Cancer Horoscope for April 1

The warm smiles of the past couple of days fade to a coy glance. You’re feeling just a little bit shyer and a touch more guarded. You’ll connect warmly with the people you know best and trust most, but you’re somewhat reserved with strangers and new acquaintances. And this is fine, for now. You have […]

Cancer Horoscope for March 31

You move efficiently throughout your day, rising gracefully to any challenges and meeting the demands of your job or family. This is like flexing the muscles of your mind. Whatever comes up, you deal with it, and you do so calmly and with confidence, because you know you can handle it. On other days when […]

Cancer Horoscope for March 30

Spend time with children today, or engage in playful activities to access your own inner child. No matter what age or maturity level you might be, it’s perfectly appropriate to kick back now and have some fun. Normally you’re a private person, but you might be in the mood to ham it up a little. […]

Cancer Horoscope for March 29

Head outdoors today, if the weather permits. At the very least, sit by the window midday and soak up some natural light. Simple pleasures like a bit of sun, a brightly colored painting or a bouquet of flowers can brighten your whole day. You can return the favor to other people by gracing them with […]

Cancer Horoscope for March 28

Tap into the mysterious power of ancestral forces, whatever your history happens to be. Dig a deep well to help you channel those myths. But be deliberate about how you use these discoveries, whether they’re photos, memoirs or a feeling that you get in your heart. You need to show respect and devotion, not mockery. […]

Cancer Horoscope for March 27

You obviously know your way around here. But don’t let the familiar lull you into a daydream of false security. Being accustomed to something should help you use it in new ways. Spend today reviewing the little details that only you can fully appreciate. After that, be ready to spring your surprise. Of course, it […]

Cancer Horoscope for March 26

Absorb whatever comes your way today. You have the business savvy to use it later on this month, but only if you can figure out how. Have you noticed how strongly your creativity and intuition are running? That’s where your power is now. Nurture your strengths while taking care not to expose your weaknesses. There […]

Cancer Horoscope for March 25

There’s no question about your versatility at the moment. You’re feeling strong and in tune with yourself. You have a message, and you know exactly what it is. In fact, you might feel so centered that you’re actually concerned about wasting your talents. Try not to worry about this. Today represents a brief waiting period […]

Cancer Horoscope for March 24

Sometimes you hold your feelings inside, or only talk them out with close, trusted friends. But other times, like now, you’re a verbal force in an otherwise silent world. You know what you want to say, for once, and how to say it. Concentrate on a single message, so that everyone else gets what you’re […]

Cancer Horoscope for March 23

Now you’re feeling deeply balanced. Things just seem right, somehow. Even if you have problems to deal with or hard work ahead of you, you can handle it. And that’s what it’s all about, isn’t it? Knowing you can catch the curve balls life throws your way. On a day like this, though, there shouldn’t […]

Cancer Horoscope for March 22

Practical thinking shouldn’t be difficult for you today. Normally your emotions might color your perspective, but now you’re deeply in touch with reality, which enables you to set aside your feelings, if need be, to get the job done. This might seem like a highly mechanical way of operating, but sometimes, that’s a real benefit! […]

Cancer Horoscope for March 21

Your goals are firm in your mind today, and you may be able to tap into the energy burst that many people are feeling under the current influence. But be sure to pace yourself, because this energy is the fast-burning kind. Especially if you have a tough or complicated job ahead of you, you could […]

Cancer Horoscope for March 20

It’s a great day to get a lot accomplished, because you feel strong and determined. But in some cases, you may be a little too powerful! You’re willing to stand up for yourself if necessary, but under the current influence, it’s quite possible to overreact. Many people are more prone to jumping to conclusions right […]

Cancer Horoscope for March 19

You’re in touch today with the best parts of your own nature: your compassion, your capacity to understand and forgive others, and your ability to nurture the people you adore. People can sense your warmth from a mile away, so don’t be surprised if acquaintances and even strangers come to you for advice or support. […]

Cancer Horoscope for March 18

Hosting people at your house is a good idea today, because you’re in a homey mood, and you want everyone to be comfortable. Tap into your nurturing side by making good food for everyone. Plump the cushions on the couch so there’s a nice place for people to sit. These little touches apply if you […]

Cancer Horoscope for March 17

You might start off the day in a strange or grouchy mood, but spending time with people you care about will help you mellow into something sweeter. Part of the problem today is that you perceive a distance between yourself and your loved ones. There’s an emotional aloofness that sets you on edge, because you’re […]

Cancer Horoscope for March 16

If you take on a big project this week, you could feel exhausted as you try to push through it. Problems could erupt at home, too, if you try your usual, tried-and-true methods for getting things done. The problem is, the old ways just aren’t working today. The universe is challenging you to think in […]

Cancer Horoscope for March 15

You’ll defend what you believe in, although a good friend might point out that what you believe in seems to change with the seasons. But listen, if it matters to you, it’s worth doing, right? Hey, you might even give up a few of your luxuries for a day or so. Is this the decisive […]

Cancer Horoscope for March 14

Your cautious nature kicks in today in a big way. You aren’t normally given to taking unreasonable chances, and now most risks seem especially uncertain. That’s smart thinking, since right now, reckless acts aren’t favored. Use your strong instincts to help you calculate risks and determine whether or not they’re likely to pay off. You […]

Cancer Horoscope for March 13

Values and principles are highlighted today. One of your deepest beliefs may be challenged by someone in conversation, or perhaps by something you see with your own eyes. This could be a tough experience, but it’s not one you should try to avoid. How can you be secure in your beliefs if they’re never tested? […]