If I back off from Taurus man will he want me more?

TaurusThe question implies that the querent was encroaching on the Taurus man’s turf, and he responded in kind by digging in his heels. He probably felt threatened. You see, the Taurus man is not keen on change. He needs to feel secure, and if a woman tries to change the perimeter of his fence, he won’t budge an inch.

If the Taurus man feels he is going to lose whatever provides him security, his fear-response will kick in. He needs to know you won’t force him to move too fast. After all, he’s worked hard to acquire his hard-earned plot of land, and he’s not going to let go of it easily.

So you step back. Will you — in having given him room to roam — trigger in him a greater desire for you?

There are two things you must remember: Taurus does not like change, and Taurus loves comfort. The first part comes from being a fixed sign, the second comes from being ruled by Venus, goddess of sensual pleasure. His modus operandi is to seek and acquire that which is beautiful and feels good to his body. Yet he’s not going to take many risks to do so. He will be slow, cautious and persistent … but if he really wants it, he will get it, just in his own sweet time.

So you need to appeal to his desire for the finer things in life, without being too unconventional (Aquarian), intense (Scorpionic) or dramatic (Leonine). Be like the water in a stream, the smooth rocks on an incline, the moss blanketing a tree. He will come to you, dip his toes in the water or feel the contours of your surface, and nestle in your curves if it feels good and safe.

About Jeffrey Kishner

Jeffrey Kishner is founder and publisher of Sasstrology. He is a licensed mental health counselor and has been doing astrological counseling since 2001. Jeffrey has been published in print magazines including The Mountain Astrologer and Dell Horoscope, and has written online for sites including AOL, Tarot.com and StarIQ. Jeffrey has also been heavily involved in the astrology blogger community. Read his personal blog at JeffreyKishner.com.


  1. @Wulkure

    I know that I sunk to a very low place, instead of finding some one to talk to about what I was feeling (which had nothing to do w/my Taurus.. which he is 4/28) I went to another man. I am not proud of this… I have apologized and promised this wont happen again (he is doing the whole wait and see… put your money where your mouth is… option.. and I understand why). I have completely gotten rid of the person I was with and am ok with losing that 15 yr friendship to keep my 14 yr relationship.

    He get frustrated w/me cause I am aggressive at times and like to argue (well I dont like to but i do it very well). He tells me be happy with the little battles you win and you may just win the war… I just want to win his heart back… and will do just about anything to do so… This is one very lost and crushed Virgo

    And I am a mom of a preteen and 2 smaller children… But I have explained to my eldest my wrongs and apologized to him and my middle child too…

  2. @Bliss..” the words you want to hear mean nothing if their isnโ€™t substance behind them and that is what the Taurus needs to feel before going there.”

    -that goes for him too! and that is what she is looking for from him and he’s not giving it.

    Good lord Libralady..did we date the same guy?? LOL As a cap with Aries rising, i didn’t have the patience for for his wishy-washy..bull! He stalked me online for a bit but wouldn’t call/text me. That ended when i called him out on it. Told him since he couldn’t seemingly move forward to just let me go to find someone who could.

    Seems like they have double standards..u can’t talk to anyone else, see anyone else, but its ok if I do..BULL!

  3. LibraLady11 says:

    @Cap Baby yes I just don’t be knowing sometimes ! And I swear sometimes I think they sit there & make you mad just to get a reaction out of you. Because he”ll do something to me and then ill get all mad & he will say he’s just playinq I’m like WTF y play so much b/c I get hella serious but I try not to b/c i dk when he is playinq or not. & w. Them you have to be careful & think what you are sayinq b4 you say it b/c tauruses will take what you say & get out of it what they heard and nothing else smh ! Very close minded people ! And I so understand the double standard thing b/c he expects me to not talk to no other men but yet he just told me he at 1st wasn’t but is now talking to other women. Like how are you mad at me bit you are doing the same thing & you still aren’t MY BOYFRIEND -_- ! He’s weird ! Lol that stalking thing aha he does that to me all the time he
    is always reading my posts to me off FB and I’m like oooookay what’s that about ahaha! I think that’s funny though lol ! But when we are together he is so nice. Yesterday everytime he has food he shares with me w. Is so nice and generous lol he told me he had to make sure I ate lol I laugh so caring SOMETIMES smh ahahaa @capbaby crazy shit !

  4. In 2009 I had a love affair with the guy of my dreams. When he fianally got to slow down and see him he wasn’t willing to let me go. I have a health condition that I knew would get in the way. But I still indugle anyway. After about 3months I finally told him and he cried and told me we was over. I didn’t want to accept it, but evenually came to terms. Still I love him I never miss his birthday and I call every month sometimes more than other. He said he can’t trust me because he believes I shouldn’t been up front. But he also tell me thing like , he can count his friends on one. Hand and I’m one of them. He always there to give me advice, and any else he can do for me but there can’t be no us. I try though desipe his words because his actions say he still loves me. It been 3years since our break up. I was the one he wanted to marry he wanted to have a family together. Wanted me to move in with and all. He’s well off and have woman that he can pick but won’t pick me. And like a lot of you guys. I thought I will wait. Until tonight, we was suppose to meet up in the early evening to just talk, but he never answered. He’s a real sports addict and the finals was tonight and I completly forgot. But I texted him and told him what the talk was bout….me wanting him, and me letting go. Only said that cuz I hate being ignored. And his text back was ” ok sweetheart!” I can’t stop crying can’t sleep. Because it was a text there could be different meaning behide it. My question to you quys is should I call and face his feelings or take what was said and let go and let god?

