About Thomas Gazis

I am Thomas Gazis, a Greek astrologer, writer and speaker. I have written two astrology books and articles for many magazines (among them “American Astrology” and “Horoscope Guide”). I have extensively lectured almost all over Europe and I have been invited to lecture at the UAC 2012 conference in New Orleans.
I am offering live consultations via Skype - or a 45 minutes audio file with the analysis of your Natal chart or Synastry at your E-mail (in a mp3 format) .
My blog: science-astrology.blogspot.com You may contact me at: astrologhia@yahoo.com

Latent Synastric Elements: The Secret Fuel of Love

Think your relationship is doomed due to incompatible elements? Check out this history of the greatest 20th century love story to see how important latent synastric elements can be.