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Natal Pallas: The Strategy of Love


As the asteroid of creative wisdom, Pallas isn’t immediately connected to relationships. But when she is hooked into partnership or intimacy areas in your chart, her strategies will play an important role in your love life.

Using Your Venus to Attract Partners

Venus Gifts

Everyone has certain gifts that attract other people. Natal Venus by sign is the key to unlocking those gifts, and the good news is, you just have to be yourself.

How To Tell if a Mars in Cancer Man or Woman Is Into You

Is Mars in Cancer Into Your

Mars in Cancer is a complex blend of shy and assertive, aggressive and sensitive. Our article can help you navigate Cancer’s turbulent waters.

Aspects From the Progressed Descendant to Natal Planets

Progressed DC to natal planets

When your progressed Descendant aspects natal planets, your natal potential clicks with your developing potential.

A Whole New Love Life: When Your Progressed Descendant Changes Signs

Progressed DC

When your progressed DC switches signs, get ready to redefine yourself as a partner.

Venus Retrograde in Leo and Virgo

Venus Rx

Venus’ retrograde of Virgo and Leo will bring up some interesting questions about pride and appreciation in your love life.

The Long Goodbye: 12th House Saturn Transits

12th House Saturn

Saturn transiting the 12th House almost always triggers an ending. Sometimes, that ending involves your relationship.

I Hate That Sign! Why Some Signs Push Your Buttons

I Hate That Sign

If certain signs always end up hurting you, or you avoid them altogether, it may have more to do with you than them.

Natal Indicators of Jealousy and Possessiveness


If you’re a jealous or possessive partner, you know that these emotions can destroy a relationship. Read on to discover the root causes and how you might be able to deal with them.

How To Tell if a Mars in Gemini Man or Woman Is Into You

Mars in Gemini

Mars in Gemini wants different things, and they’re constantly changing. How can you tell if you’re one of them?

Jupiter in Virgo’s Impact on the Earth Signs

Jupiter in Virgo and the Earth Signs

Jupiter’s transit of Virgo can bring tangible opportunities to the love lives of all the Earth signs.

Jupiter’s Virgo Transit and the Mutable Signs

Jupiter in Virgo and the Mutables

When Jupiter enters Virgo, all the Mutable signs will be hit with a crazy mix of expansion, along with Saturn in Sag’s limits and Neptune in Pisces’ dreams.

Can You Turn Yourself Into Someone’s “Type”?

Can You Become Their Type?

Life-changing transits and progressions present opportunities for developing your natal potential. Can this include transforming yourself into someone who your unrequited crush wants?

The Upside of Illusion: The Venus/Neptune and Mars/Neptune Lover

The Neptune Lover

Aspects between natal Neptune and Mars/Venus have a poor reputation, but sometimes these energies can indicate a lover that most people would be lucky to have.

How To Tell If a Mars in Taurus Man or Woman Is Into You

Mars in Taurus

If you have the patience to follow the timetable of someone with Mars in Taurus, you may be rewarded with a pleasure-loving, dependable partner.

Outer Planet Contacts in Synastry: Part 2

Mixed Outer Planet Synastry

Mixed outer planet contacts in synastry can (when personalized) be like two forces of nature coming together in one relationship.

Outer Planet Contacts in Synastry: Part 1

Generatonal Synastry

Synastric aspects between relationship and generational planets can potentially connect you with millions of people. What singles out the few that you have an intimate relationship with?

Astrology of a Temporary Relationship

Temporary Relationship

Progressions can explain why a romantic connection starts off with great promise, only to mysteriously evaporate.

The Moon/Saturn and Venus/Saturn Woman

Saturn Woman

Hard aspects between natal Moon/Saturn and Venus/Saturn in a woman’s chart strike at the core of being female.

The Difference Between Signs and Planets

Signs versus Planets

How does a planet in a sign versus a planet aspecting that sign’s ruler work? Understanding the difference can have a huge impact on figuring out someone’s relationship potential.