Four Reasons Why You Would Fall Hard for a Gemini

Have you got a certain Gemini on your mind? He carries a palpable magnetism. Maybe it’s his unsurpassable gift for spinning a great yarn. Or maybe it’s his youthful energy. Yet beneath the chatty surface of this maverick is a contemplative soul on a search for integration and wholeness. It’s part of what makes Gemini such a fascinating guy: he can get as shallow or as deep as you need. Here are four reasons why you could fall into the deep end for him:

1. Tell Me a Story

Every culture is built on stories–stories of every stripe and color. We all have our own individual and collective tales of glory and woe. Stories have an amazing capacity to bring people from various walks of life together. No wonder we can’t get away from scrolling our feeds on every social platform out there.

But there’s a visceral difference between reading or hearing a story and telling it. Some folks would rather be abducted by aliens than speak in front of a group of people. Others just have a harder time remembering the details or sequence of events. It’s a challenge to get the story across.

Enter Gemini. You have not heard a story being told until you’ve heard it from a Gemini. The most mundane event gets spun into an epic saga that would capture even Homer’s imagination. (As in The Odyssey, not The Simpsons.) If you can’t imagine what value there might be in hearing a really good tale, then put yourself on a total media fast and stay off all social platforms. Do not tune into Netflix; don’t even listen to your favorite tunes. They’re all story-driven. How are you feeling now?

Gemini is living proof that it’s not just the contents of the story; it’s the manner in which the story gets told that will capture you. He’s got this down for a few reasons. He’s an air sign, for starters. These are the natural communicators of the zodiac. Air symbolizes social interaction, strong intelligence, and an inquisitive nature that seeks answers. It’s also true that Gemini’s energy resonates naturally with the 3rd House of communication, mental activity and education. And then there’s Gemini’s ruling planet, Mercury. This is the cosmic messenger, and ruler of all forms of communication. That smartphone, tablet, or computer you’re reading from falls under Mercury’s domain.

Considering these factors, it’s not just that Gemini has the gift of the gab; he’s just gifted. He elevates the art of storytelling. It’s not enough for him to tell you that his car got stuck in a snow bank on his way to a meeting; he’s going to tell you at what speed all the other drivers carelessly whizzed by and nearly flattened him, the multitude of thoughts that were running through his mind as he waited–his life at stake–for a rescue in the middle of an urban jungle. You listen at rapt attention. You know he’s surely exaggerating bits and pieces, but it’s so entertaining, and he’s so willing to make fun of himself if it makes you laugh. He has painted such a vivid picture of himself in that snow bank that your heart begins to melt.

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2. Both Sides Now

You listen to her recount her tale in high definition, and you think she is most unusual, this Gemini: she comes off as ingenuous and ingenious at the same time. How can she be so naive and yet so clever? Welcome to the world of duality that Gemini is right at home in. How could she not be an adept of paradox, when her very symbol is that of The Twins? Even the 3rd House to which she is attuned includes siblings.

There are a few phrases that get casually thrown around when describing a Gemini: Jekyll and Hyde or good twin, bad twin. These reductive descriptions don’t touch the deeper and more sacred reality of the Gemini twins. Gemini is keenly aware of her dual nature. She’s kind of fascinated by the fact that you haven’t yet awoken to yours, though. Let’s face it: we are all bilateral creatures. We’ve got pretty much two of everything on our bodies, including two brain hemispheres.

Two personalities, though? Well no, actually. Ask a Gemini what she makes of her celestial twin status, and she’ll tell you that she thinks of it as having a sacred self, or an invisible other, a divine complement, or a silent witness. Deeply marked by this concept of ‘the other,’ Gemini knows that ‘the other’ is herself.

Still, if you fall for her, she will be happy to confer upon you special status as her significant other.

3. Over the Bridge

More than most people, Gemini’s internal process is to alleviate the pitfall of black or white thinking; he’s holding space for both black and white. This is another alluring facet of Gemini; his clear grasp of duality being two sides of a coin help him to bridge the gap between two seemingly opposite things. In a sense, Gemini is leaning not so much into duality as he is multiplicity.

It’s easy for Gemini to dance between vastly different worlds or concepts or people. He’s a mutable man, after all. Mutable signs are adaptable, malleable and mobile. All of this changeable energy eventually grooms Gemini to be a bridge of sorts. A connector. He knows which two people would make a perfect match for a specific business venture. And why not, with his guiding planet in charge of commerce? He identifies links between disparate ideas. He knows exactly how to get from here to there and back again.

Even Gemini’s ruler Mercury is known as the psychopomp, or guide of souls to the afterlife. In Greek mythology Hermes (Roman Mercury’s Greek counterpart) was the only Olympian god, apart from Hades, allowed access to the Underworld. This should offer further information about the impressive ability of Gemini to acquire entry to pretty much any situation. Not because of any particular elite status, but because of his remarkable ability to shift from one state of being to another. It’s pure alchemy, and he teaches it simply by modeling it. You benefit from Gemini’s legendary versatility as if through osmosis–and you will never be the same again.

4. Gemini/Mercury in Your Chart

How do you bottle air? If you’re lucky, you can find a way, provided there is enough resonance in your natal chart to get that Gemini Genie into or out of the bottle:

  • Gemini on the 7th House Cusp, Mercury in the 7th House, 7th House Ruler in hard aspect to Mercury: Like a born Gemini, you thrive on talking it all out with a partner who possesses open ears and an open mind if you’re going to open your heart. If your 7th House ruler is at odds with Mercury in your chart, it adds texture to the conversation. You may not agree on all things, but you riff on learning from each other’s point of view.
  • Venus or Mars in the 3rd House, or in hard aspect to Mercury: With either of the celestial lovers in your natal 3rd House your life is populated with stories. It’s an ideal way to connect with Gemini. You won’t find friction between Venus and Mercury, since they travel so closely together. If Mars, however, is in a dynamic alignment with Mercury it makes for a passionate debate or all-out war. Easy does it then; Gemini doesn’t mind playing devil’s advocate for the sake of a great debate, but he’s not interested in a brawl. Of course, even that would make for a really great story one day.


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