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The Difference Between Your Natal Moon and Venus in Relationships

Natal Moon and Venus

Often confused with each other, the natal Moon and Venus play very different roles in relationships.

The Nodes Enter Aries/Libra: New Steps in the Relationship Dance

Transiting Nodes in Aries/Libra

How might the transiting Nodes in Aries (self-interest) and Libra (relationships) impact relationships for the collective?

Composite Mars Square the Composite Nodes: Relationship Deal Breaker?

Composite Mars Square the Nodes

In the Composite Chart, Mars square the nodes can represent a relationship’s biggest stumbling block.

How Family Patterns Are Repeated in the Charts of Significant Partners

Family Patterns in Relationship Astrology

Troublesome family patterns repeated in your partner’s chart are opportunities to break negative cycles.

Mars Retrograde in Libra’s Impact on Aquarius and Gemini Relationships

Mars Rx's Impact on Aquarius/Gemini

Mars Rx in Libra’s impact on Aquarius and Gemini will be subtle, but there’s valuable relationship opportunities for those who pay attention.

Mars Retrograde in Libra’s Impact on Relationships for the Cardinal Signs

Mars Rx in Libra

Mars Retrograde can mean delays and indirect expressions of desire in relationships. Find out how this will impact the Cardinal signs.

Rough Waters: the Two Most Difficult Signs for the Progressed Moon

Progressed Moon in Rough Waters

Scorpio and Pisces can be two of the most difficult signs for your Progressed Moon. Here’s why, and tips on how you can stay afloat in their waters.

Indicators for a New Relationship in the Solar Return Chart

New Relationship

Solar return charts can offer a glimpse into a potential new relationship for the upcoming year.

Out of Sign Aspects: Valid or Not?

Out of Sign Aspects

Do planets at 29 Virgo and 0 Libra qualify as conjunct? This astrologer says no.

Ceres, Love and Loss in Synastry

Ceres in Synastry

Ceres contacts in synastry can describe the intricacies of nurturing, loss, and separation between two people.

Venus/Mars and the Sun/Moon in Queer Astrology

Venus:Mars in Queer Astrology

How are male/female energies like Mars/Venus expressed in same-sex attractions?

More Hidden Synastry: Shared Degrees, Mutual Reception

Hidden Synastry

Sometimes what you share with your partner is basic, but not obvious.

Dealing with the Emotional and Sexual Demands of a Scorpionic Person


The demands of a Scorpionic person can vary, depending on what personal planets sits in this sign.

Marriage Aspects in Synastry

Marriage Aspects in Synastry

While some synastry aspects indicate commitment, there’s a subset of these that indicate the desire to formalize commitment into marriage.

Nodal Conjunctions in Synastry: the Downside to a Fated Relationship

Downside to a Fated Relationship

If your planet conjuncts your partner’s North or South Node, you’ll have a profound impact on their life. Sometimes, that’s exactly what can push them away.

The Missing Piece: When Someone Completes Your Natal T-Square

Partner Who Completes Your T Square

Someone whose planet completes your natal T-Square could be your missing piece.

How the Seven Different Chart Types Approach Relationships

Natal Planetary Patterns

Your approach to relationships can be influenced by the pattern of planets in your chart.

When Your Partner Is More Likely to Commit

When Your Partner Is Most Likely to Commit

Some astrological influences can tip the relationship balance in favor of commitment.

The Worst Times to Push Your Partner

Worst Time to Push Your Partner

Timing is crucial in relationships and astrology. Knowing when your partner is least receptive (to pressure, commitment or limits) can make a difference in how they respond to you.

Why a Woman’s Mars Sign Doesn’t Always Describe the Man She Wants

A Woman's Mars

A woman’s Mars sign represents the type of male energy that turns her on. Sometimes, this is different from the kind of partner she wants.