Cancer Horoscope for September 19

There’s a party going on down the street, but you’re not there. Instead, you’re holed up at home with the things that bring you comfort. You don’t mind having what others might consider a dull day. You just want to feel safe, so draw inspiration from quiet, soothing sources, while other people party on. If […]

Cancer Horoscope for September 18

Honor your family, your home or your past in some way. You might spend time with an elderly relative and talk about the old days. Or look at old photographs and remember how your life used to be. You’ve come a long way, haven’t you? Spend some time thinking about your roots and your earlier […]

Cancer Horoscope for September 17

Your past, present and future merge today into one continuous thread. For better or for worse, the people and places you came from have made you who you are. There’s a lot of meaning in that for you now. You can see that your roots don’t hold you back. Rather, they support you, and allow […]

Cancer Horoscope for September 16

A new personal cycle begins for you today. This might be obvious: You’re feeling emotional, but not moody. Serenity is yours, whether you’re content, worried or sad. But odds are, you’re in a good mood. You feel capable and strong, and you’re looking forward to the next several weeks. Make a goal for the next […]

Cancer Horoscope for September 15

Life moves at a fast pace today. Do your best to keep up with it — without wearing yourself out! You’re sensitive to energy fluctuations, so if you start feeling irritable, it probably means you need some time alone. Of course, your racing thoughts could prevent you from taking a nap. Do your best to […]

Cancer Horoscope for September 14

Welcome to a fast-paced day, one in which conversations abound. You’ll even find yourself chatting with strangers as you go about your errands and other duties. This is something you may not normally do — but you’re in an amiable mood, and filled with an all-inclusive sense of community. It’s fun to shoot the breeze […]

Cancer Horoscope for September 13

Connect today with the people and pets you care about most. Hugs and other tangible forms of affection feel especially good now. It’s important to connect on this level of the bodily senses. That includes food, too. A meal shared with good friends is balm for the soul! Anything you do now that helps you […]

Cancer Horoscope for September 12

Emotional stability is yours today, if you want it. A sense of inner peace is wonderfully grounding now. Since you’re so centered on the inside, it’s easy to deal with outside issues in a calm, levelheaded way. And best of all, the people around you will be soothed by your obvious composure. You can set […]

Cancer Horoscope for September 11

It feels like everyone around you is demanding something of you. And what about your own needs and projects? You want to accomplish something, too. If you’re feeling overburdened, take a step back and consider what’s truly important today. If your own to-do list takes precedence over others’ requests, make your apologies and get to […]

Cancer Horoscope for September 10

You could become irritable today. Perhaps it’s just everyone’s high spirits rubbing up against your own surge in energy, but you may feel frazzled and worn out before the day is half over. If so, be sure to take a few minutes alone to breathe deeply. Some exercise is a good idea now, too, or […]

Cancer Horoscope for September 9

Today isn’t about making big, aggressive moves toward your goals. It’s about a holistic understanding of your limits and your gifts in this world, and using them in a way that helps many and hurts none. Though you might speak softly now, your creativity is quite eloquent. In fact, somehow, you’re glowing from the inside. […]

Cancer Horoscope for September 8

Soft, warm, receptive, compassionate — that’s how you’re feeling today. You’re seeing the world through a haze of sympathy and affection and want to nurture other people, because you know you can. But you’ve still got your sharp perceptions, and that’s a wonderful balance. You’ll tackle any projects on your to-do list with inspired energy, […]

Cancer Horoscope for September 7

For someone so sensitive and perceptive, you can be pretty obtuse when you want to be. During tricky periods like this one, when your mood is off and your energy is a bit low, that’s just one of your strategies. Nobody wants to look outside the box, which drives you nuts — and that’s weird, […]

Cancer Horoscope for September 6

You’re tired of this apprehensive feeling you’ve had. Complaints are getting to you and making you nervous. How do you want to play it? Today, you’ll either clam up or refuse to sit down. The first option might be your usual instinct — when there’s trouble, you usually withdraw for protection. But when you’re up […]

Cancer Horoscope for September 5

Family or work responsibilities may weigh heavily on you today. If life feels a little overwhelming, try to keep putting one foot in front of the other. Hiding from your duties won’t work. They’ll still be there later, only they’ll be even more pressing. So find a systematic approach to working through them, and then […]

Cancer Horoscope for September 4

It’s a good day to work tirelessly toward a concrete goal, such as finding a job, getting a promotion or increasing the size of your nest egg. Anything you do today that increases your long-term financial security is favored. But do your homework. Before committing to a savings or investment plan, research it thoroughly so […]

Cancer Horoscope for September 3

Lots of people are in a freewheeling, experimental mood today. They’re letting their minds roam. But you might easily react against their philosophies and actually narrow your own thinking. That’s not a good thing! Broad-ranging ideas are favored now. If a new concept makes you uncomfortable, that’s an indication that you should explore it further. […]

Cancer Horoscope for September 2

A nervous feeling settles in today. You may sense that you’re going to have to step in and be the one who keeps things grounded and sane, because the people around you may seem a little flakey. But there’s a difference between recklessness and blowing off steam. Cut others some slack. In fact, why not […]

Cancer Horoscope for September 1

Many people are in bright, sunny, impulsive moods today, and their recklessness makes you nervous. You might wish people would just follow the rules, or adhere to your expectations. But rules were made to be broken, and expectations were made to be challenged! Do your best to get into this playful, rebellious energy today. You […]

Cancer Horoscope for August 31

Feelings intensify today, as the current influence deepens emotions and brings life to a highly subjective plane. Some people may have trouble with this, but you actually enjoy it. Feeling your way through a relationship, a problem or anything else is your strong point. It’s how you operate on a normal basis. Now your intuition […]