Aries first date

[ad#link]The challenge of going on a first date with an Aries is that he knows what he wants, and he wants it now. This is not a problem if your agenda matches his in both direction and speed. However, if you like to take things slow, you’ve got a problem in your hands.

Aries is ruled by Mars, the warrior planet. It is assertive, impulsive, direct. Aries, being the first sign of the zodiac, bursts forth, with little regard for its impact on others. In other words, the Aries man has a hard time understanding that there’s a way other than his way.

Granted, a first date can be adventurous, risky, hot. (If you want it to get hotter, massage his scalp, and wear red!) But be prepared to navigate the age-old question, “So you gonna invite me up for a beer?”

The Aries man likes a challenge, but he hates having the door shut in his face. You don’t want him to “ram” against it with his horns — so if you’re not ready for a wild ride tonight, propose a second date in the near future that will ignite his flame.

And if you’re just not interested, be direct … Aries does not pick up subtle signals.

Comment below: How was your first date with an Aries man?

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  1. Sherry Daniels says:

    Aries men are movers and shakers and you must bow down to their dominance or let them think so. He will hurt you and not realize it as he lacks sensitivity to feelings. He will fight and protect you with his last dying breath but should you ever cross him prepare for the most intense battle of all this guy is a Warrior and a force to be reckoned with! Hot and passionate you will feel you kissed a volcano with hot lava..and were ravaged by a beast.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Hi my first date with this aries was a one night date and he never showed interest after even though we saw each other on various occasions. Now about 15 years later we have reconnected and I am at a point in my life that I want the same things as he does. We have not seen each other but have talked about dating and getting together. In the past few weeks we have talked and emailed just about every night. My question is how can I be sure not to push him away or turn him off? I am an aquarious and tend to be on the aggressive side I know he likes the chase. How can I be me and let him chase at the same time. I know we have the chemistry, the same wants and beliefs for the future. I just need to know how to capture his heart.

  3. Anonymous says:

    how can scorpio girl get her aries man back after she thinks he’s about to move on?

  4. Anonymous says:

    i have an astrology related question im a libra sun with a pisces moon, venus in scorpio and mars in virgo. i was being relentlessly pursued by a guy with sun in taurus, moon in aries, mars in cancer and venus in aries. finally i develop feelings for him and tell him and he completely changes. now he’s busy all the time. so i ask him directly if he wants the relationship or not and his reply is yes but i have to understand he’s busy a, im left going ‘what the hell.’ any insight?

  5. Anonymous says:

    To anonymous …

    regarding your first date with the aries that was a one night stand. I totally feel you. I am cancer with aquarius moon and aquarius rising… (alot of aquarius) and had a similar situation…. all i can say is there’s a rythm and a reason to life that we can’t always pinpoint… I suggest you just be yourself… and be honest with him…. show him that you don’t need him and give him his space… think that’ll pay off in the end.

  6. Anonymous says:

    I met this particular Aries man about six years ago. I was 20 and he was 15. I actually had a little crush on his older brother who was my age. Aries would be around and I always thought that when he grew up he would definitely be a heartbreaker! Well, six years later, I am almost 26 and he is 22… we are find each other on facebook. He starts the chase. Turns out we live really close to each other so he invites me to his place where he and some other people were going to be hanging out. We send flirty messages all day. I go to his place… I was a bit late and the drinks had already been flowing for these people. He was very charming, very attentive but not overbearing. His friends were really nice and fun. He made the first move by kissing my temple while sitting on the couch, but it wasn’t until we decided to go to his bedroom that things got steamy. We didn’t have sex, but we definitely fooled around. The next day, no text, no call, nothing. Later that night I text him a simple hope you had a good day message and he wrote that he was in the gym and he would text me after. He didn’t. Oh well! I am not a repeat caller… I will give it a go once but it I am disrespected afterward, I don’t hound anyone. Too bad… he was hot! Funny thing was, before we fooled around, I asked if this was a one night thing or if he was interested in more. He said he was interested in dating. I told him either way was fine, we would fool around anyway, I just wanted to know so we were on the same page.

