Does Aries man truly love Virgos

[ad#link]Well, I wouldn’t necessarily set them up on a blind date.

Aries acts on his impulses, without really thinking about, say, the correct spelling in a note or whether the coffee mugs are organized in the cabinet by color. Such sins are anathema to perfectionistic Virgo, who will feel compelled to reorganize the kitchen and type Aries’ correspondence.

The Aries man, in turn, will feel irritated at having his independence squashed, being criticized for his spontaneity.

So, does he truly love Virgos? I don’t think so.

Astrology Lesson:
Aries is a cardinal fire sign. Masculine, or yang.
Virgo is a mutable earth sign. Feminine, or yang.
These two signs have nothing in common.

For the Advanced Reader:
Maybe the Aries man has Mercury or Venus in Pisces, which at least would put him on a similar wavelength with Virgo. Both of these signs are mutable and feminine, or yin. Although there is a polarity between them, they both like to be of service.

Comment below: Have you been in an Aries-Virgo relationship? How’d it go?

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  1. virgoLOVESaries says:

    I am a virgo woman who is married to an aries man. I have the falling sun of leo & he is very much an aries aries man through & thru. Including the chinese year ram & I a horse… lol anyways, been married for 7 years now & couldn’t be happier! I think you just have to really work at the relationship…things just happen over night. Instead of being your own ppl, try meshing together and working with what one another like. I DO believe aries loves virgo, my husband chased me for 6 years and never once has he stopped loving me. He is my other half & I couldn’t picture life with out him! Visversa he said lol

  2. I saw a survey that a PHD student did on astrology. Virgo is the second most popular sign that Aries marry. I can’t remember the first. So I would say yes they do get on. Plus Virgo’s are earthy, sensual and sexy, some of them and that suits the Aries down to the ground. In fact, it’s the best sex ever in my experience. Not that that is love. But given you’re saying fire and earth incompatibility – nope not at all if the Virgo is fun.

  3. courtneybird23 says:

    I am a Virgo female and the father of my kids is an Aries and I do have to admit that the physical compatibility is extremely high. However we have run into alot of problems in regards to dominance vs individuality. We have been in an on and off relationship for 10 years and things can become truly explosive when arguments arise. We are both very stubborn and unless, at least in our case, he is willing to not be so dominant or I am willing to unquestioning lyrics submit, it just doesn’t look like we will ever work things out. the only thing that seems to never fail is the physical aspect of our relationship. We are great friend’s and sex partners, but not marriage material. if you have any comments for me, email me at [REDACTED BY PUBLISHER – PLEASE DO NOT POST EMAIL ADDRESSES IN COMMENTS].

  4. im a virgo women and my fiance is an aries man. i love him dearly. his very reckless and makes me feel insecure at times because of that but at the same time i feel really safe with him (weird). i used to think he had a wandering eye and that made me very upset on many occasions that we fought alot and almost left him but he said he doesn’t look at other women in that way. and i noticed he would look at what other women wear and comment about it, i dont know if his been inquisitive. he is also way too critical. as our relationship went on he changed for the better and still changing. in the beginning to me it seemed that he had no manners and i had to teach him how to be polite. his mum and dad are also aries. im very easy going and surprisingly not critical like people say virgo people are. many times in our relationship i felt tired and exhausted and just wanted out. i also threatened to leave him on a number of occasions to get him to change his habits and manners. we still together and we getting married in 2 months. i love him. but many times i feel like i can get better. i also feel afraid about some of the stuff i read in astrology about them being players. he was a player when he was younger but says he changed. i really love him i just dont want to get hurt. im very jealous over him and also possessive. i actually watch if his gazing at women

  5. I’m Virgo woman, he is Aries man. 2.5 years total, only 6 months in the same location. We just can’t forget about each other. This time I cut off all communication except mail (if he reads between the lines). We are perfect together when he is being an adult. Time for him to show up and grow up! PS I just can’t see myself with any other man. We have true love, eyes for no-one but each other (maybe it’s the water grand trine in our chart!), but it is taking a lot of time to grow the relationship to where we can sustain it.

