Being Seen vs. Being Invisible: Moon-Neptune Aspects in the Natal Chart

When the natal Moon is hooked into an aspect with one of the trans-generational planets (Uranus, Neptune and Pluto) it’s a signal that the individual’s needs are entwined with issues of an ancestral or cultural nature. The individual may feel as though s/he has something to bring to the world, or that s/he is carrying or fulfilling ancestral hopes. That’s quite a trip. And, for those born with the Moon in aspect to Neptune, that trip can be either woefully vague and drifty, or enchantingly beautiful. As always, perspective is everything. And perspective is wrapped up in the nature of the aspect. So let’s pull back the veil on the mists of Neptune and Moon to see what kind of potentials and tendencies are available.

At first glance—regardless of the aspect that Moon and Neptune make—these two celestials have an affinity for each other. Each is endowed with highly subjective attributes: it can be difficult to look beyond one’s ‘reigning need’ (as represented by the Moon), just as one’s search for spiritual and creative fulfillment (as revealed by Neptune) is subject to individual experience. Both the Moon and Neptune rule waterways and water signs (Cancer and Pisces, respectively). Associated as it is with feelings and emotions, water—that element that reflects like a mirror when it is still, and churns energy when it is choppy—provides a fount of healing and intuition. Moon and Neptune are naturally attuned to the fourth and twelfth houses, respectively—home and healing and sanctuary. For some, the two are inter-changeable.

It is also fair to acknowledge that Moon and Neptune “see” each other more easily via some geometric alignments than others. When two celestial bodies align with unimpeded visual access to each other, they can uplift one’s vibration and the way one expresses the planetary pairing.

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Ironically, when contemplating the notion of visibility and sight: wherever Neptune shows up in the natal chart (by house placement, especially) there is an ambivalence about being seen. Neptune represents glamour—consider the cult of celebrity—as much as it represents escapism. An individual with a Moon-Neptune aspect must eventually grapple with the degree to which they desire attention versus privacy. These aren’t mutually exclusive, of course, but finding the Goldilocks formula is its own quest. And, for the Moon-Neptune soul, one’s ambivalence about being seen or invisible will depend largely on which planet has the stronger outlet for expression in the chart. (And how one makes that determination has enough scope for a separate discussion.)

Not everyone born with a Moon-Neptune contact faces undue difficulty seeing things clearly. People with a natal sextile or trine between between Moon and Neptune have a natural aptitude for static-free transmitting and receiving. They possess intuition, empathy, healing ability, compassion, and creativity. And, in terms of whether or not they desire attention or privacy: it varies according to the situation. Sometimes it feels natural to be highly visible, and other times it feels better to be invisible. The point is, there’s no ongoing inner conflict about it for these folks; there’s just going with the flow (trine), and choosing for or against an opportunity (sextile). Would that life could always be so uncomplicated.

When the Moon and Neptune form a conjunction, square or opposition, the lack of ease with being in or out of the spotlight is especially pronounced. And it’s not just whether one wishes to be seen or not that gets confusing: it’s also quite difficult to see clearly. Add to this an acute emotional sensitivity, which can feel like both a blessing and a curse. On the one hand, it provides ample energy for creative output and advocating for the marginalized and dispossessed. On the other hand, it can also lead to a heightened sense of vulnerability and/or overwhelm.

An individual with a natal Moon-Neptune conjunction is highly intuitive and impressionable. These are very creative souls, as much as they are effective escape artists. Because their feelings are so intimately entwined with divine longing, there is a strong magnetization towards wishful thinking.

Those born with Moon square Neptune are subject to a blind spot. This is something that can be mitigated by (a) acknowledging your tendency to ignore issues, and (b) choosing daily to ask yourself (or another) what vital piece you may be missing. Wherever a square shows up, it also reveals a nagging issue around awkward timing. When faced with having to choose between this or that (and likely wanting both), something must be tossed overboard or sacrificed (which is a Neptunian key word). No wonder it can be difficult to give oneself over to surrender and trust (also key Neptunian concepts).

People with a natal Moon-Neptune opposition often wish to outrun the ghosts of the past. The Moon suggests that there is a maternal issue that haunts them. The opposition aspect requires the exploration of both ‘competing’ sides of the issue until, hopefully, arriving at a point of peace somewhere in the middle. That may look like alternating between revering the mother and wishing her away.

It’s interesting to note that those born with the Moon and Neptune in conjunction, square or opposition tend towards an over-idealization of the mother (particularly with a conjunction), or an inability to see her as she feels herself to be (as with the square or opposition). There’s nothing inherently wrong with this, although it can lead to unconsciously transferring that maternal relationship onto all kinds of other folks. Everyone gets turned into mommy—which leaves one vulnerable to responding to all kinds situations as if they were life and death matters. The Mother (and Moon, by extension) is linked with survival, after all. If you’re born with a Moon-Neptune conjunction, square or opposition, it will help you to actively work towards “seeing through” people, if only because it’s one of your least-developed traits.

There’s a time and a place for everything under the sun—it’s just that the Moon in aspect to Neptune can really cast confusion as to the appropriate time and place. Should you have a natal aspect between Moon and Neptune, you may wish to take note of those moments when you catch yourself drifting off into the ethers, regardless of what may be happening around you. You may also want to reflect on how much energy you devote to either striving for greater visibility or avoiding it. And then there’s the complementary issue, which is how much of this situation am I seeing clearly, and how much of it might I be imagining? When Neptune is involved, this is one of the most crucial life skills you can learn.


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