    Aries men suck! 😛

    (PS – I am Pisces) 🙂

  7. I am a Taurus Woman 22 my aries man 20, we are both extremely independant, responsible driven individuals and well on our way in our careers as if we were accomplished mid-30 yr olds, The first night I met my aries man, we quickly connected and I literally handed him my phone and said put your information in there, after the exchange it was immediate first thing lets do coffee tonight, a complete gentleman and very respectful we saw each other every night for a week straight for coffee dates he was very patient super direct and attentive always making eye contact when having a conversation after the first week he was ready to introduce me to his friends and his family but asked how I wanted to be introduced as his girlfriend or as his friend, I left it to him saying whatever you feel best! From that point we have been inseperablewe waited almost 3 months before getting at all sexual I found myself making out for hours though, simple as that nothing more… and it was well worth the wait… This will be my 3rd Aries bf.. I have done a seemingly good job at turning these playboys into relationship boys, My first love an aries 4 years older we seperated of course becuase we wanted different things in life and I did not want to get married or have kids, my second aries boyfriend a really close best friend but 3 yrs younger, again both hit the fork in the road where you go okay we are going different places.. but I remain close friends with both and remain extremely happy and satisfied with my current… The trick seems to be that they want a best friend where you can be easily included as one of the guys with no huffing and puffing from the instictual girly routine, being witty and clever and sometimes a ballbuster keeps them on their toes tehy like to see the girl in a dominant female empowerment role, they dont like pushover, needy, dependant personality type, but like a girl who is capable of keeping their interests in the bedroom allowing them to please as they want to please and rewarding them with the reinforcement that they are extremely gifted in that department, All My life I have associated and attracted Aries men, and it has fullfilled me greatly! 😀

  8. Anonymous says:


  9. I’m an Aries woman too. We are the best! Anyway, kochic and the women before me are both right. Aries men want the best friend, the slut, the sophiticated, the intellectual, the comedianne- the best! They want a woman who will never let them forget that they are awesome- because deep down inside they really question that (even under all that bravado)- and that you genuinely care.

    However, Aries people are crazy. You have to also have the right balance, because too much of one side is also a turn off. Good luck!

  10. Here is the scoop….He is an aries and I am a leo. I am married however, just on paper. Our first date was coffee..we couldn’t keep our eyes of each other. Later that evening we met and it was the hottest sex I ever expierenced. We match really well. I am married, he knows, he seems to have an issue, even though he says he is afraid of commitment. I am confused. He wants me and he is afraid of me…please explain…There is a connection emotionally, physically, and sexually…please advise….

  11. bonnie neyedwards says:

    I love my aries man and i am a gemini. Its funny how we met because i left my boyfriend for this aries man. They are sweet and would do anything for the person they are with; until you make them mad. Yes, i had a one night stand with this Aries, couldn’t resist his passion. We are currently married and i love every minute of it

  12. Here’s my experience with an Aries.. We met in town through a close friend, he starts coming on to me then backs away briefly before we meet up somewhere else and dance all night. (exciting dancer btw) When all the pubs are closed, he pushes the idea of either staying at mine or staying at his- no other possibility even after me denying him- there was no such thing as no! Anyway we go back to his as this seemt safer than me walking home and it’s obvious what went on that night. He doesn’t give me a ride home in the morning cos I have to leave earlier than he wanted me too. Then after that i got heaps of texts and calls from him wanting to come see me- he came and saw me once but backed off when i said no and deleted my number so he wouldnt embarrass himself again.
    A year later, I’m asked out by a shorter blonder version of him and cruise round to his flat. His friends were really nice except there was a randomly quiet guy hiding his face in the corner. turns out this is Aries Man and I’m dating his brother (Libra- terrible in bed) and also turns out that Aries Man gave his brother my number after getting it off a friend. Libra guy was a complete cheating asshole and I only slept with him to make the Aries man jealous. It totally worked. It was only a week until I get a suprise visit from Aries with coffee and croissants in his hands and we had amazing sex. He invited me to go and stay with him for 3 days at his new place but for most of the stay he was selfish and lazy- he even said so a couple weeks later. He still texts me regularly but I haven’t gone to see him again-It’s just funny that he had to be the winner over his own brother.

