Cancer Horoscope for August 25

Though you’re usually quite comfortable with your daily routine, today is a good day for finding some ways to switch things up. In fact, any time you become overly complacent with familiar experiences and procedures, it’s a good idea to make some adjustments. This keeps your outlook fresh, and it keeps you from getting stuck […]

Cancer Horoscope for August 24

Today you may find yourself craving comfort foods or extra hugs from the people you love. In either case, there’s no reason to deny yourself the things that will make you feel more secure. The current cosmic energy encourages practicality even as it makes people want to gratify their urges. Especially considering your self-protective personality, […]

Cancer Horoscope for August 23

Welcome to an emotionally stable, peaceful day. If you’re used to being a bit moody, with your feelings fluctuating according to your experiences, this will come as a relief. Now you’re inwardly placid, and that comes out as a levelheadedness in dealing with whatever might come up. You can handle anything — and yet life […]

Cancer Horoscope for August 22

You never like getting into a confrontation, but you won’t stand for any nonsense today. At the moment, emotions are running high for everyone. Lightning-quick decisions and responses are the norm now, instead of folks slowing down and being considerate. You’re more thoughtful than most, but you still might find yourself snapping at someone in […]

Cancer Horoscope for August 21

You’re feeling a little tense today, and your temper could get the best of you if you aren’t careful. Normally, you withdraw when you’re feeling upset, but now you don’t mind getting things out in the open. In fact, you welcome it! Hey, at least it clears the air. Maybe it’s someone’s willful behavior that […]

Cancer Horoscope for August 20

Your agenda is clear to you today, and you’re in a take-charge mood. Don’t be too aggressive when it comes to your family or coworkers, though. There’s room for everyone to have their way, even if it’s different than yours. Make the effort to discuss things and compromise. If that seems too tall an order, […]

Cancer Horoscope for August 19

Today isn’t about making big, aggressive moves toward your goals. It’s about a holistic understanding of your limits and your gifts in this world, and using them in a way that helps many and hurts none. Though you might speak softly now, your creativity is quite eloquent. In fact, somehow, you’re glowing from the inside. […]

Cancer Horoscope for August 18

Soft, warm, receptive, compassionate — that’s how you’re feeling today. You’re seeing the world through a haze of sympathy and affection and want to nurture other people, because you know you can. But you’ve still got your sharp perceptions, and that’s a wonderful balance. You’ll tackle any projects on your to-do list with inspired energy, […]

Cancer Horoscope for August 17

Usually, your quirks serve as a source of comfort — they help define you, and that makes you feel secure. But Cancer, if you’re so proud to be an oddball, why are you so unhappy? This is just a mood, and it’ll pass, but rethink your position today. It might really help to make some […]

Cancer Horoscope for August 16

For someone so sensitive and perceptive, you can be pretty obtuse when you want to be. During tricky periods like this one, when your mood is off and your energy is a bit low, that’s just one of your strategies. Nobody wants to look outside the box, which drives you nuts — and that’s weird, […]

Cancer Horoscope for August 15

You have a prudent outlook today. You tend to avoid taking risks, since you’ve always been security-minded, and that tendency is heightened now. It’s a good day for business dealings or for making plans for the future. You may not be in a sparkling mood — you’re too conscious of life’s limitations for that — […]

Cancer Horoscope for August 14

Your mind is focused today, and your back is strong. Whatever you have on your agenda is manageable. Just respect your energy levels. You’re an emotionally sensitive person, which means you need regular breaks. Don’t try to focus on the same task for hours on end. Every hour or two, take ten minutes to stretch, […]

Cancer Horoscope for August 13

Your usual comfort zone may be unavailable in some way today. Maybe your best friend or spouse is busy or out of town, leaving you uncomfortably lonely. Or perhaps you’re stuck at work or on a business trip, when all you want is to be at home, surrounded by your own things. Whatever is going […]

Cancer Horoscope for August 12

It may be difficult not to be argumentative today. You feel some tension now related to trying to preserve routine or tradition. But when it comes down to it, if the only reason you do something a certain way is because that’s how you’ve always done it — well, that reason doesn’t hold much water. […]

Cancer Horoscope for August 11

Life might seem a little, well, bizarre today. But perhaps any strange people or subjects you encounter will end up broadening your horizons. And that’s always a good thing. At the very least, you’ll know what you’re dealing with — so you can articulate why you don’t approve! But even better than that, you might […]

Cancer Horoscope for August 10

You love the quiet, peaceful moments, whether you’re counting clouds in the sky, communing wordlessly with your beloved or being soothed by soft music. No matter how patient you are with the people who make too much noise or move way too fast for you, you’d be totally within your rights if you moved into […]

Cancer Horoscope for August 9

When you’re tallying up all the pluses and minuses, be sure to include yourself in the equation. You’re more than just a placeholder, you know. Admit that you play a crucial role, whether you’re working at high levels of strategy or just tracking the ordinary details. In other words, the life you’re living has its […]

Cancer Horoscope for August 8

What you want and what you need are two different matters, and you’ll swing between the two like a pendulum today. Just remember, you’re the only one who can make this decision. Don’t ask anyone else to do it for you; that wouldn’t be fair. Besides, it’s not such a hard choice. If you really […]

Cancer Horoscope for August 7

Ever see a dog roll over on its back and gaze up at you with those sweet, sad eyes? On some level, you might be that dog, and it might not be so cute. If you let things go too far, today could be a mess of pathetic begging. You really do want someone’s love, […]

Cancer Horoscope for August 6

You’re not exactly timid right now, but they won’t be hearing much from you today. You’re a little selfish with your energy because you don’t know how much longer it’ll last. You’re silent about your data because certain people might use it against you. Is any of this really true? Who knows? But it would […]