Mars in Cancer, Moon in Pisces Compatibility

Mars in Cancer will want Moon in Pisces, and Pisces will need Cancer’s care. The line between these two individuals will blur as they achieve a heightened state of intimacy.

How Do You Handle Being Cheated On?

Everyone hurts when they are cheated on. But how that pain is processed, and the results, can differ greatly depending on the natal chart.

Mars in Cancer, Moon in Aquarius Compatibility

Mars in Cancer wants closeness, while Moon in Aquarius needs space. Can the gap between these two be bridged?

Natal Saturn in the 6th House: Service Versus Slavery

Natal Saturn in the 6th house can create extreme adherence to routines and commitments. It can also cross the line between dependability and slavery in a partnership.

Mars in Cancer, Moon in Capricorn Compatibility

Mars in Cancer’s desire for security will be met by Moon in Capricorn’s need for traditional authority. These opposites will be attracted to the potential family they can create with each other.

Tinder by Sign

The world of online dating is more comfortable for some signs than others. Check out how each sign might do Tinder — or if they’ll even give it a shot.

Mars in Cancer, Moon in Sagittarius Compatiblity

Can Mars in Cancer’s protective nurturer build a life with Moon in Sagittarius’ wanderer? She may not be able to meet his demands for security, but this can be a passionate combination.

These Three Signs Are the Most Conservative on the First Date

Which signs hold back on the first date? This article explores why, and how, certain signs may not be in a rush to get close.

Mars in Cancer, Moon in Scorpio Compatibility

Mars in Cancer will take care of Moon in Scorpio, while Scorpio takes care of the deep, passionate merging in this relationship.

How To Tell if a Mars in Libra Man or Woman Is Into You

Mars in Libra comes off like the ideal partner, at first. The real challenge lies in developing a relationship with this contradictory planet/sign combination.

Mars in Cancer, Moon in Libra Compatiblity

Mars in Cancer’s passionate efforts may be too sloppy for refined Moon in Libra. And yet, intense attraction can exist between these Cardinal signs.

Guess Which 4 Zodiac Signs Put Out the Fastest

Some signs bide their time before taking the sexual plunge, while others jump right in. Curious as to which signs are the fast movers?

Mars in Cancer, Moon in Virgo Compatibility

Mars in Cancer wants to nurture, and Moon in Virgo needs to help. When these two connect, there’s potential for the ultimate caring relationship.

Synastric Trines and Sextiles to the Nodes: Overlooked and Underused

Easy aspects from one person’s planets to another’s Nodes can encourage growth … but are they compelling enough to be motivating?

Mars in Cancer, Moon in Leo Compatibility

Mars in Cancer’s passionate efforts will appeal to Moon in Leo’s need to be number one, but she may get bored with his focus on domestic security.

Polyamory and Infidelity: The Ethical Slut Versus the Cheater

The astrological factors that lead to openness versus deception.

Mars in Cancer, Moon in Cancer Compatiblity

Mars in Cancer’s needy passions will blend perfectly with Moon in Cancer’s mother/child vibe.

How to Tell if a Mars in Virgo Man or Woman Is Into You

If Mars in Virgo is hot for you, he appears to be at your service. But when it comes to relationships, there’s much more to this complex planet/sign combo.

Mars in Cancer, Moon in Gemini Compatiblity

Mars in Cancer can be a fast mover. Despite his tendency to cling, this may be his key to keeping the affections of mercurial Moon in Gemini.

The Transiting Nodes Enter Pisces/Virgo: Relationship Truths

When the transiting South Node enters Pisces, and the North Node enters Virgo, there will be a shift between fantasy and reality. How might this play out in relationships?