Cancer Horoscope for May 27

Don’t be afraid to shout your opinions. And don’t be lazy about showing your emotions, either. Sure, you’ll be stirring up a little trouble, but today it’s the really vocal people who will get all the attention. You’d like some of that, too. So how far will you go? Exactly what kind of trouble are […]

Cancer Horoscope for May 26

You’ll just go on doing it the way you always did it, won’t you? The old ways still work for you, although maybe you’re beginning to see the need for change. For instance, why do you favor isolation over communication? You’re just asking a cold, lonely day if you keep walking those deserted paths while […]

Cancer Horoscope for May 25

You have clear ambitions, but you’re sensitive enough that competition makes you uncomfortable. That dynamic could somehow come into play today. You may have to prove yourself at work, or take the lead in some familial situation, though you fervently wish things would work themselves out. These challenges are good for you, even if they […]

Cancer Horoscope for May 24

Your duties claim your attention today, whether at home or at your place of business. At work, you’re shrewd and calculating, and that’s a good thing. You can’t afford to be sloppy now, or to act on impulse. Careful planning is definitely favored. Of course, it’s hard to sustain that kind of energy and focus. […]

Cancer Horoscope for May 23

Get out of the house today. Find an adventure. This might make you nervous, but it also answers a calling deep within you. Your energy is amplified, and you’re in the mood for something different. There are plenty of safe, contained ways to achieve this, you know. You could try a new restaurant, attend an […]

Cancer Horoscope for May 22

Someone’s reckless thinking sets you on edge, and you want to prove that your view is the right one, or even the only one. But it’s days like this when you should challenge yourself to see things from a new perspective. Don’t limit yourself to status-quo thinking. Get familiar with new ideas and theories, especially […]

Cancer Horoscope for May 21

Excessive living makes you nervous. You’re all about conserving resources, because you know future stability depends on prudence in the present. That’s why a day like today can leave you feeling agitated. You’re sensitive by nature, and when everyone around you seems to be heedless of risk or limits, you get anxious. But try to […]

Cancer Horoscope for May 20

The deep attachment that bonds you with your loved ones feels strong and secure today. You know your love for them is genuine and authentic, and they can feel it, too. No matter what happens you’ll deal with it, because that’s what commitment is all about. Celebrate this truth today, even if you do so […]

Cancer Horoscope for May 19

It’s easy to get absorbed today in whatever you’re doing, whether you’re spending time with your family or involved in a project at work. Your focus is deep and the hours fly by. Before you realize it, it’s evening — and you’ve learned a great deal about yourself, your creativity or some other important aspect […]

Cancer Horoscope for May 18

Why let the little things offend you? Why defend your vanity? That makes about as much sense as starting a feud over which band or soft drink you prefer. Because unless you’re actually employed by that band or soft drink company, it’s mostly about who shouts loudest or blinks last. And that’s playground thinking. Find […]

Cancer Horoscope for May 17

Maybe you’re not comfortable physically or emotionally. You remember what happened the last time you pushed yourself outside of your zone. But why are you so sure the same thing will happen again? Also, showing too much caution or hesitation will make you look wishy-washy. Listen, don’t let these fears consume you, or there won’t […]

Cancer Horoscope for May 16

Your closest connections could use some attention today. This includes personal relationships, such as the bonds you share with a relative or a friend. It also refers to professional connections with a business partner or anyone else with whom you work closely. Getting along is emphasized now. It’s a great time to talk through any […]

Cancer Horoscope for May 15

Punctuality and serenity are two of your greatest strengths today. Most of all, though, you’re taking care of business. For the time being, following the rules helps you get the job done. This doesn’t feel restrictive or oppressive; it just feels right. So keep covering all your bases and checking in with coworkers, family members […]

Cancer Horoscope for May 14

Your loved ones appreciate that you’re currently so focused on their health and safety. You’re making them feel properly cared for, and you can bet that they’ll return the favor sometime when you need it. But that’s not why you’re doing it — and that’s what makes it even more genuine. Today, everyone around you […]

Cancer Horoscope for May 13

Your warmth is unmistakable today. Friends and strangers alike look to you as a safe harbor, because they know they can turn to you for comfort, encouragement and support. But don’t think you have to spend the day being everyone else’s cheerleader. Assert your own needs and agenda, too. You’ll find the world receptive to […]

Cancer Horoscope for May 12

You know you’re trustworthy, but someone else still needs to learn this about you. Today is a good day to show them what you’re all about, because most people are in a positive mood, and everyone is drawn to your natural warmth. Your honesty is proof of your trustworthiness, and your generosity is proof of […]

Cancer Horoscope for May 11

Your security needs are always strong, and today they’re even more so. You may feel most comfortable in familiar surroundings, or with people you love and trust. In settings like this, you can relax and be yourself, which enables you to tend to others’ needs more freely. But if you’re in a new place or […]

Cancer Horoscope for May 10

Emotional issues may come up today, including ones from the past. In general, you’re feeling softer, which could mean more romantic or more vulnerable than usual. In this mood, it’s important to protect yourself, but it’s also a good time to reveal your true feelings, including needs and hurts, to someone. Even if this leads […]

Cancer Horoscope for May 9

Today you’re more aware than ever that you’re linked to tradition. This might be as simple as furniture in your home that was passed down from older relatives, or the family recipes you refer to time and again when you’re wondering what to make for dinner. Or this might be something less tangible. Perhaps you […]

Cancer Horoscope for May 8

Welcome to a fast-paced day, one in which conversations abound. You’ll even find yourself chatting with strangers as you go about your errands and other duties. This is something you may not normally do — but you’re in an amiable mood, and filled with an all-inclusive sense of community. It’s fun to shoot the breeze […]