How to catch a Sagittarius man

[ad#link]sagittariusThe language of seduction intrigues me. To catch a man implies that he is some kind of animal fleeing his pursuer. A Sagittarian is one of the more likely members of the zodiac to run away. He is represented by a centaur — half-man, half-horse. And so he’s not so easy to catch!

Sagittarius is ruled by the planet Jupiter, which rules expansion and adventure. The Archer does not like to be held back — he wants to explore, through travels to distant lands or studies of arcane philosophy texts. You may be able keep up with him by going along on ski trips or discussing world religions. However, it is not advisable to cage him in. If Sagittarius feels trapped, he’ll bolt. He needs his freedom. To use a horse metaphor, he needs free rein.

I understand the thrill is in the chase, but I would advise you to gallop besides him, not to catch him. Because the moment you do, he’s gone.

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  1. Hi Giselle,

    i just saw this. what is his birthdate including year? are u still having problems with him?

  2. wow how the hell do you catch a saggitarius guy? besides bragging about your huge bank account and ignoring the fuck out of him.. : )

  3. one just really broke my heart.
    very insensitive to my feelings.
    I tried to play it cool when he started ignoring me except for the few texts like: i miss you.. blah blah blah
    and I love him so much even though hes an asshole.
    I dont know what to do because i think he already is bored of me and feels
    like hes won the game so hes going to move on.
    I honestly dont know what to do except for going to his house and smashing his
    car with a baseball bat in front of his face.
    honestly i wasnt ready to go on this journey with a saggitarius and its waaay too late to
    change it.

  4. EmotionalPisces says:

    I met a Sag man a few months ago and fell HARD & FAST. This is the first guy I’ve “liked” in a loooooooooong time. However … I can’t get a handle on it. Initially it was all good he text, called consistently giving me all the attention I needed. However after we did the deed … communication slowed down. He is the brutally honest type I ask am I the only one he’s with(sexually) he says yes your the only one I’m with. He has female friends … I knew this going in but am having difficult time being “cool” with it. I am truly the emotional Pisces who needs to know where we stand. However logically I know I went too far too fast and trying to stop this train that is my emotions is seemingly impossible!!! He asks me why I can’t live in the moment & I ask him … why can’t you just tell me where “we stand”. He tells me not to be so heavy and just chill. He has “female” friends which I’m not thrilled about … yeah throw in jealousy issues too … lol. The other night I tell him im reevaluating the situation & he tells me … he just wants me to be happy so IF dealing with him isn’t making me happy then … do what I need to do. I tell him I got his point … crystal clear we don’t need to discuss it anymore. We go to our separate corners and he gets ready for work. When he finishes he tells me that when I say stuff like “I’m reevaluating” it hurts his feelings and he in turn lashes out. He comes to me and says … in no way do I want you to go out & get someone else understand me when I say that’s NOT what I want you to do. However … I want you to be happy. Oh … forgot to mention … he works 2 jobs right now so my main issue is TIME or lack there of. I don’t feel like I get enough of his time … however I understand that he doesn’t have much to give. Totally out of my comfort zone ….. feeling like I need to stick a fork in it and be DONE!!! Any suggestions on how to SAVE this?? Or should I just call time of death on this one and keep it moving???

  5. EmotionalPisces says:

    Is there a character limit on posting here?? Posting from my phone & it won’t post my original message. It keeps saying “error check your message”. Any suggestions??

  6. @emotionalpisces, there’s no character limit that I’m aware of. some comments are as long as full articles.

  7. LOL emotional pisces.. first of all.. chill out!!
    I know its hard to do but you have to find things that you enjoy doing besides being with him.
    YOU MUST. Saggitariuses usually hate attachment so do what you do and show him that your content in your own life and you dont need him to make you a happy person.
    The only other thing i can say is yes, if he is not making you happy, dump him. How old are you?
    One thing saggitariuses like is the chase, and if they see you lose interest then they will usually do
    whatever it takes to win you back.

  8. how is your situation going caphilander? did u take a bat to his car yet? 🙂

  9. lol. no i didnt take a bat to his car. I would have done something like that in the past.. im not as evil as i used to be.. or rather i dont act on it. still evil though.

    Im just heartbroken. I really cant think of anyone else. sex doesnt appeal to me.

