Cancer Horoscope for May 6

Emotional stability is yours today, if you want it. A sense of inner peace is wonderfully grounding now. Since you’re so centered on the inside, it’s easy to deal with outside issues in a calm, levelheaded way. And best of all, the people around you will be soothed by your obvious composure. You can set […]

Cancer Horoscope for May 5

Domestic activities call your attention today. You’re in the mood to be at home, or at least in familiar surroundings. Relax with people you love and trust. Your family centers you, and grounds you in good feelings. Hugging them is important. Something about the sense of touch is very soothing right now. But if they’re […]

Cancer Horoscope for May 4

Yesterday’s serene, tuned-in mood has vanished like smoke, replaced today by actual fire. You feel scattered and frazzled, and perhaps defensive. Anyone who gets in your way today could feel the brunt of your mood, unless you take special care to rein in your angry feelings. And what are you so upset about, anyway? Maybe […]

Cancer Horoscope for May 3

You hate it when you’re forced to act against your will or before you’re good and ready. And let’s not even get into delays! You like to determine your own schedule, not have it dictated by circumstances or the demands of others. But you may have to put up with what you don’t like today. […]

Cancer Horoscope for May 2

At the moment, your heart and mind are quietly untroubled. Today you’re as peaceful as a dove and helpful as a child, which means you’re content to let others run the show. You have no problem taking direction from someone else, as long as their heart is in the right place. You’re demonstrating the power […]

Cancer Horoscope for May 1

Other people may see you as passive. But while you may be docile, you’re certainly not devoid of feeling. In fact, you’re more tuned in than usual to life’s subtle vibrations. You have good reasons for letting someone else take charge today: For one thing, you’re busy gathering your own inspiration and letting it settle […]

Cancer Horoscope for April 30

Your emotional nature could have a hard time today. The current cosmic energy is more intellectual than feeling. If you try to connect with others in your usual, warm way, you may end up feeling rebuffed. If so, don’t take it personally. Many people are consumed by ideas right now, and interpersonal connections just aren’t […]

Cancer Horoscope for April 29

Turn your focus away from your own home and family today. Look outward into the world around you. What’s going on in your circle of friends or your local community? It’s a great day to get updated and involved. You aren’t normally one for large groups of people, and today may be no different. On […]

Cancer Horoscope for April 28

A reserved, cautious mood sets in today. You may feel weighed down by your responsibilities, and in no mood to be sociable. If you’re worried about career or financial issues, focus on improving these areas of your life. Think in practical terms. Make solid plans for the future. Set up a budget or a schedule, […]

Cancer Horoscope for April 27

If you have a lot on your plate today, it could make you cranky. It’s a good day to work on your own, if possible. That way, you can be as efficient as you like, and no one will get in your way. If you have to cooperate with others, you may find yourself being […]

Cancer Horoscope for April 26

The world seems to have gone a little ga-ga overnight. People are talkative, even boisterous. Their high energy seems a bit unstable to you, so you might respond by digging in, to prove how solid and steady you are. But stubborn opinions are very limiting now. And while there’s certainly a time and a place […]

Cancer Horoscope for April 25

You feel hurried today, so if you slip up and make a mistake, you’re especially peeved. If you had only slowed down and taken your time, and tried to be more careful! But try not to take any missteps too seriously. It’s unlikely that you’ll do anything you can’t fix, and everything else you can […]

Cancer Horoscope for April 24

It’s hard to accept others’ mistakes today, especially because you’re so cautious and thorough. You take the time to be sure you’re doing the right thing, so why can’t everyone else? Well, perhaps you’re being a little hard on people — including yourself. Making mistakes is human, you know, and a part of life. Plus, […]

Cancer Horoscope for April 23

You can learn a lot today from your emotional experiences. They hold a wealth of wisdom, not to mention great potential for personal transformation. You have an intuitive awareness of your own inner workings, or of someone else’s. That enables you to learn from your feelings and experiences, and grow as a person. You can […]

Cancer Horoscope for April 22

Your feelings intensify today. Whatever you’re experiencing at an emotional level, you’ll feel it deeply and acutely. If you’re in an affectionate or romantic mood, it’s a wonderful time to make a sweet connection with someone you love. But even feelings like sadness and compassion are enjoyable, simply because they’re honest. You’re steeped in your […]

Cancer Horoscope for April 21

Today’s agenda is full of social gatherings galore. Or perhaps your calendar is clear — but throughout the day, one spontaneous invitation after another pops up. Your email inbox and voicemail fills with messages. Will you accept, or will you claim you have too much to do to attend? You should go, if you can […]

Cancer Horoscope for April 20

Parties and meetings and dates, oh, my. Your daily planner could be jam-packed with one appointment after another. Just looking at it could make you tired! While it’s not a good idea to push yourself past your limits, it’s smart to keep as many of your meetings as possible. This is the kind of day […]

Cancer Horoscope for April 19

It’s important to maintain your emotional equilibrium today. If you feel a little moody, it’s probably from the normal tensions that arise from being in close quarters with other people. And yet, retreating may not be the answer. The current cosmic energy is all about cooperation and compromise. If you’re getting along with your spouse […]

Cancer Horoscope for April 18

People have always loved you for who you really are, but that’s true today more than ever, because it’s so apparent how genuine you are. Everyone you come across is struck by your warmth, openness, and approachability. Your strong, positive energy helps you communicate in a straightforward way. You’re helpful, kind, and sincere all at […]

Cancer Horoscope for April 17

You’re the heart and soul of patience today. You don’t need to press your agenda; you feel rich in blessings as it is. Let everyone else scramble to get ahead! Naturally, you want to help them out — that’s just your compassionate self in action. So express your hopes, needs and feelings to others, and […]