How a Libra man proposes

[ad#link]The Libra man is ruled by relationship-oriented Venus. Libra is the sign of grace, refinement and aesthetic beauty. I imagine a Libra man would propose marriage in one of those scenarios that are portrayed in the movies — as an air sign, Libra is big on the idea of romance and love: a fine restaurant, the right wine, a sparkling diamond. Venus likes things pretty, and she also likes to indulge. But unlike earthy Taurus — the other sign ruled by Venus — Libra doesn’t want to get his hands dirty. Rugged Taurus might proposed on a cliff after a hike in the mountains, right at sunset. Libra is afraid the trek will scuff his shoes.

Are you married to a Libra man? If so, share in the comments section how he proposed to you.

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  2. Aqua Angel says:

    I think it i very important to be yourself. If you have some rough edges characterwise, try to smooth them over, after all men don’t usually like a lady who is vulgar.

    But definitely be yourself, if he can love you for you, then there is a chance that the relationship will work. Otherwise, if you pretend to be something else, you will have to keep pretending in order to keep him.

    In the end it will only be a matter of time before the whole thing collapses and the end results will be dissapointing to all involved.

    Good luck!

  3. It’s a fact that Libras tend to be sentimental and creative. So, expect if you have a Libran partner can he can go to ends of the earth for you just to make you happy. Providing you must always appreciate the things that he has done for you and commending him for being so thoughtful. But caution because when Librans are abused, they will kick ass.

  4. So true, Libras like the finer things in life. They love the idea of being in love and making their partner as happy as possible. We might call them hopeless romantic and true enough they wouldn’t want their hands to get dirty either.

  5. my ex husband Libra’d me into marrying him by proposing as a joke. wtf??

  6. I’ve been dating this libra man for almost three months. I have to say, I dream about him all day. I’m an Aries roman and I’m just taken back by how charming this man is, the first time we had intercourse he pampered me with his attention, even rubbing my feet. I’m falling in love , but I’m so scared because it’s only been three months. He speaks about marriage and me having his daughter. Which by the way he has a 3 year old son, the mother and my libra seperetaed not to long before I came into the picture, because she chested on him after 8 years!!! The problem is , she doesn’t want to let him go, as I don’t neither. So now he has two woman in love with him. But he tells me he wants to be with me and concur the world. I’m confused, but I’m not just going to walk away. I told him if we got married, his sons mother would have to respect me as his wife and lady . He agrees !!!
    I want to spend the rest if my life with him, and be his wife. I have no idea how he’s going to make that happen

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