Leo Horoscope for January 31

A sunny mood livens you up today. Bring that warm energy to everyone you meet. Smile your dazzling smile. You’ll notice that people tend to perk up and grin back at you as you pass them by! It’s a great day to be creative, even if you’re busy with tedious paperwork. Bring a vase of […]

Leo Horoscope for January 30

Today marks the start of a brand-new, month-long personal cycle for you. And your mood is warm and fuzzy. You want nothing more than to be surrounded by friends and loved ones, soaking up their affectionate energy. It’s a good day to make some plans, too. Think forward a month. Consider what you’d like to […]

Leo Horoscope for January 29

A romantic mood settles in today. Life seems sweeter and more precious, and also, perhaps, more heartbreaking. You might be in the mood to read some poetry, or write your own. You might simply want to stare out the window and let your mind wander. Your thoughts tend to go backward now, into the realm […]

Leo Horoscope for January 28

The comforts of home appeal to you today. This is even truer if you’re feeling a bit blue and teary-eyed, which is common under the current influence. Emotional ups and downs can be smoothed out by spending time with trusted friends, especially those who know how to help when you’re in this mood. Having your […]

Leo Horoscope for January 27

Today you’re filled with a quick, bubbling energy. You might have a hard time sitting still! Instead you’ll restlessly tap your foot or your fingertips, or strike up conversations even when you’re supposed to focus on the task at hand. And that’s okay — in fact, it’s great. This is one of those days when […]

Leo Horoscope for January 26

Intellectual interests claim your focus today. An interesting article in the newspaper could capture your attention, followed by a riveting and revealing conversation. Or a project at the office might turn out to have all sorts of facets you didn’t expect, and exploring them is both fun and fascinating. Enjoy this cerebral influence. Use it […]

Leo Horoscope for January 25

You like what you like. If you see a pair of shoes you can’t pass up, or anything else that takes your pleasure, you’ll be hard-pressed to talk yourself out of it! And sometimes it’s just fine to yield to your desires. Life is to be lived, after all. But if you’re trying to stick […]

Leo Horoscope for January 24

Today, your physical and mental stamina are unusually strong. You can get a great deal accomplished, as long as you’re working solo. Cooperating with a team, however, might be a different matter. You have your own methods and ideas, and at the moment, your stubborn streak is about a mile wide! If someone opposes your […]

Leo Horoscope for January 23

Your leadership and natural charisma really shine through today. If you have ideas or projects requiring the help or approval of others, this is a good day to show everyone what you’ve got. Be funny and concise, not long-winded or mysterious. Get their attention through storytelling or visual aids. Be your usual, relaxed, open self. […]

Leo Horoscope for January 22

Sure, you have a logical mind, but you can also think creatively and hold your own in any spirited conversation, and that’s especially true now. Your mind is humming with energy, and ideas are coming thick and fast. Expect this influx of wide-ranging plans and theories to keep coming. Jot down everything that occurs to […]

Leo Horoscope for January 21

Temptation will be overwhelming today. Will you go against your better judgment? Will you stand firm and just say no? Be polite and stand on ceremony no matter what. Use flowery language and make courteous gestures, even if they are just a smoke screen for what you end up doing in private. Someone’s future or […]

Leo Horoscope for January 20

Stop being so high-handed. You’ll just lower everyone’s opinion of you. You might be enjoying a moment of swagger and attitude, but all this brash talk could be hiding some deep insecurity. How long do you think you can keep these ghosts under wraps? Someone may guess your secret today. If that happens, cave in […]

Leo Horoscope for January 19

Originality counts for a lot today. And your best, most ingenious ideas will come in group settings. Groups that are focused on making positive improvements of some kind have an extra leg up. The current cosmic energy is nothing if not focused on positive change. Tap into that yen for making life better for everyone. […]

Leo Horoscope for January 18

There’s a lot of room for creativity today in everything you do. It’s more important than ever to make your distinctive mark. You want to show people what you’re all about — what really makes you unique. Just make sure you aren’t grasping at eccentricity for its own sake. There’s nothing wrong with being conventional. […]

Leo Horoscope for January 17

Normally you’re quite a warm person. But today an aloof mood descends. Perhaps you’re preoccupied with a project or an issue you’re working on in your head. Or maybe it’s the rest of the world that seems reserved and unwilling to connect. Either way, use this time to make some headway on the mental plane. […]

Leo Horoscope for January 16

Today, your competitive side comes to the fore. You want your skills to be recognized, but things may get tricky if you feel you didn’t do your best. And if someone tries to steal your thunder, watch out! Go easy on yourself, and give others the benefit of the doubt. Most people are trying to […]

Leo Horoscope for January 15

Your duties at work or at home may seem overwhelming today. If so, keep things simple. Your strength lies in the fact that you genuinely want to do a good job. You want to be dependable for your employer or your loved ones, and that desire goes a long way. As long as you focus […]

Leo Horoscope for January 14

Material concerns dominate your attention today. Set a budget for yourself, if your spending has gotten out of hand. If you don’t contribute regularly to a savings account, now is a good time to start. A secure financial future depends heavily on the decisions you make today. And you tend to have champagne tastes. You […]

Leo Horoscope for January 13

You’re full of ideas today, and the energy to express them. A feeling of boundless enthusiasm rises within you. You know you can accomplish just about anything! This is good for both gathering information and acting on it, because your mind is open and you have a yen for adventure. If you’re planning a project, […]

Leo Horoscope for January 12

People respond well to you today. You’re absolutely without guile, and it’s obvious to everyone you encounter. They can tell you’re speaking from the heart, and you’re as lighthearted and confident as you seem. It’s easy to express your thoughts and ideas, especially in groups. It’s as if you can see the light bulbs turning […]