Leo man Virgo man relationship

I hate to break it to you guys, but unless you’ve got some juicy Mars-Mars connection, this relationship is likely to cause friction. Leo — ruled by the Sun — wants to shine in the spotlight, whereas modest, Mercury-ruled Virgo stays behind the scenes. One of you is prissy, and the other flamboyant.

Leo is the King (… or Queen), and Virgo is the humble servant. If Virgo is content to take care of all the pragmatic household matters so that Leo can revel in his self-importance, then this relationship could work out just fine. Also, Leo can add some much-needed fire to Virgo’s routine, while Virgo can keep Leo grounded.

But beware … put together a fault-finding Virgo and a prideful Leo, and you get a wounded Lion … and Lions do not react kindly to criticism.

Comment below: Are you in a Leo-Virgo relationship? How’s it working out?

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  1. victoriasweet says:

    @scarletvirgo i know what your feeling ,

    i really like this Leo , we get along well and the sex was awesome we have alot in common too but i dont know if he really likes me..im always stroking his ego and it keeps him coming back even when i get up and leave him alone ..i feel like hes holding back alot..i dont know im just not use to his disappearing act it drives me nuts , AS A Virgo i have lil patience when it comes to relaionship i want to know everything..but with him i dont like to be a nag so i dont bother but its just puzzles me.He very Sweet , charming , sexy, tall everything that i want in a man..and i havent been with any Leo Prior to him soo im Just CONFUSED !! lol

  2. seven world says:

    Mmm ok! my wifes a leo and am a virgo, we have been married for 51/2 years and we have ups and downs like anybody else. One thing about my wife is that she will not back down on any matters its me always??? even if shes wrong and she knows it?? but still?? am i stupid or should i do something else?? we do have 2 lovely kids but i wish she can juss backdown sometimes. She will not talk to me for days after an argument and is me all the time to make the first move?? why doesnt she have any feeling?? we are on a verge of having a temp split, well you can call it a holiday as shes going away with the kids to india to see her family and hoping she out there for a period of 9 months. Should i run away or will she ever change?? we love each other to bits, well i do anyway! thats all for now any response or simular experience with anybody?

  3. Hey I’m a Virgo female who has been dating a Leo male for almost a year.. It seemed like love at first sight.. He has been a quick mover which has scared me abit at times but I just express myself and he receives it well and all is good in our world ATM.. The communication between us so far is amazing.. He loves my shy ways n I love that he is out there wanting to be the centre of attention.. We just adore each other 🙂

  4. Exactly. This combination would cause great chaos. Unless Virgo would yield for Leo, then that would be OK I guess.

  5. I have been involved with a Leo man for a few months and also experience him being away some nights all night. It absolutely erks me sometime. I know it is a Leo thing. What erks me the most is that when I am away and he’s at home alone he blows up my phone and it’s suddenly a problem, and he acts like there is no trusting me when I explain what is going on. It just seems so one sided. Then we went to the health department and he tested positive and I tested negative for ghoneria and we both got treatment 1 month and 1/2 ago. Its totally bothering me because I feel like he’s sleeping around but I don’t want to believe that, because I don’t think he would lie about it, but I never put anything past no one. I trust him to be loyal and remain trust worthy, but it’s only fare that he stop hounding me when I am out late. He came back @ 6am and been gone 6pm. If I did that it’ll be war. Omg he such an ass!

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