The Astrologer Daily: December 20, 2014

Kelli Fox

Attractive Venus meets with dignified Saturn. It’s easy to make a good impression on authority figures. Energetic Mars makes a sextile to impulsive Uranus; act on instinct.

Sun in Pisces, Moon in Capricorn Compatibility

Sun-Moon Compatibility

Sun in Pisces’ boundaries are flexible at the best of times, while Moon in Capricorn has some pretty high walls. Will Pisces be put off by her defenses, or will his gentle magic open her heart?

The Astrologer Daily: December 19, 2014

Kelli Fox

The emotional Moon meets businesslike Saturn in Scorpio. This is a great time to pursue elusive career goals. This influence can make obstacles vanish into thin air.

The Astrologer Daily: December 18, 2014

Kelli Fox

The intense Scorpio Moon makes supportive angles to both Venus and Pluto. This is a lovely time to abandon ourselves to romance. Falling in love may be irresistible.

Eros: Essential Sexual Contact or Icing on the Cake?


Eros has some intriguing things to say about erotic desire, but how much weight does he really carry in relationships?

The Astrologer Daily: December 17, 2014

Kelli Fox

The secretive Scorpio Moon makes supportive angles to Mercury and Neptune. We should take this opportunity to develop highly personal creative projects.

The Astrologer Daily: December 16, 2014

Kelli Fox

Detail-oriented Mercury enters ambitious Capricorn. This could be a wonderful time to make career plans, especially for those born under the signs Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn.

The Astrologer Daily: December 15, 2014

Kelli Fox

The tactful Libra Moon forms hard angles to Venus, Uranus and Pluto. It may be impossible to appease insecure people. Their need for approval can’t be satisfied.

Love Horoscope for the Week of December 15

Weekly Love Forecast

Think you can talk your way out of the Uranus-Pluto square? Maybe this week you can…

The Astrologer Daily: December 14, 2014

Kelli Fox

The creative Sun forms a trine to enthusiastic Jupiter. A positive outlook can attract luck, love and money. A square between Uranus and Pluto could bring down an outmoded institution.