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How to Tell if Venus in Taurus Likes You Back

It takes time to know if Venus in Taurus returns your affection. But the wait is definitely worth it.

The Signs Most Likely to Commit

All signs have the ability to commit, but which ones are most likely to stick with you?

Finding Your Parents In Your Birth Chart

Your first relationship is with your parents, and all relationships that follow are based on this. This template is clearly drawn in your natal chart.

When You Meet Your Chart in Other People

Whether you find it fascinating or frustrating, seeing your natal qualities in someone else can be a valuable lesson.

Four Reasons Why You Would Fall Hard For a Pisces

Loving a Pisces can make even the dullest day a bit more special. And that’s only one of the reasons why you would fall for this sign.

The Five Signs Most Likely to Zombie You

If you’ve ever had the dubious experience of random contact from an ex, you’ve been zombied. Which signs do you think are most likely to reach out from the dead?

How to Tell if Venus in Aries Likes You Back

Venus in Aries will be straightforward about her feelings for you, but keeping her happy is not so simple.

Five Things Never to Say to a Scorpio

It take a lot to push Scorpio away , but some phrases are almost guaranteed to do just that.

Four Ways to Know That You’re the Bad Girl of Your Sign

Every sign has a bad girl, but not everyone uses their sign’s qualities in a badass manner.

How Each Sign Acts Post-Breakup

Breakups are never fun, and each sign has their own way of dealing with the pain.

How to Tell if a Mars in Pisces Man or Woman Is Into You

Mars in Pisces can be impossibly romantic, and impossible to figure out. How do you know if this dream lover is really into you?

Three Ways to Deal With a Difficult Pluto Person

The difficult Pluto person uses seduction and control to get the upper hand. Check out our article for a few tips on how to maintain your power.

How to Know if You’re a Pluto Person

If you’re a Pluto person, it can feel like your relentless energy is too much for most people. Does this mean you have to live your life at half-strength?

Three Ways to Deal With a Difficult Uranus Person

A partnership with a difficult Uranus person can be like having a long-distance relationship while they’re in the same room. Are there any ways to bridge the gap?

How to Know if You’re a Uranus Person

If you’re a Uranus person, part of you will always be on the outside, and this is exactly what draws certain people to you.

How to Tell if a Mars in Aquarius Man or Woman Is Into You

There’s no template for what turns Mars in Aquarius on. You either resonate with his unique vibration, or you don’t.

Four Ways to Deal With a Difficult Neptune Person

The Neptune partner’s blend of high romance and low behavior can be disheartening. Check out our article for some strategies on dealing with the more challenging aspects of this tricky planet.

How to Know if You’re a Neptune Person

No one expresses relationship magic, compassion and illusion like a Neptune person. Could this be you?

How to Tell if a Mars in Capricorn Man or Woman Is Into You

Mars in Capricorn has an ambitious life plan. Check out our article to see if that plan might involve you.

How Each Sign Handles Being Ghosted

Previously we looked at which signs might ghost you, and why. Now, we look at the response to being ghosted.