Cancer Horoscope for March 26

The world is in a highly emotional space today. For some, this is a vulnerable state to be in, but not you. You actually gain strength from being so in touch with your feelings, and with others’ emotions as well. It’s easy to read people now, because you’re connecting at the heart level instead of […]

Cancer Horoscope for March 25

A tender heart and outlook make you positively sentimental today. Be sure to spend time with someone you love, because that’s what feeds your heart most right now. Serving others soothes your soul, too. Feed your family a home-cooked meal or give a child a hug. Selfless acts have a way of rebounding back to […]

Cancer Horoscope for March 24

Making an emotional connection with others could be difficult today, because many people are in the mood for space and solitude. Maybe it’s a good day to follow your own solitary pursuits. In-depth reading on a fascinating subject is especially interesting now. Just be sure to keep an open mind. Unusual ideas may challenge your […]

Cancer Horoscope for March 23

Someone near you seems to be crossing a boundary today. But before you go wagging your finger at them, check your own feelings. Maybe you’re uncomfortable with what looks like rebellion, but is really creativity at work. The truth is, sometimes, rebellion is necessary and appropriate — no matter how anxious it makes you feel. […]

Cancer Horoscope for March 22

Your loyalty to your bosses and colleagues has always been one of your best traits. Rely on it now to get you through the day. If you feel rebellious against someone’s commands or expectations, remind yourself that compromise is key, for the present. If you can execute your duties faithfully today, you’ll show everyone that […]

Cancer Horoscope for March 21

Listen to your gut — it’s aiming you in the right direction. You’re working even more efficiently than usual, which gives you structure. Is there anything you can’t get done? Even if you’re a rock star at work and home alike, don’t get too cocky. Cancer, listen closely when your coworkers or family try to […]

Cancer Horoscope for March 20

Today could be a little rough, if you let your sensitive side take over. Good thing you’ve also got a remarkable amount of backbone to draw on during times like these. You can actually get a lot done if you put your shoulder down. Focus on work, and show your boss how dedicated you are. […]

Cancer Horoscope for March 19

You want to be strong and in control, not naive and easily duped. You hate when anyone calls you gullible. The problem today is you might be just that. Seal your lips for the time being, lest you give yourself away. Pay attention and make sure you have all the facts before making a move. […]

Cancer Horoscope for March 18

You were too expansive and now you’re out of your comfort zone. No wonder you’re so edgy. You’re still waiting for what should have happened a long time ago, so you’re probably a bit frustrated, too. Things fall apart too easily, and nobody understands a word you say. Well, how would you know that when […]

Cancer Horoscope for March 17

Looking inside is even more revealing today than usual. In fact, now you can delve into any subject with excellent results, especially if the subject is something that holds personal significance for you. So if you have an appointment scheduled with your therapist or you’re going through old boxes of family photos or other mementoes, […]

Cancer Horoscope for March 16

Your deepest feelings are stirred up today. Fortunately, you’re no stranger to deep emotions, and you know how to handle them. If you’re in a stable relationship with a romantic partner, so much the better, but your connection with your best friend or a beloved family member is important now, too. It’s good to talk […]

Cancer Horoscope for March 15

If you’re involved in a relationship of any sort, today could present some beautiful and intense moments for you and your partner — or you could find yourselves locked in a battle that’s both overwhelming and confusing. Obviously, you should strive for the former! Focus on what you love and respect about each other. If […]

Cancer Horoscope for March 14

Togetherness and harmony are even more important today than usual. But any feelings of irritation or resentment lurking beneath the surface of your relationships could mar an otherwise lovely day. Bottling up your feelings rarely works out. You have to process them in your own way, whether that means talking them out or withdrawing until […]

Cancer Horoscope for March 13

Focus today on making your home attractive, comfortable and balanced. That might mean clearing up clutter or hanging a new print on the wall. It might also mean resolving an issue with your sweetheart or house mate that’s been making things tense between you. If you do have to talk out a problem today, do […]

Cancer Horoscope for March 12

Today you’re filled with a quiet sense of competency. Whatever life brings, you trust yourself to handle it. This brings smooth serenity. Your professional associates and loved ones also find you reliable. Your presence alone helps them feel more secure, because they know you’re trustworthy. You may have to fill in gaps left by someone […]

Cancer Horoscope for March 11

Your daily routines bring you a great deal of comfort today. Emotional security is important to you, and now a sense of stability comes from simple things like hard work, a balanced meal and good sleep at night. If you haven’t been taking care of yourself lately, it’s a good day to get back on […]

Cancer Horoscope for March 10

Sometimes it’s nice just to go with the program, comforted that the script you’re following is tried and true. Today the rules nurture you. Challenging the status quo doesn’t feel right. You’re also not particularly interested in performing above expectations. You’re most comfortable operating in the middle of things. Orderly living will divide today into […]

Cancer Horoscope for March 9

A certain peacefulness has descended on you today. You patiently tend to your work, your projects and your relationships. You’d like more time to do things the old-fashioned way. You’re more connected to your traditional values than usual. So live by them. Forget about efficiency, no matter what your employer or colleagues might tell you. […]

Cancer Horoscope for March 8

You’re too prudent to overspend. This might not always be true; at other times and in other places, you might deem it more important to be comfortable or generous than to guard your pocketbook. But for right now, there’s no burning desire pushing you to purchase or consume. In fact, you feel kind of quiet […]

Cancer Horoscope for March 7

You’re in the mood to get something important accomplished. Follow your instincts, but integrate your resources carefully. This is just a one-day trial, you know. It’s a great time to move forward on a project or in a relationship, but you do so with plenty of planning and foresight. The most important thing here is […]