out of shape because he doesn’t take me out to cook outs. We go to a bar every now and then but i am starting to think he wants to play the role like he is single… He gets hit on by women all the time and I think maybe he likes the attention with out me being around. That’s not cool. He says he wants to get married WHEN HE IS READY but I don’t think he is ever gonna be ready after 8 years. He has also cheated! Any thoughts?

  19. Vann Elliott says:

    Like anybody, doesnt matter if he’s a Cappy or not, if you’re ready and he’s not then it’s time for you to move on. Cheating just fuels the fire of leaving. Don’t wait any longer – act now.

  20. Cappy Girl says:

    I can honestly say capricorn men are the moodiest men I have ever experienced! They will fall in a deep depression that will last for years sometimes. They require alot of attention secretly but won’t give you much themselves.They always have to know they are right and will throw tantrums if you don’t agree with them.They are prone to being addicts, it it isn’t drugs than it will be something recreational like video games or other woman.They say that capricorn men are the highest stats for being wife beaters. Capricorn men love to blame others on their wrong doing, because they feel guilt and can’t let go of the fact that they are always right, even when they know they were wrong.They don’t care who they hurt as long as they don’t look like the bad guy. They are the most selfish men on the planet.They come first and you come second, get used to it.They will never change for you, you’ve got to change for them.On the flip side, capricorn men are really fun and consistent in bed. They can last for hours and love pleasuring their females.They don’t do relationships but they do sex because they determine who they wanna be with through who is most compatible with them in sex! That is why some of them will marry someone with a drop of a hat while with others it will take him forever to decide if he wants to be serious.They are extremely physical and visual, so a good looking girl will always catch their eye, but they dont necessarily need a drop dead gorgeous girl, they want the whole package.They love to laugh because it brings their spirits back.They will hardly give u emotion, u have to pry it out, but when u do its worth it. He will be more warm but it leaves him vulnerable to you and he will retreat again later. Its an ongoing process with this man.If he loves you, he will give u everything that your heart desires, just not the emotional aspect.Learn to laugh at his corny jokes, pretend to agree when he is trying to prove that he is right, shake him out of his serious modes, give him physical affection, take care of him, take care of your looks for him, he demands alot. But when you do, he’s in it for the long run. It takes quite a woman to please this guy.

  21. Cappy Girl:
    Hello. How are you? 🙂 I was reading your post. It is good to read. Thank you.
    I have a capricorn male friend and he tells me that I am moody. I am a taurus woman. It is very easy for me to ignore him when i am busy and he calls me and txts and says “i need your attention you know!” and I just giggle. i never call him. he calls me. but we get along very well when he sees me. we are only friends. we don’t have intimacy. i have never been close to a man that understands me so well and whose intellect i admire so much until i met this capricorn man months ago. of course we are old people no. i am a frowner and this man erases my frowns with his dry jokes. he imitates my behavior so well and makes me laugh so much. he never disappears from me. but i know he retreats sometimes and he comes to visit and can’t stand it if i don’t allow him a visit at least once a week. we have become such good friends and he tells me intimate situations and his personal situations in life. i feel so safe and warm with him. i feel secure in his presence and he is so respectful around me. i ask him about his personal situations and he just tells me without pause, unlike before when he was so secretive. he talks a lot now around me. one time we were climbing up the backstairs of where i live and i tripped and he so very quickly spread out his very muscular arms to catch me and made sure i don’t fall. he is amazingly protective. one day, before he left, he gave me a warm and loving embrace and he suddenly pulled me more towards him and he said “i don’t want the stucco to scratch your back.” that small comment and protection is something that stood out in my mind and his trying to protect me when i tripped on the stairs. his sense of protection is amazing. anyway, this capricorn friend of mine is wonderful in conversations and friendship to me. he is very bright and extremely attentive to the smallest of details. he gets along very well with me, unlike other men i had dated. thank you for sharing your insights on capricorn with us. God bless you. Love -Ara

  22. Michlibra:
    Hello. A man that cheats on you does not deserve a place in your circle of confidence. Just my sisterly and motherly opinion. As I have shared to other sisters here on sasstrology, may I say prioritize your feelings and grab your happiness now and not wait for any man to make it happen for you. We don’t always have to have a Capricorn or a Taurus or an Aries to be happy. In this unfathomable universe, the sky is not the limit. Honey, I just broke up with an Aries boyfriend/fiance. We were together for 4 years. I walked out. I will be happy without him. The sun will continue to rise and set whether or not he is in my life. He needs to be with another woman. Not with me. We are very very different. As a matter of fact, he just texted me. He needs a miracle for me to answer his text. I nipped that sucker right in the bud. Date other men that respect and honor you for yourself. There are wonderful men out there. The sky is not the limit. Open your heart to other possibilities will you honey. I would like you to be so happy, really really happy, without hold-back, without trepidation. I remember your old posts. I think you are talking about the same man yes? Try walking out of that relationship without looking back. Walk forward. God probably made him for someone else. And out there is probably a wonderful man that will bring you joy. This I pray that you will so happy. God bless you. Love -Ara