  5. CancerCusp says:

    Ok, So I need advise. I am in the process of divorcing my husband who is a Virgo and I a Cancer. We have been married for 9 1/2 years, I have my mind made up and its happening! Anyhow I recently re-connected with a high school friend that found me on facebook, we spoke on a friendship level,reminising about old times and old friends, anyway I started to catch feelings like ..really fast – never happens! He knows Im married and made it very clear that I will not cross that line until my divorce is finalized. Found out that this guy is a Taurus. I must say that there is a sexual attraction and its so thick.. Ok, long story short – we spoke thru messaging for 2.5 weeks, and one day out of the blue, he asks to sleep with me. I denied him and since then he has been stand offish to the point where he is now telling me we should only be “friends” and nothing else. I agreed but since that conversation we havent spoken, and when I send him a Hello how are you? I get nothing back! ( Background on him – he has a lot of drama goin on – divorce and custody battles and all) I think about this guy all the time and dont know if it just my vulnerability or the fact we really had somthing going.. now Im extremely confused and starting to think I need to let him go. My insecurities are kicking in hadrcore and I feel that he was never really interested in me at all ๐Ÿ™

  6. Hi guys,
    Scorpio woman with a Taurus guy. I am Asian and he is French. Together for 4 years! We got engaged and one day, he broke up with me. Suddenly he says he’s not ready. That is after we went to Paris and meet his parents. His dad says that Asian girls will not adapt to French culture. I think he respects his family a lot. So it’s been 8 days no contact. I don’t feel like meeting another guy. He completely ignores me and is very cold now. Nothing like what he used to be. I love this man but I don’t know what happen. He leaves me confused. Always saying it will never work. This is our second break up. First break up he broke up with me n want to come back after 2 weeks. Now, I don’t know. He broke up with me again but I don’t know. It feels like he’s slipping away. N it’s my birthday in 2 weeks. ๐Ÿ™ sad birthday

  7. Beautyimaq says:

    I’ve been seeing this Taurus guy for almost 4 years the past week he has been ignoring me completely without any explanations as to why. I do believe he still cares but he takes me for granted. I’ve decided to do the same and ignore him. Will it backfire? Or should I just let him go for good. It’s hard because I love him so much.

  8. I’m a gemini I’ve been with my taurus guy since april 2012. I met him the summer of
    2011. Every thing I’ve read here mostly I’ve seen in him. I love him and I want to be with him but he really likes pushing my buttons. Annoying things for no reason, like complaining bout stupid stuff. He’s my kinda guy til he gets all jealous over nobodys who may have like me or like me. I don’t want them I have you , I tell him. He still acts out.

  9. @teefa

    Im also in love with a taurus. And i must say its one of the most stressful things ive ever encountered in my life besides losing my father of course. Anywho That’s their shit. They are extremely possessive. They believe what’s theres is theres only! So i treat him with the same bullshit. If i cant even go as far as saying hello to somebody neither can you. Trust me he’ll eventually let go a little, and and wont be so annoying.

  10. @Beautyimaq

    Don’t ignore him Two wrongs dont make a right. If you start to do that then he’ll just move away you wont even have space to push him because he’ll be gone. Just be up front with him, Let him know you feel as though he’s been a little distant and you dont like it at all and if he has something to tell you he needs or you can just be on some private investigator shit and spy on him!

  11. Ok women.Its simple the taurus males are selfish,They dont care how you feel,They do what they want,Because they are needy of attention,an they want as many women they can get to get it.There shallow,They are fun,fake loving,dont believe a word they say.most are childish and if they are not allowed to run around they will abandon you.But it the beginning they play the in love Roll,they are masters at that,dont tell them too much about past men you have had,If you tell them u have been hurt,THEY PREY ON THAT,they will use it to look as they would,never.an u look in them eyes believing him..its bull..thats funny!!! Anyway if hes young,or been married awhile,now single they,play,the feild til they have a harrem…i promise you,then they do this til they finally settle.an its usually with the weakest,less attractive one..because they have to be center of attention…If they were money you could holdem up to a light an see which ones are fake..Most of them are,.I do believe if theres a true bull out their,He all you women are lookin for in yr males now,..They are Rare.Dont you notice reading about all bulls,They are devorced,witb drama ,ALLWAYZZZZZZZZ But there sign states they hate drama,Bull crap again.They love it.Thats why they ignore texts,calls,..they get off on you worried about it..i dnt care what sign you are,grow up!!An if u dnt want some one text,call,email,&freakin say so,instead of being evil,an enjoying knowing yr hurtinv someonez feelings…SORRY THEY ARE ALL SELFISH .when it comes to love they come first..Then you,…..yr last…If you think your taurus is acting different in any man.thats a red flagg,hes getting attention..if hes a drinker,..hes most likely to hit stripp clubs an say hes with friends..oh but if he gets in trouble he will call the girl who really loves him,an he loves her,..But He takes advantage of that love..This guy I dated.talked about his wife dating other men,..Hes to lazy to devorce her,cux they