  6. I am a virgo woman who was completely blown away by a particular aries man, who pursued me in extreme excess until I couldnt see anyone but him… however it became apparent early on that he was sensitive and willing to express himself every time he was not happy. Im easygoing always trying to reason with him.
    I took my time at first, he wanted to jump right in. He spoke of our future constantly and after seeing how compatible we are in bed (oh my gosh) I decided I wanted him and didnt care that he always thought he was right. I dont mind apologizing, and neither does he sometimes. We are both very intelligent, and while we can face a plethora of issues, at the end of the day we are magnets to one another and dont want anyone else, even though, I think we both have realized by now our relationship is a tough one, and we could find someone easier to get along with. In the end, I am stubborn and I want him, and he is stubborn and thinks he is right, and we sometimes push each other away, but then the passion starts pouring in again and we begin adoring every drop of each other again. It can be exhausting, and it takes quite a bit of work, definitely not for the faint of heart. Sometimes I reason that each good day with him is worth the bad because the good days supercede all expectations and desires of mine and he tends to bring about a passion and romance in me that I never knew existed. Its hard to turn away from something so intense. I would describe him as having tantrums, thinking he is always right, and he does desire power and control, but there are many good things there as well. I was never really sensual and he has brought about a sensuality and beauty in me that everyone exclaims about. Unfortunately, I dont know how long it will last, and I wish I could say forever, but he has a distrusting bit to him that ive found hard to overcome. He will often doubt that I love him or that I will stay with him forever, and I know that I do, and I would.

  7. I’ve been having feelings for an aties guy for about 3 years
    It started as something i couldn’t quiet tell what it really was the moment our eyes the begining i felt irritated by him anything that he says or even his voice
    day by day I started sensing that he’s interested in me ..i caught him staring at me so many times then turn his face away and in every time he seemed to enjoy me catching him or even having our eyes meet for few very long seconds
    Everytime he enterd a room or looked at me i would spontaneously look at him even if i was busy with friends or studying
    We had no comversations it was always how you doing and good morning
    It was very obvious that i liked him and that he liked me but too bad that probably like other virgos i am too careful and slow when it comes to feelings and that he as an aries never makes the first move from what i read then there was this other girl who new how to get to him and made it very obvious that she wanted him from the start
    They’ve been together throughout the 3 years i had feeling for him
    And though i try very hard to forget about him i only succeed for 2 or 3 days then all feelings return
    I tell myself that as a virgo who has a tremendous ability to love and care i deserve more than someone who has a girlfriend but still shows that he truly likes me with gazes or words that he throws in my way now and then
    I am just so tired of this i am not the kind of girl who finds it easy to direspect another girl or be a cause of her heartbreak
    I just dont understand what is it that he has for me
    His eyes tell so much admiration but he still spents most of the day her at the same time whenever im around he tries to grab my attention or sit and stand close to me or just want me to catch him looking at me
    I know its silly but i dream about him alot i cried many times because of him i feel heartbroken when i see him with her or even when he shows his interest i feel disrespected i mean its either you want me or not
    Hes driving me crazy!!
    Can anyone tell me what this is ?? The feelings i have for him are too beautiful, pure and strong to let go of what should i do ?

  8. I have married to an Aries man for 13years,coz both of us married when we r very young. But over the years, we have a lot of argument and although I’m a Virgo woman but I really can’t stand wth my Aries man,he just too bad temper and always act like an unmature guys but still want to control me, so if he cross my bottom line, we will start arguing, then fighting,but don’t know for what reason, we still be together,and sometimes we love each other, we have great sex too… But the only thing that until now is communication problems, we really can’t communicate at all, if I try to communicate with my Aries man then we will end up arguing then if worse we will be fighting, but I’m the one who always hit him first coz I really is on ?… By the way, we both alrdy got two handsome and cute sons,maybe bcoz of this reason, we manage to be together for over 13+++years,but Aries man is a good father, mine Aries man love his children so much, tat what keeping me in love with his character,but beware of his promise to you, coz they always lie,they will promise you 10 things but can only complete 3 things…and if u r a very fussy Virgo woman then you need to learn to be very very patient with ur Aries man cleaniness, coz u will gonna be very headache wth his lazyness…u will get heart attack when you ask him to help Wth the housework ? my Aries man is also a control freak of man,he will try to control everything in my life but in the same time he will protect me like his baby, probably bcoz I’m really a virgin Virgo woman when I first married to him,tat y he so care for me, and he always scared that I’m a very pure and kind woman that maybe will be cheated by other guys,tat y he not allow me to have any friends in my life…he wan to always be with me in every moment in his life,after reading this much, I hope those Virgo woman that really love your Aries man,u must always look sexy and pretty,always be changeable,than only by then it Aries man will gonna love u more… Thanks

