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Transiting Inconjuncts and Relationships: Navigating Between a Rock and a Hard Place

Transiting Inconjuncts

Transiting inconjuncts can confront you with seemingly impossible choices that you aren’t prepared for.

Making the Most of Sextiles in Synastry

Sextiles in Synastry

The sextile in synastry: Is it a significant aspect, or the trine’s mousy sister?

Exclusive Focus: Natal Stelliums and Relationships

Natal Stelliums

Natal stelliums are concentrated pockets of energy that can dominate your entire approach to relationships.

Relationship Readings Without an Accurate Birth Time

No Birth Time

An accurate birth time is necessary for a thorough relationship analysis. Since this information isn’t always available, what are your options?

Primal Fire: Unaspected Mars in Relationships

Unaspected Mars

Unaspected Mars is primal fire with no boundaries. How might it play out in relationships?

Pure Instinct: The Unaspected Moon in Relationships

Unaspected Moon

An unaspected Moon gives you pure instinct combined with a hunger for security. This is pronounced in relationships, where you interact with another person at the most basic level.

Unrefined Ego: The Unaspected Sun in Relationships

Unaspected Sun

If your Sun is unaspected, the essence of who you are is unintegrated in your life. What impact might this have on your relationships?

Synastry Contacts To The MC: Romance or Ambition?

Synastry Contacts to the MC

What do synastry contacts between one person’s planets and the other’s 10th House cusp of career say about a romantic relationship?

Transiting Saturn in Sagittarius and Love for the Fire Signs

Saturn in Sag and Love for the Fire Signs

Transiting Saturn in Sagittarius’ stabilizing trine to Leo and Aries is good news for their love lives.

Saturn’s Transit of Sagittarius and Relationships for the Mutable Signs

Saturn in Sag and the Mutable Signs

Saturn’s transit of Sagittarius will show the Mutable signs the power of limits in love.

Saturn’s Transit of Sagittarius: Relationship Ideals Get Real

Saturn in Sag

Saturn’s transit of Sagittarius commences this December. What happens to relationships when the planet of limits moves into the sign of expansion?

Inconjuncts in Synastry: Agree to Disagree

Inconjuncts in Synastry

If inconjuncts are a connection between signs with nothing in common, how can they work in relationships?

Astrology and Pregnancy

Astrology and Pregnancy

When are you more likely to get pregnant? Astrology may have some answers for you.

Transiting Jupiter in Leo and Romance for the Fire Signs

Jupiter in Leo and Fire Sign Romance

Transiting Jupiter in Leo will be trining Sagittarius and Aries, giving their love lives a boost of possibility.

Jupiter’s Transit of Leo and Relationships for the Fixed Signs

Transiting Jupiter in Leo

Jupiter’s transit of Leo means romantic bling. How will this impact the Fixed signs?

Why Partners Are Drawn to Your Most Troublesome Natal Energies

Attracted to Your Challenging Aspects

Sometimes your most difficult planets and aspects are exactly what a potential partner is looking for.

1st House Synastry Overlays: The Partner at Your Front Door

1st House Synastry

When a partner’s planet(s) fall in your 1st House, they can challenge, emphasize or improve your external identity.

Astrological Signatures of a Romantic Waffler

Romantic Waffler

Tired of being strung along? Learn how to recognize a romantic waffler.

Romantic Fixations That Outlast the Transits That Trigger Them

Romantic Fixation

Some romantic obsessions continue long after a transit finishes. But understanding what was triggered in your chart can be the key to releasing yourself.

Making the Most of Positive Synastry Aspects

Positive Synastry Aspects

Some harmonious synastry aspects are taken for granted. Here’s why you should give them just as much energy as the tense or exciting inter-aspects that grab your attention.