Cancer Horoscope for October 23

If you’re in a romantic mood today, indulge it. Spend some one-on-one time with someone special, treat yourself to a romantic movie, or share a gourmet dinner with a friend. You tend to be careful with your money, but now it’s not a bad idea to splurge on a meal or some other treat that […]

Cancer Horoscope for October 22

A warmly romantic mood comes over you today. It’s a good day for a date, or for a party with your friends. If you receive a social invitation, accept it. This is no time to stay home alone! Even if you’re on your own, you can treat yourself to some fun. Watch a romantic comedy, […]

Cancer Horoscope for October 21

Be a discerning consumer. Pay attention to what slips through your fingers today. Be frugal if you want it to last, whether you conserve through traditional methods, or invent new shortcuts. But even as you take all these elaborate steps, keep in mind nothing lasts forever, and often not even that long. What seems fresh […]

Cancer Horoscope for October 20

Tap into the mysterious power of ancestral forces, whatever your history happens to be. Dig a deep well to help you channel those myths. But be deliberate about how you use these discoveries, whether they’re photos, memoirs or a feeling that you get in your heart. You need to show respect and devotion, not mockery. […]

Cancer Horoscope for October 19

Feeling fidgety today? Your thoughts are certainly racing. New ideas seem incredibly intriguing. You may not feel ready to start a project just yet. In truth, it may be better just to do some exploration and fact gathering for now. You’re quite inquisitive, and unusual concepts jump out at you. Do some creative thinking or […]

Cancer Horoscope for October 18

Don’t be surprised if you’re hoarse by the end of the day. That’s how much talking you’re likely to do! Listening is a high priority today, too. This is all about information exchange, whether you’re working, networking or just having fun. Express yourself and stay engaged as others do the same. Be proactive in finding […]

Cancer Horoscope for October 17

There’s a lot of pleasure to be found in simple experiences today. It’s a good day to stop and smell the roses, and appreciate their vibrant color while you’re at it. The aromas from cooking or baking also warm your soul, as does the process of making that good food. It feels good to provide […]

Cancer Horoscope for October 16

Your daily routine is especially comforting today. You enjoy the predictability of your morning coffee or tea, waving hello to your neighbor as you head out to work or to run errands, and so on. It’s a good day to visit your favorite restaurant for lunch or to spend time with an old, trusted friend. […]

Cancer Horoscope for October 15

Today could be a moody day, for you as well as for many other people. And you’re more inwardly restless than usual, which makes you more likely to snap at people when it seems as if they’re somehow in your way. In order to stay calm, try taking deep breaths throughout the day. Access your […]

Cancer Horoscope for October 14

Today, you want to be heard and understood. In a word, you want others’ respect. But if you feel that you aren’t getting it — if someone isn’t listening to you, for example, or if they say something thoughtless — you’ll really bristle! And then you could say something you’ll regret later. Try not to […]

Cancer Horoscope for October 13

Show your sympathies. Not everyone has your advantages, so go easy on anyone not as well positioned in life as you are. Get out there and help someone who really needs it. Traveling to a poverty-stricken neighborhood and offering your time and energy would be a truly noble act. So would volunteering at your local […]

Cancer Horoscope for October 12

Sustaining the people and animals who depend on you has rarely seemed easier. Nurturing is an effortless act of instinct, and a simple smile or a wagging tail is all the thanks you need. Sometimes you can be a bit touchy or irritable with people but for now, losing your sweet, even temper isn’t even […]

Cancer Horoscope for October 11

In a friendship or an intimate relationship, you’ve been fighting an old, tired battle for some time now. Today might feel like a crucial moment, when it’s critical for you to maintain your position — but in reality, it’s time to call a truce, lay down your arms and push for peace. A new horizon […]

Cancer Horoscope for October 10

If you aren’t careful, a slightly off mood will turn into true grouchiness today. And if you keep going, soon you won’t even be able to stand yourself. Coffee or a walk shared with a friend could make all the difference between that bad mood and something a lot more bearable. Do whatever it takes […]

Cancer Horoscope for October 9

Being responsible is rarely a problem for you, since fulfilling your duties is just part of your nature. Today, that’s even more true. You’re conscious of the future, and what it will take to ensure yours is stable and comfortable. That might mean working toward a better career or a larger nest egg in the […]

Cancer Horoscope for October 8

Career and ambition are emphasized over more personal concerns today. Depending on your personality, this could really rub you the wrong way. If you’re a home-and-family kind of person, turning your focus outward toward career goals or financial concerns, could seem very unwelcome. On the other hand, you’re practical enough to realize that a secure […]

Cancer Horoscope for October 7

Life could take you down some odd and even uncomfortable roads today. You’re most comfortable within your own routine, whatever that might be. Having to take a shortcut or detour could make you distinctly nervous, and that’s just the kind of curve ball the universe might throw your way now. Stay flexible, open-minded and optimistic. […]

Cancer Horoscope for October 6

Some event or conversation today could challenge your deepest-held beliefs. And no, this probably won’t be a comfortable experience! It’s tough to face the fact that you don’t always have all the answers. And if you’re like a lot of people, the more your point of view is challenged, the more your tendency might be […]

Cancer Horoscope for October 5

Today’s events may conspire to push you outside your comfort zone. This isn’t a bad thing, in itself. In fact, it’s a good exercise for you to go through every now and then — just to remind you that you’re capable of adapting to changing circumstances when necessary! But that doesn’t mean you’re going to […]

Cancer Horoscope for October 4

It’s okay to preserve the status quo for another day, even though you sense a deep and compelling need for change. One good reason to wait on things? You need to make sure your work has durable results. So instead of charging forth like a white knight on a stallion, sit back and make plans. […]