Virgo Horoscope for August 22

Today, your usual, logical mindset gives way to a more emotional one. Suddenly, you’re feeling sentimental. Old memories may resurface, making you laugh or bringing up unexpected nostalgia. If you’re dealing with family issues, it’s easier to be compassionate. After all, reason doesn’t have much of a place when it comes to matters of the […]

Virgo Horoscope for August 21

Spending time in familiar surroundings is a real comfort today. It feels good to tend to things around your home or to connect with old, dear friends. It’s soothing to be reminded of your roots — where you come from, and who’s been by your side the longest. It’s a great day to go through […]

Virgo Horoscope for August 20

Serving the people you care about has always brought you a great deal of personal satisfaction. Today, that’s even truer than usual. Self-sacrifice feels like the highest form of devotion you can show a friend or family member. If you want to let them know you’re there, give them your strong, steadfast emotional support. With […]

Virgo Horoscope for August 19

It’s important to communicate clearly today. If you’re working with other people, make a special effort to talk with them in a relaxed, easygoing way about your plans or expectations. If you aren’t exactly clear on either of those fronts, that’s okay. Talking things out with other people is the best way to clarify your […]

Virgo Horoscope for August 18

Today, restlessness makes it difficult to focus on the task at hand. You might want to work with your usual efficiency, but ringing phones or frequent visits from friends or coworkers makes it impossible to concentrate. Plus, you’re much more easily distracted than usual. You keep checking your email or phone messages, because you just […]

Virgo Horoscope for August 17

A relaxed mood sets in today. You feel grounded, physically centered, and attractive in an earthy way. You’re in your element, in touch with the best parts of your own, sensual energy. So why not have a sensual experience? Indulge in decadent chocolate, or whatever your favorite treat might be. Get a massage or go […]

Virgo Horoscope for August 16

A calm sense of abundance improves your whole day. You can feel it in your bones: You have everything you need. It’s in that centered, satisfied feeling that comes from smiling at a coworker or a stranger on the street. It’s in the gratitude you feel when connecting with someone you love or sharing a […]

Virgo Horoscope for August 15

It’s a great day for enjoying your friends, your money or your honey. If you can afford a shopping spree or a few hours away from work, go for it! You’re still sensible, so any money you spend will go toward high-value items that you’ll appreciate for a long time. The same goes for leisure […]

Virgo Horoscope for August 14

People may not realize you have an ambitious streak, since you tend to work so quietly and dutifully. And while you normally may not care about getting recognition for your work, today you’re focused on a goal. If you garner some approval along the way, so much the better. You deserve credit for your hard […]

Virgo Horoscope for August 13

Your coworkers and employers surely appreciate your ‘No problem, I can handle it’ attitude. But be sure that you aren’t taking on more than your fair share of work or other burdens today. Yes, you’re strong, dedicated and hardworking. But you don’t need to prove that to anyone. Of course, if you’re simply feeling particularly […]

Virgo Horoscope for August 12

OK, OK — being precise and discriminating is just part of your personality. But can you try not to be so particular today? Your well-intended criticisms are starting to get someone down. If you can’t see that they’re doing a good job or at least trying their hardest, use your imagination. Maybe you can try […]

Virgo Horoscope for August 11

Have you been rubbing someone the wrong way? You think you’re being sensitive, but they would probably tell a different story. The truth is, you could stand a little softening up. Focus on your own issues for a while, instead of offering ‘constructive criticism’ to someone else. You’ve got your own problems to take care […]

Virgo Horoscope for August 10

Specializing in particular interests is one of your strengths. You have a great eye for detail and a particular talent for analysis. Concentrating on certain subjects or areas comes naturally to you. Does that make you a tiresome nerd? No. Even if it did — which it doesn’t — you don’t need that kind of […]

Virgo Horoscope for August 9

On the inside, you’re feeling absolutely outraged against the injustices you perceive around you. On the outside, however, you’re acting rather timid. It’s probably smart to keep your true feelings and opinions to yourself. Perhaps you know that open rebellion won’t get you anywhere, at least not today. You’re much better off gathering information. That […]

Virgo Horoscope for August 8

Today’s influence may not provide the most lighthearted, frivolous energy, but you feel quite positive and centered nonetheless. You’re filled with the deep sense of well-being that comes from knowing you’ve worked hard and done your best. Keep up the good work throughout the day. Stay focused on getting through your task list. Going at […]

Virgo Horoscope for August 7

That logical, practical mind of yours clicks right into gear today. Anything you’re trying to accomplish is made easier by your ability to see the bottom line, or the shortest distance from point A to B. It’s not that you’re taking shortcuts; it’s that you’re cutting out excess. You’re trimming the fat, so to speak. […]

Virgo Horoscope for August 6

Don’t try too hard to stick to your usual routine today. The current energy is restless in nature. You’ll find that the more rigid you become about following the rules, the more the universe tosses obstacles in your path. Is it possible that the cosmos is messing with you? Hmm… That’s something to consider! Or, […]

Virgo Horoscope for August 5

You have a detail-oriented, analytical mind. Plus, you’re rather reserved. That means you rarely speak without knowing exactly what you’re talking about. But today, it’s better to listen and absorb new information. The world is larger and more varied than you think. Even if you believe you have a handle on a certain subject, you […]

Virgo Horoscope for August 4

If you’ve been trying to work through a personal issue or a barrier in your relationship with someone close to you, you might make real progress today. Suddenly you’re able to go more deeply into the issue, from a more emotional standpoint. Perhaps all you’ve been lacking is a certain amount of self-awareness or understanding […]

Virgo Horoscope for August 3

Your powers of concentration are strong today. It’s a wonderful time to go deeply into a subject of interest and analyze all the interesting facts you dig up. You might come across something mysterious or unexpected — something previously hidden. If it’s information that is sensitive in any way, your natural discretion will enable you […]