Capricorn Horoscope for December 12

You crave alternatives, whether you actually want a choice or are just looking for an excuse to slip away. You might get a little testy when others offer you the wrong thing. Can’t they read your mind? Didn’t you post your likes and dislikes all over your web site? Maybe someone’s attitude bothers you. Maybe […]

Aquarius Horoscope for December 12

Yes, you’re brilliant. No, you won’t outshine others, because you need them on your side. However beautifully you might express yourself, your brilliance would be so much less without their backup. They’re probably thinking similar thoughts about you, too. Never mind who’s better than whom. Just show absolute mutual respect today. Willing partners can make […]

Libra Horoscope for December 12

You may be sexy enough to stop traffic, but at least you’re approachable. It’s not like you’re some bubble-headed supermodel surrounded by bodyguards. Just because you’re open to having a conversation, don’t let anyone wreck your friendly mood as they seek their 15 minutes of celebrity face time. You might as well pretend that you […]

Aries Horoscope for December 12

Life was OK inside the bubble, but it just popped open like a cocoon, and now you’re a social butterfly. Suddenly you’re others-oriented. You like them, they like you, and you really care about what they think. Throw money and effort into the mix. Break out the cash. Break a sweat. See what you can […]

Scorpio Horoscope for December 12

You might fantasize about striking out on your own, but today it’s even more important than usual that you work on your partnerships and commit to group efforts. Control the impulse to run off and do your own thing. Instead, focus on getting along with the people you’re closest to. Unity will be critical for […]

Pisces Horoscope for December 12

If you feel yourself slipping or faltering, push yourself harder than usual to keep going. Watch what you do here. Extreme actions will make waves. At first it’ll be exciting to surf this moving seascape, but there will be strong undercurrents, too. And you’ll be uncomfortably aware of these today. Don’t worry too much about […]

Cancer Horoscope for December 12

You might be unsure of yourself today. That would explain the shifty gaze and evasive answers. And if you don’t know what to expect from others, you might be easily offended when your guard is down. Sure, there are all kinds of things that will rub you the wrong way, but it’s probably not as […]

Taurus Horoscope for December 12

You can’t stop the clock, drag your heels or put the universe on pause. Today is going to fly whatever you do. It could be fun or miserable, but it’ll be over in the blink of an eye. That’s why you must be clear about your mission. Make reasonable decisions. Work with what you’re given. […]

Sagittarius Horoscope for December 12

Whether or not you ordered it from the menu, adventure comes to you on a silver platter. Even if you were planning to take your dinner elsewhere, creativity offers you the best seat at the table. OK, you’re in. And it looks like you’re about to have an all-out banquet instead of just another fast […]

Leo Horoscope for December 12

You have your ideas, your principles and a clear sense of how things should be. You’re trying to filter a coarse world to match your refined tastes. What a fine champion of civilization you are. But sometimes you just want a little vacation from fighting for all that. So why not let yourself be adaptable […]

Virgo Horoscope for December 12

You’re results-oriented: You like the process of a project, and you like to see the products of your efforts. This is a good day to finish up an endeavor or resolve an issue you’ve been facing. Take a deep breath. Remember to focus your energy on tying up loose ends rather than starting something new, […]

Gemini Horoscope for December 12

You’ll be there for others today. Give them whatever they need. Maybe you don’t think you have a lot to contribute, but maybe you’re wrong. Many hands make light work, after all. And your hands will be all over the place. It will probably seem as if you have more than two of them. So […]

Capricorn Horoscope for December 11

Today you may be aloof around your friends. And if anyone dares to criticize you, you certainly don’t plan to do them any favors. You keep saying everything’s ‘just fine’ as you drive, white-knuckled, down the road of life. Why are you keeping such an iron grip on your reality? Dare yourself to take a […]

Aquarius Horoscope for December 11

Welcome to your fifteen minutes of fame right in the middle of your finest hour. You’re feeling leisurely, creative and at the apex of civilization. Instead of just wiggling your toes in the sand and mapping out your next vacation, show the world why you’re such a cultural asset . And why they should all […]

Libra Horoscope for December 11

They can’t get enough of you. Maybe this flatters you. Maybe you’ve already had way too much of them and just want to be alone. You’ll blow hot and cold today. So what? You never set out to lead anybody on. You just happen to like people, and it was a charming moment. Good friends […]

Aries Horoscope for December 11

They’re being unreasonable idiots and you’re not exactly patient. Well, who could blame you? Even so, it’ll be your call whether you fight or cooperate with them. Because what’s in it for you? That’s certainly the up-front, age-old question when you’re looking out for number one, but try to be more objective today. Once you […]

Scorpio Horoscope for December 11

Whatever’s been going on at work or in a personal relationship, it’s time to contain your bad feelings and trust your better instincts. This could be difficult. It’s hard to let go of suspicion or resentment and call on your own higher intentions. But today is all about getting along with others and assuming the […]

Pisces Horoscope for December 11

What’ll you say? What’ll you do? Who wants to know and why should you tell them anything yet? You’d rather not commit right now, but you probably won’t be able to afford that luxury for much longer. Decisions will gnaw at you with increasing hunger today. That might tickle at first, but how long can […]

Cancer Horoscope for December 11

Why let the little things offend you? Why defend your vanity? That makes about as much sense as starting a feud over which band or soft drink you prefer. Because unless you’re actually employed by that band or soft drink company, it’s mostly about who shouts loudest or blinks last. And that’s playground thinking. Find […]

Taurus Horoscope for December 11

Yes, you have carnal needs and desires. Most people do, even if you can’t imagine anyone else feeling like this. One minute you’re a god, the next you’re an animal. First you’re living inside a work of art, and then you’re losing yourself in the chaos of a random universe. Maybe you’ll feel uncertain about […]