  12. I agree with u amy. Taurus men are nothing but sexual creatures and do what they can to get it. If you dont they will ignored, snub, leave the country whatever they can to not know you. But ladies do remember that we all like attention from men even good looking ones but dnt play with their lust or tease them with flirt bcos at the end of the day, u get their hopes up for nothing. Like pursuading them to buy tickets for a no-show. Thats that for now. Taurus men i feel are just too much. Their better off with an sagittarius, leo or scorpio

  13. Im a cancer women and ive dated this taurus guy he was full of b.s . And drama i really liked him but he had to much going on in his life for me .he had two jobs but couldnt afford car gas.are his own place .and he would say that he going to take me out and do a no show are call. I have to call him to see whats up then there camed the excuesses as to why he cant follow thu.i turly feel that i made a great choice to break up with him now. And ive moved on!

  14. LadyCapricorn says:

    I was dating a Taurus man for the last 6 months. Everything was going well until he suddenly decided to put the brakes on the relationship. He said things were moving too fast for him and that I was falling for him faster then he was. Before me, he had gotten out of a 2-3 year relationship and wasn’t ready to commit to another relationship.

    After all was said and done, we broke up. But what didn’t make sense to me was he started texting me the day after, in less than 24 hours? Asking me how I was feeling?

    I’m so confused. He broke up with me. Yet he started texting me the day right after our break-up? This is currently day 2 so I have no other information. I’m trying to figure out what he wants? Does he have a hard time letting go? Is he re-considering the break-up?….*sighs* Never in my life has someone contact me the day after he broke up with me….

    help pls.

  15. I’m going threw the same thing with a taurus,I’m a gemni its been a yr I’m gettn the same old bs day after day I’m tired

  16. im a male taurus, but the rare kind that FINALLY (now that i hit 21 lol) just became able to not only acknowledge but also find ways around most of the shortcomings of Taurus, and also kinda reflected on my thought processes when behaving a certain way…now this is just me so idk about another Taurus, but anyways…
    the dissappearing thing, usually when ive done this with a girl its because i felt what feelings i put out arent being recipricated, and would like i guess the same amount of intrst i show you to be returned..basically if your not reassuring enough for me to think this is real then i cant think that…wont it be easier for us to just say this? yes lol but most of us do more thinking than saying, so you have to either be perceptive OR just ask, youll usually get an honest answer…
    now possesiveness i realized what this REALLY is, fear that the person i went through all this trouble to be with is thinking of another person..this part is as simple as this, if you wouldnt want be to do that dont do that to me, though most taurus simply have a hard time distinguishing between flirting and casual friendliness..even with someone doing that to them, they can easily get the wrong idea…
    so really what it comes down to for both of those actions is a fear of something, of being hurt in some way, but the best way to get to the bottom of it, your very best bet with any taurus, is simply to ask why..ask why for whatever it is thats bothering you..dont beat around the bush because we are kinda intiutively blind and wont catch on to your implications, and ours are very hard to detect, thats why its people on a forum tryin to figure it out lol but to protect our own emotions we wont come out and say it…we should but wont…well idk maybe i speak for myself here xD

    thats all ๐Ÿ™‚

  17. angelina says:

    After I and my lover spent about 4 years together, my boyfriend told me that we can not be together. and already We were making ready ourselves to get married this year and I was very happy and absolutely ready to marry him. this breakup started when he went a little far from the city where I live, a year before. He found a good job out there. And he promised me to come back in one or two years. In the mean time, I found a job around his place (we take it as a good opportunity for us to start living together) but the company I worked for resist to leave me since I am a responsible person in the company. They offered me a very nice salary increment with huge responsibility of work. Then I told to my boyfriend I preferred to stay where I live and work, since, he has not a plan to live there forever. He was very upset at the moment… and ignored me totally. I tried to contact him but I canโ€™t. Following so much effort he sends me a message saying “our relationship is over”. I never expected such a thing to happen, so I got sick. Even after so much begging he allow me to see him, but told me the same thing that it is over. I asked him the real reason. He said, you never listened to me, you never gave me credit, and you disrespected meโ€ฆ..and so on. I never noticed such a thing in our relationship before, so I got shocked and couldnโ€™t say a word in front of him. For me our relationship was perfect. And I really love him. I want to be with him. I send so many letters saying Iโ€™m sorry, I tried to contact him but there is no reply. I did everything to attract him and live with him forever but nothing was going through. so I needed a help on how to get my lover back. I had the feeling that he still loves me, though he did not say a word. I needed help seriously. I thought it will never possible to get him back and be the happy couple again? so when I read testimonies about {drabizaspelltemple20@hotmail.com} I contacted him and he told me that my case is a simple one to solve, so after his consultation and casting of his spell my boyfriend emailed me telling me he was sorry for all that he did to me, that he is ready to marry me now, I was shocked, I never believed that GREAT Dr Abiza could make such thing to happen with his spell, today I am getting married to my boyfriend, and I will never forget this spell caster I will always talk about him anywhere I go
    angelina hocombe.