    I just want to know (in general) how saggitarius men work. If they really really loved you, but the circumstances of the relationship just got so bad that they had to break up with you, will they EVER come back? I made the mistake of pouring out my feelings when he broke up with me and telling him how much i loved him. He didnt respond

    it was 2 much for me to just try to play it cool.. thats the one thing i hated about him.
    I felt like if he knew how i really felt its a turn off because then he knows that he “had” me
    and sooner or later like most sagitariuses get bored and leave.

    i wish i could go into further details but I dont want to run the risk of him seeing this. (not that he would know about this sight.. but still)

  10. basically he said he doesnt want to talk to me.

    I am considering sending a text just asking how he is.

    I dont know if its a good idea but i may not be able to help myself. Its how i feel

    its not a game, even if it is to him. But i will play it, if thats what it takes

  11. i heard that sagitariuses like the challenge of winning back their partners heart if its broken. is that true?
    if so then contacting him would probably be a bad idea right?

  12. well, it depends on some factors. moon sign and venus sign. im a venus in cap and a moon in scorp, if i want someone badly but i know the relationship wont work. id be hard pressed to want to get back together. ive gotten back with an ex and it wasnt the best choice.

    are u guys not even on speaking terms? saggis usually do stay friends with exes.

  13. yeah their supposed to stay friendly right!? but he’s being a polite asshole.
    I have moon in gemini and ascending scorpio.. so im kinda flighty and intense at the same time i guess.
    UGH im so stupid, i need to get fucked up and not think about the bastard.

  14. and i probably didnt give enough time… hes probably not speaking to me because the relationship was intense.. and so was the breakup.. pretty dramatic.

    I definetly over did it.

  15. what your sun sign again?

    damn, ive had some pretty intense moments with a moon in gemini and scorp sun. i cant imagine scorp asc being any different.

    lol @ polite asshole. u see each other regularly?

  16. ive been told this is a stupid idea..
    but i just wanted to tell him
    ___ : listen.. i dont want sex, i dont even want your friendship, all i want is for you to tell me that you love me.. more than anything in the world. thats all i want. but only if you mean it of course.

  17. wow im crazy.. i need to wake the f***k up!!! Its over!!
    I was like a moth to a flame and i got burned!!
    I was just angry because he made made promises (more like fantasies I guess) and never carried through with them.. such as getting a place together, traveling, ect.. but i guess i cant be mad about that because saggitariuses are dreamers.. thats what they do!

    Ive just never been so head over heels for anyone and i dont think i ever will be.
    Once you go Sag you never go back.. my new slogan.
    Next time i meet someone im gona ask them, so whats your sign? oh your not a sag? sorry not interested

  18. Caphilanderer you can’t do that. I was doing that for awhile with Scorps because I loved my ex Scorp so much. It wasn’t working. Then I found that a mix is better. I prefer to have another sign with a heavy scorp influence. So the guy I’m working with now is a Sag with Venus scorp. Its a super hot combo. Just wished he didn’t have the Cap moon. Tough to communicate sometimes.

  19. @caphilander,

    did u tell him that? what happened? i think thats super sexy by the way.

  20. @sag 24/7 no.. but i made a song about shooting your ex to death. Gona perform it at an open mic.. think its a hit.

  21. Hello everyone

    I must confess I really enjoyed reading through all the comments on this blog.. They are very enlightening. I am a sagg with moon in aquarius. A lot have been said about sagg, they are honest, they are scared of commitments, they don’t want emotional overweights, they fall in love quick etc.. As a sagg if I like someone I just want to scream it loud into their ear but I try to hold back, to be sure they feel same way too. When am sad or happy, you know. m not good at hiding this things. Yes I love the thrill of the chase.the butterflies in the stomach that comes with it, .the excitement of a first kiss. And I am really sexual. I am not all over the place needing sex, nope..I can go without it for months but once I get this strong attraction to someone, all I think about is kissing them, and if the kiss was also electrifying..I start thinking of having sex with them so bad. If the sex was great, m hooked. I think its mostly because I feel that connection is the one thing that won’t make me get bored with you. I look for this strong sexual connection with any guy I meet. When I find it, I hold on to it. I do keep relationships. I love stable lies, no cheating.. once u hurt me am out the door and once I make up my mind, I don’t go back, nomatter how great we were together.

