Leo Horoscope for May 6

You’re a natural performer. The spotlight becomes you, and you’re at your best when all eyes are turned in your direction. Today, you can use this skill for the good of your company, team or family. At a party, a smile and a funny comment will break the social ice. And at a business meeting, […]

Leo Horoscope for May 5

Today it’s important to pay attention to the small stuff. That doesn’t mean you should sweat it, but it’s a savvy move to stay on top of details you might let slide on a different day. Of course, you don’t want to drive yourself crazy. Plus, you’re only human, which means you can only do […]

Leo Horoscope for May 4

You’re holding yourself to high standards today. Is this entirely fair? That remains to be seen. You may find that you can’t live up to your own expectations, or perhaps to the pressure you feel coming from someone else who demands a lot from you. This is one of those days when it’s extra important […]

Leo Horoscope for May 3

Once it was an act of courage to stand alone. All of a sudden, independence is elegant and sexy. Hey, personal freedom is the new black! It looks good on everyone. Do what you want, go wherever you feel like going, and let others think what they will. But even as you cultivate that air […]

Leo Horoscope for May 2

Are you aware of what you can do when you put your mind and your back into it? If not, you’re about to find out. Bring your determination and concentration online until your world is humming with constant power. Focus all that energy on your objective today, whether you’re trying to break a world record, […]

Leo Horoscope for May 1

You wake up in a loving mood, in need of closeness and affection. Even if you have a lot of work to do today, be sure to spend some time with loved ones, too, because it’s reassuring to know those connections are still strong. Of course, work makes you feel secure in a different way, […]

Leo Horoscope for April 30

Emotions swamp you today. You’re always devoted to the people you love, but now that feeling swells tenfold. Your family seems especially dear to you, and being at home has never felt more comfortable or secure. Even if you have to work, spend some time on the couch or in the kitchen, or call an […]

Leo Horoscope for April 29

If you’ve spent a little too much time in your head lately, you’re about to get the break you need. Today, be completely in your body. Enjoy being human. You’re lithe and playful, whatever your shape and age, so get outside and stretch your muscles. Time spent with friends is also especially enjoyable so why […]

Leo Horoscope for April 28

You’re having a good time, aren’t you? And your humor is infectious. You could cheer someone up, or even rebuild a bridge with someone who’s been at a distance. This is the perfect time to reconnect with long-lost friends, because you’re in the mood for conversation and your positivity will only strengthen your bonds. A […]

Leo Horoscope for April 27

You have your opinions. Some would even call it a mindset, or maybe a brick wall. The air around here is already thick with tension, and you won’t do yourself any favors by stirring the pot. Calm down. And if you’d at least consider a few other options today, you might find one that looks […]

Leo Horoscope for April 26

You may have a rather high opinion of yourself. That doesn’t allow you much wiggle room, but if you won’t change for anyone, maybe you don’t need to wiggle. If you’re secure in this little niche you’ve carved out, you’re probably also behind the times. Today the world might actually accept the challenge you’re throwing […]

Leo Horoscope for April 25

Extra motivation comes from the cosmos today. If your spirits or your sense of ambition have been depleted lately, now is your chance to build them right back up again. It’s hard not to feel inspired today — or even aggressive. That’s a good thing! You like other people too much to be truly pushy, […]

Leo Horoscope for April 24

A sense of daring makes you impulsive today — and this is actually a benefit to your work and other pursuits. You’re bold enough to make something happen, even if you’re just winging it as you go! Other people probably can’t tell you’re going on impulse. You’re so vibrantly confident, you make even a tough, […]

Leo Horoscope for April 23

You may be distracted at best today, or you could feel downright confused. Your thoughts and feelings are all in a muddle. But don’t try too hard to make sense of them. Just go with your heart. In fact, it’s a great day for romance. See a mushy movie with a friend, or give your […]

Leo Horoscope for April 22

Allow yourself to move slowly today. Don’t push yourself to achieve something big and amazing, or to be bold when you don’t feel very courageous at all. Instead, pamper yourself. Treat yourself with the sensitivity you’d show to a good friend who was having a hard day. Take a nap or a warm bath. Make […]

Leo Horoscope for April 21

Life could feel a little rough today. But really, it’s just that you’re more emotionally sensitive than usual. Of course, you’ve always been a softie. You might fool people with your bold, courageous personality, but you can actually feel quite insecure. Today, that comes out in vague worries or a general sense of discouragement. Reality […]

Leo Horoscope for April 20

Forward thinking is highlighted today. And no one is more naturally creative than you. But as you work on a project, make sure you aren’t thinking outside the box simply for the sake of nonconformity. It isn’t enough just to be wacky and weird. Any forward motion today will come from building on tradition. That […]

Leo Horoscope for April 19

You want to stand out from the crowd as the unique, original person that you are. Flamboyant acts certainly have their time and place, but today might not be it. Dramatic behavior doesn’t come across well now. And what’s wrong with blending in with the group? It’s perfectly natural to want to be special. But […]

Leo Horoscope for April 18

If you want to show off, don’t be fussy about it. You’re free to put on a show, but people don’t have to pay attention if they don’t feel like it. Remember, most people have short attention spans, so they tend to lose interest quickly — even in the best, most spectacular of acts. If […]

Leo Horoscope for April 17

Sentimentality comes with a hefty price tag today. Is that why you’re so grumpy? If so, the answer’s easy — if you can’t really afford it, just don’t go there. Don’t let yourself get bogged down in melancholy or nostalgia. Stay on the sunny side of the street and focus on the parts of your […]