  18. @Amy

    I am a Taurus female and I am nothing like what you describe, but having said that If I were a Taurus male, the strip joints and gentlemen’s clubs I would engage in. Taurus has a very sexual ‘dark’ side that the normal every day citizen may not be able to cope with! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  19. Knows taurus says:

    I’ve been with a taurus for about 6 years. True, they woo you and then when they know they got your undivided attention they want to roam without any forewarning and they contact you less. They still love you, but typical of men: the chase is over, so they can do whatever. They can become judgemental and give you a hard way to go.
    If you have the patience and stamina, you can make this work. Taurus like to have conversations. You must plan a conversation with them and give them time to think. They are not quick reactors under ANY circumstance. You have to approach them logically and not emotionally or they will lose respect. You have to come to them with an authoritive nature. If mom is a good mother, she is his reference point. They seem obsessed with their mothers. Oh, back to issue. You have to let them be. Say what you need to say and keep it moving. We broke up several times, in which he would call me because he wasn’t serious about the break up but was really mad. I didn’t make a big stink about it, but he knew I wasn’t going to call him back or chase him.
    STAY BUSY-it does wonders
    **they are one sign that knows how to take the advantage!

    When I thought I was at wits end with taurus, we ended up moving together. We are now, planning our wedding. You have to have thick skin with them or they can send you to the phsyc ward. They don’t talk much about what they do. However, if the right questions are asked, you’ll get all the answers you need. They know exactly what they are doing-trust me.

    REMEMBER: logic over emotions win with taurus! Use the emotions at other appropriate times.

  20. I’m inlove with a taurus but i was scared to fall inlove but now i want him back, he pushes me away and i’ve been sending sms for apology but he told me to go to hell. I don’t understand

  21. elizabeth rosas says:

    After being in relationship with emma for seven years,he broke up with me, I did everything possible to bring him back but all was in vain, I wanted him back so much because of the love I have for him, I begged him with everything, I made promises but he refused. I explained my problem to someone online and she suggested that I should rather contact a spell caster that could help me cast a spell to bring him back but I am the type that never believed in spell, I had no choice than to try it, I mailed the spell caster, and he told me there was no problem that everything will be okay before three days, that my ex will return to me before three days, he cast the spell and surprisingly in the second day, it was around 4pm. My ex called me, I was so surprised, I answered the call and all he said was that he was so sorry for everything that happened, that he wanted me to return to him, that he loves me so much. I was so happy and went to him, that was how we started living together happily again. Since then, I have made promise that anybody I know that have a relationship problem, I would be of help to such person by referring him or her to the only real and powerful spell caster who helped me with my own problem and who is different from all the fake ones out there. Anybody could need the help of the spell caster, his email: drinegbedionspellhome@gmail.com you can email him if you need his assistance in your relationship or anything. CAN NEVER STOP TALKING ABOUT YOU SIR HIS EMAIL ADDRESS IS:drinegbedionspellhome@gmail.com CONTACT HIM NOW FOR SOLUTION TO ALL YOUR PROBLEM

  22. OnyxQueen says:

    Thank you ” Knows Taurus” for your comments. Dealing with a Taurus for about 6 years. We use to be co- worker’s . We talked and shared a lot of personal information. Always knew there was that “something” between us. The turning point came when I was very sick & I came to work because I really couldn’t
    rest at home because I had many family members staying in my home. My Taurus came to greet me “good morning” as usual. He looked at me and knew I was I’ll. He asked why I was as work and not at home resting. I explained to him why and he reached in his pocket , pulled out his house keys and offered his home to me to go to get some rest. I was so touched by his kindness. He checked on me throughout the day and reminded me that his offer was still available if I wanted it. I decided I would invite him to drinks for my pre birthday celebration, which he accepted. We had a wonderful time. A few days later we met again and we had sex, which was delicious. We spent a lot of time together, which was great. After a few months he asked what we were doing and I told him we were friends and lovers enjoying ourselves. He was hurt by this and began putting distance between us. Then he became very cold. This was very hurtful. So I let him be. Now after 2 yrs. he’s trying to come back into my life. I’m being cool and cautious with him.
    I’m going to be patient and wait to see how this unfolds with him. I love him and he loves me. Time will tell. I’m a Scorpio.

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  24. my taurus:-)man:-)just:-)broke:-)up:-)with me:-) 2 days ago and:-) texted:-)me:-)after that:-)im so confused why on the:-)planet earth will i care to him im trying to:-)move:-)on

  25. Just remember that a Taurus is there for ever and will never leave you no matter what happens in your life or how your relationship turns out. Weather it’s good or bad the bull will see it through and they will always be there for you. The Taurus nature does not believe in failure they only have positive thoughts and they place them to good use as life requires them to in their journey toward ever lasting happiness and prosperity toward lifes little miracles.!!!

