Aquarius man acting very distant

AquariusIt’s not an act, honey. Your Aquarius man is very distant.

Aquarius is an air sign. This element is associated with the mind. Like his brothers Libra and Gemini, Aquarius is not very in touch with his feelings.

In addition, the Water Bearer is ruled by Uranus, a planet that is literally and figuratively not of this world. Your guy feels at home thinking about the sky (astrophysics, astrology), not mundane earthly matters like intimate relationships. In fact, he’s just not that into … intimacy (thought I had you there!). The collective, the group — he does care about humanity, but he is concerned by virtue of his objective distance.

Aquarius is also an independent sign. He does not like to be fenced in. And since Aquarius is an unyielding fixed sign, your very act of pushing him to be emotionally present with you rings his alarm. In response, he becomes stubbornly closed off to you.

What to do? Give him some space … he’ll show up for you when he’s had time to sort this out in that brilliant noggin of his.

Comment below: How have you dealt with a distant Aquarius man?

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  1. ScorpGirl says:

    Theres been a few times weve been out for drinks and gone back to his. We havent had sex but just sat there talkqing and laughing. We are like best friends when together, its just getting him to spend the time with me! Lol but hes said these things to me a few times now, there must be some truth behind it. Even if we are drunk when we say them haha. I know he likes me he wouldnt spend time with me othewise. And i told him i like him more than i should. I just wanna tell him how i feel but dont want him to run a mile. Hes only 22 and im only 25 so were still young i just feel like i may be falling harder than intended. And i still dont really know his feelings towards me. Does he like me? Or am i just another girl? I dont see him opening up to many girls like he has done with me? He just goes so distant 🙁

  2. ScorpGirl,

    Maybe he doesn’t like to mix relationships with coworkers. You see him at work, where he’d probably feel more comfortable if you didn’t and only saw him outside of how he makes money.

  3. ScorpGirl says:

    Thanks for getting back to me 🙂 you are right with that one. He did ask me not to make things weird with him at work. Said we can continue casual flirting but to keep it cool. When do spend time together out of work its great, we get on so well. We connect so much i would br happy to spend the next day and the day after with him, but its like he doesnt want to admit to me his feelings towards me? He will say lovely things to me one night and then the next day so cold and says nothing?

  4. ScorpGirl says:

    Also we had an argument the other night, well it was more me shouting at him. I got jealous at him flirting with a girl at a party as i was realllly drunk. I told him to not make me look an idiot and he repeatedly told me he would never do that to me as he cares about me as a “friend” Ive apolgised since and he says all is okay and not to worry we are still friends. Has he really forgiven me? I think i may of broken his trust in me? But i also know if an aqua man wanted to just cut me off completely he would without hesitation. So there must be something there? Wether it be a relationship or friendship he must care a bit?

  5. My bff of 10yrs is my Aquaman.We rekindled our romance last end of summer. Fell in love with him and it snuck up on me, was all over the place as I never felt that way. Havent seen him in 2weeks but he texted me last week and 2 days ago about my clothes and shoe size. I dont contact him first to give space due to Superbowl wknd, I was drinking and hadnt planned on staying long at his place(a hang out spot) and danced provocatively and told his friend about our abortion 6yrs ago. Got emotional too,he got pissed and in mid March, he wanted to continue the romance. Drunk, returning frm a roadtrip, he ordered me to b at his crib.I couldnt go and then ignored him a bit. Early April, I wanted to makeup and surprised him in my skoolgirl outfit but interrupted his convo w/a friend and got annoyed about time for us but he calmed me and we finally scheduled+madeup by Apr.12th. So now why no plans to see me? Did he just realize that he loves me too so he’s sticking with his home renewal, alone time, etc?

  6. MissLeo says:

    So.. There’s this Aquarius guy I met around Feb and our connection when we met was amazing. We met at a small shopping complex and I found out he lived in my area, as in walking distance, we started hanging out and got high together and we made out several times. He admitted to my friend that he likes me cos im different and funny and blow his mind and he knows I like him, but this one time I git really high and it was out of control so he told me to go sleep and seemed like he’d regret smoking with me that time. The next time we met up I was high again and he told me to go home and sleep since I was out of hand again. Me being high I sent him gang paragraphs about how I appreciated him and how he accepts me and my random theories about the universe. After that he was on holiday for a month and would ignore my very few messages I would get paranoid and upset, I hardly even message him and always give a him a lot of space and time. I see he changes his WhatsApp display picture of him and some other how and he looked like he was having a good time. Yesterday I walked to KFC and saw him there after so long, but because of my pride and the way he’s been towards me I sat alone and decided to not greet him. that same I day I WhatsApp called him by accident and know he probably thinks he’s on my mind. he obviously saw me at KFC and decided to use the other exit just so he would have to pass me and say hi. I don’t know why he’s doing this but it hurts, have any idea why this Aquarius is acting up?