    I do fall out of love quickly once I make up my mind its over, most of my exes are still so in love with me, but m not.. And its funny cos I was so crazy about them when we were together.. I never really hurt any of my exes.. I stayed faithful and loved them hard. But ve hurt some other guys. Walk into their life..then realise we aint good together and walked out without a second thought. They think m cruel but I did it for them. I get irritated with too much emotions or childish tantrum in a mans. I admire a real man that won’t take my bullshit and knows how to call me to order..loving, caring, a little bit jealous and possessive..yea..its cute. Lol. I value love a lot..its all I want.. And for a sagg I think a lot about getting married and having kids..then I think about other career goals and m dead confuse on how to balance the two Am jealous, emotional (but try hard to hide it) and possessive

    Though m Sagg I need help with a Sagg guy I just met.. This will be lengthy coz I love being thorough but please be patient with me. I just met this sagg guy. I have never dated a Sagg guy before or connected with one..My best friend for 3 years was a sagg guy and we were so happy together but no sexual we never even kissed. But when I met this guy, our eyes met for a few seconds and I felt something. I noticed he started observing me after that day. Somedays later, I siezed an opprotunity to say hi to him. We started talking right away for hours. Then he asked about my love life..I dodged the question. I closed early from work that day (cos we work in same building) he begged me to wait for him.. Told him am hungry so can’t wait..he promised to buy me lunch and drop me home. He did. In his car that day he asked me about my love life again..told him there’s nothing much to it. Then he said hope my love life aint as complicated as his.
    . And told me he has a friend who believes she’s his gf cos they got really close and his ex gf is trying to come back. I told him mine is also complicated cos ve got lot of exes trying to come back

    The next day we saw at work, he told me he had his eyes on me since the first day we saw and he like my person. Said he has this weird funny feeling like he has known me for a long time and he’s can’t help liking me. I closed early too and he begged me to wait for him. When I couldn’t wait any more I had to leave.. As soon as he closed he drove to my place and we went out together. We talked deep and I told him I don’t need a relationship right now, just want to be single and free. He said he use to feel that way sometimes but then he will realise there’s nothing like being in a relationship. Told me about his ex gf that she was faithful and he was rude to her coz she’s dependent on him.. Said he also cheated on her and confessed to her coz he wanted to be open to her., instead she retaliated by cheating on him.. And he couldn’t take it. Told me he’s very jealous. He intoduced me to his younger brother and his friend and took me to his dad’s house (his parents don’t live together) after droping me off that night.. He called me and said his brother and friend like me a lot , then asked if it was possible to like someone so much after spending just two days with them.. I said yes

    The next day we saw as usual in the morning and he took me out after work. When taking me home he asked for a kiss, I refused and he settled for a perk on the cheek.. Then he said he want us to take things to the next level, that he wants me to be his gf. When I got home we started chatting and he said he luv me crazy.. I didn’t see that coming cos Sagg dnt use the “love” word so soon. Well, he said he luved me from the first day we saw. We weren’t going to work the next day, so he begged to see me

    The next day he asked me to meet him up at his mum’s place, I did. I met his mum and she was nice to me. We had fun going over his kid pictures. and he kept trying to go through my fone, next thing we kissed.. Omg.. I felt the stars.. We couldn’t spend muich time together cos he had to go with his dad on a political campaign.. He asked me to come along but I refused. As soon as he dropped me off.. He sent a text ” I luv you crazy” called me on fone and said it again 3 times.. A male friend was suppose to come take me out, and he said “pls dnt go out”. He showed me this jealous trait several times .Now m really hooked on this guy.

    The next day I went on his facebook page and found out his ex gf is a libra ( a good match for him, perhaps better than me being a Sagg ). Also found out as at early this month they were still on good terms, so the break up is still fresh. Now m not too sure if his feeling his genuine anymore. He might just be using me to escape the pain of the former relationship. I texted him that even though m strongly attracted to him we can’t be together cos something will happen to leave me heartbroken..told him we should just be friends. He refused and said he want to Luv me, that I should stop fighting the feelings I have for him. We are suppose to see tomoro to talk about it. What do you sincerely think about this guy?

  22. Veronicax says:

    I totally agree.. I’m in love with a sag but he’s married. He is trapping himself and making himself crazy, i wonder how long it will take before he bolts !!

  23. geminipeach says:

