Aries Horoscope for August 1

You’re a natural leader, and today, that part of your personality is especially prominent. But it could be tricky to balance your wish to be in charge with the concurrent emphasis on teamwork. Cooperative efforts are favored today, so push yourself to accommodate others’ needs and opinions, even if they don’t mesh well with your […]

Aries Horoscope for July 31

You can be quite the charmer when you want to be. That’s a good skill to tap into today, when cooperation with others is even more important than usual. You may have to take a ‘fake it till you make it’ approach — smiling and nodding, even when you feel like rolling your eyes — […]

Aries Horoscope for July 30

Careful, practical plans are the way to go today. Whatever you have on your to-do list, it’s better accomplished in a systematic way than a haphazard one. That doesn’t leave much room for spontaneity, the idea of which could rub you the wrong way. But you might find that the ease of planning and careful […]

Aries Horoscope for July 29

Stick to a routine today. As dull as it may sound, efficiency is best now, because it emphasizes both quality and productivity. That may mean you’ll have to moderate your energy carefully. Fortunately, it’s easier than usual to draw on it slowly and steadily. That helps you temper your usual leap-first, look-later approach! It’s also […]

Aries Horoscope for July 28

Every test you encounter, you pass with flying colors. You’re valiant in battle, charming and self-possessed in polite society — is there royal blood in your veins? Because at the moment, it certainly seems so. Since you have everyone so neatly and effortlessly in your hand, the world is really yours to do with as […]

Aries Horoscope for July 27

No delusions of grandeur here — your sweeping vision actually has legs. There’s a definite method to your madness. You’re impressing others with your dramatic gestures and your keen eye for what works. Everyone in your life can tell you’ve got even the smallest details lined up and ready to go. Clearly, all your bases […]

Aries Horoscope for July 26

Even if work is hectic or your commute is insane, today you’re OK with it — in fact, better than OK. Why? Because you’re glowing with health and brimming with exuberant vitality. The world is your oyster, and you know it. Right now, you’re the person strangers spot on the street and think, ‘Why can’t […]

Aries Horoscope for July 25

Bottling up your feelings is never a good idea. But today you might brood about something that’s gotten under your skin. You might think talking about it will only make you feel more upset. Or perhaps you’re afraid that admitting your worries will make them come true. If you really feel you can’t voice them, […]

Aries Horoscope for July 24

It’s a good day to stay close to home. Spend time with your family, and don’t spend your money. You might be used to making impromptu trips or impulse purchases — after all, being spontaneous is part of your charm. But today, a conservative approach is your best bet. It’s all about safeguarding your resources, […]

Aries Horoscope for July 23

Life gets fast-paced and interesting today — just the way you like it. All day long, you might feel as if electricity is running through your veins! And the truth is, while your mind is racing ahead, it’s actually hard to get much accomplished in this state of mind. You’re too distracted by every bright, […]

Aries Horoscope for July 22

High energy makes you especially attentive and expressive today. Suddenly, you’re noticing nuances of wit or language you might ordinarily miss. You always appreciate a good joke, but now you’re drawn to sharply intelligent humor. Take in a political satire or a ‘mockumentary,’ or to read a book or article that challenges your intellect. It’s […]

Aries Horoscope for July 21

Today you feel young at heart, no matter your age. A zippy, zesty mood has you talking to strangers in line at the grocery store or grinning at the mail carrier. You have a funny quip for everyone you meet! Why not put this newfound flair for words to good use? Promote your skills to […]

Aries Horoscope for July 20

Welcome to a tranquil day. Don’t expect many dips or spikes in energy or emotion. Things are apt to roll along on an even keel. Normally, that might seem impossibly dull! But if life has been its usual heady rush lately, you might welcome the downtime. It’s a great day for calm, pleasurable activities, whether […]

Aries Horoscope for July 19

Resolve to be responsible today. This shouldn’t be difficult: You’re more relaxed than usual, as your usually high energy is reduced a bit and smoothed out, too. And while it’s a bit dull to slip into a routine, it certainly feels good to take care of business. That should be your focus now. Cross as […]

Aries Horoscope for July 18

All your best qualities — high energy, excitability, ambition — are aroused today. But perhaps so is your impulsive streak or a tendency to behave rashly. The trick is to find a happy medium. Ride the wave of your high spirits, and see where it takes you. This could turn out to be a real […]

Aries Horoscope for July 17

Don’t get frustrated today when working out those grand plans you put into place yesterday. This is a natural and necessary part of the process of moving toward your goal. Just slow down a bit and consider where you may have gone wrong. Did you plan carefully enough? If not, do so now. Being impulsive […]

Aries Horoscope for July 16

When you’re working on something today, don’t be in such a rush. Your time isn’t that valuable, Aries — in fact, what’s valuable now is thoroughly inspecting this thing from all angles. You only just entered this realm of possibilities. Give yourself some time to explore it. Enlist the help of a sharp friend or […]

Aries Horoscope for July 15

Today, following your impulses might be a bad idea. This shouldn’t be news to you — you’ve probably been told to look before you leap your entire life, because, really, you’re a risk-taker and not inclined to plan things. So be forewarned — it’s in your best interests to keep the peace for the time […]

Aries Horoscope for July 14

In spite of being crazy busy with your mad skills, you’re probably one of the sanest people on the block. You have a head for business, a nose for opportunity and a keen eye for justice. That alone makes you a participant instead of just another passenger. So even as you wade into this soup […]

Aries Horoscope for July 13

Why hold on when you could be letting go? Today will find you more outgoing and dynamic than you’ve been in a while. In other words, you could get involved, meet people, and have as much fun as you can stand. Yes, adventure is out there waiting if you’re ready to board that plane. See […]