How to make a Cancerian man propose?

CancerI’m not a big fan of the adjective Cancerian, but it is in the Free Dictionary. Can you be a Cancer but not Cancerian?

And how can you make a Cancerian man propose?

First of all, let me say right off the bat that you can’t make anyone do anything. Cancer men have free will, even if their moods are at the whim of the Moon.

Secondly, why can’t you just take the Crab by the pincers and propose to him? (On the other hand, Cancer respects tradition, and may not feel comfortable with such unorthodoxy!)

Now that I’ve put those matters aside, the only sure-fire way I know to make any man propose marriage is to threaten him with your imminent departure unless he forks over the ring. Hesitant men need to be cornered.

And anyways, what do you think is holding your Cancerian man back from getting down on his knee? Maybe you’re not the kind of girl of which his mama would approve. Maybe he doesn’t think you’d be a good mama yourself. Maybe he doesn’t like your cooking.

These are important things to a Cancer man. Especially if he is Cancerian.

Comment below: If you have a Cancer husband, how did you get him to propose?

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  1. @ Sandra & lost1

    older comment…ehem…

    i’m not saying all cancer men are weirdos with commitment issues…in fact, it’s quite the opposite- most cancer men will appear ‘clingy’ because they tend to bond very intensely with the person they love/like and want the people in their lives by their side every day…this is valid for both men and women.

    My experience with the cancer man was just as i described it. I should have probably mentioned he broke up with his girlfriend while we were going on with the fuck buddy thing and started acting typically ‘clingy’ as to have a relationship (i guessed). That’s the thing- cancers’ clinginess isn’t a personality trait, it’s a tactic when it surfaces. Us cancers try very hard to conceal it because we know it freaks people out.
    I try to remain as relaxed as possible but i still have some ‘clinginess’ inside of me, emotionally speaking. This guy got clingy when he broke up with his girlfriend- wanted to see me outside our usual context, started asking me to go out for dinner with him, etc. Yikes!

    That’s the thing, my comment must’ve been harsh because i tried to be as concise as possible and mention both the do’s and don’t’s, positive and negative.. yes, my strong belief is that cancer men will cheat if they feel physically attracted to another woman and know for sure they won’t get caught. This is a bit of an emotional bipolarity, you can love someone and be clingy and want them for the rest of your live but you can also cheat on them because well, you’ll never get caught and if it’s just you who knows about it, it doesn’t matter because it doesn’t exist and never happened. That’s how i think and this is how he thought as well….come on now. Cancer men raise your hand if you recognize yourselves…there’s no point in denying it.

    I have a scorpio friend (comparison-minded story) who’s a big charmer and the most flirtatious person i know. Yet he loves his girlfriend deeply and would never cheat on her. He’s one of my closest friends and he had thousands of opportunities to fool around with other women while his girlfriend was abroad for a while, yet he never did it.

    I’m saying this because people act & cope differently with cheating and sexual attraction. I did the same several times and managed to stay buddies (can’t say friends) with the guys i screwed and continued my relationship(s) as nothing ever happened, because it really hadn’t. I knew my feelings for my boyfriend and those can’t be changed by a shag…so…

    On the good side- Cancer men (and women) are sentimentally loyal. we might blow hot and cold because we’re very moody people but when we have feelings for someone, a lover, a friend, etc, they will last and last forever. If it’s just infatuation, it’s just a fling, in which we still invest because cancers are hopeless romantics i guess…at least that’s how i see it.

    So Sandra, i am not saying your boyfriend is sleeping with other women just because he is a Cancer. But if your relationship continues over the next 3 or 4 years, you never find out anything and he continues acting as usual…don’t think about it. there’s no point.

  2. on a more topic-related side.

    I am not sure of how to make a cancer man propose, but to reach a cancerian’s heart isn’t hard at all (and perhaps a proposal will follow). One just needs to express their feelings and take care of the crab, in a maternal manner- baby him. Cook for him, ofc not on a daily basis but still, show your attention towards his basic needs, cuddle, be interested in how he’s feeling, if there’s something that bothers him, talk to him, be trustworthy and genuinely interested. It’s a lover-mum-rock-best friend kind of thing, all rolled into one. I honestly do this will all my friends and to me it’s the simplest and most natural thing in the world when i’m really concerned for someone i have feelings for. hope it helps!

  3. True that you can make anybody do anything regardless of their signs. It’s a common tactic to threaten him to leave his sorry ass he you don’t hear a proposal anytime soon. I must admit, it is a little desperate, but hey, desperate times call fro desperate measures.

  4. As the song goes; if you like it, then you should have put a ring on it. Good call. If you’ve been dating all your life with your recent partner and he doesn’t fork in the ring, I think it’s about time you look for another one.

  5. Hey I have been reading these posts and have a lot to say. I’m a Taurus/Gem cusp also, and my best friend is a cancer/Gem cusp. I did fall hard for him, but we’ve never dated, and that’s a good thing because we are still close friends.
    I just wanted to say that cancer men (and I know from having dated many of them) are NOT the creeps that have been described here. My best friend is NOTHING like what’s been described here. He is a human being with real feelings that get hurt much easier than most other people because ALL cancer men are EMPATHS, they are not stupid, they are brilliant, and are always under-estimated. They are super-affectionate people who are sincere but who don’t like to be toyed with. If you are insulting his intelligence OF COURSE hes going to ditch you, any person in their right mind would. Cancer men have zero tolerance for deception of any kind and they won’t stick around to let you make a fool out of them. Who could blame them? I mean really.

