Taurus Horoscope for October 1

Work and finances take center stage today. You may have an opportunity to advance your career somehow. If so, you’re grounded yet ambitious enough to take advantage of this chance. You may also be able to increase your income or your savings now. This is yet another area in which you’re sure to be successful, […]

Taurus Horoscope for September 30

As an Earth sign, you feel an innate connection to the natural world. And today is a great day to get outside. Of course, other people might be interested in outward-bound-style adventuring, which may or may not be your thing. For you, something a little closer to home will serve just fine. And there’s a […]

Taurus Horoscope for September 29

Restless energy abounds today. Even if you feel calm, someone near you is probably affected by the current, keyed-up influence. Sooner or later, it may begin to wear on your nerves. For that reason, get some vigorous exercise. Blow off steam by using your muscles. Alternatively, channel your energy into some sort of exploration or […]

Taurus Horoscope for September 28

Something hidden emerges today. You’re certainly dealing with some tricky emotions, and when someone challenges you, you may want to try and bring them down. But it’s entirely possible that their intentions were innocent and not aimed at you at all. Find out before you act. And remember that it reflects much better on you […]

Taurus Horoscope for September 27

Today could be an emotional day. You’re extra sensitive right now to snubs and insults. And yet, if you take an honest look inside yourself, you may realize that your sensitive spots — those buttons you don’t want anyone to push — come from anxieties you have about yourself. If you’re willing to inspect your […]

Taurus Horoscope for September 26

Watch out for stubbornness today. You’re particularly sensitive to blatant power plays and ego battles, and that’s just the type of dynamic that arises under the current influence. When someone pushes you, you tend to push back! It’s that strong-as-a-bull iron will of yours. But it’s possible that you’re misreading the situation, or overreacting. After […]

Taurus Horoscope for September 25

Your creativity is enhanced today, and so is your sense of style. You might notice color, symmetry and composition much more than usual. If you work in a visual field like photography or Web design, this can lend a certain flair to your work — even if flair isn’t what’s needed! Add your personal touch […]

Taurus Horoscope for September 24

Focus on getting along with others today. Normally this isn’t difficult for you, since you’re mellow by nature. But if your stubborn streak rears its head, it’s harder to keep the mood harmonious and relaxed. Avoid this by making a conscious effort to give other people plenty of leeway. If you really need to put […]

Taurus Horoscope for September 23

Throwing your back into your work is nothing new to you. You’ve always been dedicated to producing both quality and quantity. Now other people know they can count on you to create something that’s both durable and functional, not to mention beautiful. You’re dependable in that way, and everyone knows it. Your craftsmanship shines brightly […]

Taurus Horoscope for September 22

Not saying ‘I told you so’ might be a little difficult today, but try your hardest anyway. Yes, you were right, as you so often are. But wouldn’t it be so much more honorable, not to mention humble, not to rub it in? Instead, be gracious. Everyone knows you had the right idea in the […]

Taurus Horoscope for September 21

If you’re not in the money yet, maybe you’re having a run of good luck or a deluge of loving. Whatever might be responsible for your large-living ways, stay conscious of your wealth and how you got it. This is a day for appreciating your good fortune instead of just flaunting it. Thank those who […]

Taurus Horoscope for September 20

Somehow you feel stuck in an eat-or-be-eaten life cycle. But the world is more peaceful than you think. It’s time to cool your jets and join in the harmony. If that doesn’t seem possible right this minute, go for a walk or jog, or clean your house. Movement will help your good humor return, and […]

Taurus Horoscope for September 19

You’re in a bit of a slump, aren’t you? Maybe work or relationship issues are getting you down. The truth is, they’ll seem a lot more manageable soon — but right now, it’s probably hard to take comfort in that fact. Still, you can easily pull yourself out of this mood today. Just focus on […]

Taurus Horoscope for September 18

Today, your family and dear friends are at the top of your list of priorities. You’re devoted to your loved ones, more now than ever. If one of them needs you, you’ll drop everything to be there for them. Something may come up today that requires you to give that kind of support. If so, […]

Taurus Horoscope for September 17

Today, an inner sense of caution leads you toward traditional practices or methods. Cooking a family recipe for dinner brings you a feeling of comfort. So might wearing an item of clothing passed down from a family member, or taking the advice of a close friend. These seemingly minor acts are part of what connects […]

Taurus Horoscope for September 16

Love is a constant in your life. As alone as you might sometimes feel, you have strong bonds with your loved ones, and you work hard to keep them strong. Today is a good day to reaffirm those bonds. Spend time with a close friend, or call a relative on the phone to check in […]

Taurus Horoscope for September 15

Expect a fast-paced day of exchanges with friends, neighbors and coworkers. Your voicemail and email Inbox might be full of messages in need of a response. You’ll definitely have to stay on your toes if you’re to keep up with this information overload! This shouldn’t be too difficult, however. You’re in a friendly, chatty mood. […]

Taurus Horoscope for September 14

Life moves quickly today. You tend to wander along at your own, mellow pace. But now an energy boost quickens your blood and heightens your sense of enthusiasm. You aren’t satisfied with the same old routine. You want to change things up and bring some excitement into your daily activities. Good thing you’re practical enough […]

Taurus Horoscope for September 13

Mundane, repetitive tasks are a nice way to spend your day today. Filing papers or balancing your checkbook can be fun! The same goes for sewing, gardening or working with wood — anything that lets you be crafty or creative. Let your mind wander as you make a piece of artwork or something functional that […]

Taurus Horoscope for September 12

Today marks the start of a brand-new personal cycle for you, one that will last for the next four weeks. You may sense this special energy infusing your life. You probably feel more grounded and serene. Hard work comes easily. So does relaxation! Make time for both. Focus on a goal, and then use your […]