Cancer Horoscope for February 25

Someone’s aloof demeanor hurts your feelings today. You expected a warmer reception, or at least you’d hoped for one. But instead, you received a cold shoulder. Try to remember that most people are stuck in their heads now — including you. That person who seemed to slight you was probably just distracted, mentally in some […]

Cancer Horoscope for February 24

A loved one’s welfare weighs on your mind today, or perhaps it’s someone you’ve never even met before. You’re emotional by nature, and today, your urge to help others is aroused. Try to remember that it’s not your job to step in and save anyone. Of course, you do feel a responsibility to help and […]

Cancer Horoscope for February 23

You tend to rely on feelings and instinct, but today you could get some mixed signals. You’re challenged to set your emotions aside and exercise your intellectual energy instead. But this could be a tall order, Cancer. So is thinking outside the box, since you’re so traditional at heart. Still, try to view this as […]

Cancer Horoscope for February 22

You’d be perfectly happy if all of your relationships — with everyone — stayed exactly the same, day in and day out. At least, you think you would. But really, life would get dull and unfulfilling quickly. Not everyone stays the same, after all, including you. Even if you don’t realize it, little shifts are […]

Cancer Horoscope for February 21

This is a good time to initiate a new business, as long as you exercise caution. You’ll impress people with your hard work, but you might also come up against opposition, especially if you think you know exactly what your partner or customer wants. Ah, well; don’t let this tide of intense energy sweep you […]

Cancer Horoscope for February 20

Maybe you spoke out for the wrong reason and called their attention to something embarrassing. Maybe you grabbed what was costly or shiny while letting what was really valuable slip away. Whatever you did without thinking or caring, your own irresponsible actions could be making you uptight. Who is this saboteur knocking down everything you […]

Cancer Horoscope for February 19

You’re OK with the sound of your own voice. It’s those other loudmouths who irritate you. Somewhere in the rules it says that only you get to speak up today. You’re so weighed down with words that letting them out under these circumstances will seem reasonable. Well, everyone gets to have their opinion. But opinions […]

Cancer Horoscope for February 18

Get ready for an exciting day today. Of course, you might not want any excitement. You can do without unexpected thrills, or so you think! But being a little bit adventurous will take you far. Consider the realm of your own thoughts: Stretching your idea of what’s normal, acceptable or true opens up a whole […]

Cancer Horoscope for February 17

You’re feeling things deeply today, both sweet emotions and difficult ones. The best use of today’s intense energy is for connecting with the people you love best — those friends and family members whom you trust implicitly and love from the bottom of your heart. Lean on these people today, Cancer. And try not to […]

Cancer Horoscope for February 16

You’re a private person, one who doesn’t let others in very easily. Today, though, you may be feeling even more secretive and private than usual. This is no problem, especially since no feeling lasts forever. By tomorrow, a festive spirit will grip you in all its fervor and excitement. So enjoy your cocoon today, Cancer, […]

Gemini Horoscope for February 15

You’re always charming and witty, but today you’re kind and compassionate as well. People sense that you’re on their side, and that you have everyone’s best interests in mind. If you’re in a position to negotiate anything from a contract to a compromise, your efforts should go well now. You truly want everyone to get […]

Gemini Horoscope for February 14

Any event on your schedule today that involves other people, from a business meeting to a date, should go well. Your clever mind is at work, making connections and producing snappy responses. Your quick wit is sure to amaze others. They wish they were half as resourceful as you are, not to mention humorous! So […]

Gemini Horoscope for February 13

You’re drawn to systems and routines today. Working through a problem or following an established process actually brings you a sense of satisfaction. That’s a good thing, especially if you’re stuck doing mundane tasks like running errands. But try not to let the routine itself eclipse the purpose for following it — the final outcome. […]

Gemini Horoscope for February 12

Generally speaking, details are your strong point. And yet today, they could cause you grief if you aren’t careful to stay on top of them. Under the current influence, organization is key. Write down important information like grocery items or meeting times, so you don’t have to store it in your head. If you try […]

Gemini Horoscope for February 11

As you work through your task list today, try to stay focused on the end goal: Getting through the items in the most efficient manner possible. Methodical progress may seem frustrating, since it isn’t exactly fast-paced. But shortcuts aren’t favored now. And innovations are favored only if they actually advance your cause. If an idea […]

Gemini Horoscope for February 10

Being an expert is like being prejudiced. One set of facts could blind you to other possibilities. In other words, it’s time to lose the opinions if you want to be remembered as a positive influence. Objective authority is best. Don’t put your personal preferences ahead of the greater good. And now for the really […]

Gemini Horoscope for February 9

Forget about spreading yourself too thin in some push for world domination. Keep your high hopes in the neighborhood for now. These people work and play with you. They’ve seen you in love, in trouble and sometimes even before you’ve had your coffee in the morning. Whether or not they know you well, they probably […]

Gemini Horoscope for February 8

If there’s a lot on your to-do list today, don’t worry — and don’t give in to the urge to blow it all off. This is your day to multitask, even if you feel spread a little thin. Besides, you have the energy to take care of everything on your list and more. Remember that […]

Gemini Horoscope for February 7

Things at home could use your attention today– spend some time reconnecting with your loved ones. It’s also a good day for clearing out a closet, or getting your finances in order. Sure, this type of work can be tedious. Still, these jobs are important, and they need doing from time to time. And there’s […]

Gemini Horoscope for February 6

Sometimes you fit in a little too well. Don’t be such a chameleon. Step out of their blind spot and identify yourself today. You don’t belong in the background. Let your style and grace do the talking. And even if you chose not to draw people’s focus by projecting superficial things, your experience alone would […]