  13. Well I am a leo woman, so best match for Aries. i met him three weeks ago one night in the bar…we didnt even speak to each other as i was out with some guy friends. He wrote his number on a newspaper and passed to me secretly. he is extremely handsome, talk, perfect body and good looking australian boy.

    he texted me the following three weeks but we didnt meet up until last night. I was staying in a hotel due to work reason. Patties day, so everyone out drinking. he came to see me at 12 in the bar we met. (it was the first time i made my date with him, i have delayed and postponed few of his invites)..

    We danced and was nice. i invited him up to my hotel. we talked and got to know more about each other. I have my period, so I didn’t want to have sex. we had some raw time in bed..He actually said to me that he wants to take it slow as he wants to know me more..

    but still…in the morning it was a bit embarrassed as he asked me if i want to see him again.. i said yes. then i asked him if he would want to see each other again..he said of course..then he left for uni class..

    Now its 3 hours after..i feel nervous as i think i might made a mistake already by inviting him up…

    do you think we ruin our chance for a relationship yet?

  14. ariesgirl says:

    aries people love to be made a big deal off by compliments that come from the heart. make them laugh fucken love laughing and having fun. But don’t stalk or harrass him too much cas trust me he’ll run so fast away

  15. ariesgirl says:

    aries people love to be made a big deal off by compliments that come from the heart. make them laugh love laughing and having fun. But don’t stalk or harrass him too much cas trust me he’ll run so fast away

  16. merry me says:

    I just started seeing an Aries male and I’m Sagittarius! – We had a GREAT time our first date and I had soooo much fun with his married friends laughing up a storm with the wife etc. – We have art and music creativity in common which is a great thing. I was concerned with having sex too soon…is there a restoration avenue for a long lasting friendship? – He owns his own business with the married man from the ‘couple’ I mentioned , and my Aries left an open invitation for me to come by whenever, hoever, he’s also currently prepping for some big business ventures and I didn’t want to drop by at the wrong time. – I was going to bring food and inspiration…any advice?

  17. merry me says:

    I just started seeing an Aries male and I’m Sagittarius! – We had a GREAT time our first date and I had soooo much fun with his married friends laughing up a storm with the wife etc. – We have art and music creativity in common which is a great thing. I was concerned with having sex too soon…is there a restoration avenue for a long lasting friendship? – He owns his own business with the married man from the ‘couple’ I mentioned , and my Aries left an open invitation for me to come by whenever, hoever, he’s also currently prepping for some big business ventures and I didn’t want to drop by at the wrong time. – I was going to bring food and inspiration…any advice?

  18. virgo girl :ohhhh Shhhhhh!T yep if i could only have read this a little would explain a lot of things..anyway strangely i did that thing with the red..not on purpose..and he liked it and all the time he was touching me and things like that and i was feeling like whooah can we take it slow…and then when the moment came..he was right there in my face coming closer and closer..and i was so mad that ..i turned my face and gave him a little peck on the cheek..maan he was so mad..anyway he kept cool and kissed me on the forehead and then he asked me on a date again but he was so pushy and i thought he was just for sex so i turned him now he has a girlfriend ..but he still writes me every week..asking me to go to his place..i really don’t get it..what do u think?why is he doing it?

  19. Hi all,
    Just found this thread after a desperate ( :S ) search for answers online!!

    NEED advice please anyone!

    here’s the Thing:

    Me: Taurus Him: Aries
    Me: Single Him: Married (!)

    met in town (he works in public transport) became friends – chatted loads everytime we meet – he constantly talks about wife and family –

    RECENTLY he shows “interest” in me – tho still talking constantly about wife et al – we have msn chats for hours into the early hours – the other week we have a “thing” round at mine – I am slightly 6th sense-ish, have gotten “vibes” off him for ages that he was heading this way, but ignored them as He is Married!!!

    He is still showing “interest” in me in that way, tho STILL talking constantly about wife/family –

    WHAT is going on??
    I don’t think he is the “cake and eat it” type, however – this is how it looks, doesn’t it???

    please, advice!!! :S

  20. or have i missed the whole thing that “He Is A Man” !!!!

