Make the first move Pisces man

Is that an order?

Pisces is one of the more passive signs of the zodiac, and the Pisces man is more content to dream about his ideal woman than to actually pursue her. If the Pisces man of your dreams does make the first move, he’ll

  • play you a song on his guitar
  • give you a mix tape
  • take you out dancing
  • invite you to his ashram for kirtan
  • share his bong with you
  • read you a poem by Rumi

But the Pisces man can be indirect. If you force him to define his feelings for you before he’s ready, he could easily say, “Whoa! It was just a song. Don’t, like, read so much into it. Want another hit?”

Comment below: How has a Pisces man made a move on you?

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  1. Based on what you’ve said, then my Pisces crush definitely made a move…he read me a passage in a play culminating in the male character asking the female to marry him.

    That’s a relief!

  2. Suzanna says:

    Well, I have to agree with some of the comments. Pisces “friend”, as he gave us a label that he can handle… we constantly spend time together. More so than when we were in our dating phase. He plays the guitar on the phone and I’m mush. I guess I too made the mistake of asking “why can’t we date again? I don’t get it. LOL Everything is so good”. I got my evasive answer only to push (I’m a Taurus. I need a yes or a no sometimes). I got a no. So, I pretty much thought that was it. Sure, we can try and be “just friends”… but really, can that actually happen. Needless to say, he still calls all the time. We had talked about giving me a week break… even he suggested at one point (we keep saying I need time away from him if this friend concept is really going to work). Well, I asked “Why do you keep calling me?????” To which he replied “Because I LIKE YOU!!!”.

    So, it is that simple. I’m the one he calls. Enjoys spending time with. We talk pretty much everyday and let me tell you, this guy can outtalk me! Is that how it works? He plays his guitar. I try not to show I love him… which I do and have yet to tell him. I give him his space. I let him call me. I try and not call/text too much… give him his space and chance charge up his batteries.

    I;ll admit… all my friends say “he’s just not that into you”, “he would really show you”. But, is he already showing me?

  3. I’m a 43 year old Piscean female who just had a few STEAMY encounters with a 38 year old Piscean male. Plus, he’s a single custodial parent like me, lives nearby, has a great job and home, and seems to have his life together. We met at a private party in a club, and he asked me to dance. There were sparks and I lingered around him to continue the conversation…next thing I knew, he was buying me drinks and holding my hand.

    He isn’t my type physically, but has one of the prettiest, sexiest smiles. Plus, being an intuitive Pisces, we both knew that something was starting up. We were both on “vacation” from our kids (they were out of town) so we felt like being wild and crazy. Went to the car to make out, which turned out to be one of the hottest sex encounters I’ve had! But as I made the “drive of shame” back home, I soon started doubting that I would ever hear from this guy again.

    But to my surprise, he called the very next day. We talked for hours, both took naps, then he woke me up with another call to talk more. As I read about Pisces men (and based on my experience with them), they are EXCELLENT listeners, very thoughtful and romantic, and want nothing more than to please you. What’s not to like about that? But the best was yet to come, pardon my pun!

    We made a date to go out formally, so he came by to pick me up. He was a consummate gentlemen, opening doors, seeing to my comfort, etc. While that may sound normal, most guys I date don’t know the first thing about chivalry, so I took notice! On top of that, he remembered every detail of what I said, remembering my favorite drink, my job concerns, etc. He worked hard to impress me…but after dinner and dancing, he wanted to show me more by suggesting we pick up where we left off–in of all places, his two-car garage!

    Sounds crazy, but that was just one place we could have privacy while his daughter was sound asleep. And let me tell ya, the way that man made me squeal that night, we needed all the privacy we could get! DAMN!!! Pisces men (along with Capricorn men) know how to put it DOWN in the bedroom. Of course, we Piscean women are very feminine and lady-like, but then become tigers in bed too, so we were matched up quite well. It had been a long time since I’d been intimate with someone, so the passion build-up just fueled the lust even more. Regardless, it was a connection as if we’d been lovers before.

    Again, to my surprise, he continues to call and/or text message every day. We have plans for the movies tomorrow night. My only concern is that we fall into the sex buddy mode and nothing more. Not trying to rush into a relationship again necessarily, nor do I want to get married again. We Pisceans are escapists, and sometimes through work, kids, bills, etc. we need a retreat into another world to refresh the senses and relieve stress. My Pisces guy is that retreat, and I can be that for him if we continue seeing each other.

