Cancer Horoscope for November 28

Getting together with friends seems like a good idea today — at least, until someone’s comment gets under your skin, where it rankles and burns. They probably didn’t mean anything by it. Take the gracious route by letting your friend off the hook. And try not to be so sensitive. If they said something truly […]

Cancer Horoscope for November 27

This could turn out to be a frustrating day as annoyances mount up. You do have some control over your mood, however. For one thing, you can disconnect, gently but firmly, from anything or anyone that irritates you. This will help you concentrate on more positive things. Get together with a supportive friend who can […]

Cancer Horoscope for November 26

In a friendship or an intimate relationship, you’ve been fighting an old, tired battle for some time now. Today might feel like a crucial moment, when it’s critical for you to maintain your position — but in reality, it’s time to call a truce, lay down your arms and push for peace. A new horizon […]

Cancer Horoscope for November 25

Taking care of business takes the spotlight today. You’re making every effort to stay focused on your goal — finishing a project, perhaps, or getting all your work completed in time for dinner with your family. This could be tough, since you’re setting high standards for yourself. But you’re also accessing your inner strength, which […]

Cancer Horoscope for November 24

Efficiency and dedication are important today. Fortunately, you’re a loyal, responsible person by nature. Tapping into that part of your personality shouldn’t be difficult. The current influence enhances your sense of ambition and makes you feel even more focused than usual on your future goals. Just do your best to stay realistic in your plans. […]

Cancer Horoscope for November 23

Today’s events may conspire to push you outside your comfort zone. This isn’t a bad thing, in itself. In fact, it’s a good exercise for you to go through every now and then — just to remind you that you’re capable of adapting to changing circumstances when necessary! But that doesn’t mean you’re going to […]

Cancer Horoscope for November 22

It’s a good day for traveling, or for making plans to travel in the future. It’s also a good day to learn something new and interesting. You may already realize what these things have in common: They’re both about exposing yourself to something new. That’s key right now. Even if a certain idea that’s unfamiliar […]

Cancer Horoscope for November 21

Spending time with a close friend or your sweetheart could get intense today. You’re feeling everything so deeply, including the heart-to-heart bonds you share with others. For better or for worse, you’re a caring, committed kind of person. The experience of loving someone enriches you. Capitalize on this now. Share something you’ve been holding back, […]

Cancer Horoscope for November 20

Your instinctive understanding of others’ feelings and needs is heightened today. Your capacity for compassion and healing is enhanced by your ability to see deeply into people — beyond their claims and protests and evasions, to the true feelings within their souls. This makes you a wise and caring friend. And lots of people could […]

Cancer Horoscope for November 19

You might be unsure of yourself today. That would explain the shifty gaze and evasive answers. And if you don’t know what to expect from others, you might be easily offended when your guard is down. Sure, there are all kinds of things that will rub you the wrong way, but it’s probably not as […]

Cancer Horoscope for November 18

Why let the little things offend you? Why defend your vanity? That makes about as much sense as starting a feud over which band or soft drink you prefer. Because unless you’re actually employed by that band or soft drink company, it’s mostly about who shouts loudest or blinks last. And that’s playground thinking. Find […]

Cancer Horoscope for November 17

Maybe you’re not comfortable physically or emotionally. You remember what happened the last time you pushed yourself outside of your zone. But why are you so sure the same thing will happen again? Also, showing too much caution or hesitation will make you look wishy-washy. Listen, don’t let these fears consume you, or there won’t […]

Cancer Horoscope for November 16

Intimate secrets ought to stay hidden. You probably feel that way about yours, anyway. So if you happen to be there when someone else’s juicy details leak out, don’t be so quick to share that stuff with the gossip hounds. Yes, you know people like that, and maybe you’ve been one. Today, be a shining […]

Cancer Horoscope for November 15

You have your subtle ways with prospective friends, lovers or clients. Be proactive, but act appropriately. First make them feel at home in a nourishing environment. Then examine them casually, checking them out from the corner of your eye as they answer your polite questions. You’ll have today to collect most of the information you […]

Cancer Horoscope for November 14

You know you’re trustworthy, but someone else still needs to learn this about you. Today is a good day to show them what you’re all about, because most people are in a positive mood, and everyone is drawn to your natural warmth. Your honesty is proof of your trustworthiness, and your generosity is proof of […]

Cancer Horoscope for November 13

Your heart is as warm today as always, but you’re feeling more outgoing than usual. Get out of your cozy, familiar habitat and mingle with other people. Your creativity is also high now, and interacting with others can really stimulate your imagination. Whether on canvas or in your own mind, you paint vivid pictures of […]

Cancer Horoscope for November 12

You’re generous with your time and affection today, and anything else you have to spare. This generosity stems not only from the feelings of contentment and confidence within you, but also from a bit of vulnerability that exists there, too. You want others’ warmth and approval, so you’re giving out your own, lavishly. That’s the […]

Cancer Horoscope for November 11

Today you’re more aware than ever that you’re linked to tradition. This might be as simple as furniture in your home that was passed down from older relatives, or the family recipes you refer to time and again when you’re wondering what to make for dinner. Or this might be something less tangible. Perhaps you […]

Cancer Horoscope for November 10

Today, you’re very much in your element. You may feel saturated with emotion from the moment you wake up. Your dreams might be pregnant with feeling, too. Stories on the news or in the paper might bring up unexpectedly deep reactions. But this is actually a pleasurable experience for you — living from this entirely […]

Cancer Horoscope for November 9

Welcome to a lively, interesting day — if you tap into the playful energy currently at work. Of course, you might feel as if fun isn’t an option, if you have too much on your to-do list. You’ll probably have plenty of interactions with other people, because communication is highlighted now. Be as flexible as […]