Cancer Horoscope for October 5

You feel saturated with feeling today, and with strong emotions often come self-indulgent tendencies like overeating or retail therapy. But neither of those things makes you feel better in the long run. If there’s something you need to record in your journal or talk out with a trusted friend, do so today. You’ll feel so […]

Cancer Horoscope for October 4

Your mood has gentled. Suddenly, you can see the past, present and future at once — a continuous line of love and experience, people and events connected by feeling. Steep yourself in the past today, but only for a few moments. Your focus should be forward, toward your bright future. Today could be the start […]

Cancer Horoscope for October 3

There are times when you act very mature, but today you’ll show youthful spirit. Of course, you may have the attention span to match, but this comes with the territory. You can’t expect adult behavior from children. As long as you understand this, you’ll be fine. Don’t promise the impossible today when someone asks you […]

Cancer Horoscope for October 2

Sometimes, the best thing to do is to laugh. There can even be humor in painful memories — in fact, that’s one good way to process and work through them. It’s okay to make wry jokes about your own past, but try to leave your family out of it, if you can. Recognize that they […]

Cancer Horoscope for October 1

Your energy is strong and you’re feeling solid. Don’t take unnecessary risks; instead, play it safe for today, but do so with confidence. You’re building toward a wonderful future, and establishing it on a foundation of consistency. Any opportunities you accept now will be carefully calculated, based on sound thinking and steadfast values. In short, […]

Cancer Horoscope for September 30

Soon you’ll get a chance to amaze everyone around you, but that future success depends on some careful planning today. Whatever you’re working on, make conservative estimates regarding what you’ll you’ll need, and the results you expect to achieve. Be reasonable and restrained. In fact, it’s better to pursue humble aspirations rather than grand schemes, […]

Cancer Horoscope for September 29

Today you’re even better than usual at making other people feel at home. Why? Because their comfort genuinely matters to you. Plus helping them feel more comfortable puts you right where you want to be: moving toward your own goals. No, this isn’t manipulative, it’s practical. You need your friends and associates, and they need […]

Cancer Horoscope for September 28

Civilization is too much with you now. Walls and straight lines are making you apprehensive. So much for appreciating architecture and urban planning. What’s up with all this wildness, anyway? You’re a free spirit in need of some elbow room, or a hunted animal trying to escape the hounds? Your answer to that question might […]

Cancer Horoscope for September 27

Uh-oh. There’s that nose in the air again. There’s that disapproving look on your face. You’re about to extend you claws and say something catty, aren’t you? Retract and remain aloof. To use another animal kingdom metaphor, waspish outbursts will invite stinging retorts today. But either way, quiet or noisy, reexamine your behavior. Leave the […]

Cancer Horoscope for September 26

You’re in your element today. Your instincts are humming, and you’re wise enough to pay attention to them. They might tip you off to a friend who’s in need of some comforting, or a loved one who could use your particular brand of nurturing. And you feel strong and centered enough to provide this kind […]

Cancer Horoscope for September 25

Today’s cosmic energy is subtle, but you’re emotionally attuned enough to sense its effects. Your dreams might be more vivid, or they might affect you at a deeper emotional level than usual. In this state, it can be hard to distinguish between fantasy and reality! And yet, it’s kind of fun when that veil thins […]

Cancer Horoscope for September 24

You may notice today that it’s harder than usual to make a natural emotional connection with your spouse, a friend or anyone else. You’re such a feeling person, and you’re also quite sensitive to fluctuations in other people’s feelings. Someone you’re close to may seem distant or hesitant. If so, give them space. They’re probably […]

Cancer Horoscope for September 23

Warmth and intimacy are important to you. But today, they’re harder to come by than usual. Most people are quite outwardly friendly, but you sense a subtle barrier between you that’s keeping you apart. The truth is, many folks are preoccupied today. When you’re stuck in your head, working through a problem or an interesting […]

Cancer Horoscope for September 22

Things may be a little confusing at work today, or in an important relationship — or they could seem crystal clear. Watch out for overconfidence in your own point of view. You might think you’re seeing things more clearly than ever before, but your perspective is actually clouded by your own, strong needs and concerns. […]

Cancer Horoscope for September 21

Today you’ll stay busy observing and reflecting upon the goings-on around you. Be sure to take special notice of the slow seesaw of cause and effect. One action or decision leads to another, which leads to a particular conclusion — which may or may not be what you originally had in mind. Ask yourself what […]

Cancer Horoscope for September 20

You’re being honest with some people, but secretive with others. What are you trying to hide? Figure it out soon, because if everyone starts comparing notes, they might notice before you have time to explain yourself. Your friends and family are important to you, so be sure to come clean with them first. It’s likely, […]

Cancer Horoscope for September 19

Something doesn’t feel right in your life, but don’t fool yourself. Concocting some low scheme to get what you want isn’t necessary. In fact, it’s a bad idea. If you want things to feel smooth and positive again, all you have to do is be honest with everyone about your agenda — including yourself . […]

Cancer Horoscope for September 18

The deep attachment that bonds you with your loved ones feels strong and secure today. You know your love for them is genuine and authentic, and they can feel it, too. No matter what happens you’ll deal with it, because that’s what commitment is all about. Celebrate this truth today, even if you do so […]

Cancer Horoscope for September 17

It’s easy to get absorbed today in whatever you’re doing, whether you’re spending time with your family or involved in a project at work. Your focus is deep and the hours fly by. Before you realize it, it’s evening — and you’ve learned a great deal about yourself, your creativity or some other important aspect […]

Cancer Horoscope for September 16

Nurture and protect your loved ones today, and yourself as well. Emotional security is even more important now than usual, so do whatever you need to do to let everyone in your inner circle know that you’re there for them. A friend or relative may come to you for advice concerning a tricky issue. If […]