Cancer Horoscope for July 21

You may feel water-logged with emotion today, but you don’t have to turn passive and moody. Instead, tap into the power of your own feelings. Your emotional side makes you strong, after all. It’s who you are, at your core: your caring, generous, family-oriented self. If you connect with your feelings now, you’ll know which […]

Cancer Horoscope for July 20

Pull out your journal and write down your thoughts about the past few weeks, and any concerns you have about the weeks to come. All sorts of emotions and memories, both sweet and difficult, are coming up for you now. The door to the past is open, especially if you have plans to get together […]

Cancer Horoscope for July 19

There are times when you act very mature, but today you’ll show youthful spirit. Of course, you may have the attention span to match, but this comes with the territory. You can’t expect adult behavior from children. As long as you understand this, you’ll be fine. Don’t promise the impossible today when someone asks you […]

Cancer Horoscope for July 18

Your energy is strong and you’re feeling solid. Don’t take unnecessary risks; instead, play it safe for today, but do so with confidence. You’re building toward a wonderful future, and establishing it on a foundation of consistency. Any opportunities you accept now will be carefully calculated, based on sound thinking and steadfast values. In short, […]

Cancer Horoscope for July 17

Soon you’ll get a chance to amaze everyone around you, but that future success depends on some careful planning today. Whatever you’re working on, make conservative estimates regarding what you’ll you’ll need, and the results you expect to achieve. Be reasonable and restrained. In fact, it’s better to pursue humble aspirations rather than grand schemes, […]

Cancer Horoscope for July 16

Civilization is too much with you now. Walls and straight lines are making you apprehensive. So much for appreciating architecture and urban planning. What’s up with all this wildness, anyway? You’re a free spirit in need of some elbow room, or a hunted animal trying to escape the hounds? Your answer to that question might […]

Cancer Horoscope for July 15

Uh-oh. There’s that nose in the air again. There’s that disapproving look on your face. You’re about to extend you claws and say something catty, aren’t you? Retract and remain aloof. To use another animal kingdom metaphor, waspish outbursts will invite stinging retorts today. But either way, quiet or noisy, reexamine your behavior. Leave the […]

Cancer Horoscope for July 14

Today’s cosmic energy is subtle, but you’re emotionally attuned enough to sense its effects. Your dreams might be more vivid, or they might affect you at a deeper emotional level than usual. In this state, it can be hard to distinguish between fantasy and reality! And yet, it’s kind of fun when that veil thins […]

Cancer Horoscope for July 13

Like lots of people, you’re feeling extra sensitive today. Many experience this through a pervasive sense of melancholy or worry. But your sensitivity may actually be the type that benefits everyone. You can pick up on others’ feelings and needs without having to be told explicitly. If someone close to you is sad or anxious, […]

Cancer Horoscope for July 12

Spend time in familiar places today, surrounded by people you love and trust. Your energy may be a bit low, though your mood is likely to be pleasant. There’s nothing better now than sharing a hug with a good friend, or connecting in any way that affirms your mutual affection. You may find yourself serving […]

Cancer Horoscope for July 11

Warmth and intimacy are important to you. But today, they’re harder to come by than usual. Most people are quite outwardly friendly, but you sense a subtle barrier between you that’s keeping you apart. The truth is, many folks are preoccupied today. When you’re stuck in your head, working through a problem or an interesting […]

Cancer Horoscope for July 10

It’s a good day to work alongside other people toward a common goal. If your heart is really in it, you’ll put in tireless effort on behalf of the group. Of course, that could also get in the way of cooperating with the other people involved. The more meaningful a certain endeavor is to you, […]

Cancer Horoscope for July 9

Today, serious doubts creep into your consciousness about money and the future. Suddenly, you’re feeling worried, especially if you know you’ve been living outside your means recently. But don’t waste too much time feeling pessimistic about your current financial or career status. Instead, sit down and make a plan to pay off any credit card […]

Cancer Horoscope for July 8

Devote yourself today to creating a secure future for yourself and your loved ones. Whether that means putting money in the bank, cleaning your home or office, or taking care of business and personal relationships, you’re all over it. If outer circumstances don’t force you to take charge of these matters, your ‘inner parent’ will. […]

Cancer Horoscope for July 7

Your business or romantic partner’s feelings are a bit bruised today. You’re generally so sensitive to others’ feelings, and you certainly don’t want to hurt anyone — but could this be at least partly your fault? In your own mind, you may be in the right. But is it possible that you said something tactless […]

Cancer Horoscope for July 6

Your habits and customs mean a lot to you, but today it’s apparent that they only bind you to the past. There are many more reasons for you to change than excuses not to, so no more resisting. It’s time to get on board. Identify which parts of your life aren’t working, and resolve to […]

Cancer Horoscope for July 5

It’s time to stop hiding the truth. You’ve been working hard at making up plausible, believable stories, and it’s starting to compromise your health. It just doesn’t feel right to be so guarded. And what are you trying so hard to protect, anyway? Whatever it is, when it comes down to it, it’s better just […]

Cancer Horoscope for July 4

Familiar places and faces bring you great comfort today. Share your thoughts and feelings with someone you trust, whether in person or in a letter, email or phone call. Doing so is sharing your very soul — the best, most personal gift you can give to a friend. They’ll want to do the same, too. […]

Cancer Horoscope for July 3

Life could get a little complex today. But it’s the kind of complexity you enjoy, and certainly the kind you can handle. A heart-to-heart talk brings you closer to someone. It feels good to listen and offer them advice, or even an apology, if need be. After all, knowing another person on an emotional level […]

Cancer Horoscope for July 2

Your strength lies in your unflinching emotional courage. And today, you’re quite courageous, in a quiet, personal and steadfast way. Whatever feelings well up now, you’re ready to experience them. If an issue arises with a friend or family member, you want to work it out. Even if this means inspecting your own behavior and […]