The Astrologer Daily: March 20, 2017

The authoritative Sun moves into pioneering Aries. It’s time to break new ground. Do something daring that commands attention.

Love Horoscope for the Week of March 20

Love awaits… provided you know when and how to keep your mouth shut.

The Astrologer Daily: March 19, 2017

The enthusiastic Sagittarius Moon makes supportive aspects to both generous optimistic Jupiter and impulsive Uranus. It could be a day of wonderful surprises.

The Astrologer Daily: March 18, 2017

Chatty Mercury makes a conjunction with attractive Venus. Expressing affection for someone special could pay off handsomely.

Mars in Capricorn, Moon in Libra Compatibility

Mars in Capricorn may seem too conservative for Moon in Libra’s romantic tastes. But they are both traditionalists, and their different approaches can create some interesting chemistry.

The Astrologer Daily: March 17, 2017

A square between the prideful Sun and stern Saturn warns against inconsiderate behavior. Think in terms of the group’s welfare. This is no time to boast, brag or throw anyone else under the bus.

The Astrologer Daily: March 16, 2017

Love is in the air, thanks to the sultry Scorpio Moon’s beneficial angles to both idealistic Neptune and compelling Pluto. It may be virtually impossible to resist an admirer’s charm.

How to Make Squares in Synastry Work

Synastry squares add dimension to what might otherwise be a flat landscape. When two people’s energies create a square, the guiding principle is to treat it as an amber street signal: proceed with caution.

The Astrologer Daily: March 15, 2017

The sensible Libra Moon makes a sextile to serious Saturn, favoring business decisions. Form an alliance, sign a contract or launch an advertising campaign.

The Astrologer Daily: March 14, 2017

The hesitant Libra Moon makes hard angles to Uranus and Pluto. Beware of getting pushed around by a manipulative charmer.