    For the many comments here about Pisces being “all over the place” I can explain that easily. We are dreamers and must swim off from time to time for a place where we can fantasize. If I never see this guy again, I can live for months and years off the memories of that hot summer night in the garage. We don’t have to be with you constantly, and don’t have to “define” the relationship per se. But I’ll also be honest here. Pisceans, when we are no longer attracted, or when you’ve hurt us in some way, we will swim away never to be heard from again. When I’m done with a guy, I am DONE, even if I’m hard up for affection. I will just float off into another realm or find another to get fixated on.

    One last thing…Pisces men are giving, forgiving, and very intuitive. It is their nature. But they need reassurance that they are making you happy. They don’t want to have to guess because you’re deciding to play hard to get. Like my guy, if two people are feeling one another, they have no problem at all expressing themselves. He might not be the one to make the first move, but he will definitely intuit your interest and respond accordingly!

  4. leo female says:

    pisces may be passive but mine has venus in taurus so i think that is what gave him the assertiveness to pursue me in a more agressive manner than the typical pisces. we work together so saw each other at work, not alot though, because we wrk for diff depts. both hang out after work at same watering hole so one night after most other people left he asked me to join him at bar. i did where he proceeded to tell me i was the most gorgeous woman aive and drop dead sexy. of course i fell for it. then he gave me this look like if i didn’t kiss him he would die so i did. and that was is for both of us. for a few months he was very attentive but the in true pisces fashion he retreated leaving me wondering what the hell happened when i knew full well nothing happened. just that wierd pisces crap. maybe he realized he had acted out of character but so what?? live a little! he could barely go 5 minutes without emailing me or calling me now a year and a half later i barele hear from him and i’m supposed to ask no questions???



  6. this has made me hate a pisces I have never met! I will meet with him and work with him in the future but I WILL NOT fall for him no matter what.

  7. Pisces on the next level, You’re an idiot. SHE DOESN’T HAVE TO DO ANYTHING TO GET A PISCES MAN OTHER THAN BE HERSELF. Pisces men aren’t worth all the fuss.

  8. I am a Gemini female n I am totally obsessed with this Pisces guy two years younger than me. I always read we’re not compatible at all but i’m into him like crazy n I hardly like ne one….like really I like a variety I hate being tied down so me really feelin him is crazy! I dislike being affectionate but tend to be very with him….I just wanted to know if anyone had ne input for my situation?????

  9. Franzeen says:

    My pisces crush definately likes me… He asked me out to the movies in front of the whole class. He always stares at me as if he’s waiting for me. It’s so sweet but I like to be persued, I’m a little uncomfortable waiting for him to day dream us being together…lol I’m a libra, I’m a big romantic..what can I say… I want the fairy tale…**

  10. @Keke
    BE CAREFUL. I’m a Gemini as well and felt the exact way about a Pisces and it didn’t work out. Just give it time and go with the flow. If you can get information about him from his friends then do so.

  11. man, what was said here is true and almost forgot about it ’til it happened yesterday.

    my pisces was all being mushy and telling me how much he wants to be with me and thinking of me every minute of the day…then he sent me a youtube link of a song, he said he thought of me when he heard it. i thought he would open up and finally tell me what he feels, i said something like i wanted to say so many things to you but i guess it can wait (cuz he told me he’s going to bed). he then jokingly said was i sure and i can hurry up and tell him what was that all about. then he told me he also regret he did not tell me about some things when he was here for fearing it might be too early to say it but now it’s too late. i was intrigued, tried to coax him to get to say it. he won’t budge and was annoyed a bit when i threw a fit about it.

    gawd pisces. i get you but then i don’t. XD

  12. cappy lady says:

    Alright. I have a huge crush on this piscean guy 2 years ago and just when I almost forgot about him he entered my life again…It was a month ago, on a music festival(so being a bit drunk can be used as an excuse)…We said hello to each other, I told him how he always smile so nicely he turned around and gave me a french kiss…it was soooo magical, he proposed a deal: whenever we see each other we kiss…of course, I agreed 🙂

    But, the destiny wanted for us that we got to see each other only the first day (out of 4) on the festival and when I lost my faith in serendipity, I decided to send him an sms last day of the festival so we can meet finally…unfortunately, he wasn’t on the festival that day but he sent me an sms with 1000 kisses and stuff…

    Unfortunately, I went on a 2 week vacation after that, and did not get to see him by accident since…and nothing, no sms, no facebook poke, no nothing…

    What am I supposed to do…to initiate things again, again being the first one to send a sms…or just wait for destiny to bring us together again?

