Cancer Horoscope for July 30

Life seems a little confusing at the moment, but you can handle any gray areas. Just focus on putting one foot ahead of the other. Maybe you won’t be as creative as usual, but sometimes, the best you can do is get through the day. If you work quietly through this rough patch, you’ll come […]

Cancer Horoscope for July 29

Important work may mean long hours at the office. For someone so tied to home life, this is a tall order. Still, view it as a challenge, and rise to the occasion. You can prove to everyone — including yourself — that you can tough it out through life’s little rough spots. Of course, most […]

Cancer Horoscope for July 28

You want financial security and comfort, but you can’t be all things to all people. If you try, you’ll run yourself ragged, and then no one will be happy. Calm down, and try not to smother people so much — just focus on your own needs for a while. You’ll get a lot accomplished today […]

Cancer Horoscope for July 27

Being outspoken is okay, but if you’re overbearing about your opinions, well, maybe that’s not so okay after all. And Cancer, that kind of controlling behavior is likely today. Maybe you’re feeling out of control and compensating with rigid, conservative thinking? It’s possible, especially if people start laughing at your attitude or demands. If so, […]

Cancer Horoscope for July 26

Life feels frenzied at the moment. You’re at the center of it all, trying to keep your head up and your feet planted. Could you be creating some of the chaos yourself? That’s likely. It’s also possible that you’re gripping too tightly. Whatever it is you’re grasping, either you’re destined to let it go, or […]

Cancer Horoscope for July 25

You’re feeling things deeply today, both sweet emotions and difficult ones. The best use of today’s intense energy is for connecting with the people you love best — those friends and family members whom you trust implicitly and love from the bottom of your heart. Lean on these people today, Cancer. And try not to […]

Cancer Horoscope for July 24

You’re a private person, one who doesn’t let others in very easily. Today, though, you may be feeling even more secretive and private than usual. This is no problem, especially since no feeling lasts forever. By tomorrow, a festive spirit will grip you in all its fervor and excitement. So enjoy your cocoon today, Cancer, […]

Cancer Horoscope for July 23

It’s easy to romanticize your relationships today, and overlook certain, very real problems within those relationships. It’s natural to want to avoid conflict, but sometimes, that’s not possible. In fact, intimacy relies on the ability to openly disagree with a partner. Your connection is strengthened by working through these obstacles. If you stay quiet when […]

Cancer Horoscope for July 22

You think of yourself as a nurturer and protector, and you take care of other people in ways they may not even realize. But many people also care for you in ways you may not realize, too. Focus today on your intimate partnerships, and reflect on how blessed you are to have these people in […]

Cancer Horoscope for July 21

Look around at the places where you spend most of your time. Make these spaces more comfortable and attractive today. You want your living and work areas to reflect your personality, so paint the walls in your favorite color or purchase soft pillows or wall hangings that make the room more appealing for everyone who […]

Cancer Horoscope for July 20

You take great comfort in your routine today. It brings you a sense of inner security to know the steps you’ll follow as you work through the day’s tasks. Familiar faces you see along the way also bolster that sense of security. These are the small, seemingly insignificant details that make up the landscape of […]

Cancer Horoscope for July 19

Careful, steady progress is the name of your game today. Crossing your t’s and dotting your i’s brings you a satisfying sense of completion. Doing a job thoroughly — even something mundane, such as folding the laundry or mowing the yard — makes you feel calm and in control of your life. Then, you can […]

Cancer Horoscope for July 18

A warm, affectionate mood makes you extra generous today. You want everyone you know to enjoy themselves, and you’ll certainly enjoy their company. It’s a great time to get people together for a meal or a party. Some folks might be in fine form, telling tall tales and boasting about their exploits. That’s okay. It’s […]

Cancer Horoscope for July 17

A surge in vigor and vitality freshens up your outlook today. It’s a great time to make your mark on the world. You have a clear sense of what you want to do or create, and you’re feeling extra confident. Though normally you aren’t one to take unnecessary risks, now you’re bold enough to take […]

Cancer Horoscope for July 16

Extra energy burns within you today, but if you have a day jam-packed with interactions with other people, you’re likely to feel worn out by evening. There’s only so far that a cosmic energy boost can take you! In the meantime, use it for all it’s worth. If you have a presentation to make, draw […]

Cancer Horoscope for July 15

You can feel it in your heart as well as your belly — your life is beginning again. You feel centered and renewed, ready to move forward in some important way. Go ahead and dare to be bold – and use the lessons from last round. It’s not like you’re tackling this with zero experience […]

Cancer Horoscope for July 14

When it comes to life, you’re used to taking the safe route. You’ve made mistakes in the past, and you’d prefer to learn from them. But today, dare to merge custom with innovation. It’s more than okay now to try something new — doing so is sure to lead to success. You have a gut […]

Cancer Horoscope for July 13

You’re really humming on a project, and your fertile creativity bears fruit once again. What a good feeling — to know you put in the effort and reaped the rewards. Still, even if you want all the glory for yourself, be sure to stay open to other people’s input. Making this a group effort will […]

Cancer Horoscope for July 12

You want to conclude today’s business with a smile and a sigh of relief, but a happy ending seems just out of reach. Fate might keep teasing you for another day. Try not to lose heart over these last-minute setbacks. Stretch yourself to rise to each new challenge, and ask for the assistance and support […]

Cancer Horoscope for July 11

Your emotions will be planting all kinds of wild seeds today, which could turn into a problem when you have such a fertile imagination. Be careful what you spread around and especially about what could be taking root down in the darkness of your unconscious mind. You’re already tending such a beautiful garden. It’s the […]