    In all of these posts about the erratic behavior from your cancer men I noticed one common thread, all of you were either withholding something from him, trying to manipulate him, or deceiving him in some way, and personally, I don’t blame the cancer men for responding in kind. If you do manage to get close to a cancer you will also notice they are telepathic and can read you like a book. If you didn’t take the time to get that close to him, well you don’t know what you’re missing. Just saying, when YOU are freaking out feeling and thinking conflicting and confusing things like come here-go away, I love you, I hate you, etc. THEY FEEL it, all of it, and they avoid you because you don’t now what you want.

    Cancer males need women who are secure and don’t have trust issues. Emotional baggage is fine, in fact they can help you sort through it and give the best advice, but if you’re into head games or have no real intention of making it a forever thing, they know it and won’t waste their time and energy on you. Cancer men would make awesome therapists because they can identify with ANY human being on every level. My advice instead of driving yourself insane with a million questions, ask yourself: DO I WANT HIM OR NOT? and if the answer is no leave the poor guy alone, but if its yes then BE there for him, no matter what. Accept him the way God made him, faults and all, if you can’t do that, then you need to face the fact that you are NOT his soulmate and look elsewhere. If he doesn’t trust you, forget it, there is NO WAY he will ever propose.

  6. Man, some of y’all are seriously generalizing an emotional sign. It’s up to the person’s free will if they’re going to commit, cheat, etc etc. Smh, just because you’re a cancer or dated a cancer that cheated doesn’t mean they all do! Some of them have a moral code they’ll live by.

  7. curious757 says:

    Lol @ the article. Good sense of humour.

    Anyway, my husband is very cancerian, a momma’s boy, so I can relate to this article.

    So protective, and loving. 🙂 I’m very protective too, I realized. If we have a water sign child or a baby with loads of water influence, my protective side would be very fierce. Jus’ wanna protect them from the world. Peace out! Aquarian Full Moon tonight, in the good, positive hippy way that Cancers love.

  8. do cancer men believe in marriage and if they do why do they take so long to propose

  9. Nikita, I know what you mean! It’s my 7th year and my patience is running thin…

  10. Hi

    I’m in love with a Cancerian man I have told him a mistruth – not cheating on him or anything like that I am tortured by the fact I did this it was a stupid white lie and I want so much to tell him but I’m so scared of his reaction can someone give me some advise as to how to deal with this as I dont’ want to loose him.

  11. Ive been dating a cancer for a year now (Im a libra) I met him at a party at a friends. I never believed in love at first sight but from the moment I met him I was smitten. The first few months really frustrated me because I couldn’t tell if he was into me or just liked hanging out with me for fun, we always have a great time together. A couple of his friends asked me out during this “friendship stage”. I told them whether it worked out or not I could never date his friend, I’d never do that to him. (I wouldnt, that just isnt right) Little did I know I was being tested. After a couple more months and an awesome night I finally broke down and said, “I dont care about getting hurt, I have to tell you I love you” from that moment forward, I honestly couldn’t be happier! He is amazing! He isn’t very moody and we never argue or fight, I tried to get mad at him once but I couldn’t, he wouldn’t let me. I don’t know if this will last but what I do know is I have had the best time of my life with him and that everyday I do get to spend with him is still worth whatever heartache might be down the road. What I have learned about cancer men is, don’t play games with them. They are very affectionate (sometimes seen as clingy, personally I love it) and expects the same in return. Do little things for him like rub his back, pick up his favorite candy bar, give him a random card telling him how much you love him, etc.. Don’t whine and complain, if you are not happy about something be forward and tell him straight away instead of whining. Understand his friends and family will always be an important part of his life that you have to share him with. If you can deal with all that, he will make sure you are as happy and feel as loved as he is.

  12. I am dating a cancer. I’m an Aquarius. We both have water moons and fire mars. He’s never cheated. He was single for years and years before me. He gets moody but I talk him through things and inspire him. He’s loving, kind, gentle. We are both empaths. So we are constantly intune with each other. I take longer to think about things he says he noticed that I simmer in thoughts for a few days and then speak which is correct. I like my words and feelinga to be well thought through.
    We have deep conversations and the live making is amazing and makes me feel extremely bonded. He’s perfect. A true blessing to me. I’m going to cherish love and keep him safe with or with out a ring.

  13. lovingacancerman says:

    I am an aquarian woman in love with a cancer man. He is the best thing that has ever happened to me. Many sites say a relationship (cancer/aquarius) won’t work but individuals and their experiences and free will also play a huge role in how we interact with each other. We are perfect for each other. We give each other what we need. No relationship has been more fulfilling.

  14. Taurus gal says:

    I’m in exactly the same boat. Exactly. Only difference is I’m a Taurus. Not sure what to do but doesn’t look promising. I hear cancer men NEVER leave their wives.

  15. I have been in a relationship with a cancer for 3 years. He has lied to me about 1/3 of everything in his life. He said he started the relationship with a bunch of lies to impress me, then continued to lie to protect me. He basically lies all of the time. The lies form a protective crab shell and I’m still not sure what is in that shell. He lies about random things like where he gets gas, if a soda can belongs to him, where he went last night, etc. I can’t understand it. It is the creepiest thing ever! He is a clingy, affectionate compulsive liar. I intend to get rid of him because I’m afraid he has multiple personality disorder, the lies are awefully scary and even if caught in the act, he will still deny things. Weirdo!

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