Baby talking to Aquarius man

AquariusMan eating shark. Baby talking to Aquarius man. Baby-talking to Aquarius man.

I assume the querent is an adult who wants to coo over her boyfriend. Well, good luck. I cannot think of a sign less susceptible to baby-talk than Aquarius. Now, Cancer … a Crab could get into that, since he wants to be mommied anyway. Cancer is ruled by the Moon, and the Moon governs the mother-child interaction. But Aquarius is incompatible with Cancer in every way. Cancer is an emotional water sign, whereas Aquarius is a mental air sign. Aquarius is ruled by two planets: emotionally-detached Uranus and cold, hard Saturn. Other planets in his chart notwithstanding, I just don’t see how an Aquarius can melt over “baby baby” and “my wittle water-beawah.” He’ll just look at you funny.

Air signs are just not that emotional, and Aquarius is probably the least. Venus-ruled Libra could probably get off on baby-talk because he’s relationship-oriented, and virtually anything that can enhance your bond is fair game, as long as the game is fair. And Gemini … well, Gemini is a little kid, anyway. Gemini is ruled by Mercury, and Mercury governs communication, so you can’t go wrong there.

So “goo goo” over someone else, would you?

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  1. Im an Aquarius and what i have to say about the baby talk is-well, its kinda LAME and played with as a toy for entertainment in the relationship IMO.They are kinda like the “i like what i like” kinda people. And PLEASE trust me on this, the Aquarius has to be INFATUATED by you to truly love you which may lead to jealousy which is a good thing becaue it shows commitment potential.For the most part the ones that the Aquarius does want, they cant get(cant find, haven’t scoped, etc. lol) and the end results of bad romance is feeling very aloof when intiamte and the becoming MIA which just deteriorates everything. The MIA concludes that they are done convincing themselves.They may still befriend you out of friendliness but on their own time and depending on how bad the relationship ended or lack of real intrest, maybe not at all.I personally am all about second chances but second chances only-thats all no third chance, not even for the ones that had me love-struck wheich means they are the only ones! “Fool me once. . .” you know the rest!

  2. ls_gemini says:

    MIA really?

    do you have any plutonian characteristics as well?
    > planets in scorpio or strong pluto aspects?

  3. LIbraLady says:

    After reading about this, a while back I baby talked my Aquarian Fiance, it was just for the hell of it, just to get his reaction, for weeks after that he thought that was what turned me on so he kept baby talking me, I finally told him what I did and why and he laughed his head off, I was so sick of the baby talk by then LOL BTW, love his sense of humour, he will still call me once in a while and tease me with baby talk, now though its just to tease…He knows I hate it 🙂

  4. I can’t stand “baby talk” even to babies. The “goo goo gaa gaa” stuff has been proven to stunt a child’s mental development, so as a fully grown man and an Aquarius as well ( a sign that takes great pride in our eloquence ) I find it very irritating when people use baby talk.

    Definitely not attractive.

  5. LIbraLady says:

    My ex husbands mother tried to baby talk my son when he was a baby, I totaly wanted to punch her face in LOL

  6. An old BF of mine-mind you, both of us Aquarians-would sometimes baby talk to me and I just hated it. I went along with it because he seemed to think it was cute, but he sounded like a fool when he did it. Come to think of it, he WAS a fool!!! A drug addicted, insecure fool who I had to force out of my condo but not before he tried every trick in the book to get me to let him stay. He then went on to date a mentally challenged young woman who went away for the weekend one time and came back married to another man. When he called me to cry on my Aquarian shoulder, I laughed until I finally had to hang up….

  7. (Lol@Elizabeth..that is to funny. You cold blooded, but I needed a good laugh girl.)

    As for the baby talking:
    That baby talkin’ S**t IS NOT cute to me either. And I am a Aries. Come on now…what would I look like talking to some grown man (or vice versa) like he was a baby? I’d be ready to slap the taste out my man’s mouth talkin’ to me like a baby. You better be a man!! Goo goo Gah gah my A**.

    I talk to a man like he is a man And I expect the same in return as a woman. Cut and Dry.

  8. NewlyWedLibraLady says:

    My husband treats me with respect and I respect him too, but sometimes he “babies” me, its ok with me, after knowing him for over a year now, I’m used to the attention, the man is just dying to look after someone, he grew up the youngest child, everyone looked after him, I guess since we are getting too old to have a new baby, he’s got all this affection and parental need going on, I don’t always let him, after all somedays its unsulting, I was raised to take care of myself, but there are times when I just let him take over, funny thing is, I spent my entire childhood trying to be an adult, out to prove I can take care of me, I can take care of others, and now when I sit on is lap, I feel safe, its weird, I haven;t felt this since I was 4 yrs old, LOL….I hate myself for liking it, my parents were wonderful but I was dying to grow up and be treated like an adult, they gave me everything I needed and tried to remind me that I was a child and needed to enjoy it, I hated being a kid, and now as a 40 yr old woman, I let my husband baby me, is that sick? Worse part is, I love the way he does that… I should feel ashamed but I feel love like I’ve never known before, (outside of a parent relationship)

  9. NewlyWedLibraLady says:

    Aqua men can be surpisingly nurturing……

  10. @NewlyWedLibraLady,

    hey you… you my BC girl?… if you are, congrats… told ya… nothin’ to worry ‘bou’… if you’re not, ignore me

  11. NewlyWedLibraLady says:

    Hi Chip
    yeah its me, so did you make it to BC yet? Thanks, I know this marriage is going to be a lot better then my first, its nice to find your soul mate. I know you will find yours soon. 🙂

  12. @NewlyWedLibraLady,

    Lost out on my soulmate in fall of ’99… got wait for next lifetime… the soul to whom I’m connected, did me dirty in summer of 2K7… she owes me next lifetime… supposedly a Cap is my soulmate… but, they get that sketchy feelin’ when I start shufflin’ my feet, and floatin’ and punchin’ like a butterfly… go figure coz it worked for that Cap who renamed himself Ali…

    BC?… I’ll transplant myself there when I feel like enjoyin’ life… it’s concrete jungles for me… with glass houses into which I can throw stones… lmfao

    I’m glad Aquaman can handle the baby talk… coz if that started with me, my baby is gonna get dropped off at an orphanage… lol

  13. It’s quite silly to baby talk to an Aquarian. He might think he’s partner is a lunatic thus would freak him out and leave you. I agree that Cancer likes to be cooed.

  14. curious757 says:

    this article is hilarious!!!

    Aquarius man baby talked to?

    Aquarius woman on the other hand can baby talk and goo-goo choo-choo to their mates and mommy them till they get all gooey inside (their mates). Of course with aquas, they’re so many types.

    Men in general like to babied though, even if it’s done with subtleness. If his moon’s in cancer and pisces why not. I don’t choose to think scorpio moon, another water moon, would be similar. It’s in the Fall, and the moon sign of those men like strong partner, or those stronger than them. They sure have a tall order for what they want in their mate.

    With Aquarius energy interesting, there’s the 1:11 numbers thing that keep coming up. Do people see this alot? Like on clocks, digitals, ect. It’s suppose to mean something very significant for the Age of aquarius.

  15. As a Gemini I can’t stand baby talk. Voice being just a little cuter than normal. . . maybe. But definitely abhor baby talk. I relate to the Aquarius on this greatly.

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