    I need advice! I’m a Gemini, daughter of a Sag father who will always be a mystery to me. Last August I met a sag while playing a game online and within a few minutes of chatting, he gave me his number. I didn’t text him right away, I was a bit put off by him being so forward. It didn’t take me long to figure out that he sincerely liked me and we continuted chatting and texting, then sexting, which was amazing. There were times we’d go a few days without chatting and I’d wonder what was going on but then he’d text me and all was well…one day I asked him a question and my phone rang. It was him, I was thrilled! Then we went right back to texting, not talking on the phone. I even tried to call him on his birthday but he didn’t pick up. And he never asked me about it. Then in Jan, I didn’t hear from him for a few days and I felt things had cooled considerably so I texted him ‘no regrets’ which he immediately replied ‘what do you mean?’ I said ‘things have cooled off, wouldn’t you agree?’ and he said ‘yes’ then we went on with things like, I’ll never forget you, etc. and it was done. Or so I thought. Both my parents are dead now and I was feeling especially sad on my mothers birthday in April. ‘Life’s too short’ kept going through my head so I requested a game and he accepted. We started talking, sexted a couple of times…then Nothing for about a week. I know he’s an adrenaline junkie and I was imagining all sorts of disasters so I finally texted him to ask if he’s okay. He told me he and his ex (kids’ mom) had been talking about getting back together, I was so relieved! I wished him well and once again, thought that was the end. Then a couple of days before my birthday, he sent me a game request and we started talking once again. It has now been a month and I can feel him getting restless again. He’s told me he wants me to come for a visit (to sleep with him) but I haven’t done that. I’m trying to absorb everything that has been written on this site about sags and I know my best bet is to let him fly. I honestly don’t mind that we lose touch and then reconnect (I feel like my life and outlook has definitely improved since I met him) but that really messes up any other guys’ chance with me because I’m totally nuts about this man! There’s a big age difference, I’m older and I know there’s no way this will ever work…I guess I just needed to sound off on here. I tell you one thing, though…sags are at the top of my list of requirements for any future man I date because all the other good traits I want are already there once I find the astro sign…

  24. Mysterious One says:

    I’m Sag and I’ve had a Sag crush on my case for a while. He lives on the other side of my estate. The first day I saw him he told me how much he loved the smell of my perfume. A few weeks later we got talking properly and he asked if I could help him with his work CV….which I did. I saw him very rarely on and off since then, usually saying a quick hello if I saw him locally.

    Now here’s where it gets weird.

    I saw him one day as I was leaving to go out….he practically ran over to me and gave me a little ear bashing that I’ve been ignoring him….eventually I took his BBM under his direction. I was expecting him to follow through and message me but he never did. About a month went by…he’d happily change his profile picture multiple times a day but wouldn’t message me hi or anything. So I took the initiative and sent a message. We had a short conversation which was kinda dry to be honest. After that I thought he’d take the initiative…NOTHING. So I deleted him and kept it moving. He went on holiday for about a month and came back. I saw him, said my usual pleasantries and went about my business.

    Roll on yesterday. I was coming back from college and he ran me down with flailing arms telling me I’ve been abandoning him…to which I lost the plot on him! I gave him a good verbal ear-bashing; told him that I have never and never will chase a man and if he didn’t like the current outcome he should of made more effort in the first place. He gave me a raised eyebrow when I threw that line LOL. I was so pissed off with him that when he suggested coming and seeing me at my place I gave a ‘whatever’ response, not really thinking he would follow this through.

    A few days later I saw him again as I got back from college…I said hello in passing as usual and went home. About an hour or so later I hear a knock and I realise it was him. I was studying and it was an inconvenient time to answer the door (I wasn’t properly dressed) so I spoke to him through the door (I know, I know) and told him it wasn’t a good time. He left and the following day I saw him again and I explained further why I didn’t let him in but didn’t offer another chance for us to meet. He asked me if I was going home to which I said yes. I felt like he wanted to come up to mine later that day but I left the conversation in such a way he couldn’t be sure of my intentions.

    Is he interested? Was I too harsh on him?

  25. my heart has really been crushed under the aloof foot of a sag (the best guy i’ve ever been with) 🙁
    A few months ago, i randomly met this guy through a mutual friend, i got to know him.. And he was everything i ever wanted. Me being an aquarius, intellectual stimulation is of vital importance to me in a rel.he is the ultimate conversaltionalist and his philosophies on life and religion kept in in ore for all of the time we were dating. He was an absolute gentleman and the most passionate guy ever.a month into the courtship..he gets cold feet!
    Just like that!

    I eventually get over this guy, and then.. Suddenly one day i bump into him. He then tells me we should meet again. If u ask me, i just think he said that because the felt obligated. I asked him a while ago if we could just see one another one last time so i can gain closure as we broke things off via text.

    Now.i am stucked with a cancerian whom i feel no connection least he gives a shit.

    I keep wishinging it was the sag i was involved with instead.
    I miss him terribly.