  21. My brother is an Aries! Me, too. He says his fave date would have to be something active. Sports, dirtbiking, swimming anything that keeps ya’ll in motion. Or lunch. XD We like to eat. Us ladies enjoy sporty, adventurous dates too. Tennis, vollyball,hiking, or hitting up an amusement park. Make sure to feed us, and make us laugh. We love nothing more then a good time.

  22. Never dated an Aries before, but my first date with one was on Dec 4th. Now he says he’s 100% Aries, but everything I’ve read so far doesn’t sound like him. Which is great since I’m a Scorpio. We went to the movies and I enjoyed his company so I’m hoping there will be a second date.. and third. I’m not complaining but he’s quiet, shy and doesn’t have that many hobbies other than boxing & music, which I’m into also. But what’s the catch.. should I wait for the wild side to show up? Any advice.. sharing is caring 🙂

  23. fiercetika says:

    I am a pisces im 18 and my aries man is 20. I have known him for a long time we always had a connection but I never gave him a chance at first cause I thought he would hurt me. But he never gave up on getting with me for a yr even tho I had relationships with other ppl also I am a virgin and I find that i end my relationships because im either pressured or they don’t want to wait so I thought the same would happen with him. But he assured me he’s not like that and he wouldn’t pressure me so I decided to give him a chance it took us two months to make it official and we have been together for 3 months now I finally feel ready to lose my virginity and I told him I want him to take it we tried a couple time cause were both very sexual and he turns me on all the time but everytime we try the intercourse part it goes downhill cause I can’t take the pain he’s patient with me but I don’t know how long that will last were both still very passionate when it comes to that and I surprise him with lingerie he really like that. We have a lot in common but also a lot of differences I am emotional and VERY caring he’s caring and loving but recently I saw a side of him I don’t like. He works two jobs to support his mother so I don’t see him much and its starting to take a toll on him so last wk I tried to understand what was up with him but he ignored me its the first time I been through something like that and it really hurt me I tried to get in touch with him and only got him once there was times I simply ignored it and tried to wait for him to contact me but like I said I am a pisces im very sensitive so of course I am thinking a lot of negative things and wondering if I did something wrong to him. He contacted me to say merry christmas and nothing else I got upset and txt him a message saying I couldn’t handle this and I really don’t want to give up cause I care but im done..he didn’t respond to that which left me heartbroken then he calls me on new yrs to say happy new yr and to ask me what’s up me I let him have it but in a calm way I didn’t shout or yell I was very sarcastic with him and he tried to explain himself says I didn’t do anything wrong and he just been stressed he don’t pick up the phone to explain what’s going on with him he will ignore ppl and don’t understand why I told him I understand he need space he could of just said that to me cause im very understanding he says he thinks about the relationship and he wish he could spend a lot more time with me but he doesn’t have time I told him I knew that from the beginning and I care about him not that I know he have stuff to do..I asked if were still together and he said did I end it yes were still together I asked if he care about me and he said yes he really do then I made him give me a kiss over the phone cause I wanted to see if I could make him do that. I mean I forgive him but I don’t see him the same I still care but that will be in the back of mind is that something I am always going to have to deal with??:-/ a confused pisces

  24. hey girls….
    i am in a major dilemma…
    Been talking to this Aries for like a little over a week..
    He is quite a charmer….Atlast we ended up exchanging pics..I sent him mine first……..He didnt respond quickly enough kept on putting of saying I wont find him attractive……..Upon viewing mine he complemented me being beautiful…I appreciated..
    He then decided to meet up..
    I know its been just a week but girls help me out here…….During this week we shared a lot over the phone…….something about him kept me getting too close to him..
    We met last Saturday..Ended up hitting it off very well…
    I just couldnt stop myself……it was just crazy…
    After all said n done….he kept on mentioning he doesnt believe in relationships…but his body language didnt allow me to agree with his words…
    After we were done doing what we did…He layed his head on my shoulder hugged me like a cuddly bear. and the nite passd like that..i couldnt sleep the whole nite thinking about him…………….I just dont get him……………..his words dont match his body language..
    next morning he left saying it will be long drive for him now…as he is going away from me now..
    Since he left he has txted me few times…but we havent talked on phone much..he said he got some busy stuff going on at work…

