Leo Horoscope for November 30

You’re creative and dedicated at the same time. That’s a wonderful combination, especially in times like this, when you know you’re poised at a new beginning. Today is all about integrating new elements into your career, your home life or your love life, while still staying faithful to the original. Artists, scientists and entrepreneurs are […]

Leo Horoscope for November 29

It’s a good day to cut back and conserve. Don’t spend money unless it’s absolutely necessary. Use your time wisely, too, and only on projects that will help you build a better future for yourself and your family. In general, anything excessive or impulsive just isn’t favored today. And that’s fine with you. Restricting your […]

Leo Horoscope for November 28

You’re traditional at your core, because you recognize the value of systems, habits and methods that work. Today, that traditional streak comes to the fore. Perhaps you’re dealing with some internal insecurities that are pushing you to rely on tried-and-true customs rather than dramatic, risky acts that may not pan out. Good for you for […]

Leo Horoscope for November 27

Spend time with family today, or your closest friends — you know, those people who might as well be family. You aren’t in the mood for the company of strangers. In fact, having to chat up someone you don’t know could make you nervous, despite your natural warmth and charm. So stick to familiar people […]

Leo Horoscope for November 26

Today, life feels like one big party. Even going to work is fun, because your colleagues make such an admiring audience for your wit and good humor. It’s even easier than usual for you to command the room, making everyone laugh and inspiring creative ideas for all. This is the stuff you thrive on — […]

Leo Horoscope for November 25

Your creative side is prominent today, and problems seem more like interesting puzzles — ones you know you can solve, given just a little time to consider the variables. If skills like thinking on your feet and talking your way out of corners come in handy in your line of work, you’re sure to be […]

Leo Horoscope for November 24

You’re overeating today, spending too much money, or wavering between sustained effort and total, irresponsible relaxation. You may not realize it, but you’re probably feeling insecure about something — your job or income, maybe, or the future in general. Napping, eating lots of sweets or shopping on credit is just an attempt to fill that […]

Leo Horoscope for November 23

Embracing the past isn’t the best look for you. In fact, it makes you appear downright stodgy. But maybe you don’t realize that’s what you’re doing. If you’re holding on — a little bit desperately — to some valued, important part of your life, take another look. Whatever it is that you’re trying so hard […]

Leo Horoscope for November 22

Devoted servants are ready to reaffirm their faith. It’s kind of like a parent-child thing, but only in the most positive way, so don’t go making any therapy appointments. You won’t even have to check in with your guru to see what this serenity is all about. Confer with a trusted friend as you take […]

Leo Horoscope for November 21

Now you’re on track. Optimism drives your thoughts and zest for life drives the other parts, so you’re good to go on all levels. Your speed and determination will put you in the right place at the right time today, ready to haul in all the good stuff. Store or share what you can’t use. […]

Leo Horoscope for November 20

Today’s emotional energy could leave you feeling a bit melancholy. You’re in the kind of mood when old loves and losses resurface in your mind, and you mull them over to see if those old bruises still hurt. It’s wise not to assign too much importance to a tender spot in your memory or your […]

Leo Horoscope for November 19

An influx of idealistic energy has your head in the clouds today. Whether your mind is on personal matters or professional ones, you’re envisioning them in the rosiest of terms. This can be positive, if it brings your highest ideals and fondest hopes into focus. Envisioning your future helps you create it, after all. Trouble […]

Leo Horoscope for November 18

Today, you feel a deep urge to help others in some way. This compassion may extend itself toward a friend or stranger in need, a stray animal, a charitable organization or anyone else you see that’s in need of help that you can provide. Just make sure you’re doing this for the right reasons. Selfless […]

Leo Horoscope for November 17

It’s hard to share the spotlight with other people when you want it for yourself. But that’s just the kind of situation you’ll have to navigate today, when teamwork is more important than personal glory. This holds true even if someone steps on your toes, taking credit for something you accomplished. If this happens, remember […]

Leo Horoscope for November 16

Impulse buys and other flamboyant gestures have no place in your life today. Instead, it’s time to conserve your resources and plan for the future. These are important concepts to you. Though you’d prefer a life of ease and plenty, you’re also a hard worker, and practical enough to realize that you have to earn […]

Leo Horoscope for November 15

Think about the state of your life today. You’re in a serious mood, and focusing on a practical goal could mean the difference between a sense of gloom and one of inner strength. Which areas of your life would you like to change? Are you heading down the right track in your career? Do you […]

Leo Horoscope for November 14

An old problem or debate is revisited today, and you bring new vitality to the issue. Instead of sighing or rolling their eyes, people are perking up and listening to what you have to say. And as long as you’re straightforward in your questions and answers, they’ll give you the floor. You help everyone talk […]

Leo Horoscope for November 13

Even if it’s stormy outside, today promises to be sunny, because your playful energy and snappy moves will blow the clouds right out of the sky. You’re in too good a mood to waste your time moping around! Be a good example for someone else who isn’t feeling quite as peppy. Show them how easy […]

Leo Horoscope for November 12

Vibrant energy surges within you, lending you grace and style. Hardly anyone could turn in the performance you’re giving, because this is the real you. Every hair is in place, and every line is an instant classic. You know, you could be incredibly suave in the near future! Is there some sweet, attractive person you […]

Leo Horoscope for November 11

You’re a passionate person already, but today, your passions are aroused — and this could be good or bad, depending on many factors. If you feel turned on, tuned in and in love with life, then that’s wonderful. Connect with your friends or sweetheart and have a great day! But if difficult feelings like jealousy […]