Cancer Horoscope for November 1

Is no one giving you the respect you deserve? Maybe, but it’s a lot more likely that the issue lies within you. Your heart is stormy right now, and your head is miserly. You’re seeing innocent comments from friends or coworkers as mean little jabs, but that’s just your mood. No one is out to […]

Cancer Horoscope for October 31

Your intuition is highlighted today. You sense what others are thinking and feeling, which is both a blessing and a challenge. You’re such a nurturer by nature that you can’t help but get involved when you sense someone is feeling hurt, scared or alone. You can be a great source of comfort to them. But […]

Cancer Horoscope for October 30

Your head is in the clouds today, and it may take great effort to come back down to earth. Why even try? If you’re feeling dreamy, just let yourself dream. If you’re sleepy and low energy, make time for a midday nap, or at least grab a few minutes to close your eyes and relax […]

Cancer Horoscope for October 29

Since you’re sensitive to shifts in your relationships, you may notice a cooling off in one of your close connections today. If so, avoid taking it personally or blowing it out of proportion. Many people need space under the current cosmic influence. If nothing else, they need time to think, to process their ideas and […]

Cancer Horoscope for October 28

It’s a good day to work for a personally meaningful cause. This might be anything from making a charitable donation to throwing in your efforts with a group pushing for widespread change. But you may feel some hesitation about the methods used to create that transformation. You’re all for changing the world, but you also […]

Cancer Horoscope for October 27

Get ready to encounter some strange, unconventional people today. Alternatively, you may have to face ideologies that are decidedly outside your realm of experience. It’s best if you can open yourself up to learning something new — to stretch your sense of reason and structure to accommodate something truly out of the ordinary. But chances […]

Cancer Horoscope for October 26

It’s a good day to put hard effort into a project with a definite objective. It may take a lot of energy, for example, to work overtime at the office in order to gain a larger paycheck. But at least you know what you’re working toward, and why. Throw yourself into something that helps you […]

Cancer Horoscope for October 25

The world feels a little chilly today. Your instinct is to draw your loved ones together and protect them from life’s harsh elements. And you’re sensitive enough that even minor hardships make you nervous. But life isn’t so uncertain as all that. And you’re more adaptable than you give yourself credit for. It’s smart to […]

Cancer Horoscope for October 24

If your energy is a little low today, it’s time for a day of recovery. Your urge may be to clean the house — especially since you know no one else is going to take on that job! — but don’t overdo it. Besides, maybe everyone else has the right idea. When else do you […]

Cancer Horoscope for October 23

You’re in the mood to spend time at home with the people you care about, but your family has other ideas. If they want to get out of the house, let them — or better yet, join them. As long as you’re with people you care about, you’ll have a wonderful time. Remember, it’s all […]

Cancer Horoscope for October 22

You’re working hard and you’d like help, but your coworkers, friends or family members keep gallivanting off on adventures. What’s gotten into everyone? The whole world is in a festive mood. Why don’t you stop worrying and join them? Of course, if you’re simply more comfortable focusing on your responsibilities, use your extra energy to […]

Cancer Horoscope for October 21

You are uniquely able to appeal to other people at the heart level today. This could really come in handy if a tense situation develops between friends or coworkers. Left to their own devices, people might simply access their anger. But under your influence, and with your encouragement, they can start talking about the hurt […]

Cancer Horoscope for October 20

Today you’re in the mood for powerful experiences. It’s a great day to spend time with someone you love. Trust is an important requirement for this connection, too. You need to know that it’s safe to share your deepest needs and passions. And of course you’re ready and willing to return that trust. You’re quite […]

Cancer Horoscope for October 19

Today’s agenda is full of social gatherings galore. Or perhaps your calendar is clear — but throughout the day, one spontaneous invitation after another pops up. Your email inbox and voicemail fills with messages. Will you accept, or will you claim you have too much to do to attend? You should go, if you can […]

Cancer Horoscope for October 18

Parties and meetings and dates, oh, my. Your daily planner could be jam-packed with one appointment after another. Just looking at it could make you tired! While it’s not a good idea to push yourself past your limits, it’s smart to keep as many of your meetings as possible. This is the kind of day […]

Cancer Horoscope for October 17

It’s important to maintain your emotional equilibrium today. If you feel a little moody, it’s probably from the normal tensions that arise from being in close quarters with other people. And yet, retreating may not be the answer. The current cosmic energy is all about cooperation and compromise. If you’re getting along with your spouse […]

Cancer Horoscope for October 16

You have your subtle ways with prospective friends, lovers or clients. Be proactive, but act appropriately. First make them feel at home in a nourishing environment. Then examine them casually, checking them out from the corner of your eye as they answer your polite questions. You’ll have today to collect most of the information you […]

Cancer Horoscope for October 15

Of course you have opinions. Who doesn’t? But those opinions won’t guarantee that you’ll be the good guy in everyone’s movie. Bottom line: use your social skills to stop any ripples before they make waves. Do your part to keep the discussion in a shared comfort zone. Be discreet today, and nurture the people who […]

Cancer Horoscope for October 14

You’re generous with your time and affection today, and anything else you have to spare. This generosity stems not only from the feelings of contentment and confidence within you, but also from a bit of vulnerability that exists there, too. You want others’ warmth and approval, so you’re giving out your own, lavishly. That’s the […]

Cancer Horoscope for October 13

You’re in a sunny mood today, even if there’s foul weather outside. Your heart is warm, and you want to laugh and connect with your favorite people. Emotional security is crucial to you today, so spend time with someone whose affections you know you can trust. They’re probably feeling sweet and slightly vulnerable too, so […]