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Natal Saturn in the 6th House: Service Versus Slavery

Natal Saturn in the 6th house can create extreme adherence to routines and commitments. It can also cross the line between dependability and slavery in a partnership.

Tinder by Sign

The world of online dating is more comfortable for some signs than others. Check out how each sign might do Tinder — or if they’ll even give it a shot.

These Three Signs Are the Most Conservative on the First Date

Which signs hold back on the first date? This article explores why, and how, certain signs may not be in a rush to get close.

How To Tell if a Mars in Libra Man or Woman Is Into You

Mars in Libra comes off like the ideal partner, at first. The real challenge lies in developing a relationship with this contradictory planet/sign combination.

Guess Which 4 Zodiac Signs Put Out the Fastest

Some signs bide their time before taking the sexual plunge, while others jump right in. Curious as to which signs are the fast movers?

Synastric Trines and Sextiles to the Nodes: Overlooked and Underused

Easy aspects from one person’s planets to another’s Nodes can encourage growth … but are they compelling enough to be motivating?

Polyamory and Infidelity: The Ethical Slut Versus the Cheater

The astrological factors that lead to openness versus deception.

How to Tell if a Mars in Virgo Man or Woman Is Into You

If Mars in Virgo is hot for you, he appears to be at your service. But when it comes to relationships, there’s much more to this complex planet/sign combo.

The Transiting Nodes Enter Pisces/Virgo: Relationship Truths

When the transiting South Node enters Pisces, and the North Node enters Virgo, there will be a shift between fantasy and reality. How might this play out in relationships?

The Difference Between Synastry and Composite Aspects

Synastry and composite aspects are not the same. Understanding how they function can mean the difference between working on a relationship and moving on.

Mars/Pluto in Relationship Astrology: Sex, Power and Transformation

Mars/Pluto aspects in synastry and the composite chart can be potent and volatile. Can they be worked with?

Black Moon Lilith in Libra: The Uncompromising Bitch

Black Moon Lilith is moving through Libra, creating tension between this sign’s social compromises and Lilith’s uncompromising rage.

How To Tell if a Mars in Leo Man or Woman Is Into You

It’s not difficult to figure out if Mars in Leo is into you; this sign will woo you with a maelstrom of passion and showy romance. But what happens after the lights go down?

5th House Natal Saturn: Demanding Love

When the planet of rules sits in your house of romance, fun and games are not part of the picture.

Neptune in Synastry: Deception or Higher Connection?

Aspects between one person’s Neptune and their partner’s personal planets are famous for creating illusion and heartbreak. But is there a positive side to these contacts?

Dealing With Your Aloof Capricorn Partner

Capricorns are known to be a tad pragmatic (even chilly) in romantic relationships. If you’re into a Cap, this article can provide some clues on how to deal with those quintessential boundaries.

Do You Scare Your Love Interests Away?

Certain natal aspects can result in your fabulous self being too much for some prospective partners. When do you cross the line from being you, to being invasive?

Natal Pallas: The Strategy of Love

As the asteroid of creative wisdom, Pallas isn’t immediately connected to relationships. But when she is hooked into partnership or intimacy areas in your chart, her strategies will play an important role in your love life.

Using Your Venus to Attract Partners

Everyone has certain gifts that attract other people. Natal Venus by sign is the key to unlocking those gifts, and the good news is, you just have to be yourself.

How To Tell if a Mars in Cancer Man or Woman Is Into You

Mars in Cancer is a complex blend of shy and assertive, aggressive and sensitive. Our article can help you navigate Cancer’s turbulent waters.