  26. Angel M says:


    I’m a Gemini woman and my relationship with a Sag man ended 8 months ago. It was sudden and I was so heartbroken and cried like never before, I still do in my lonely times. We were together for 2 years and half and everything was perfect until he got a new business and both of us were stressed and confused. We didn’t talk or spent time together as much and I was scared. We both made mistakes and had bad habits, he was more independent than I was. I don’t know what it is about him but I just can’t really accept the fact that he is gone from my life. We planned a lot together, even getting married and have a family. Some didn’t want to see us together and that added more pressure. We texted and talked on the phone together after the third month and I felt great by the idea of him missing me, but I was unsure of his intentions. I tried discussing things through with him but he just gets confused and pushes me away. We haven’t talked for almost 2 months now.. I just wonder if there is a chance of him coming back and setting an understanding with good intentions. I just don’t understand how he could just give up after all that we’ve been through. We did everything together.. anywhere and anytime, we loved traveling, even getting lost was fun as well as having the best conversations at the end of the day. The hard times didn’t affect our love until life changed. He was more like my partner in crime I should say, my best friend, my true love as well as the spark/motivation in my life. I’m just trying to do what is best for me and my future, I’m not giving up.. Just trying to build a new self and be more independent. currently hunting for a job. Therefore, I really do feel that sensation of the Gemini dark sided twin taking over me, and it’s tearing my world apart as much as I try to be happy, it sucks the happiness out of me completely. It’s not a moody thing, believe me, it’s almost as if I were someone else, not me, and I hate it. I miss him more everyday and I don’t think I could love or feel that same connection for anyone else ever again.. My last words on the phone with him were “I hate you” and that was it.. But I love him. I know he misses me a lot, but I don’t know if he will ever regret his decision and bring back the love we had.. I feel like a part of me is lost forever. =( </3

  27. Amanda Klopper says:

    You will get over him. This happened to me! It took me to years to get over the hurt. When I last saw him. My thoughts “what the hell did you see in him” I believe I had a lucky escape!! Day at a time

  28. My sag guy casually told me he loves me in a text one night while i was out with girlfriends, this was 6 weeks in our relationship. We have been chatting for 7 weeks met on a coffee date with in the first two weeks and the chemistry between us was crazy,,,on fire but i am older so i don’t have sex in cars anymore lol so we decided to hold off until we could get together. we talk all the time on phone and in texting.However he does disappear now and then for a few days but will come back saying he is sorry but is so busy at work. He disappeared right after saying he loved me, for 4 days. While he was gone i went on the dating site we met on just to check and sure enough he had been on there in the last few days….I dont get it??? why does he wanna stay on a site when he feels like he does??. I confronted him about it and he got so mad and kept saying he is not active there but wont delete his profile??? anyways i ended up saying to him,,,When your sure you are interested in me and ready to get off dating site then we can see where things go. Keep in mind he was constantly telling me i was his and didnt want any man to look at me or talk to me. I am so confused…..I obviously think alot of him or i wouldnt be here… Just so you know we havent had sex yet either so it was so sweet that he fell for me without sex, and me too…Any ideas on where this guys head is???

  29. oh and also when i said that to him he said K and i havent heard from him since…that 2 days ago now??? have i screwed this up???

  30. Aries girl says:

    Hi i m ariesgirl and i just met a sag boy. We met on chating app its like a one week relationship i m into him but i dun knw if he s feeling the same for me. I just want to know how to impress him he doesnt talk to me in daytime. He s bz.
    Please help how to know nd how to attract him

  31. I am a Leo woman and I like a Sagittarius man he

  32. Well girls.. I used to be in love with a sag … I was soo crazy in love with him . Ayt first he will text me and tell me nice things… Then after some stupid disagreement he started pulling back… I did all wrong went after him and then I got tired as an aquarius girl and stopped he came running back to me… And again back to the game… Then the third time he came back he said I won’t leave I’m right here.. He told me he had some financial problems I gave him the money … After a while he got bored again and pull back .. I got soo mad and told him u used me for the money and bla bla he started ignoring me… I told him to pay me back and that’s it… After two weeks I tried to talk to him to fix trhings he lied to me again.. And after a week he was in love with someone else… Ugly as hell!!! He told me its all new I will try to work it out.. I still love u.. Don’t forget that..
    He has taken a year to pay me back after fighting to get my money back even his gf didn’t want him to pay me… He wrote me two weeks ago all nice I don’t know why.. I told him please don’t write me ..
    He used me , he lied, he is a loser full of shit!!!

  33. Stick a forlk in it and be done with it! Period.

  34. You said it, he’s a loser! Forget about the money, I know it may sound crazy. But, stop checking for him. Stop calling and stop texting/texting him. And,you’ll see just how possessive this “ass” will become.

    Signed—-a true aries girl;-)

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