    But i cant help thinking about him………………
    Do you think he is trying to ignore me…
    he did take my two calls..
    It was yestrday morning when we last saw each other..
    I am just feeling so restlessness…
    dont know why Girls help me plz…

  25. So you had sex with him and then he starts talking about how he doesn’t believe in relationships? That’s a clue. His way of saying he doesn’t want one. I’m sure he appreciated the easy lay. May come back for more but cut out the emotion. If you cared about a relationship, you wouldn’t have hopped in bed so fast.

  26. HELPPP

    Hey girls…I am once again here lol trying to learn from my past experience, not to give in the first time with an Aries Man…
    Gonna go on a 1st date with another Aries…
    Any strong piece of advice on what to do and what not too…
    i really like him want us to last..
    Let me know asap…
    date is in two days from now..
    Luv yaa alll

  27. Hey guys! I am a gemini woman, just started chatting to a hot aries man haha. I am 20 he is 21. We have been chatting a lot recently via facebook (he is overseas at the moment and has been for a few months).
    We met on facebook actually, through friends – he added me a long while ago but we never talked. We have chatted occasionally this past month or so but nothing big, just small talk. We had a good conversation a few weeks ago which i initiated (i was extremely bored at home and was talking to any one haha). We talked for over an hour, which is pretty good considering we dont know eachother! Anyway i havent started any convo’s since, but ive noticed he will comment on things on my page – just stupid immature things like ‘shutup’ and ‘rank’ in regards to my statuses. I just told him to shutup and said that he was rank haha just being a b****.

    He comments me again today and we start chatting about travelling. kept it casual – he was just giving me tips on places to go etc. Any way he strikes up a conversation with me on IM – adding to what we were talking about on my page (just forwarded me a website to visit. i just replied ‘thankyou’ and then he starts!) and we chat for a couple of hours. I noticed he kept trying to make the conversation go on for longer. He offered to cook me dessert when he comes back providing i make him a lasagne (if its good enough he will propose to me apparently haha). He also insinuated on catching up more than once i.e. ‘well next time we can….’ etc. I play cool ofcourse which is in my geminian nature haha 😉 . He also said he’d be keen to go travelling with me in a couple years time. I have seen his mate a couple times who i think is interested in me although i have made it extremely clear i do not want anything! He is bestfriends with aires man and im guessing aries man knows this.
    Are these good signs? is he just liking the challenge? i dont want to seem up-myself in any facet, but i do have a few guys catching my eye and i think he can tell! What do u think?
    i find it difficult to find if this guy is genuine or not but reading what other people have written… does anyone know what are genuine signs, or what to look out for?

    thanks ever so much !

  28. You can’t really generalize with signs. A lot of people might say Gemini’s can’t be trusted and they just flirt with no substance. It looks like he’d like to get to know you better but don’t let that stop you from dating other men. It’s nothing serious, just talk, so play it cool, enjoy it and see what happens.

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  30. Scorned by Aries says:

    Me Leo/Virgo Aug 23rd. Got involved with an Aries woman, big trouble. Everything I have read about an Aries fit her to a “T”. It is very scary when I think about it. The most selfish person I have ever met aside from myself. Rub her head, she turned to mush. Argued tooth and nail if she didn’t get her way. Flirted all the time with others. She needed to be on the pedal-stool with show light s on her. She enjoyed being tied up. Always had to be the center of attention. Was great to joke around with, funny girl she was. A lot of great memories but she not only broke my heart she kicked it two blocks to the ocean and stood there watching the tied take it away.

    She was falling in love with me but I got scared and left her. I had a change of heart and perused her again. She loved the chase and kept me doing it. I had enough and gave her the ultimatum, she walked out on me. Few weeks later she contacted me looking for another chance but she was just looking for the attention again and strung me along. When I told her I was leaving for good she didn’t blink an eye. Being a Leo I had to roar but she turned very vindictive after I had a few choice words for her when we split up for good. She now has a harassment case against me in civil court and will not drop it because she is an Aries. If you are considering dating an Aries read up on them and know what you are getting in to.

