Cancer Horoscope for December 7

Helping others is a great way to spend your day, and it’s right in line with your sensitive mindset. You can tell if someone near you is sad, worried or lonely today, and you’re happy to lend a strong shoulder and a compassionate ear. You’ve always been good about setting firm personal boundaries, so don’t […]

Cancer Horoscope for December 6

Spend some time with the people you love best today, or reach out to them via phone or email if you can’t be physically together with them. Of course, you’re extra intuitive now, so it feels as if you’re together, even if you’re actually very far away. You’ve always been able to tune in to […]

Cancer Horoscope for December 5

So many people are in sociable moods today, but you aren’t one of them. In fact, you feel more like being alone than ever. Everyone’s getting under your skin, maybe because you’re tired out after recent events. Even going out with friends doesn’t sound appealing. You’d just as soon curl up with a good book. […]

Cancer Horoscope for December 4

You tend to toe the line, bowing to the usual way of doing things and upholding tradition. But sometimes disorder and rebellion are necessary. Every now and again, they’re unavoidable responses to the claustrophobic world that surrounds you. Today you’ll surprise everyone by sticking up for the individual instead of the group. Just don’t act […]

Cancer Horoscope for December 3

It can be a shock when people notice you, and an unpleasant one when they make fun of your behavior. They may mean it all in good fun, but you take it as mocking. And when you tell them to stop, they don’t. You hate disrespectful behavior, but maybe you should take this as a […]

Cancer Horoscope for December 2

Your cautious nature kicks in today in a big way. You aren’t normally given to taking unreasonable chances, and now most risks seem especially uncertain. That’s smart thinking, since right now, reckless acts aren’t favored. Use your strong instincts to help you calculate risks and determine whether or not they’re likely to pay off. You […]

Cancer Horoscope for December 1

You may be in a serious mood today, but that’s okay. You’re just focused on what needs to be done. And you’re finding the best, most efficient and yet thorough way to work through your task list. Good for you! That’s exactly the right use of the current cosmic energy, which helps you tackle big […]

Cancer Horoscope for November 30

There’s an open-minded vibe in effect today that could make you a bit uncomfortable. Lots of people are getting caught up in idealistic visions of what could be, when you’re more concerned with what already exists. You’re just thinking about creating a stable, secure future, as usual. But there’s nothing wrong with a little pie-in-the-sky […]

Cancer Horoscope for November 29

Run-ins are possible today with people whose ideas don’t match your own. If you find yourself enmeshed in an argument about the big stuff — morals, values, ethics — take a step back to gain a broader view. Instead of getting all heated up over specific issues that are meaningful to you, adopt a fresher, […]

Cancer Horoscope for November 28

You’re imbued with rising self-confidence today. You’re filled with a deep, elemental sense of your own power. Being self-assured makes you even more appealing and trustworthy than you already were. And here’s something you may not be aware of: Someone in your life truly believes in you. Whatever you want to accomplish, you can make […]

Cancer Horoscope for November 27

Be sure to seek out affectionate moments with loved ones today. If you’re romantically attached, tenderness could flare slowly into something more exciting. But even platonic affirmations of warmth and love are thrilling now, as they let you know why you’re here — to connect with others at the heart level. If today could last […]

Cancer Horoscope for November 26

Your internal engine is running at peak performance today. You get out of bed like a cat, stretching and appreciating your muscles. Elemental passions are smoldering today — don’t let this opportunity pass you by! There’s too much fun to be had. Instead of burying yourself in your work or family responsibilities, take your sweetie […]

Cancer Horoscope for November 25

The focus today is on your partnerships and personal connections. Friction is making it difficult to get along, and the strain is getting you down. Plus, everyone around you seems to be in a fine and affectionate mood, which only makes you feel worse: You want to join in their fun, but somehow, you can’t. […]

Cancer Horoscope for November 24

You may not feel like being pleasant or courteous today, but a certain situation demands it from you anyway. Fortunately, the good manners instilled in you when you were young will come through now. Training counts for a lot, especially when you can go on automatic pilot when it comes to treating others well. You […]

Cancer Horoscope for November 23

You’re pushing for a definite outcome in a project or relationship, since leaving things open-ended doesn’t appeal to you. But you may be overlooking some element of the overall picture. Perhaps this vague sense of having ignored the obvious is the source of that edgy, keyed-up feeling you have in your gut. The right path […]

Cancer Horoscope for November 22

Sometimes you can be emotionally sensitive, but not today. Now, your mood smoothes out. A grounded, centered feeling is yours if you just tap into it. And that’s easy: Simply determine what needs to be done, and get started. It’s a great day for any projects involving cleaning, organization or research. Tossing out old clothes […]

Cancer Horoscope for November 21

Your innate cautious streak comes to the fore today. You’re conscious of every bit of excess in your finances, your diet or some other realm of life, and you’re ready to trim down to the basics. Identify parts of your lifestyle that could stand a little organization or streamlining. Sit down and make a plan. […]

Cancer Horoscope for November 20

You’re unusually fired up about something today. Instead of keeping your true thoughts to yourself, as you might normally do, you’re unleashing your inner fire. Other people may find this unexpected, since you’re usually a private, self-contained sort of person. But that doesn’t mean you don’t have moments of great passion and bravery! So express […]

Cancer Horoscope for November 19

Your personal talents are on display today. It feels wonderful to express yourself creatively, in whatever way that applies to your lifestyle and skills. Plus, you might receive some recognition for the work you do now. But if that well-deserved recognition doesn’t come, don’t let it affect your good mood. Just keep going, refining your […]

Cancer Horoscope for November 18

Well, look at you. The old nurturing reflex kicked in when you weren’t paying attention, and now you’re back in caretaking mode. Wandering through this state of dreamy acceptance, you give what you have, they all say thank you, and everyone’s happy. In reality, you could be forcing your generosity on those who don’t want […]