  23. michimyne:

    “He actually hit me a few times… I forgave him because we have been together for 8 years and has never raised his hands to me and it has only been when he binge drinks… (I know, no excuse) but it is what it is… I just wanted to know if anybody has heard of this. ”

    The quoted above makes me sad. I am mother to 2 young ladies and 1 young man. Please do not allow anyone to harm you in such a way. I know some men who do not have jobs right now but they do not hit their ladies. For whatever reason he harms you, please go and walk away. Go to where you and your beloved baby can live in peace and joy. It is not easy but try for your baby. God bless you. Love -Ara

  24. Michlibra:
    honey, go to cook outs by yourself or with your female friends or with family members of if you have kids, go take them. have fun with people who truly care and love you. and if he cheats, let those other women have him. you don’t want him. Love -Ara

  25. @Scarlet

    Things are still going on as usual I still have not had sex with him, he understands why and is ok with that. He still tries me when I see him because he knows deep down inside I want him so dam bad!!! We all know how secure they make you feel when they just grab you and get close to you so much emotion and passion more than any other time with these men. Omg one time we got together right this was sometime after we first met I like to sit in the lap of my men facing them harmless its just intimate that way I guess he took it as I was ready to give it up to him he had got a bit aggressive. At that point I knew jus how strong he was(scared me) he caught his self and apologized and turned submissive..That happend one time and has not happend again.

  26. Hey Saggi. Good job. You were right all along.

  27. bongobeats says:

    Ok any capricorn men out there ? would be grateful for any advice it is very much needed ! :S

    Im a pisces lady who is very in love a capricorn man…… scary but thrilling at the same time 🙂 Anyway, weve known each other for years and he joined the marines, we had grown apart. I was going through a bad personal time but got past that and went onto to university :). However we had this massive fight as he felt Id changed after and had become a hollow shell of a person, he was ready to settle down at the time with kids, I was still pretty wild and into a lot of sex stuff ( really hard core bondage :S amongst other things) that he wasnt , he often commented how everytime we had sex it had involve a dog collar lol not saying much more :S

    I was going through a wild phase and had to burn out before I could grow up and that was when we had a huge fight , we both said some pretty rough stuff to each other which is regretted on both ends.

    We have been talking again for about six months and taking it slow and have honestly been enjoying each others company and have decided that we both want to rekindle what we once had we have been moving slowing and breaking down barriers and getting to know each other again.

    He has been away and and is due to come back next . My problems surrounds just one thing .. sex he knows Ive only been into very hard bondage and anything else with emotional involvement ( tender) creeped me out. But I feel ready now , with him it feels well natural… I want the night he comes back to be perfect, my question is how to initate it ? do you think hell want to initate it ?or should i just go with the flow bascially any ideas on how to knock his socks off( I know how that sounds sorry:s ) would be greatly appreciated 🙂

  28. Vann Elliott says:

    Okay, Bongo! It’s simple…go! There’s no special way of going about it – just make him comfortable and reassure him that this new you can make love with dog collars and whips and chains. I am a virgin that just got involved with a Sagittarius and she is the love of my life.

    Anyway, if you wanna knock his socks off, google something…this is the internet. You shouldn’t really worry about it, we Cappy men are passionate lovers who give our all without worries if its the one we want to give it to. I can tell he wants you so you have nothing to worry about.

    Good luck.

  29. bongobeats says:

    Vann Elliot,

    Thank you for the much needed advice 🙂 your right I think Im over thinking things:s I just love him and want when he gets back to be perfect.

    Someone one told me being in makes you both strong and vurnerable…. I get the idea its not easy breaking down your own mental barriers, I always thought love was easy it should flow like liquid but I was wrong I feel proud and happy that both managed to get back together and work through our issues I guess when its harder its sweeter in the end.. but this is my issue and thanks for the honest words of advice 🙂

    Im not over do it… Im just gonna put on a nice dress and cook him a lovely meal ( he always did love my meat balls lol ) nothing to fancy just me and him

    thank you youve been a big help 🙂

  30. Cancer female says:

    I need advice about my capricorn guy, but i don’t feel comfortable posting about us publically on here. If anyone can, please email me at

  31. Cancer female to protect your identity, it’s wiser to create a membership on Sasstrology where you can accept private messages than to publicly post your email address.

