Cancer Horoscope for November 29

It’s a good day to treat yourself with gentle care. In the morning, do some gentle stretching or meditation. Eat well, and exchange hugs with your family or friends. Go to bed early tonight. These small things will help you stay emotionally and physically balanced all day long. It’s also a great day to reflect […]

Cancer Horoscope for November 28

You may feel water-logged with emotion today, but you don’t have to turn passive and moody. Instead, tap into the power of your own feelings. Your emotional side makes you strong, after all. It’s who you are, at your core: your caring, generous, family-oriented self. If you connect with your feelings now, you’ll know which […]

Cancer Horoscope for November 27

Today, your emotional life is an interesting mixture of sensitive and strong. You’re feeling sentimental, and harsh words or hard situations could hurt your feelings. But that very tenderness is what makes you so compassionate, and compassion makes you powerful. You can be a true nurturing force now, and really make a difference in someone’s […]

Cancer Horoscope for November 26

You’re in quite the talkative mood today, aren’t you? Normally you may not be very chatty, since you find kind gestures to be more meaningful, and besides, it can be tough to talk about your feelings. But not now. All it takes is one good question and you’re off, racing along a mile a minute. […]

Cancer Horoscope for November 25

Focus is usually one of your strong points, but today it’s elusive at best. Lots of different ideas are crowding your mind, and as soon as you start one project, another catches your attention. You may not work as effectively as usual, but there’s not much you can do about it. Tomorrow, your focus will […]

Cancer Horoscope for November 24

You’re feeling mellow and self-indulgent today. If it’s cold outside, bake something sweet and delicious. In general, being at home is a pleasure now, because all you feel like doing is relaxing in the place where you’re most comfortable. But if you have to go to work, you’re capable of long hours of sustained effort […]

Cancer Horoscope for November 23

Beautiful thoughts fill your mind and imagination now, making life more interesting. Actually, you feel pretty cozy. Is that because you know you can make these fantasies, dreams, fond wishes, or whatever they might be, come true? You can, you know. All you have to do is keep your eyes open for any opportunities that […]

Cancer Horoscope for November 22

Snippy responses are sure to offend the puritans in the room. They’ll take the slightest scratch as the deepest cut and make it into a huge moral issue. You should know all about this. Maybe you already live or work with these people. Maybe you used to be like that yourself. That doesn’t mean everyone […]

Cancer Horoscope for November 21

Accidents will happen. Tempers will flare. Yes, it’s a clumsy world, and no, it doesn’t always have to get personal. But if you didn’t want to be here anyway, it’s hard to avoid looking for someone to blame. Maybe they know you’d rather retire to your own cave instead of all this processing and making […]

Cancer Horoscope for November 20

Your compassion swells today like a river after a rain. You have so much tenderness and caring within you that it leaks out, drenching everyone nearby. Others can benefit from your nurturing energy. So can strangers you smile at as you walk down the street, or someone for whom you hold the door. These little […]

Cancer Horoscope for November 19

Spiritual concerns are at the forefront of your consciousness today. You feel deeply connected with yourself, as well as with the people around you. You might notice a stronger, more emotional bond with your favorite pets now, too! There’s a lot of love in the air, and you’re in the perfect position to tap into […]

Cancer Horoscope for November 18

Today, you may think the whole world has gone off the deep end. People are filled with the fire of revolution, which makes you, well, a little nervous! You’ll take things just the way they’ve always been, thank you very much. And yet, surely you can see the need for change. The world is far […]

Cancer Horoscope for November 17

You may sense a certain aloofness in other people today. Even your closest friends or relatives are off doing their own thing, leaving you on your own, wondering what’s up. But don’t read too much into this. The current influence is highly intellectual in nature, and many people are caught up in big ideas right […]

Cancer Horoscope for November 16

Something has you worried today. Perhaps you spent more than you intended to, or someone else received recognition you thought you deserved. But don’t let your anxiety get the better of you. Sometimes, these little reality checks are a good thing. They keep you on track, living within your limits. This is a sign that […]

Cancer Horoscope for November 15

Anything that you’re worried about today, such as not having enough money or not being on the right career or schooling track, indicates an area of your life that could use some attention. This isn’t about beating yourself up over mistakes you may have made in the past. It’s about making a firm, conscious decision […]

Cancer Horoscope for November 14

If you’re truthful with yourself, you’ll realize that any arrogance or contempt you may be showing right now is really just a facade to hide deeper fears, ones you may not even admit to yourself. Sure, you could live with this for the time being, but why not resolve these issues before they get any […]

Cancer Horoscope for November 13

You’re frugal with your praise today, and short on courtesy. You might even claim you don’t care what other people think, but deep down, you care a lot about how your friends and loved ones see you. It’s time to get this in balance. If someone criticizes you today, don’t run and hide, or take […]

Cancer Horoscope for November 12

Your habits and customs mean a lot to you, but today it’s apparent that they only bind you to the past. There are many more reasons for you to change than excuses not to, so no more resisting. It’s time to get on board. Identify which parts of your life aren’t working, and resolve to […]

Cancer Horoscope for November 11

You might feel moody today. But being this saturated in your emotions actually feels good. If you have any personal or relationship issues to work through, now is the perfect time. You know exactly where you stand, and you can read other people’s feelings accurately, too. And processing emotions is cathartic. If you don’t have […]

Cancer Horoscope for November 10

You’re keeping your cards close to your chest today, but in a good way — the healthiest way. You know what you’re worth, so you don’t need to boast about your accomplishments or worry about your shortcomings. The best folks are already on your side, so you don’t need to court further approval or affection. […]