  26. Please some advice ive tried all I can so I guess I’m just hoping for a miracle was talking to a guy off plenty of fish we started talking on kik all going really great both of us taurus we both admitted to wanting to just cuddle each other & just see how we got on in person…Unfortunately I left my bag at a friends place & while I was out of the room someone took it looked through it an ex work colleague was there & so was a guy id had a date with over a yr ago was there too, my pof account password was changed I hadn’t signed out so I know it wasn’t me, my mobile had no battery so I logged in on my friends phone to kik & txt him about meeting up before i forgot or made other plans when I charged & looked at my phone next day all messages had gone off kik so I went through all & realised what had happened I had to set up new account on pof, I sent him a heartfelt apologetic message saying all this & he blocked me why?? could it be he doesn’t believe me,doesnt care or is he angry/upset that the guy I had a date with was there…..i told him about this date & made it clear it meant nothing to me. Iam truly gutted he’s just not answering me I would have supported someone had it happen to a friend or someone. could he just need time & get bk in touch we had such a great connection. I feel like im the one whos hurt him. Help thanx ๐Ÿ™

  27. I’ve started this job 3months today and I’ve met this Taurus guy I’m a cancer by the way he was just so sexy and appealing to me. So one night I had to work on his shift at night so we would stop in the hall to talk to each other for a while then we would say ok we got to get back to work then he says I’m going to come back on your side to help you so I said ok he came over and we started talking for a while again he seem so interested in me i thought maybe he like me. So a couple of times He would say breakfast for 2 I say well you getting off I’m in for work. He says this a few times after that too. On the 2nd month i needed a ride home because i was off that day we started talking he gave me his number he said call him we didn’t text or call each other I text him but i was the only one texting so I stopped then he started texting and he would ask me how is work I said fine then he would tell me I haven’t had a ribs in a while and I said o ok. Then he ask me want to go out for dinner I said sure we went out that night We talked about dancing where we traveled at and then asked him where his girlfriend at do he have one he said yeah quickly he seemed irritated (i thought to myself maybe he had a fight) and then said no i not talking to anyone at this time. My whole mood changed i gotten quiet because I felt like he is lying i dont know if he caught on but I just retreated to myself I text him now because he ask me why don’t I text him and i said becausebi feel that you uave a girlfriend he didnt say anything.Now when i go in to work he hides from me im so confuse what am i to do please someone help me im hurt because if you dont want to be bothered just tell me dont hide from me.

  28. AquariusGurl says:

    Taurus guy and I were flirty and he said we are friends. He is touchy feely with me but won’t take it any futher. He looks at me a lot, follows me around the room watching from afar. Is a bit shy and chatty when we do chat. Brags a little, touches my arm as we talk. Looks intently at me when he does then disappears for weeks.

    Ealry on he said why do I like him? I am super successful and he is just starting out. I have been pretty open – said he is funny, smart, cute and easy to talk to what’s not to like. But iti is so hot and cold. He is super attentive then he is monosylabic!

    What is up? I finally got fed up and said look what is up? You get close then disappear? I care about you way more than you do me clearly so I am going away. I unfriended hm and that was it.

    Fast foward a few months and he approaches a friend of mine asks how I am and says he might contact me. 2 weeks go by nothing. I text him – hey wanna chat? He said no. WTF?

    Then month goes by he shows up at event I am at and he says how could I stay away? WTF again? What does that mean? I play it cool and make smalll talk and then say nice seeing you. It was his BD the next day and 2 days later I decide to send him happy birthday text. He answered from the stage- he was playing a gig [I found out later he was playing at a club and took time to respond while his was due on stage] Now what? Please Help Taurus men…

  29. I want to share my love life, my tauras guy is not talking to me no idea why, we’ve been together past 6 years we love each other like mad I can’t live with out him he can’t live without me, he’s so caring so loving he means the world to me. He does not eat until I’ve eaten, not Even one day passes by without us talking but my family is against our relationship. I’m a virgo, and its been a few day he’s not talking to me I’m completely going mad, I know he’ll be fine but I just need some advice if my family’s against our relationship should I still be with him, his family’s fine with it. Please someone give me advice. I really love him to bits.

  30. @Rain i been messing with a april taurus for 6mnths now when we first met we hit it off i never met somebody so caring and sweet and gentle i was prego at the time broke with babydad and he would do the weirdest and cutest thing he would kiss my stomach all the time massage me constantly omg but after while i dnt speak with him and he got bak with his ex but he never stop calling or texting every once in awhile i would tell him u have a girl i can only offer my friendship but he would say u will be mines oneday i would laughed i moved recently to a new town and he was right here in the town with the girl tho i wasnt trying to be no home wrecker and we was always friend but it just happen he started coming by and we would literally sit on my empty house floor and talk for hours laughing and this happen like almost daily but then we started kissing and i started catching feeling and we just kept it innocent now we been a whole affair he tells me he not happy and he just wana leave most days and he happier with me but he play so many games then pop up and texts or call sayin imu can we talk im like go away if not gonna leave her leave me alone please but he wont we got in argument havent spoke to.him in a awhile but i know i be seeing a text soon wats his problem @rain

  31. The last message about them and the games they play with the calls and texting is so true want to have their way want to call every girl their cousin oh don’t want to take you to cook out and parties. Oh but want to know your every move. Don’t want you taking to no other men. They full of Bull SHit like there sign. Im my own boss I pay my own bills. If they act like that treat they ass the same way or tell their Ass to Bounce
    He will respect you do not be week. Let him know I can make it without You.