  13. go initiate! don’t be afraid! hehe just make it a lil subtle but playful 🙂

  14. For me my Pisces man asked me to a dance with him. LOL

  15. AnotherCap says:

    – my Pisces has a glass of wine waiting for me the second I walk through his door.
    – i cut my finger at his house and instead of fetching me a bandaid- he held my hand, washed & dried the cut, put the bandaid on it and then kissed it.
    – every time I come over- he plays music on his guitar for me.

    It seems like he’s “into” me but throughout the week when we don’t see eachother- he disappears, or is ‘short’ with me. I don’t get it.. :\

  16. DAYDREAMIN.............. says:

    Pisces male here, love all yal! Stay positive it’ll all work out in the end. Good luck and sweet daydreams.

  17. I had Pisces in my past. im a gemini female. it all ended tragically but they’re impossible unless you like their games slash have the patience of a bull (not only the sign but generally). im afraid now again i fell for a pisces – its only a crush from far, nothing happened between us and maybe will not happen so i cant ask him his sign but have a sense his a pescian man. now i do now what to do ,i should not become hysteric and frighten of the unknown if i want him. thats the secret with pisces + lots and lots of affection and empathic gestures.
    i myself might be either pisces ascendant or aries, not sure.

  18. Damn pisces are confusing! One day they make the first move, the next they need space… How do you know when to contact one? Lol.

  19. cancerchica22 says:

    I guess after reading this, I feel a little better about my Pisces dude. We met online, exchanged a couple of emails and upon 1st phone conversation, have clicked and talked for HOURS every day for the last roughly 2 months. He lives 4 hours away, works a strict, odd schedule. I am a single mother who works a virtually opposite schedule. We went on our first date last Friday which started with afternoon coffee…..7 hours and fantastic conversation later…I got a HUG??? No kiss, but a hug? I mean our conversations over the phone have covered EVERYTHING and he did say he is somewhat reserved on a first date, but if he wasn’t into me, I’d think he’d not want to spend that much time with me….A week and a half later, I still get my daily texts messages and my phone calls, but he seems a little more “shy”…if that’s possible. I’m just a confused, typical Cancer woman who needs to know! auughh! I haven’t brought it up to him yet because I don’t want to be too pushy, but my patience will wear soon and I’ll be “on to the next”…which in all honesty, we clicked more than anyone I have ever met and would really really hate to do that. But well…I’m impatient. Augh!

  20. I read all this and I don’t know whether to laugh or cry. I’m Aqua, the man I’ve fallen for is a Pisces/Aqua friend (*right* on the cusp). We go out a lot in a group, when we’re always are locked in our own little bubble, right in eachother’s space, chat for hours about everything, laughing, holding onto eachother, looking out for eachother, probably anyone who doesn’t know us assumes we are together. I know he likes me as much as I like him, and it’s so obvious we’d be a great happy couple – but he has never asked me out. Why not?!!

  21. I love the sharing is bong bit. Depends on what type of bong were talking about. haha! Basically, these are the things that any man would make on the first move, but still cute article. Kudos!

  22. after reading all these, i’ve got to admit that i’m feeling even more confused.
    i’m a libra and i’ve had a crush on my pisces friend for a while. we normally hang out with a group of friends but lately i feel like I’ve been getting some signs, yet the next moment, i feel that he is distant.
    we both share a lot of common interests and boy does he talk…a lot! =P recently, he has been learning a song i wrote which he quite likes, and has also been singing some of his favourites songs on the guitar to me. when we’re together, we joke around and make fun of each other quite a bit and a time or two he would make some bold physical moves like putting his arms around me just to give me something, or i would catch him or feel him gazing at me…but as i said earlier, the next minute he might be cold again. so basically, i don’t know what to think of it all. i admit, since i’m a libra, i do analyse things quite a lot. so i keep telling myself that it’s nothing and i should just cool it and move on. but because he’s so hard to read, it’s making it difficult for me to make a decision as well. aigheoaihgieafdlk!!! i need some answers!!!

