The Astrologer Daily: July 24, 2017

Venus and Saturn bring a stalemate today, especially in love but also at work, for many of us. Patience is key, so don’t over-react. The frustrations will soon pass.

Love Horoscope for the Week of July 24

Venus opposite Saturn: it’s not as bad as you’ve heard!

The Astrologer Daily: July 23, 2017

The Leo New Moon is the perfect invitation to play. This light-hearted, fun vibe is ideal for bringing more joy and laughter into our lives.

The Astrologer Daily: July 22, 2017

The Sun powers into Leo today, so expect a theatrical vibe, full of larger than life personalities and enjoyable dramas.

Mars in Pisces, Moon in Aries Compatibility

Mars in Pisces is the soulful dreamer, but Moon in Aries needs a fighter. Can these two have a successful relationship?

The Astrologer Daily: July 21, 2017

Today’s Moon-Uranus sextile helps clear thinking, especially when guided by instinct. Don’t over-think matters or complicate things too far.

The Astrologer Daily: July 20, 2017

Mars enters fiery Leo today, bringing fantastic energy to artists, musicians, creators and anyone who wants to have some fun.

The Astrology of Aloneness and Loneliness: 7th House-12th House Planets

A look at the astrological chart, house by house, shows how you handle being alone, and who you are most likely to attract into your life.

The Astrologer Daily: July 19, 2017

Even the most difficult or boring of jobs can go well today, as Mercury trines Saturn.

The Astrologer Daily: July 18, 2017

As Mars trines Chiron, each of us can now teach, mentor or lead someone who is going through what we’ve already weathered.