Leo Horoscope for July 25

Spend time at home today, with your loved ones. Projects around the house may draw your attention. It’s certainly a great day to handle improvements geared toward making things safer and stronger. You might also focus on planning for the future. Set up a savings strategy, or look into schooling options for yourself or your […]

Leo Horoscope for July 24

Today, you might hold the past more firmly in mind than the present. Memories of old friends bring a smile to your face. Letters from long ago bring you back to ‘the good old days.’ Be prepared to sigh while you’re reminiscing. That’s just the cycle of life! It’s good to look back at the […]

Leo Horoscope for July 23

Communication is especially important today. You might spend the day on the phone or glued to your computer, exchanging instant messages or emails with people all over the globe. In meetings, you can express yourself with charm and eloquence, which helps you convince others to join you in your corner. It’s a great day for […]

Leo Horoscope for July 22

High energy could make you restless today. But if anyone knows how to channel this edgy, dynamic vibe, it’s you. You have the focus and determination needed to turn a good idea into something truly creative — and actually feasible. Bring this skill to your day job, your hobby or your passion. You’ll enthrall your […]

Leo Horoscope for July 21

Networking and brainstorming go especially well today. Obviously, these are tasks that are accomplished far more effectively in a group. So don’t hole away in your office! Or if you do, keep your phone ringer and your Instant Message alert turned on. It’s important to be reachable now. And in this age of advanced technology, […]

Leo Horoscope for July 20

Today, your physical and mental stamina are unusually strong. You can get a great deal accomplished, as long as you’re working solo. Cooperating with a team, however, might be a different matter. You have your own methods and ideas, and at the moment, your stubborn streak is about a mile wide! If someone opposes your […]

Leo Horoscope for July 19

Today you covet something you don’t have. This might be an expensive luxury item, or even an attractive person you’d like to get to know better. In some way, jealousy could become an issue. But you don’t have to submit to the clutches of the green-eyed monster. Instead, appreciate what you already have. Then treat […]

Leo Horoscope for July 18

Today, you feel pumped! Life itself seems to vibrate with vitality, and it gets right into your system, jazzing you up with excitement and purpose. And though this promises to be a spectacular day, a small word of caution is in order: Be careful how you come across to others when you’re outlining a new […]

Leo Horoscope for July 17

Things are proceeding at full pace today. Maybe you didn’t plan things out as well as you first thought — but this doesn’t bother you, and it almost doesn’t matter. Your high energy gives you a can-do attitude, and obstacles are just a fun puzzle to solve. In fact, they give you a chance to […]

Leo Horoscope for July 16

You’re even more romantic now than usual, and that’s something. Today, you’ll wander around in a haze. Are you confused? Distressed? Or just spaced out? Whatever’s going on inside, here’s hoping you’re feeling positive. A pleasant mood is likely, since now it’s easy to feel that karma is on your side — and who knows? […]

Leo Horoscope for July 15

Usually you’re sunshiny and inspiring, but today you’re a grouch and a half – being a heartless tyrant, just because. There’s nothing in particular behind it — you just feel off center. And that’s okay. Everyone gets a little out of whack sometimes, and you couldn’t live this way for long (whew!). The next few […]

Leo Horoscope for July 14

Your confidence builds today. Suddenly, you find you not only have the courage to govern others, you possess the inspiration to promote much-needed change. People are looking to you for guidance, so you may have to step into the spotlight whether you want to or not. Use this as a chance to make something positive […]

Leo Horoscope for July 13

Your thoughts will be far-reaching today, or maybe even beyond. Why set limits on what you can do? And while you’re at it, why not hang with other cerebral types as you peer through this sudden window of opportunity? Trust them to bring all of their brainpower and as little ego as possible. Put your […]

Leo Horoscope for July 12

Your duties at work or at home may seem overwhelming today. If so, keep things simple. Your strength lies in the fact that you genuinely want to do a good job. You want to be dependable for your employer or your loved ones, and that desire goes a long way. As long as you focus […]

Leo Horoscope for July 11

Material concerns dominate your attention today. Set a budget for yourself, if your spending has gotten out of hand. If you don’t contribute regularly to a savings account, now is a good time to start. A secure financial future depends heavily on the decisions you make today. And you tend to have champagne tastes. You […]

Leo Horoscope for July 10

You’re full of ideas today, and the energy to express them. A feeling of boundless enthusiasm rises within you. You know you can accomplish just about anything! This is good for both gathering information and acting on it, because your mind is open and you have a yen for adventure. If you’re planning a project, […]

Leo Horoscope for July 9

People respond well to you today. You’re absolutely without guile, and it’s obvious to everyone you encounter. They can tell you’re speaking from the heart, and you’re as lighthearted and confident as you seem. It’s easy to express your thoughts and ideas, especially in groups. It’s as if you can see the light bulbs turning […]

Leo Horoscope for July 8

Today you’re expressing yourself with great feeling and intensity. You’ll certainly get your point across — you’re too passionate not to! But do be aware that other people are feeling their emotions quite intensely, too. That colors their perceptions, which means they might not interpret your words exactly as you intended them. Put more bluntly, […]

Leo Horoscope for July 7

You’re a passionate person by nature, and today your inner fire is blazing! Whether that’s a good thing or a challenging one is up to you. After all, there are some wonderful expressions of passion — doing creative work, for example, or connecting with your sweetheart. But anger is another form of passion. Avoid displays […]

Leo Horoscope for July 6

Today could find you in a stubborn mindset. You know how you see things now, and you certainly know how you feel. It will be difficult for anyone to convince you of anything outside your own, subjective experience. But that’s the key: subjectivity. You’re inside your own heart and mind, and other people are inside […]