Cancer Horoscope for January 25

Your inner leader comes out today. You want to take charge of a team or a situation. You have good ideas for running things in a sensible, stabilizing way. The only problem is, lots of other people want to be in charge right now, too! Instead of getting into a battle of wills, see if […]

Cancer Horoscope for January 24

You’re a sensitive sort, so try not to let today’s high energy — including high-flying emotions — get under your skin. People are both excited and excitable now. Squabbles can break out in a flash, simply because many folks are identifying very closely with their own opinions. Perhaps you can serve as a good example […]

Cancer Horoscope for January 23

Be gentle with yourself today. Take extra sleep or food if you need it. Don’t push yourself if you’re feeling slow-paced or emotionally saturated. This day is best used for quiet activities like reading, scrapbooking, writing and anything else that involves your imagination. Put your heart into whatever you do now, and keep your company […]

Cancer Horoscope for January 22

You feel loving and emotionally vulnerable today, but don’t slip into the slightest bit of worry or melancholy. Instead, focus on your blessings — of which there are many. After all, more things are going right than are going wrong, if you look at it right. Find the blessings in your life, including the fact […]

Cancer Horoscope for January 21

So many people are in sociable moods today, but you aren’t one of them. In fact, you feel more like being alone than ever. Everyone’s getting under your skin, maybe because you’re tired out after recent events. Even going out with friends doesn’t sound appealing. You’d just as soon curl up with a good book. […]

Cancer Horoscope for January 20

You tend to toe the line, bowing to the usual way of doing things and upholding tradition. But sometimes disorder and rebellion are necessary. Every now and again, they’re unavoidable responses to the claustrophobic world that surrounds you. Today you’ll surprise everyone by sticking up for the individual instead of the group. Just don’t act […]

Cancer Horoscope for January 19

Today you feel extra driven to make your dreams and ambitions a concrete reality. You’re savvy enough to realize this is going to take some careful planning. Consulting with an expert is a good idea, or with someone who has done the thing you would like to do. Doing research on your own is also […]

Cancer Horoscope for January 18

Being responsible is rarely a problem for you, since fulfilling your duties is just part of your nature. Today, that’s even more true. You’re conscious of the future, and what it will take to ensure yours is stable and comfortable. That might mean working toward a better career or a larger nest egg in the […]

Cancer Horoscope for January 17

Today’s cosmic emphasis is on tolerance. But keeping an open mind might be a tall order if the very foundations of your personal philosophy are challenged. And that’s just the kind of thing that happens under the current influence. Try not to let fear of the unknown — unfamiliar ideas, people or paths — make […]

Cancer Horoscope for January 16

Today, life urges you to leave the comfort of familiarity behind, at least for a day. Challenge yourself to embrace unfamiliar people and experiences. Most of all, stay open to ideas that don’t mesh with your own. We all have our own versions of truth. But that makes it easy to get stuck in one […]

Cancer Horoscope for January 15

Pat yourself on the back today, especially if there’s no one else around to do it for you. Yes, it’s solitary work aspiring to be the best you can be, but you’re a long way from lonely. You have your plans and optimism to keep you warm. Still, check in with others from time to […]

Cancer Horoscope for January 14

You love the quiet, peaceful moments, whether you’re counting clouds in the sky, communing wordlessly with your beloved or being soothed by soft music. No matter how patient you are with the people who make too much noise or move way too fast for you, you’d be totally within your rights if you moved into […]

Cancer Horoscope for January 13

You’re not exactly timid right now, but they won’t be hearing much from you today. You’re a little selfish with your energy because you don’t know how much longer it’ll last. You’re silent about your data because certain people might use it against you. Is any of this really true? Who knows? But it would […]

Cancer Horoscope for January 12

Congratulations, maybe. You just left your timid, indecisive self behind. Today you’ll feel self-important about your goals, and you might look down on anyone who doesn’t share your high hopes. You’ll demand action instead of more excuses or reports. You’ll probably get plenty of all three, but that’s OK. That’s how it is near the […]

Cancer Horoscope for January 11

Why all the waffling and hand wringing? Why are you so afraid to spend your capital? Simple decisions are like soap operas today. Each one seems to come with a supporting cast of lost souls and impossible situations. When you’re not choking yourself with worry, you’re killing other people with kindness. You know what? You […]

Cancer Horoscope for January 10

Traditions exist for a reason, and you, of all people, are aware of that. You’ve always enjoyed the roots and rituals that keep you anchored to your long line of loved ones. You enjoy knowing you’re part of something greater than just yourself — something that reaches further than you could hope for on your […]

Cancer Horoscope for January 9

Punctuality and serenity are two of your greatest strengths today. Most of all, though, you’re taking care of business. For the time being, following the rules helps you get the job done. This doesn’t feel restrictive or oppressive; it just feels right. So keep covering all your bases and checking in with coworkers, family members […]

Cancer Horoscope for January 8

The love you feel for your family and friends burns like a steady flame. Often, you don’t even need to put it into words. It’s just there, constant and true. But today is a great day to show, in no uncertain terms, how much you care for someone. This may require a gesture that’s more […]

Cancer Horoscope for January 7

You’re feeling a bit adventurous today. Normally, you aren’t one to take unnecessary risks. But now, stepping outside your comfort zone doesn’t make you nervous. It’s actually exciting! Try a new restaurant with a friend, or ask someone new out on a date. It’s a great day for a little romance. You’re at your charming […]

Cancer Horoscope for January 6

You’re more self-assured today than usual, which makes you bolder when dealing with other people. Sticky situations are unlikely today, but if one happens to arise, you’ll be brave and kind at the same time. If you’re compassionate with others, you can give a little ground even as you represent your own needs. This makes […]