  7. Pisces23 says:

    Okay kinda late to the party here but I’ve been having issues as all of us here are with our Aqua. Mine, well to summarise it all he’s antisocial and awkward but once he opened up to me we became kinda like best friends and then he gave signs and I really liked him so I confessed and he said he liked me too. But he told me he’s so confused by all these relationship feelings because he’s never BEEN in a relationship before so now when we talk I feel like hes kinda distant and he keeps telling me how he’s nervous around me now. What should I do? Should I give him time to sort stuff out or should I just persist in trying to make things normal again?

  8. When an aqus guy likes you romantically he will chase you down and bed you as quick as he can. Any chance he has to be alone with you he will make it very clear that he wants you. (Do you have a boyfriend, we can go back to your place, let’s go back to your place). If he has been alone with you and not made a move on you, he only likes you as a friend. Every aqua I’ve known has hit on me the first time we were alone. My current aqua didn’t waste a second.

  9. Misscapricorn says:

    I said something to my boyfriend and he found it disrespectful he is an Aquarius and he has not talked to me in a couple of days . I called today and he hung up , what do you suggest I do as this has been the first time. We have been together since June and met I’m March . He lost his dog of 11 years and he’s been stressed at work because he hasn’t made allot of sales . What should I do

  10. PreachersDaughter says:

    ANP… I wish you’d reappear and tell what happened to your Aquarius guy. He is a dead ringer, identical to the one I fell for 6 years ago. Mine disappeared after telling me we couldn’t be intimate anymore (until he could treat me the way I deserved to be treated). I got hostile and blew off at him. Then I regretted it because he came down hard on me for it. We had some flirts after that for a couple months, but that was all. I ultimately ended up giving up on him and was never the same since. He randonly called me once every year for one silly reason and I blew him off thinking nothing of it. Any reason he gave was bs. He dated another adorable girl for a few years. A couple weeks ago, he randomly contacted me again via text while drinking, flirted hardcore and reminded me of things only he would say. He said he loved things about my appearance, and he wanted a picture. I told him I look the same and wouldn’t send one. By the end of texting, he seemed to be coyly implying he was going to start things up again. He was out of state at the time and texted me until he was ready for sleep. He and I NEVER spoke by phone. Only texted and I’d go to his house. He never took me out, never came to visit me and I never stayed overnight, always left to go home. He made me a nervous wreck. I’d always felt like a schoolgirl around him. This is coming from someone with a large social circle. NO ONE makes me nervous. I have worked with celebrities that didn’t make me nervous. AQUA near gave me a panic attack daily. After his all-night long texts the other night chasing me, he went back to silence. SIX YEARS IT TOOK HIM to reach out and say the things I had always dreamed he would say. SIX! Suddenly he is short in texts, answers coldly and is indifferent. I haven’t brought up anything he said, so as not to look like I hung on to his every word. Its as if I’m giving him a way out, because he was drinking. But for &%$# sake, SIX YEARS it takes him to tell me he loved my body, (“not just ANY waist, YOUR waist..”) And saying he had always wanted me to fall asleep with him?? I always dreamed he would come back. He resurfaces via text and off he goes again. I was a foolish woman to even let a man crack my shell like he did, and my God, I was DONE WITH MEN after him. Done! And here he is again. I have touched one man since him… For about 20 seconds. And not another one since. Aqua ruined me.

  11. Cassandra says:

    Hello everyone!! 🙂

    To start up I am a sun in CANCER, moon in Capricorn, venus in VIRGO.( if you need more info just tell me).

    So I met an Aquarius guy online like 3 weeks ago.He was really kind, a little bit shy but he would talked. First night we met, we went to his place, watched a movie and had sex. Chemistry was good. I mean when we talked it wasnt akward. At some point he was talking about his parents and about how he was scared to lose them. He almost cried. Anyway, just to say that he kinda opened up to me on the first meeting.

    Before that we talked onlien and it was regular texting. But after our first meeting he ignored my text for like 3-5 days. When he replied,he told me that he had a argument with his parents and that he was sad. It’s like now when I text him, sometimes he answers, sometimes he ignores me for like 2-3 days. He went back to his country btw.. But he told me about how he wanted something serious..

    Now 2 days ago, I texted him saying if he wanted to watched a horror movie when he comes back. When he reponded he said : you want to watch a movie with me?. Obviously I said yes. So he said of course we will with a smile. But now he is ignoring my messages..

    By reading the posts here, I understand why he is behaving like that. However, since I am a cancer, I’m pretty outgoing about my feelings. Should I ignore him and wait for him to text me or should I talk to him about me not liking the disapearance?

    P.s: I’m French, so sorry for my english. :s

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