Cancer Horoscope for July 23

Staying home with people you love might be most comfortable for you, but this is no time to hide away. You’ll find plenty of comfort, affection, and most importantly, inspiration out in the big, wide world. This is your chance to tap into something exciting — something outside your normal, day-to-day life — and get […]

Cancer Horoscope for July 22

You’ve reached a lovely state of calm within yourself. But that doesn’t mean it’s time to kick back and relax into oblivion today. You can put this soft, nurturing energy to wonderful use now. Your first goal now should be to work on restoring the peace in any connection or situation that needs it. Be […]

Cancer Horoscope for July 21

You’re tired of this apprehensive feeling you’ve had. Complaints are getting to you and making you nervous. How do you want to play it? Today, you’ll either clam up or refuse to sit down. The first option might be your usual instinct — when there’s trouble, you usually withdraw for protection. But when you’re up […]

Cancer Horoscope for July 20

There’s no reason for you to spend time with friends or family if human company makes you queasy. Maybe you’d rather be alone today. Just make sure you use your alone-time well. Don’t stew over injustices that frustrated you, or lament how short this little break will be. Instead, try something different. Go outside for […]

Cancer Horoscope for July 19

Career issues may come up today, or cash flow concerns. It’s a good day to review your income and spending, and make sure you’re saving as much as you should. If you’ve been considering making changes at work, research job opportunities or options for further training in your field. Consider yourself in a building phase, […]

Cancer Horoscope for July 18

You’re preoccupied today with thoughts of your future. Under the current influence, job and financial security are big issues on many people’s minds. If you’re concerned about yours, it’s better to be proactive than to spend time worrying. Anxiety doesn’t get you anywhere; solid plans do. Reassess your financial and career goals, and compare them […]

Cancer Horoscope for July 17

Family or work responsibilities may weigh heavily on you today. If life feels a little overwhelming, try to keep putting one foot in front of the other. Hiding from your duties won’t work. They’ll still be there later, only they’ll be even more pressing. So find a systematic approach to working through them, and then […]

Cancer Horoscope for July 16

Lots of people are in a freewheeling, experimental mood today. They’re letting their minds roam. But you might easily react against their philosophies and actually narrow your own thinking. That’s not a good thing! Broad-ranging ideas are favored now. If a new concept makes you uncomfortable, that’s an indication that you should explore it further. […]

Cancer Horoscope for July 15

A nervous feeling settles in today. You may sense that you’re going to have to step in and be the one who keeps things grounded and sane, because the people around you may seem a little flakey. But there’s a difference between recklessness and blowing off steam. Cut others some slack. In fact, why not […]

Cancer Horoscope for July 14

You have tremendous insight into human nature today. Other folks are getting caught up in ego battles and struggles for dominance. But you’re able to stand back and assess a situation for what it is. What you probably see is vulnerability. Most bad behaviors people engage in now stem from deep-rooted feelings of fear, sadness […]

Cancer Horoscope for July 13

You’re in your element today. You’re steeped in emotions that wash quietly through you like a deep river. You may have a realization that changes everything — your feelings, your self-perception, even your focus. Or, you may help a friend through a similar transformation. The current energy is the kind that uproots deep feelings and […]

Cancer Horoscope for July 12

Congratulations, maybe. You just left your timid, indecisive self behind. Today you’ll feel self-important about your goals, and you might look down on anyone who doesn’t share your high hopes. You’ll demand action instead of more excuses or reports. You’ll probably get plenty of all three, but that’s OK. That’s how it is near the […]

Cancer Horoscope for July 11

Why all the waffling and hand wringing? Why are you so afraid to spend your capital? Simple decisions are like soap operas today. Each one seems to come with a supporting cast of lost souls and impossible situations. When you’re not choking yourself with worry, you’re killing other people with kindness. You know what? You […]

Cancer Horoscope for July 10

The good times seem to be all gone. Friends are looking transparent as their motives show through. Well, everyone has their reasons, don’t they? You can even admit there was some calculation behind your own wild abandon. Suddenly you’re revisiting everything that happened in a dim, disapproving light, seeing betrayal instead of loyalty. Why do […]

Cancer Horoscope for July 9

You’re self-protective by nature, which is why you’re so private and reserved. It’s also why you withdraw from the hubbub of daily life to relax and regroup. But today you can reflect the energy you get from the people around you, without having to protect yourself so much. Everyone currently in your life is a […]

Cancer Horoscope for July 8

Everybody in your life is under your watchful eye today, whether they realize it or not. In most cases, you like to protect your friends, family and other associates. In some cases, however, you’re checking people out to see what they’re up to. And you’re right to question someone’s sudden luck. Honest work makes more […]

Cancer Horoscope for July 7

In some way, the spotlight is on you today. This could make you uncomfortable. You aren’t used to being out in front of everyone, vulnerable to their judgment or criticism! But take this opportunity to show everyone what you’re made of. And don’t worry about what they think of you. As long as you’re being […]

Cancer Horoscope for July 6

The love you feel for your family and friends burns like a steady flame. Often, you don’t even need to put it into words. It’s just there, constant and true. But today is a great day to show, in no uncertain terms, how much you care for someone. This may require a gesture that’s more […]

Cancer Horoscope for July 5

You’re feeling a bit adventurous today. Normally, you aren’t one to take unnecessary risks. But now, stepping outside your comfort zone doesn’t make you nervous. It’s actually exciting! Try a new restaurant with a friend, or ask someone new out on a date. It’s a great day for a little romance. You’re at your charming […]

Cancer Horoscope for July 4

Today you might eat past the point of fullness in an unconscious bid to fill an emotional need. The same could go for any habit that soothes you — retail therapy, perhaps, or endless computer games played late into the night. If you realize you’re acting out of habit rather than consciously, perhaps it’s time […]