Cancer Horoscope for June 30

Today, your social calendar might be full, whether you’re in the mood for company or not. Do your best to stay energetic; it’s important now to be alert to networking opportunities. If you need a few moments alone to recharge your internal batteries, take them, by all means. But after taking some deep breaths and […]

Cancer Horoscope for June 29

Today it’s both helpful and easy to get into a steady rhythm. Sticking to your daily routine is one good way to do that, since it’s a rhythm you’re already familiar with. Another way is simply to assess what you need to accomplish and then get the job done. You’re sensible enough to make a […]

Cancer Horoscope for June 28

Taking a careful, logical approach to your duties today brings you a sense of inner security. And this should be easy to do. Focus is readily available, if you simply tap into it. You’re able to set emotional concerns aside and concentrate on the basics. What needs to be done, and how are you going […]

Cancer Horoscope for June 27

Traditional creative methods appeal to you. You like knowing there’s a history behind what you’re doing, whether it’s baking a time-honored recipe or creating a work of art. This is a good day for learning a new artistic technique or trying your hand at a new type of cuisine. If taking some classes or purchasing […]

Cancer Horoscope for June 26

Keep your head down and your nose to the grindstone today. Even if you’re certain you’re on the right track, this is no time to prematurely brag about your progress. The truth is, you aren’t there yet — but with a little more effort, you will be. If you’re working with a budget, be sure […]

Cancer Horoscope for June 25

Today, your emotional life is an interesting mixture of sensitive and strong. You’re feeling sentimental, and harsh words or hard situations could hurt your feelings. But that very tenderness is what makes you so compassionate, and compassion makes you powerful. You can be a true nurturing force now, and really make a difference in someone’s […]

Cancer Horoscope for June 24

Stick close to home today, if you can. You’re in the mood for familiar comforts such as the company of your family or roommates. Cook a family recipe that has been passed down to you from your relatives. If there’s housework to be done, completing it will give you more than a sense of accomplishment. […]

Cancer Horoscope for June 23

Sometimes, the best thing to do is to laugh. There can even be humor in painful memories — in fact, that’s one good way to process and work through them. It’s okay to make wry jokes about your own past, but try to leave your family out of it, if you can. Recognize that they […]

Cancer Horoscope for June 22

Your creative streak is on a tear. No matter how you’ve been using this energy up to now, it suddenly becomes desirable. Designers are now artisans. Hacks become wordsmiths. This is a day of artistic ambition, when everything you touch turns to creative gold. There are no guarantees that you’ll find success of course, but […]

Cancer Horoscope for June 21

Today you’re even better than usual at making other people feel at home. Why? Because their comfort genuinely matters to you. Plus helping them feel more comfortable puts you right where you want to be: moving toward your own goals. No, this isn’t manipulative, it’s practical. You need your friends and associates, and they need […]

Cancer Horoscope for June 20

You’ve always been naturally well-mannered, and you know instinctively how to make people feel loved — now, perhaps, more than ever. Your warmth and acceptance make your friends feel great, and they want to return the favor. Why not let them? Whether you’re looking for their support or not, you’ve got it. Think about what […]

Cancer Horoscope for June 19

Beware of the sudden shifts that sometimes happen between nurturing and addiction. They always start from a thin line, and you could swagger across it all too easily. So instead of dancing on the brink of disaster, take a step back from the world you created. Look at something else for a while. Once you […]

Cancer Horoscope for June 18

Whoa! Listen to yourself. That’s your voice demanding things you don’t really want. What’s up with that, anyway? Are you going with a preselected program? Are you trying to prove your loyalty? Groupthink could sway you a little too easily today. It’s good that you’re speaking up, but use the opportunity to request what works […]

Cancer Horoscope for June 17

Your independent streak comes to the fore today. You probably won’t take kindly to anyone telling you what to do! If you work in an office setting, it’s a good idea to tackle jobs you can do solo. The same goes for any sort of group effort. Trying to mesh your own agenda with others’ […]

Cancer Horoscope for June 16

Hang out at home or with good friends, and just take it easy today. You’re feeling quite centered and relaxed, but your energy may be a bit low. Watching a movie might be the perfect way to spend a lazy afternoon or evening! Or call a long-distance friend and catch up on your lives. If […]

Cancer Horoscope for June 15

You’ve always been a sensitive and compassionate person, but today those qualities are heightened. This helps you to connect deeply with other people, even those whom you don’t know well or with whom you might not normally sympathize. This is a true gift, since it enables you to broaden your view of humanity and the […]

Cancer Horoscope for June 14

Life might seem a little strange today. People around you may be ‘acting out’ — wearing wacky clothes, for example, or pursuing unusual activities. In your heart of hearts, you suspect them of trying to be different purely for its own sake. But if you think about it, you’ll realize there’s nothing wrong with playing […]

Cancer Horoscope for June 13

This may be an awkward day, emotionally speaking. You sense a certain distance between yourself and others, or perhaps this detachment is internal. Either way, it’s uncomfortable. Normally, you’re so closely attuned with yourself and your loved ones. But perhaps you can view this as a welcome break from life’s emotional ups and downs. Sometimes, […]

Cancer Horoscope for June 12

Things may be a little confusing at work today, or in an important relationship — or they could seem crystal clear. Watch out for overconfidence in your own point of view. You might think you’re seeing things more clearly than ever before, but your perspective is actually clouded by your own, strong needs and concerns. […]

Cancer Horoscope for June 11

Today you’ll stay busy observing and reflecting upon the goings-on around you. Be sure to take special notice of the slow seesaw of cause and effect. One action or decision leads to another, which leads to a particular conclusion — which may or may not be what you originally had in mind. Ask yourself what […]