  9. I am a Virgo woman and my man is aries. Yes we haven’t get married but we love both of us very hardly and truly. We are in relationship since 3 years and we are running our relationship smoothly. I am so blessed to have him in my life. Sometimes, we argue but it doesn’t mean the realtionship between these two signs are hard. We know in every relationship arguements are common. We should face problems, ups and downs. Life is all about this he is the most caring and loving man I have ever seen in my life. Soon we will be marrying and we love both of us unconditionally. And yes it’s not about the difficult signs and there relation. It is actually about the love and respect they give towards their lovers. None of the signs are difficult matches. The positivity towards the lover is needed and every sign will be goos matches for each other. The only thing needed is love, respext and care. Thank you.

  10. Toni with an I says:

    Im an Aries woman in love with my virgo man. He puts up with my insecurities and reassures me that he lives me and won’t leave and I let him be himself and have his time doing what he loves to do. We trust and would do anything for each other. He is about the only person to put me in my place and does it respectfully but honestly. We too have some issues with the way we both communicate and he is a little critical about how im a yesterday person and not too cautious but with work we are finding our way. I know he means well. He lets me rake care of him. I love him and would do anything for him. I will love him eternally.

  11. I’ve always heard differently and also experienced differently about aries men. Aries know what they want or don’t want. They have no hesitation to go after what they want. They’ll keep chasing after you if they are really into you. However if it’s more like a one night stand thing, they back off very quickly after a few negative responses as they won’t invest that amount of energy as there are plenty of fish in the sea. If they weren’t serious they’ll very quickly lose interest in chasing you. Also an Aries will be honest with you if you ask him whether he’s into a long relationship or just a fling, he’s got no problem to set the story straight from the start. But don’t delude yourself thinking he’ll change his mind to long term relationship, if he’s made it clear it not his intentions to begin with. I don’t think being virgo slow pace and reservation is a problem. Aries enjoy decent amounts of hard to get.

    I’m a virgo woman and my man is an Aries, and he chased me for a long time (over a year) before I finally agreed to date him (we were friends first). And it took him a few more years to convince me that he’s worth it to marry. He didn’t take no for an answer in both situations.

    We’ve been together for 16 years. We have our verbal disagreements, rocky moments, break up and make up. A lot of the cause was miscommunication and we have learned together, so it has improved over the years. Passion between aries and virgo runs high. It is still there after all these years. Since virgo are so picky, why did i choose to stay and work in the relationship – even if i knew I’ll get a smoother relationship with another guy? Because life seems much more beautiful and worth it to live through when we are together – nobody before him made me feel this way.

    You said you’ve had no conversation with him in all these 3 years. I suspect he’s enjoying his ego being stroked by affecting you with minimal input. He never made a move in 3 yrs. All the Aries I knew made their move very quickly because they don’t want someone else taking their sought after prize before them. My advise, don’t respond to his mind games. Make him think he has 0 effect on you. It’s not a guarantee he’ll start chasing you because he is with his girlfriend. But it sure will make him consider whether he is interested in trying things out with you if his relationship doesn’t work out. Don’t make the mistake of turning down other guys just because of this Aries. The other reason why you should try not to respond to this aries, because other guys won’t try to date you if they see your are interested in someone else. Men worry about rejection and competing against your infatuation with mr Aries. If their ego risk bruising, they might not even make a move on you. And you’ll potentially miss out on a great guy.

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