  23. @ Tash…I’m like that when I like a person. One minute I can be ultra chatty and the next I’m questioning if I’ve said too much. I need space to think things through, because as Pisces…both men and women are legendary for picking the wrong partners and for mistakenly thinking that a person was the right one for us. Neptune is dreamy, but in reality is like a swift kick, that seems to come out of nowhere to us, but to others…not surprisingly.

    It seems like you guys are connecting through music, so I would just continue to do that with him. I personally enjoy the “not so much in your face just to be there” interaction and having fun doing something together is always a draw for me. The thing about Pisces that throws us off…and I know that it’s like this for me personally is one of two things.

    1. I like you and I don’t know why and would like to know WHY so that I don’t make a complete ass of myself.


    2. I know you like ME and I would like to know why as well as how much so that I don’t make a complete ass of myself.

    LMBO!!! Pisces are acutely aware that there are many many many reasons for and levels of attraction. We’re flexible and can entertain all levels, but we don’t want to give too much too soon when it’s not really necessary. Pisces is the sign of what’s hidden…including resources. I love the idea of holding back some levels and expressions of affection for the perfect moment.

    I had a guy last year who LOVED pics and I sent them sparingly/relunctantly. However, one day he had a really really bad day (Fire/Safety Engineer). I went to the costume store to get a fireman’s hat and took a storybook of pics to help him feel better.

    So not giving him the pics wasn’t about anything else other than knowing that I would give them to him in abundance when the time was right. lol

    I hope this info and examples helps.

  24. DBflyNphx says:

    Reading all the comments above make me feel that I am not the only one who experiences the push and pull from these charming creatures. I have had my fair share of the Pisces men falling in love and feeling the heartbreak. Yes, they are very evasive. It did take me a long time to reel my 1st fish in and boy did it take patience. But it was worth the work and I landed in a wonder lust love so romantic and dreamy. I am now back in the dating scene again. I found a new guy in my sights and you guessed it another Pisces. This will be my 4th Pisces and I knew right away he was another, with those big dreamy almost watery soulful eyes. I would think hey I got this one on my line I can reel him in easy. But almost forgot how unattainable they can be. So evasive, non-direct, very go with the flow and hard to catch. But I stay patient and not so aggressive so I wont scare him away. Me and this new guy totally make a connection through music and conversation. I will always be in love with a Pisces. They seem to be the ones who understand me more, so sympathetic, understanding, non judgmental, and definitely provided unconditional love. They are great lovers. It maybe I attract them due to my Venus and Mars being in Pisces hmmm.?? Oh and Im a Cappy Girl 🙂

  25. Scorpio92 says:

    It’s so funny how we all have the same problems! They don’t make a move! I’ve been liking this Pisces guy for like 5 years. Until recently has he been showing hints, but he never makes it obvious…and I’ve known him for like 13 years! I talk to his mom and all, and she’s said he’s never told her anything about no girl. He’s never had a girlfriend. I smiled when I read this because he’s sang me various songs on his guitat (we even sang together), he asked me out to dance, and he shared his drink with me. I think all he needs is a little push 🙂 It’s usually the other person’s job to take care of that. So looks like we’ll need to go on a date soon <3

  26. Capricorns and Pisces are generally great matches “DBflyNphx” AND your Venus and Mars both being in Pisces are compatible with his Sun. It’s a double whammy.

  27. I’ve been corresponding with a Pisces guy by email for months and when he finally called me he was totally whacked out of his head drunk. I could barely understand a word he said except the every other word explitive. Wow, what a disappointment. He sure made a really bad impression on me.

  28. Well we’ve been talking for a couple weeks now only by texting and snapchat….we both have said we have a crush on eachother too. Yesterday he came over for the first time and he brought me some peach tea randomly because I told him that it was my favorite a while ago, I thought it was super sweet. We watched a dragon ball z movie and talked for a while and after it was over we hugged he said “thank you for having me” and then he kissed me! which took me by surprise because I’ve read everywhere that Pisces don’t usually make the first move like that..I’m a Scorpio so I thought that I’d have to be the one to kiss him but I guess not lol. It did make me really happy though because I really did want to kiss him.

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