  32. So my Taurus guy that I was talking to and liked very much was ignoring me because me and the father of my child are currently living together. The father of my child is having a hard time letting go. He’s approached the car while me and my Taurus guy were sitting in the car..he’s contacted my Taurus guy and his baby mama via Facebook to let him know to stay away from me and his son. Although hes not with the mother of his child. He also contacted my Taurus guy pregnant ex girlfriend and told her that him and I were having relations. He was ignoring me so I finally messaged him and said I wish you would’ve told me you only wanted to have sex with me and I would’ve never caught feelings. I then blocked him, he decided to text me on my direct line. He then responded and said he hasn’t been contacting me because of all my baby daddy drama and to contact him once I got everything under control . Help everyone has he lost interest or is he just withdrawing himself from the situation.

  33. Sweetpealibra says:

    You nailed it ,I’m a LIBRA and very straight forward but I do consider feelings and stay in mine my friend hate that and he’s my friend cause he’s not ready for me to be his one and only as if I got time for that but I love him so and he knows but you have to show them I love u but I don’t need you..thanks from the LOVE scales LIBRA

  34. Sweetpealibra says:

    I’ve learned these are men and a MAN I’ll fight for what he wants and if he is not fighting than he don’t want you …they love to play games..do one better and let them play alone ?????? hoped this helped cause you will drive yourself crazy waiting!

  35. Cancer woman and Taurus man is best match. I get the Taurus man and I do give him space and provide peace and comfort. I also give him my patience and love. I do not make demands out of him either and he is a happy man!

  36. Ladies leave Taurus men ALONE they are full of shit no good no good no good they are all about what they want

  37. BULL $HIT says:

    Taurus men have double standards bc they can talk to other women, but will put their foot down if u are talking to other men, and they also stalk one online LOL! My father and my ex were Tauruses, born on the same day, and they are not generous at all like these descriptions online claim. Security seems to be of utmost importance to them, maybe that’s why they like to spend only on themselves, ahead of personal comforts. They are stubborn, so they suck bc even if they know letting another person have their way will make the other person happy, they wont allow it if they feel their way is best. They like women who are doing very well for themselves because it means money which leads to comforts, and oh yeah she has to be beautiful. Another Taurus began pursuing me last month, and they are very direct in their approach. He flew down to hang out with me in L.A. from the east coast. I (cancer) tend to get along well with this sign, but their flaws outweigh their qualities. Communication was constant and fun until two days ago when I told him I was networking and met a male company owner who had a female employee I was interested in meeting. I think this put him off and he has not texted me. He will answer questions, but has not initiated a conversation like he always would. He may have found someone else, or may have been put off by the fact that I had a professional conversation with another male, I don’t know, but would like to know. So now on top of the other flaws I associated with Taurus men from my past, I was presented with another annoying trait of theirs LOL! I thought cancers were supposed to be the sensitive ones? So any who, I don not play these games, so I stopped texting him as well. I do not know what will come after this, anybody with insight to this is welcome to respond. Thank you ๐Ÿ™‚

  38. BULL $HIT says:

    Ladies do not get fatal over these men who are clearly taking you for granted. Someone should gather all Tauruses up and lock them in a room and make them listen to Justin Bieber music.

