Leo Horoscope for September 26

Today is your day to shine. You’re in command of your own power and brilliance. You can achieve just about anything, as long as you proceed with courage! Remember, though, that beneath that incredible self-confidence lies a vulnerable soul. You want others’ approval and support. If you don’t receive it, don’t worry — and don’t […]

Leo Horoscope for September 25

You’re high-spirited today, or even downright boisterous. Your coworkers know exactly when you arrive at the office — they can hear your laughter all the way down the hall! You love being the center of attention, and today it’s easy to draw all eyes your way. Have fun with this. Better yet, use your charisma […]

Leo Horoscope for September 24

The old tribal pulse is pounding, however quietly, in your veins. This might be all you need today. You feel cheery and sociable, and your heart is full of love for your numerous friends and family members. This is the perfect time to host a barbecue or a brunch — something to bring people together […]

Leo Horoscope for September 23

It’s just fine to take the traditional approach for now. In fact, it’s preferable. The current energy works best with careful, conservative measures, and you’ll find that following form keeps you at the center of attention for today. What a treat! You’ll impress everyone with your willingness to play by the rules and check your […]

Leo Horoscope for September 22

An energy boost inspires you today. In fact, you might be feeling downright marvelous! Spend time with other people. You need the buzz that comes from fast-paced interactions with interesting folks. This could also have a more practical application. It’s a great day to seek new ideas or to show off the ones you’ve been […]

Leo Horoscope for September 21

If you need a change today, it’s a great time to switch up your routine. You’re extra curious now, so you may find yourself drawn to a fascinating new subject or person. Anything mentally stimulating is right up your alley. You can get inspired and take off in a whole new direction, if you like. […]

Leo Horoscope for September 20

Your generosity swells today. In line at the post office or the grocery store, you might let someone cut in front of you for no reason other than largesse. At dinner with friends, you might spring for the check whether you can afford the bill or not. It’s wonderful to realize your blessings are bountiful, […]

Leo Horoscope for September 19

You have great stamina today, both physically and mentally. Instead of coming in bursts, your energy is steady. Put this staying power to good use, whether in an endurance-based workout or in a project at home or the office. You can put in long hours without feeling the ill effects that might normally make you […]

Leo Horoscope for September 18

Others see your leadership today. They admire your passion and conviction, and they’re willing to follow you. With a team behind you, or even just your partner or family, you can accomplish even more than you could on your own. But don’t worry if you’re making an independent effort. There’s a lot of power in […]

Leo Horoscope for September 17

Today, your instincts push you to take all the right kind of risks. Planning and practice are usually very important, but right now, spontaneity counts for even more. Tap into your deepest feelings and follow their lead. The kind of self-assurance you’re exhibiting now is highly attractive to other people. Whether you’re pursuing a personal […]

Leo Horoscope for September 16

Today’s nagging problems are relatively minor, but they’re annoying. And instead of taking someone up on their offer of assistance, you respond as if they’re pestering you — which only makes things worse. Try to avoid this type of response. You can be gracious when someone offers their advice. A bit of clarity and a […]

Leo Horoscope for September 15

Passion bubbles up within you today, and it’s hard to figure out where and how to direct it. You feel creative and scattered at the same time, but no one else seems to understand this. But that’s how it goes sometimes. All you can do is keep trying to make sense of the beautiful confusion […]

Leo Horoscope for September 14

A relationship could get a little sticky today, and you’ll be hard-pressed to figure out why. Was it something you said? It could be, since you’re verbally challenged right now. Maybe you aren’t saying what you think you’re saying. Or perhaps your words don’t match your real feelings, and the other person is reading between […]

Leo Horoscope for September 13

If you aspire to lead in some capacity, you’re going to have to make a commitment to promote diversity. Not everyone has the same needs, and you need to make room for them all. Today could be a real eye-opener, so stay alert to the lessons life has for you. This will involve plenty of […]

Leo Horoscope for September 12

You love making dramatic gestures of affection for your loved ones, often in the form of expensive, impromptu meals or treats. You also love treating yourself when the whim strikes! After all, you deserve it — you work hard for your money. However, this day favors prudence over indulgence. Set reasonable limits for yourself and […]

Leo Horoscope for September 11

It’s a good day for taking a long, hard, honest look at your present work and your future prospects, and make sure you’re still on the right track in terms of career growth and other long-term goals. Sometimes, when you get caught up in day-to-day work and other concerns, you lose sight of the big […]

Leo Horoscope for September 10

Your responsibilities may weigh heavily upon your shoulders today. Many people right now have a somber sense of the expectations they’re trying to live up to, but you don’t have to let this bring down your mood. If you can accept that hard effort is required at this moment, you’re more willing to toe that […]

Leo Horoscope for September 9

An enthusiastic mood opens your mind to all kinds of new experiences today. You’ve got plenty of energy to burn off in creative ways. Instead of planning out your day, why not be spontaneous? Follow your mood and your mind. Wherever your passion leads you is the right direction now. Even the occasional misstep doesn’t […]

Leo Horoscope for September 8

Today you have the inner fire needed to give a new project everything you’ve got. And your creativity burns more brightly than ever! You’re in your element, so make the most of this window of opportunity — it lasts only a couple of days at most. If you’re full of excitement but you aren’t sure […]

Leo Horoscope for September 7

Why sit around when you could be doing something? It’s totally OK to get physical, but plan ahead if you want this to be meaningful. If you’re building your skyscraper on unstable ground, those high hopes are bound to collapse. If your ego is moving back into the old mansion of glory, there could be […]