Leo Horoscope for February 23

You want to socialize today, but you also want to do your own thing. Is there a way to do both? Yes! By finding the middle ground. Your creative ideas are excellent, but listen to others’ input, too. They can enrich your perspective. You like being the leader, but today’s energy is better suited for […]

Leo Horoscope for February 22

Your values are impeccable, but the truth is, you’re a little too smug about being old school. In fact, the very people you’re trying to impress — your boss, or a new client? — are likely to be turned off by your attitude, even if they like your principles and ethics. Any hint of elitism […]

Leo Horoscope for February 21

You’re in a somber mood today. You seem to prefer a dark style, and it could affect your mood. Maybe the dark mood came first, and the somber attitude followed. Regardless, you don’t have to live in humorless drudgery. Brightening your appearance is an easy and effective way to brighten your outlook. Put on something […]

Leo Horoscope for February 20

Forget the begging and wheedling. You won’t need that kid stuff any more. Your arguments are a lot more powerful than usual, and your methods are more subtle than anyone expects. Gently but irresistibly sway others to believe in your ideals. You’ll be incredibly convincing today, thanks to the solid proofs you’ll offer them, and […]

Leo Horoscope for February 19

Today you’ll be ready for just about anything. You can hang loose while somehow staying perfectly composed. Does that sound impossible? You’ll soon find out just how easy it is. Solve complex equations over the course of a friendly conversation. Crack impossible codes with a smile and a casual wave of the hand. There’s no […]

Leo Horoscope for February 18

It’s a great day to be spontaneous. You have a taste for impromptu activities and whimsical pursuits. What fun, to chase down your impulses as they arise! And freeing yourself in this way is a wonderful use of the current cosmic energy. If you can take a trip someplace new, or plan one for the […]

Leo Horoscope for February 17

Get ready for some passionate displays and acts of will today. Your emotions are roiling inside you like water set to a boil, and you aren’t being very discriminating in how you express them or when. The truth is, you may not even know why you’re feeling these ways — stubborn, angry, vulnerable, jealous, upset. […]

Leo Horoscope for February 16

You always make it a point to let your light shine through the dark, and you’ll get good practice at this skill today. Fortunately, your steady beam has a purpose, not just to keep yourself on track, but also as a beacon for others to follow. Your leadership and bright spirit are your life mission, […]

Leo Horoscope for February 15

Your warm heart and sunny spirit make cooperation easy today. Even when it comes to sticky issues, people want to get along, because they value your friendship and trust. This works to your advantage as you manage projects, do your work and gather with friends today. When it comes to goodwill, you can put a […]

Leo Horoscope for February 14

Being creative brings you a lot of pleasure today. Even just cooking a new dish for dinner is a fun activity, because it awakens your senses — and of course, it’s even better if you can share the experience with someone you care about. Artistic projects let you express parts of yourself that you might […]

Leo Horoscope for February 13

Your practical side kicks in today. You’re a passionate person, but now you’re okay with setting your feelings aside in favor of getting something accomplished. If you’re working on a project right now, expect to make a lot of positive headway. Just do your best to avoid getting caught up in details. That can slow […]

Leo Horoscope for February 12

A sense of inner calm helps you settle in to your work today. Social activity may quiet down for a day or two, allowing you to focus on the task at hand. Stay organized as you move through your responsibilities. Make a detailed list and cross off items as you complete them. Under the current […]

Leo Horoscope for February 11

Cleanliness and organization count for a lot today. Be sure to clean up after yourself, whether you’re cooking in your own kitchen or doing a project at work. These small measures of efficiency are like cosmic brownie points now. It’s also a good time for imposing order on any area of your life that has […]

Leo Horoscope for February 10

Be absolutely clear about what you’re offering now. You have the chops, the witnesses and the resume. You rule wherever authority is demanded. They’re calling you capable, but what kind of word is that? It sounds so lukewarm and lackluster. They say you’re good, but that’s a little vague, too. Do something even better today. […]

Leo Horoscope for February 9

Open that broad mind of yours. Get ready for adventure. It’s out there waiting for you to seize it and run with it. Maybe you’re just doing this for your own amusement, but when you’re busy having fun, your talents and charms will emerge for all to see. Next thing you know, you’ll be the […]

Leo Horoscope for February 8

Your natural warmth and enthusiasm are inspiring. If you’re heading up a team today, you can keep everyone working hard and smiling while they’re at it. But some temperance is in order as well. It’s great to be so exuberant, but make sure you don’t peak too early. Focus on maintaining a steady pace. Practice […]

Leo Horoscope for February 7

You’re a magnet for useful items today. The rubber-band ball in your kitchen drawer is steadily increasing in size, and your scrap paper bin is just waiting to be put to a good use. You’re creative by nature and you’ve got a plan in the works, so keep these things around, even if other people […]

Leo Horoscope for February 6

You’re stunning and distracting. People crane their necks for another look. Even if they’re too dazzled to notice, this could be a completely natural effect with no special effort on your part. You also have a knack for steering conversation around disturbing topics, which can come in handy if you or someone else happens to […]

Leo Horoscope for February 5

You’re like some ancient creature from the classical world. But you’re not about court intrigue and crimes of honor. That’s why you should lose the politics and use your aristocrat’s grace and sculptor’s hands today. Be more open to cutting-edge ideas, and you could start to reshape your clunky old ways. Trust your sense of […]

Leo Horoscope for February 4

Maybe you’re just doing what you’ve always done, but doesn’t your behavior seem a wee bit decadent? Sure, this probably feels great here and now, but don’t forget about the future. The thing is, your future might be very different from what you’re used to, and you have to prepare for that. Detach from the […]