  32. Well I have a post in one of the Forums but will tell you here too. Maybe I can get more advice.

    Im a Pisces and He is a Cappy. We are first loves Highschool sweethearts and all.. Broke up right before Senior year and went our separate ways. Semi kept in touch. I knew when he needed me and I would call. I just had dreams and thoughts and It was always time of need. We have both since been in long term relationships. Both were single and got together at the begining of the summer.. CAN I TELL YOU!!! OH MAN.. It was like I was 10 years younger. We were together at 16 and 26 now 🙂 We just talked and talked and it was the most beautiful thing to me. I finally gave in with getting it on after 3 weeks. I could not take it any more. Then about 2 months after that he confessed his love and asked if we could be exclusive again. 🙂

    TOO BAD it only lasted a little over a month. He said he had to do some soul serching because it was not fair to me that he still had feelings for his EX and doesnt know what he wants. He was always push pull.. I just went with the flow. We still talk and see each other. Not as much. I have pulled away because It has compleatly crushed me.

    To me I feel like we are soulmates. He has even admitted of feeling like we were ment to be together. BUT its the damn push pull.. jeeze. I remember it when we were younger but it was never this bad. Now that he has been hurt really bad by his Ex. A gemini that cheated while they were engaged.

    Anyway here I sit TRYING not to dwell on it eventhough it is my nature. I am getting out and having fun at the moment even if I cry when I get home. lol He always finds out where I am to come see me which kinda frustrates me… I love it because I know he is worried if there is anyone else and I KNOW he misses me even if he will never say but then I feel like I can not flirt with anyone else with him there. I will to an extent then drop it. I am no way a hoochie and I will never want him to have that impression of me of anyone else…

    OK Done with my ramble!!! Happy Hump DAY!!!!!!

  33. I’m a leo. Honestly with the cap I was seeing…i just plain gave up. I don’t call or explain how I feel anymore. Since this past monday moring (which is the last time I saw him), I don’t pick up my phone if he calls etc.. Let me give you a little background. We dated 8 yrs ago. He was married at the time I think and I ended it then due t that. Well recently we reunited by chance when I moved back home. He’s a widower of over a year now and came on Strong in the beginning. I noticed controlling ways on his part and took a 4 week break from dating him because he was exhibiting emotionally abusive traits. We started talking again but he acts differently like less calls. Plays mind games. One day I’m his girlfriend, the next day he doesn’t know what he wants. He just stopped giving a shit. I began to wonder when he changed. I discovered when I bagan to express my feeliings, that is when he backed off. Now he calls and I don’t pik up. He called at 9:40 pm last night. I don’t get invited anywhere anymore like I used to. I can tell he’s seeing someone else and I feel it’s wrong to treat another human being this way. I’m 38 and he’s 54 but looks 65. I’m not saying that to be mean, it’s true! My friends tell me to just forget about him, that he’s a jerk. I want to end it but what for, that will just validate that I’m hurt. Ignoring him is my only way now. He’s forgotten about me so I’m returning the favor.

  34. InLoveWithCap says:


    That’s really funny, I got almost the same situation: I am 40 years old, my cap is 54 but look much older and he is widowed as well

  35. InLoveWithCap says:


    My cap behaves alike yours: One day/week I’m his girlfriend, the next week he doesn’t know what he wants, disappears off of the radar. Sometimes I wonder: does he play mind games? He says that he hates mind games, so I thought he won’t play them, but I think now: Caps hate when other people play games against them, because when they have to deal with it, they can’t have a full control.
    My cap changed when I fell for him and I expressed my feelings, I enjoy non games playing and I thought he will appreciate that and I hoped one day he will realize that he loves me too. But no: he hates when I tell him how much I like him, he even seem to not enjoy when I admire him and complement him. I have less attention now, almost no attention. Capricorns like to win, to gain. When something comes too easy, they think its not worth much.
    My friends alike yours and others’ here tell me to just forget about him, that he’s a jerk and not worth my attention. Even his friends ask me what I do with him.
    I love him – that’s why I’m staying on this rollercoaster – ups and downs, crying nights etc. and when he calls me, I’m all his, back again and again.