  39. I’m currently dating a Tarus. I believe he is the first Tarus I have ever dated! I have never really been into “The signs” so much until very recently and it totally ain’t for good reasons. I’m an Aries female and I’m going through so much b.s with the Tarus boyfriend of mine! We started talking last year of August and everything was great. I have to say he isn’t so good looking or have the best body shape, his kinda chubby in fact but his personality before is what had got me hooked to him. Being an Aries it’s all about going in for the kill and getting on with things. Him being a Tarus its all about being slow and enjoying the finer things in life. I love nice things also but I don’t like being bored or being slowed down. But in the beginning he was so sweet, charming, and so gentle to me! We texted every single day, he replied so fast and always said the cutiest things to make me smile! I feel for it, I was recently getting out of a relationship so he kind of a rebound for a while until I started getting real feelings for him. For me it’s easer to move on from a relationship by jumping right into another one. Most shame that type of road but that is what works for me! And Aries are known for moving on quit quickly and finding new partners easly. We was in the talking stage for about 2 weeks or so until I told him that I liked him because Aries are supper Infront and if we like you we will tell u. He said okay we can have a relationship and we will see how this goes. I didn’t take that negatively and from then on it was smooth for the next couple of months. He was still sweet, and loved to hang out with me. He gave me all the attention that I seeked for cuz Aries woman just love the attention. If we feel like we arint begging enough attention we can easily just leave *UNLESS we are IN love*. Aries who are IN love are the most loyal, and dependable, people you will meet. Taurus are supposed to be loyal, stable, and slow. And a Taurus is supposed to be loyal when IN LOVE, but can possible cheat when OUT of love. I know he had fallen for me and was in love in the beginning of our relationship. He said so and he acted upon his love. His actions and words always matched. But then things started going the wrong hill months after all the sweetness I guess runned out. Around month 6 or so he started showing his true colors. Usually people say that a guy shows his true colors after month 2-3. But he stayed that innocent man until month 6 or so. That’s when he started to show his true self, or the I liked Taurus ways. He started getting a bit too clingy, and he started getting ice cold. He developed slowly though. I didn’t really catch onto the change until he started acting up real hard and then I was kinda forced to see the truth. There was a couple mishaps on my part as well. Around I guess month 5-6 an incident happened were I decided to take a break from the relationship. And then I started talking to more people and school and there was this guy who had liked me since freshman connection, mind you I’m going on a junior now, this was in Sopohmore year… And we was talking and everything. So the possessive Tarus trait came out of him and he got real upset about it. To him I had cheated on him. He stated that “You too a break from the relationship saying that u needed time it think, yet u still went with that other guy and u didn’t even officially break our relationship”. I was going insane and when I’m upset as an Aries sign I go off like crazy! I can’t stand someone who tries to blame things on me or make up non sense to things go there stupid way. So that passed. And basically in general now we have dated for a year and it’s still going on, but he ignores me when ever he feels like it, right now his not talking to me. And he breaks up with me every night, over ext msg, mind you we have doing this long distance relationship b.s for about 2 months now cuz I’m currently away from home for a bit because of family issues at home. But we have done long distance before earlier this year, started around Janurary and I came back in April. We argued a lot but this time it’s just so bad. His ice cold. We are currently not even friends on fb cuz he had deleted me once again a couple days ago for no freaking reason. So I haven’t bothered to re add him because he always Unfriends me or blocks me. I don’t post nothing on social media but upload a new profile pic or so, so he can’t be upset over something on my page because I don’t post anything. My selfies are from the neck up so I don’t show skin so that can’t be a reason why he delete me. I guess we did become sexually active quit quickly though. Week three we went down and all. We was both Virgins so that was a experience. But every now and then he complains that we went too quickly. And I understand him cuz Tarus take things slow and I guess everything was kinda rushed in the beginning. But it’s been a whole year later and so non of that is irrelevant but he still brings it up. He was always brings up the past. Like my past mistakes from last year and just irrelevant things. And then he gets pissed off about them all over again and then goes MIA on me. Mind you he hasn’t been all innocent either, but I don’t bring up his past mess ups and ruin the day but he sure does like to. I’ve learned that Taurus tend to live in the past. They can hold grudges and not forgive for years and years, and live in the fear of the past fuck up. They don’t like to let go. As for me and Aries in general we move on. We don’t like to sit down and thing about past mess ups. We move on from the past and look to the future, we don’t sit down and remember memories that will bring about regrets and suck, but I know my boyfriend does. It really gets on my nerves! And I’m mad he gets mad. But I feel like he has turned controlling. I find myself always kinda picking my words so I don’t offend him in any way. I’m scared to tell him about what upsets me or even have a emotional conversation because he always shuts me out. He either hangs up the phone or blocks me, or never replies to me when it comes to my feelings and I feel. He doesn’t like to know that his wrong. He has been trying to change me. He doesn’t like makeup but I love makeup. At first it wasn’t a problem for him until a little while ago when he started telling me that I look caked up and I should stop putting makeup on cuz he doesn’t like it. I tell him straight up” I dint downs $200 or more in makeup to look the fucking same! And I’m wearing makeup for me not for u”. I hate that he tries to change me into some natural looking hike or what ever. That just isn’t me. I’ve been playing with makeup since age 12. I’m almost about to me 17 now. So he really needs to chill! He has calmed down on the situation since about a month ago because I’ve stopped changing. I still put my makeup on and take my pictures and post them and love myself. So he gave up on that topic. But then a couple weeks ago his ex best female friend popped back into his life. Me and him haven’t spoke to her since last year in August, and the she popped back up in his life this year last month! He didn’t tell me that they was msging. I had his password so I had gone into his msges and I saw that they was msging. He had told me that we would never hide anything from me, that a relationship should have lies or secrets! So I agree 100%! But what I saw was the opposite! I was more upset on the fact that he didn’t man up and tell me what was going on. I had to find out for my damn self! I’m still very pissed about it although this was about 2-3 weeks ago I assume. They are still msging and I have told him over and over that she’s nothing but trouble. And I was proved right becaus just about a week and a half ago she started telling him shit that k was supposedly doing in the beginning of our relationship. Like basically saying that I was playing him and that I wasn’t loyal and this b.s. So he broke up with me and told me that I was disappointing. He didn’t tell me why he broke up with me until I have my friend msg him and he asked so the calls be merged and he told me about what this dumb best friend of his has told him. So he blocked me EVERYTHING but I kept making fake fb accounts so I could contact him. I really love him and I don’t want to lose him but everyone has there breaking points. His pushing me to mines. His cold hearted, not sweet, makes me cry more than make me smile, I go into depression cuz of him, just so much negative. Now I don’t even care that much anymore because his been so heartless towards me when all I did was give him my all. I hate that things are going down like this after a year of dedication and love and all that jazz. But I will be coming back home soon and as soon as I get myself together and I really think things through I might just end the relationship once and for all because I don’t want to be controlled, manipulated, and put into mood swings every day!
    Anyone please reply and tell me what I should do and maybe explain more on why his he is like that!