  31. Scorned: You are a virgo not a leo.

    It’s obvious you are leaving a lot out. If she was so bad, why come back? Quite a one-sided story since she actually went to the trouble of filing a civil suit against you. Check out the post, Virgo’s are Narcissists on this site. Forget reading about Aries, Virgo’s come off as Hitler with hemorrhoids.

  32. Scorned by Aries says:

    Hi Bliss,

    Sorry to have it sound like she was just a bad person as she was defiantly not. She has many qualities that I enjoyed and that’s why I dated her. I didn’t leave by choice this time, she was not treating me well. Since I am hurt I guess just the bad came out in my post. I done absolutely nothing wrong to her in our relationship. She was very offended when I broke up with her. And now it seems she is quit offended because I could not take her anymore in my life the way she was treating me so she is using the legal card. She always told me I was too good to her and she didn’t deserve me. Those were her words, not mine.

    Leo describes me much better than a Virgo but I do see traits of both. Many web site state Leo ends on 23rd but some Virgo starts on 23rd.

    Maybe we can chat some more if you like, is there a way to send private message or get my email address to you?

  33. @ Scorned, I think if you register and friend me, you can send a pm. I’d be happy to help if I can.

  34. Went to a bar on Friday night, ran into a friend of mine. She and I went to school together. She had a friend with her, I thought they were together. Not thinking clearly, I bluntly ask if they were together after this man took my hand and introduced himself. I found him very sexy, confident, and very direct. After finding out they were not together I watched him through out the night mingling with others. My friend pushed him off on my mother to dance with, and as they were talking, he believed he was older then her. She said to him that she is old enough to be his mother. He was shocked to find out she really was old enough to be his mother. So he asked my mother how old I was, she said you would not believe me, so ask her for yourself. And he did. When I told him I was 39, he said to me, when I seen you, your eyes are luring and you are very attractive and I see nice and fun all over you. He followed to say he thought I was under 27, and he does not even try with them, but I’m very interested now. He told me he was forty, and I asked him when his birthday was. He is an Aries!!! I am a Scorpio, and this guy caught my attention. So he asked me out and I accepted, he gave me his number. So I sent a text and told him, it was nice meeting him. He lead some pretty direct conversation, and I spoke direct right back at him. He of course was beating around the bush a bit by using the words, you know how I can interpret that, that’s not fair..with a lol to follow. “Testing the waters I believe” I text him back with, you sure your interpreting wrong. He goes on to ask directly, “me having fun with you means what exactly”. I said, sex of course, what you think we were talking about. So he says “wow, I was not expecting that”. The next day he was at my place and in my bed. No expectations on my behalf, so if he was going to move on I was okay with that. The sex was amazing! We have not had our first date yet, but going out on Friday, he texts and calls me daily, then out of no where he says to me that, he is only a one woman at a time man. Being a Scorpio, i knew he was honest, and I don’t trust easy at all. But I trusted his words. He then says to me are we on the same page. I told him yea, I’m not even in a relationship right now. He says you are now. So I will re post again after I actually have a date with him. I have learned in a short time with this guy, he loves a challenge, and I have given him one. I myself love a challenge, and this Aries has my attention, no doubt Scorpio and Aries can be difficult match, but really what match isn’t.

  35. @Passion: For you scorpios: does asking an aries girl to have sex with you a bad sign or what?

  36. I think it depends on the Aries, I know a lot of Aries, i found through experience of knowing both sexes as friends, women are not as simple when it comes to having sex then men. Plus rather male or female, I found they love to take the lead.

  37. I am an Aquarius female about to date an Aries male. He is so perfect. This entire time dating, it was either them chasing me or me chasing them. This time, the chasing was mutual. He is smart, fun, daring (talks about very controversial topics) which completely catches my attention. You can tell he plays when he wants to with women, but when the right comes around he will be serious to settle down. He knows though I can be the same, choosy or free when I see fit. He is very active, as he is very involved sports, hunting, and other activities. Our first date is this Saturday. I decided we would cook together a very interesting meal full of a variety of ingrediants. I have looked online to see what opinions were out their on our astrological compatibility was, and the outlook looks great!