  36. InLoveWithCap says:

    Today I am really upset -it is new years eve. I kept asking my cap since long time ago what we will do on Christmas and new years eve. Each time I asked, he was immediate angry and raise voice straight away with answer: I don’t know what I do, I just don’t know yet!.
    Christmas gone with usual ups and downs – like always. After Christmas I asked: What are we doing on new years eve? and his answer hasn’t changed: I don’t know what I do, I just don’t know yet! .
    So I changed question, I asked: Forget what are we doing? new question is: Am I with you or am I on my own?! again, He said : I don’t know what I’m doing.

    His dad died just before midnight the 31 December, sad anniversary for him, but the thing happened years ago when he was a child. Is the excuse good enough? to treat me like that? we are 6 months together and I love him and he knows that. If this is so upsetting day? I wouldn’t mind spend the day quite at home, but together. This special day in a year, couples on the whole world plan in advance or if there is no plans they improvise at last moment.

    I can’t think else than he doesn’t care and doesn’t respect me.
    I don’t deserve that treatment

  37. Sorry to tell you sweetie but your cap is in a relationship other than u!

  38. @InLoveWithCap. I’m so sorry you are having a hard time with your man. I can definitely relate as you read. I got proactive with my shit and changed my number. My grandfather passed away on Dec 22nd and this rocked my world to the core. I saw the guy I was dating as a Disease not a Date. He forgot about breakfast again and didn’t call to say we were going, even after he depicted santa freakin clause rendering fake ass gifts. He’s fake. He’s a liar. He can ring in the new year without me and that’s what u need to say about ur man. Lose him. No need for unwanted baggage. I mean if he doesn’t appreciate u then what are u doing with him. I went to my grandfathers funeral and I remember that my papa always told me to never take any wooden nickles in life. This includes the asshole I let go. Let him go girl. I went with my gut feelings. Once someone stops treatingyou nice, once they stop appreciating all the kind things u say etc, then its time to tell them to Kick Rock on an unfinished Bridge! Seriously. He’s prolly knee deep in another womans womb but I’m out. I couldn’t take the lies anymore. Sorry I sound mad but I’m tired of some men playing games with women. Its hard enough out here being single but to add asshole after asshole to the mix is enough to make anyone go postal. Just let him go. Hugs

  39. @InLoveWithCap: happy new year. Ring in the new year by kicking that guy to the curb. And yes your story sounds like mine. A lot like mine. Change ur number and move on. I know he was seeing someone else. You can only have so much time for “Self Reflection”. Their self reflection only equates to having a Whore-A-Thon every weekend. Let him go.

  40. InLoveWithCap says:


    thanks kat, Happy New Year to you too! Happy New Year to everybody.

    My cap and I spent the New Year’s eve separately. To be honest my Cap told me long time ago that he is moody on 31 December and this is why he won’t make any plans.

    We spoke yesterday 6pm (arguing). I haven’t heard from him since. I txted him few times, including midnight wishes. I don’t even know how he spend the night.

  41. Lots of Pisces with Capricorns on here. They do make a four star match.

  42. would just like to say that as much as capricorns love sex and are good in bed, it is definitely NOT the only thing they want…it surprises me to hear that there are some out there using girls for sex because they are very committed in every aspect and even the young capricorn’s (early 20’s) like to have a very stable relationship (dinners with friends, relationships with your parents and you with theirs etc). They are very homely and private, and I can see where the cold exterior comes into play but they really aren’t verbal creatures. If you’re looking for a loyal, trustworthy partner who will only ever have eyes for you you found him. But don’t expect a sappy, at each other’s throats kind of love that you flaunt in public…will not happen.

  43. PS I’m a cancer girl, through and through…if that helps anyone…

  44. Thanks Ara for your useful info about a Cap.

    I am also a Taurus woman and started dating a Cap after an advice of a friend whose opinion Taureans makes the best much to Caps.

  45. im a cancer and im dating a cap he is so confusing when we first started dating he told me he wanted to be with me i met his family and friends and his son even spent thanksgiving with them then a few weeks later he says he isnt ready for a relationship because he just got out of a bad relationship with his son mother. he dont call as much as he use too but we do speak often and see eachother often he is the only person i have been sleeeping with and he claims im the only person he has been sleeping with… he also told me he loves me but when i ask him why he doesnt want to be with me he just says he focused on his finaces right now… so we have been dating for 3months and im falling in love with him he tells me because where friend i can have other friends because he has other friends but when i tell him i cant do this with him he tell me im not going anywhere or he laughs it off like whatever at this point i dont know if i should be patient with him or just leave him alone….he is an amazing provider he gives me what ever i ask for except his full commitment im soooo confused i swear some days he makes me feel like the only one then other he makes me feel like an option

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