Scorpio Horoscope for March 5

You’ve had some hunches lately regarding something important in your life — perhaps the direction a friendship is taking, or maybe the proper next step in a professional endeavor. Approaching things in the right way could require some deep research, and today, you’ll be a fact-finding machine. Don’t explain your conclusions to anyone just yet; […]

Sagittarius Horoscope for March 5

Don’t be critical today, of yourself or anyone else. If you do start feeling disgruntled, stop and consider whether you’re making opportunities or enemies. Unfortunately, the latter is more likely. Good thing you realize you both need and want other people’s support and friendship in life. Watch what you say and how you say it, […]

Capricorn Horoscope for March 5

Self-preservation is easy. You’re well known for hard effort, working alone and pursuing your own goals and interests. But now that sort of self-focused effort isn’t so important. It’s time to expand your skills, and see what you can do for your community. It’s likely that things are far from perfect around you, and as […]

Aquarius Horoscope for March 5

You tend to operate on a cerebral level, but you have a strong intuitive sense, too. And today you’re filled with disquiet. You could just say what’s on your mind, but is it worth the price you’ll probably have to pay? Only you can decide, and if that doesn’t happen today, it will happen soon. […]

Pisces Horoscope for March 5

You have so much energy now that you may feel scattered and incapable of making a solid decision. There’s an easy fix, though: Find one project to focus on — say, cleaning the kitchen, or clearing out a closet — and attack it with vigor. Physical work will help you focus, which in turn will […]

Aries Horoscope for March 5

You’re used to being in charge and you like exactly what you like. You demand only the best. It has to happen your way or no way, but this inflated ego makes you rather picky today. Others may arch their eyebrows, wondering just what makes you so special. Why not just like what you get […]

Taurus Horoscope for March 5

Hard work is your middle name. Getting your life on track and moving forward is an actual pleasure. You’re full of energy, which certainly helps. So does that sense of inner focus that always points you in the right direction. You feel a surge of inner power to organize your life. Start with something manageable, […]

Gemini Horoscope for March 5

Don’t fool yourself: Flippant remarks can’t hide efforts to belittle yourself, at least not for long. Even more importantly, putting yourself down can only make you feel worse, so stop it. Be kind to yourself. You deserve it. Your friends and loved ones would agree. In fact, maybe you should rely on them for a […]

Cancer Horoscope for March 5

You’re self-protective by nature, which is why you’re so private and reserved. It’s also why you withdraw from the hubbub of daily life to relax and regroup. But today you can reflect the energy you get from the people around you, without having to protect yourself so much. Everyone currently in your life is a […]

Leo Horoscope for March 5

You’ve got a lot going for you today, including resources you don’t mention to anyone else. Your patience is admirable, and your sense of perfection is impeccable. A day of hard labor doesn’t scare you. There’s something very satisfying about using your muscles and sweating. Results happen at many speeds on many levels now. Take […]

Virgo Horoscope for March 5

Helping people lead better, healthier lives is part of your nature. But this time, you’re not just serving others. You’re all working together on something that means a lot to all of you. Common vision drives this project today. The pleasure of being part of a well-functioning team only increases your own energy. There’s really […]

Libra Horoscope for March 5

Today should be sweet. Somehow the day flies by and the tasks you have to accomplish don’t seem so terrible. Worker bees fall in love with their work, because, really — how bad is it flying from flower to flower and making honey? If you take this attitude, your workday will be over before you […]

Libra Horoscope for March 4

Today you feel young and restless. You can feel things changing under the surface, even if you can’t yet see how the new form will take shape. That’s okay with you, since you’re open to possibility and ready for adventure. It’s a good way to be, even if nothing happens. Enjoy this youthful flexibility while […]

Scorpio Horoscope for March 4

You’ve got the eye of an artist, or maybe an engineer. Either way, you’re creative, and you’re interested in how things work — the behind-the-scenes operations that make people tick, or that keep a relationship or a business up and running. Systems both simple and complex fascinate you. Your mind is sharp. You can get […]

Sagittarius Horoscope for March 4

Confidence eludes you. Instead of taking pride in your work or feeling grateful for your good health and many blessings, you’re focused on all the ways you’re still coming up short. But you really aren’t being fair with yourself. Why assume your actions are pointless? You have the potential to contribute more good than you […]

Capricorn Horoscope for March 4

You’ve achieved your status on the merits of your own instincts. You’ve developed a fine, solid sense of timing in order to improve at your trade and reach your goals. Today, however, you must operate with even more shrewdness than usual. Many different opportunities will be coming your way, and it’s up to you to […]

Aquarius Horoscope for March 4

Well, this is amusing. Whom exactly do you think you’re fooling? Perhaps you think no one is paying attention to your output. You’re lax about the details and fickle about larger commitments. Reassess your priorities today, because someone definitely is watching, and judging too. Get real. Become your inner parent and behave as if everything […]

Pisces Horoscope for March 4

Someone’s suffering may pull on your heartstrings now, even as it reminds you that you don’t ever want to be in that position. Help this person out if you can, but don’t feel bad if you can’t. Sometimes, the best you can do is just to keep taking care of yourself. You can’t be everyone’s […]

Aries Horoscope for March 4

Today you’re easily perturbed. Every interaction you have creates friction, and nothing seems to go as smoothly as you think it should. You prefer a direct route from point A to point B, so any minor detour seems like a huge obstacle in the road. Try pulling back until you determine who or what is […]

Taurus Horoscope for March 4

What do you truly want? Whatever it might be — love in your life, the realization of a creative project, some advance in your career — focus on it now. You’re both stubborn and charming, and these qualities are mixing now into quite a heady cocktail. It’s time to start approaching those key figures in […]