    Good luck to Aquarians and Aries hope this was helpful! (Well, I mostly wanted to express it somewhere. LOL)

    <3 Trish

  38. Leo Woman here, i had my first alone date today with my Aries man and why i would say it was a very very hot date.. we laughed and tried to not be so touchy feely but next thing you know we got close and he leaned in and i leaned in and i gotta tell you this kiss was like fireworks. ive never had so much intensity in a kiss. It was almost like sex. But the trick with the Aries male is to not let him touch everything 😉 he loves to chase his girl, it makes him feel like he is winning you. He’ll just keep coming back for more and more. I got him so good today he wrapped his legs around me so I wouldnt back out from him kissing me grabbing me so hard. Dont be so mean either, they are very sensitive and dont like it when you call them names or make them feel dumb. Other then that, i had the greatest time today. I surely will be seeing him again. He makes me melt.. & he’s a good listener so tell him any stories of things that have happened to you

  39. I’m an Aquarius girl and I once dated an Aries man. He’s aussie, so we met when I was visiting Australia. I was willing to date an aussie or something, but when I gave up trying, he suddenly popped up. I was on a dating app so we matched and next day we met. During all that time, between matching and getting to meet face to face he had a kind of sexual vibe, it was subtle but he was very respectful and that’s why I decided to give it a go. Plus he was really, REALLY hot. He had a very bad boy style. He got 15 minutes late which was ok to me but he apologized like four times. Which was a really cute thing to me because where I come from people are very impunctual and never apologize. Anyway, as I didn’t know the city I let him decide where to go and basically what to do which I think it was a good move from me without even knowing because he took the lead. We met at a very cool neighborhood, very artsy and I remember that place just being one of the coolest spots I was during my visit, plus I was with a hottie hahaha. So we just winged it. We really didn’t have a dinner or something. We just stopped at a cafe for some drinks he offered to pay (and his hands were shaking, which I thought was suuuuper cute) and we just sat at a park. We talked for hours! And I literally mean hours! We just talked about ourselves, our lives and our cultures. I was wearing a little black dress and some transparent thighs, so I remember crossing my leg towards him and he just took a very deep breath while watching my legs and I really freaked out (in a good way). There was a huuuge sexual vibe, but if I’m honest I never dare to make a first move, so I just waited for him to do it. So, we went to other part of the park, a playground and it was getting darker. So, he finally asked to kiss me and I said yes. I can say that I’ve never felt this with other guy before, but there really were sparks in the air. I don’t know. It was something completely different. So after a long while he asked me to have sex, in a really sweet way. I said yes but somehow it didn’t happen. So when we realized it wasn’t gonna happen we went to another park and kind of hooked up there. It was dark and it was in a park after all, so I was really nervous about getting caught, which we didn’t but he acted very protective and I felt like that. He was really tall so whenever we felt like in danger he just cuddled and covered me. It definitely was one of the hottest moments of my life. But it was really late, we spent like 7 hours together, so he made sure to get me in a cab and kissed me goodbye. After that we tried to keep in touch for a month but I really didn’t think it was a good idea because we both live really far. He kept texting me during 6 months or so, but I still thought it wasn’t a good idea. After a year and a half after we met, exactly 18 months later, I’m gonna go back to Australia. I decided to go back to the dating app we met through thinking that maybe he was already off it, so you know just to meet new people since I’m staying longer than the first time. Suddenly he popped up again and I freaked out so bad, but decided to give it a go again since he might be the only person I know from there. A lot of days went by since I swiped on him, so I thought that maybe he didn’t want to meet me again for being a little bitchy through text hahaha and today I woke up with him being one of my new matches. I’m not gonna go and talk to him since I wanna wait for him to take control now that I realized it was his birthday during these days and now he totally matches with the Aries man description, but if I’m honest I do want to catch up with him and see what happens next! Sorry about the long post, but it definitely was something I wanted to get off me hahahahaha

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