How To Tell If Venus in Sagittarius Likes You Back

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It’s pretty hard not to notice when Venus in Sagittarius shows up on the scene. He’s like that rather tall drink of water that’s sharing a larger-than-life story on the fly to an adoring and expanding crowd that gathers near. Venus in Sagittarius isn’t shy, he’s unafraid to make some jovial noise, and he’s on the lookout for his next big adventure. No wonder you’ve got stars in your eyes when you meet him. But will you figure into his future plans? Here are some ways to suss out Venus in Sagittarius:

Laughing With You, Not at You

Laughter is truly the best medicine for Venus in Sagittarius. This is one of the most exuberant and outgoing creatures of the zodiac. She loves to crack people up, and gets off on meeting others who appeal to her slightly zany sense of humor. Have you got an upbeat story of adventure with an unexpected twist? Perhaps an astute piece of satire or political commentary? Even a corny joke? Venus in Sagittarius is all ears. She may interrupt you here and there with a witty remark or a question for clarification. Go with it if you can. Her interjections serve two purposes: they inform you that a) she’s actively listening to you, and b) she’s a smarty-pants who can hold her own in pretty much any form of communication–and she wants to make sure you know who you’re dealing with. Take a hint.

Along those lines: notice if she adds a button to your story… or tries to top your joke or meet your pun with an even punnier one. Or she’s got follow-up questions to whatever story you’ve been sharing with her. The point is she’s not letting your words go in one ear and out the other; she’s engaged in full-on repartee with you. Brainy flirting. You can believe that you’ve fascinated her in some manner.

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A Trip Down Memory Lane

Venus in Sagittarius sees the very big picture and devotes a great deal of his energy in service to something he perceives as greater to him. Perhaps it’s in a religious capacity, or maybe he teaches or works with the disenfranchised. He is enmeshed within and cognizant of cultural, political and societal forces at work. This helps him come up with productive measures to counter all that he sees as unjust. It’s not enough for Venus in Sagittarius to identify and label a chronic societal ill; he must be part of the solution.

All of this contributes to his incredibly honed ability to recognize patterns, and to understand how various seemingly unrelated parts come together. So, upon seeing him again–likely in a group setting, which is his comfort zone–it should come as no surprise if he refers to something you mentioned when you first met, even if that was forever ago. You may have forgotten about it, but he clearly hasn’t. That should tell you that you’ve been on his mind. And given how much this intellectual heavyweight has on his mind, that’s saying a lot.

Trains, Planes and Automobiles

Venus in Sagittarius lives for travel. It’s not a luxury, but a necessity. This is her fast track to continued education and evolution. Driving a long distance, or preferably catching a train or hopping on the ferry, bus or plane is no big deal to her if it’s connected to her value system or romantic urges. Actually, mass public transportation appeals to her environmental concerns and to her sense of collective ownership. What does this have to do with you, you wonder? Well, for starters, if she’s into you, she’ll be unfazed by geographical distance, and she’s willing to make the trek to see you or to share some kind of adventure with you. It may not be overseas just yet, but she will make a concerted effort to get to your neck of the woods if necking with you is on her mind.

If you’ve known her a while and really want to see where it’s at with her, then pull out an atlas and ask her where her next bucket list destination is. Watch what happens as her eyes widen and she waxes poetic about the food she’s heard about in Cambodia. In this state of reverie, if she should look at you and ask if you’d ever want to go there too, you need not ask if this is a date or something; just pack your bags and get going.


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