  40. P.s…so sorry for the mess ups in grammar. I didn’t have time to proof read or fix any mistakes. Once again very sorry. I just reread it right now after publishing, and it does sound a bit edgy to read. Once again I’m so sorry for the grammar.

  41. You all are not lieing they are full of shit.I found cumdoms and he going to tell me he just put them in his wallet. I asked this jackass if he wanted to see other woman he said no I told him you are a lie.So I said if you do its fine so I will buy me some cumdoms and I can see other men. Be up front with me we to old to play games.Tell me why he tride to turn that bull shit around and say I want to see other men.I told his Ass if you think that shit going to fly you got the game Fucked up.See when you paying your own bills and being good to him you don’t have to put up with his shit.If he want the club life all the different trick Bitches have them to do all the shit that your real woman will do. If he go to a club and pay her when she come down that pole you going to pay me to get in my bed.You buy that trick dinner you going to put food in my refrigerator if you take that trick to a room you better have money to go on my rent.See if you cant take care home then you go with your trick Bitch than I will find another man to hlep take care of me like he taking care of her. Point Blank You not getting over because you a Taurus we all human and we all got shit to do and take care of.Each to its own.

  42. Don’t let him change you he needs to change his ways a lot of these Taurus man do if they want to play let them. They are selfish so let them play alone their games are to much and they will make you hurt them.They will stress you out and think that shit is a joke. Do you.

  43. ^^^^^^^ Diane is on it yall better listen!!!!!

  44. I never knew people still have powers and make things happen this way. My name is Elena Alexandra, my Husband Alexandra left me for another girl for three months ever since then my life have been filled with pains sorrow and heart break because he was my first love , A friend of mine Stephanie told me she saw some testimonies of this great Dr. Luke Lele Spell Temple (drlelespelltemple@outlook.com?) that he can bring back my lover within some few days, i laugh it out and said i am not interested but because of the love my friend had for me, She consulted the great priest on my behalf and to my greatest surprise after three days my Husband called me for the very first time after three years that he is missing me and that he is so sorry for everything he made me pass through. i still canโ€™t believe it, because it highly unbelievable it just too real to be real. Thank you Dr. Luke Lele (drlelespelltemple@outlook.com?) for bringing back my Husband and also to my lovely friend who interceded on my behalf, for anyone who might need the help of this great priest you can contact the great Herbalist and a spell caster on (drlelespelltemple@outlook.com?)

  45. So true everything I read sums up these assholes. Selfish and self centred care for only what they want and their feelings. U can’t talk to them because they take it how they want on their time and expect the whole world to drop for them. They are only good to start with because they know once they got u that u will stil be waiting for their good to show which won’t so ur better off moving on and if he does come back tell him where to go because it will happen again he will ignore u go hot and cold blame u for it and shut u out its just not worth giving ur heart too and most likely their probably stil stuck on an ex that cheated on him or has left him and he tries to look like a man to u when his the biggest bitch u will ever meet his not a bull his a little dramatic girl

  46. Girl you are so right, if Taurus walks away, let him walk, it may be a blessing in disguise, he’s saving you from a big ole heart break, let him keep going! Another thing, Taurus men try to find a reason to leave not because they are afraid of any damn thing but because they found another toy (female) to play with.They’ll never tell you the truth so save your breath, they will lie, cheat, manipulate then dumb you for another. If he doesn’t walk away, you go, better yet, RUN from this “SOB”, and don’t look back, trust me, you will love yourself for it later, keyword: Love Yourself!!! Yours truly, #IAmATrueAquaGirl

  47. Cancer, a good Taurus match, if you think so but my opinion is, he’s a match for all the girls on the zodiac wheel. Don’t mean any disrespect but Cancer women are known to be doormats, yes, I said it! Y’all Cancer females just allow men to make maids out of you, if that’s your cup of tea by all means, have at it but that Taurus guy will walk all over you, watch you cry, and still get dressed to meet that cute Pisces store clerk he just met because he’s gotta have it. He’s a cunt collector, whether it’s the real thing, a pic on his phone or drooling over one watching porn, ladies, this man’s sexual behavior is abnormally unacceptable, in my opinion, I could go on and on but y’all get the picture, Mr. Taurus may be Mr. Cool on the surface but underneath that cool interior is a man who’s appetite for sex is abnormal…

  48. I so agree

  49. 100% correct i am a Taurus. If we see a threat that may hurts us we will act in these ways so we wouldnt get hurt,played,or left looking like the stupid one. The loves or feelings that a taurus shows it real at that time weather it good or bad feelings

  50. I’m currently dealing with a stubborn Taurus Ex & when he has his mind set on something he sticks with it. Being patient is most definitely the key ? I think having a anxious approach may scare him off, so give him time. They have great conversation and that’s what I found most attractive about my ex Taurus ?

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