Cancer Horoscope for September 2

A nervous feeling settles in today. You may sense that you’re going to have to step in and be the one who keeps things grounded and sane, because the people around you may seem a little flakey. But there’s a difference between recklessness and blowing off steam. Cut others some slack. In fact, why not […]

Cancer Horoscope for September 1

Many people are in bright, sunny, impulsive moods today, and their recklessness makes you nervous. You might wish people would just follow the rules, or adhere to your expectations. But rules were made to be broken, and expectations were made to be challenged! Do your best to get into this playful, rebellious energy today. You […]

Cancer Horoscope for August 31

Feelings intensify today, as the current influence deepens emotions and brings life to a highly subjective plane. Some people may have trouble with this, but you actually enjoy it. Feeling your way through a relationship, a problem or anything else is your strong point. It’s how you operate on a normal basis. Now your intuition […]

Cancer Horoscope for August 30

Today you’re in your element. Every experience you have hits you at an emotional level. Every relationship you’re in fulfills an important role in your life, and you feel deeply connected with your loved ones. Intimacy is easy under the current influence. All you have to do is reach out your arms for a hug, […]

Cancer Horoscope for August 29

It’s easy to romanticize your relationships today, and overlook certain, very real problems within those relationships. It’s natural to want to avoid conflict, but sometimes, that’s not possible. In fact, intimacy relies on the ability to openly disagree with a partner. Your connection is strengthened by working through these obstacles. If you stay quiet when […]

Cancer Horoscope for August 28

Your personal and professional partnerships are highlighted today. You may have reached an impasse with your business partner or your sweetheart — some issue about which you both feel passionately that your own perspective is the right one. Under the current energy, it’s important to make an effort to see the other person’s side of […]

Cancer Horoscope for August 27

You’re solution-oriented and proud of it. Well, good for you. But some of this stuff can run on autopilot while you’re busy with other things. Your problems might even solve themselves while you’re out there putting your shoulder to someone else’s wheel. Yes, you’re keeping a lot of balls in the air above all the […]

Cancer Horoscope for August 26

Welcome to a day of balanced energy. Manifest your favorite reality, and feel free to get lost in the fine points. If you’re going to all the trouble of making your own world, you deserve to enjoy every little detail. But don’t ignore others as you wander through the richness of personal creation. They’re not […]

Cancer Horoscope for August 25

Today it’s both helpful and easy to get into a steady rhythm. Sticking to your daily routine is one good way to do that, since it’s a rhythm you’re already familiar with. Another way is simply to assess what you need to accomplish and then get the job done. You’re sensible enough to make a […]

Cancer Horoscope for August 24

You’re feeling a bit vulnerable, as if you’re emerging from your dim, comfortable home into bright, blaring sunlight. Just as your eyes might water and sting in that moment, they could well up today, too. It’s hard to keep your emotions in check around certain people — those whose vanity has hurt you in the […]

Cancer Horoscope for August 23

You may be avoiding your work today. Don’t miss important deadlines, but it’s probably okay to cut yourself some slack, at least a little. Normally you’re quite a hard worker, but your heart’s just not in it today. You’re better off getting out of your office chair and going to have some fun for a […]

Cancer Horoscope for August 22

Today you’re imbued with even greater emotional strength than usual. It’s one of the things other people admire about you most. But it’s most apparent on days like today, when you’re compassionate, caring, sensitive and filled with strength, all at once. Helping others is easy when you feel so centered. Nurturing someone is as easy […]

Cancer Horoscope for August 21

It’s a sentimental day. You might feel especially sweet on your honey or your kids, or a certain song on the radio might bring tears to your eyes, out of the blue. It’s also one of those days when the past and the present blend in a haze of nostalgia. Go ahead and indulge in […]

Cancer Horoscope for August 20

Whatever you have on your agenda for today, take a compassionate approach. Speak to people from the heart, even if you’re dealing with a logical matter. Many people are feeling emotionally vulnerable at the moment. They’ll appreciate your kindness and authenticity. Don’t be surprised if you end up in a position to give someone advice […]

Cancer Horoscope for August 19

It’s a great day for reading, writing and talking. Communication takes center stage, but this doesn’t have to mean verbal exchanges with another person. You could also write a blog post or journal entry, if you’re so inclined. Reading books or articles and discussing them is especially fun now, not to mention revealing. Interact with […]

Cancer Horoscope for August 18

Today, a lighthearted, playful mood sets in. Staying home, especially alone, just doesn’t appeal. You want to get out and greet the world. You’ll probably find yourself chatting with strangers as you run errands, even if you’re normally a shy type. And at work, you’ll talk and laugh with your coworkers, which could easily get […]

Cancer Horoscope for August 17

Domestic activities call your attention today. You’re in the mood to be at home, or at least in familiar surroundings. Relax with people you love and trust. Your family centers you, and grounds you in good feelings. Hugging them is important. Something about the sense of touch is very soothing right now. But if they’re […]

Cancer Horoscope for August 16

You’re traditional by nature, but today, time-honored methods and values mean even more to you than usual. Taking the tried-and-true path toward any goal feels like a solid choice. And stability counts for a lot now, too. So focus on building up a relationship or a system in your life such as career or your […]

Cancer Horoscope for August 15

Your moods smooth out, creating a beautifully even-tempered day. You have a tranquil, practical outlook that helps you manage anything and everything that comes up. Even problems aren’t much of a snag. It’s easier than usual to be sensible and realistic. You’re making solid choices and good decisions now. Any systems or projects you set […]

Cancer Horoscope for August 14

Work hard today, but work smart, too. Everyone who knows you can see and appreciate your natural leadership qualities. Today, though, you could come across as bossy or controlling. You’re just trying to get things done, of course, but instead of issuing orders to family members or coworkers, focus on teamwork. Delegate tasks, and trust […]