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How To Tell if a Mars in Gemini Man or Woman Is Into You

Mars in Gemini

Mars in Gemini wants different things, and they’re constantly changing. How can you tell if you’re one of them?

Jupiter in Virgo’s Impact on the Earth Signs

Jupiter in Virgo and the Earth Signs

Jupiter’s transit of Virgo can bring tangible opportunities to the love lives of all the Earth signs.

Jupiter’s Virgo Transit and the Mutable Signs

Jupiter in Virgo and the Mutables

When Jupiter enters Virgo, all the Mutable signs will be hit with a crazy mix of expansion, along with Saturn in Sag’s limits and Neptune in Pisces’ dreams.

Can You Turn Yourself Into Someone’s “Type”?

Can You Become Their Type?

Life-changing transits and progressions present opportunities for developing your natal potential. Can this include transforming yourself into someone who your unrequited crush wants?

The Upside of Illusion: The Venus/Neptune and Mars/Neptune Lover

The Neptune Lover

Aspects between natal Neptune and Mars/Venus have a poor reputation, but sometimes these energies can indicate a lover that most people would be lucky to have.

How To Tell If a Mars in Taurus Man or Woman Is Into You

Mars in Taurus

If you have the patience to follow the timetable of someone with Mars in Taurus, you may be rewarded with a pleasure-loving, dependable partner.

Outer Planet Contacts in Synastry: Part 2

Mixed Outer Planet Synastry

Mixed outer planet contacts in synastry can (when personalized) be like two forces of nature coming together in one relationship.

Outer Planet Contacts in Synastry: Part 1

Generatonal Synastry

Synastric aspects between relationship and generational planets can potentially connect you with millions of people. What singles out the few that you have an intimate relationship with?

Astrology of a Temporary Relationship

Temporary Relationship

Progressions can explain why a romantic connection starts off with great promise, only to mysteriously evaporate.

The Moon/Saturn and Venus/Saturn Woman

Saturn Woman

Hard aspects between natal Moon/Saturn and Venus/Saturn in a woman’s chart strike at the core of being female.

The Difference Between Signs and Planets

Signs versus Planets

How does a planet in a sign versus a planet aspecting that sign’s ruler work? Understanding the difference can have a huge impact on figuring out someone’s relationship potential.

How to Tell If a Mars in Aries Man or Woman Is Into You

Mars in Aries

Mars in Aries is pure sexual instinct. How will you know if that instinct is focused on you?

Can You Handle Being Alone? Astrological Signatures of Independence


Your comfort level with being alone says much about your comfort level in partnerships. This article explores the natal indicators of self-sufficiency.

The Moody Cancer Partner

Moody Cancer

Cancer is ruled by the ever-changing Moon, so it’s no surprise that her moods are varied and unpredictable. Fortunately, navigating the waters of a partnership with this sign can be as simple as tuning in to what she’s feeling.

Afraid to Love? The Venus/Saturn and Moon/Saturn Man

Saturn Man

Hard aspects between natal Venus/Saturn and Moon/Saturn in a man’s chart say much about the type of relationship — and woman — that he fears the most.

Intercepted Signs: Dormant Relationship Issues

Intercepted Signs

Intercepted signs can be undeveloped pools of natal energy that put a whole new spin on your love life.

Partners Who Don’t Act Like Their Sun Signs

Atypical Sun Sign Behavior

When your lover acts nothing like their Sun sign, it’s not always due to an incorrect birth date. Extra attention needs to be paid to what’s happening in their chart.

Sexual Compatibility in Astrology

Sexual Compatibility

Whether you and your partner will shut each other down — or feed each other’s fire in the bedroom — is immediately apparent in synastry.

Love and Money: How Your Finances Reflect Your Relationships

Love and Money

Problems with your love life, but not sure how to deal? Looking at how you handle money can give you some clues.

Transiting Saturn’s New Challenge to Your Love Life

Saturn's Challenge

Saturn’s transit of Sagittarius will give a whole new set of natal relationship planets/points a dose of reality and responsibility.