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Mars in Leo’s fire will be stoked by Moon in Aquarius’ apparent indifference, and Aquarius’ cool objectivity will start to melt.

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Everyone Has a Dark Side: Identifying Your Shadow

This article goes back to basics with an examination of what “shadow” means in astrology.

Mars in Leo, Moon in Libra Compatibility

This exuberant match blends Mars in Leo’s glittering efforts with Moon in Libra’s need for gilded love.

How to Tell if a Mars in Sagittarius Man or Woman Is Into You

Mars in Sagittarius can be a vibrant partner. But his version of fun is not for everyone.

Mars in Leo, Moon in Virgo Compatibility

Mars in Leo may be too obvious for Moon in Virgo, but their shared love of high standards may hold them together in some cases.

OkCupid Dating Profiles: Libra to Pisces

The second half of the OkCupid dating profiles series: Libra to Pisces.

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How to Tell if a Mars in Scorpio Man or Woman is Into You

Mars in Scorpio doesn’t just want your body, he wants your heart, soul and everything else in between. If he decides you’re worthy.

Mars in Leo, Moon in Taurus Compatibility

Mars in Leo won’t dazzle Moon in Taurus with his bling, but he will win her heart with his ability to give her more of what she needs.

Challenging Composite Aspects: Cracks in the Relationship

Challenging composite aspects can be triggered by transits, bringing relationship difficulties to a head. But they don’t have to destroy the relationship.