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Sexual Compatibility in Astrology

Sexual Compatibility

Whether you and your partner will shut each other down — or feed each other’s fire in the bedroom — is immediately apparent in synastry.

Love and Money: How Your Finances Reflect Your Relationships

Love and Money

Problems with your love life, but not sure how to deal? Looking at how you handle money can give you some clues.

Transiting Saturn’s New Challenge to Your Love Life

Saturn's Challenge

Saturn’s transit of Sagittarius will give a whole new set of natal relationship planets/points a dose of reality and responsibility.

Composite Aspects That Echo Natal Aspects

Composite Echoes Natal

A relationship that “resembles” one or both partners can fit like a glove, or create tension because of the magnified energy.

Transit and Synastry Essentials Versus the Extras


Understanding the hierarchy of planets, points, asteroids and angles is key to understanding which transits and synastry connections really matter.

Beyond Sexual Chemistry: Lifestyle Compatibility in Synastry

Incompatible Lifestyles

Synastry highlights areas of incompatibility that have nothing to do with love or sex. These areas can be dealbreakers if handled improperly.

Eros: Essential Sexual Contact or Icing on the Cake?


Eros has some intriguing things to say about erotic desire, but how much weight does he really carry in relationships?

The 12th House Venus Woman

12th House Venus

12th House Venus in a woman’s chart can be a magnet for cheaters, addicts and tricksters. How can you get a grip on this slippery energy?

Dealing With Your Passive-Aggressive Libra Partner

Passive Aggressive Libra

Libra’s pretty exterior hides a stealth warrior, skilled in the art of passive-aggressive battle.

Sacred and Profane: Black Moon Lilith’s Transit of Virgo

Transiting BML in Virgo

What might happen to Black Moon Lilith, the original Bad Girl, when she transits through the sign of purity?

Astrology and Predestination: Can You Miss Out on a Relationship That’s Meant to Happen?

A Young Couple Fighting

Will a predestined relationship just happen, or is there something you need to do?

Universal Becomes Personal: Outer Planet Combinations in Your Natal Chart

Outer Planet Combos in Relationships

When outer planets (in your natal chart) aspect each other along with a personal planet, their extreme energy can play out in your love life.

3rd House Synastry Overlays

Young couple sitting on sofa

If your partner’s planets activate your 3rd House, they can play a crucial role in your understanding of daily life.

The Servant Who Wants More: Understanding Your Virgo Partner

Virgo Partner

Your Virgo partner wants more than clean sheets. The Zodiac’s unassuming servant is actually one of the more demanding signs.

Using Astrology to Elect a Wedding Time

Wedding Election

Can picking an astrologically beneficial time for a marriage improve its chances of success?

Picking the Perfect Time: Electional Astrology For a First Date

First Meeting Election

Electional astrology can give your potential relationship a jump start.

The Misconception About Synastric Nodal Contacts

Synastric Nodal Contacts

The truth behind the idea of “South Node bad/North Node meant to be” in synastry.

Navigating the Magic and Illusion of a Pisces Lover

Neptune-Pisces Lover

The Pisces/Neptune lover can be elusive, addictive and heartbreaking. However, there are ways to navigate these waters and keep yourself on course.

Black Moon Lilith in Synastry


Interaspects to Black Moon Lilith in synastry involve profound sexual attraction, but they can also bring a pile of fear, anger and pain.

Transiting Inconjuncts and Relationships: Navigating Between a Rock and a Hard Place

Transiting Inconjuncts

Transiting inconjuncts can confront you with seemingly impossible choices that you aren’t prepared for.