Venus in Capricorn Trine Mars in Virgo: Take Things Slow

This is the time to get practical and grounded when it comes to matters of the heart. Though earth signs aren’t known for being all that exciting when it comes to love, sometimes there’s nothing better than a cozy someone you can depend on.

Venus Conjunct Pluto in Capricorn: No Half-Measures in Love

If you’ve ever “loved” a relationship to death, you’ll understand the nature of Venus conjunct Pluto. Focused and committed, yes, but this transit also brings with it the danger of obsession, rigidity and over-striving.

Venus in Capricorn: November 26 to December 20

Form and structure are what it’s all about now, with Capricorn reminding us to keep our eyes on the prize and stay focused on what we really want.

Mars Trine Pluto: Powerhouse Potential

When the red-hot passion of Mars meets the smoky sexiness of Pluto, it opens the door to all kinds of interesting possibilities.

Mars in Virgo: November 10 to July 3

You may feel a passion for perfection over the next eight months, but do try to keep your inner critic in check.

Mars Opposite Neptune: Blurring the Lines

The Mars-Neptune opposition is a red flag for illicit affairs, secret romances and other messy sexual entanglements.

Venus in Sagittarius: November 2 to 26

What distance will you go for love? And what risks are you willing to take? These are some of the questions that are important now.

Putting Love to the Test: Venus Square Mars and Neptune

Venus must navigate rough and tumble Mars and then enter the swirling haze of Neptune’s foggy dance.

Venus Opposite Jupiter: Exercise Moderation

This aspect is guaranteed to bring out your indulgent side.

Venus in Scorpio: October 9 to November 2

This is not the time to play games in relationships, especially if you want to stay on your partner’s good side.

Venus Trine Neptune: Dream Up Your Ideal Lover

There’s no better time to create a romantic fantasy than now. But can you manifest it?

Long-Lasting Love: Venus Conjunct Saturn

The potential for making something real out of this transit is high. Read on for the recipe for success…

Prepare for a Love Explosion: Venus Opposite Uranus and Square Pluto

If you’ve been trying to sweep relationship issues under the rug, you may be in for a wake-up call.

Venus in Libra: September 14 to October 9

As Venus moves into her ruling sign of Libra, you will have many opportunities to let your love light shine.

Don’t Just Hear What You Want to Hear: Mercury Opposite Neptune

During this transit, communication may feel like it’s taking place underwater.

Venus in Virgo: August 21 to September 14

With a motto of “no muss, no fuss,” this earthy Venus could be called “the divine housekeeper of the heart.”

Venus in Gemini, Mars in Scorpio Compatibility

Can Mrs. Light & Frothy get along with Mr. Dark and Deep? Read on to find out.

Venus in Gemini, Mars in Taurus Compatibility

This couple has a “stop and go” quality that can be intriguing, though each partner may differ in their basic approach to love and romance.

Venus in Leo: July 28 to August 21

When the planet of love comes under the influence of the fifth sign of the zodiac, the drama-rama side of romance takes on a starring role.

Venus in Taurus, Mars in Aries Compatibility

The turtle and the hare meet in an unlikely match that may seem odd to some.