How To Tell If Venus in Capricorn Likes You Back

Do you pine for Venus in Capricorn? It’s understandable if you do. Only this babe of the zodiac can make sheer industriousness look sexy. That’s because she’s on her way to the top. If you’re hot for her, you can’t have failed to notice that Venus in Capricorn gets off on work. And nothing is going to derail her professional momentum–not even you, bub.

Knowing that, how on earth are you supposed to know if she shares your attraction? Frankly, this is such a self-contained creature that it might feel as though you’ve got to move mountains to assess her level of interest in you. It might be safer to say that it’s easier to tell Venus in Capricorn likes you by what she doesn’t do or say. That’s the influence of Saturn, teaching her about boundaries.

Ultimately, if you’re eyeing this ambitious workaholic, you’ll have to risk making the first move. In order to avoid an egg-on-face moment, here are some subtle clues that Venus in Capricorn may actually be into you:

Words of Praise

Any Venus in Capricorn will tell you himself: he’s not an effusive guy. And he does not suffer fools gladly. It’s like this: if you’ve landed on Venus in Capricorn’s radar, it’s either because he thinks you’re incredible, or just an incredible tool. You’d better hope it’s the former. Harsh? Think of Capricorn’s ruling planet, Saturn. Enough said. If you haven’t been verbally knuckle-wrapped by this exacting guy, consider yourself a contender already.

We tend to think of Saturn as the cosmic agent of punishment. Yet Saturn rewards hard work. Do not underestimate the sincerity of any words of praise from Venus in Capricorn. He’s not doling out cookies to the vast majority of people he encounters. This is one of the most self-contained sorts you will ever brush up against. That’s the influence of the earth element he’s operating with, as well as the confining energy of Saturn’s rings. Venus in Capricorn’s words are economical, and they are chosen with purpose. If he’s noticed your work or an accomplishment, he’ll keep tracking your career, whether you’re in the same fields or not. He may even offer to get behind you in some way.

You’re looking for hearts and flowers? Not so fast, sweetheart. Prove your professional merit first. Venus in Capricorn is a master at what he does in the professional sphere. His reputation matters–and so does yours, if he’s attracted to you. Think of the goat–Capricorn’s totem. That little goat will eventually find its way to the top of the mountain. If you care to make that trek with him, take a lesson from his work ethic…and take the compliment if he offers it.

Thoughtful Gift

Still, a compliment for a job well done is not something you can take to the bank. It can be hard to differentiate between Venus in Capricorn’s professional respect for you versus flat-out attraction. A more tangible way to tell she admires you is if she presents you with a present. I’m not talking about the obligatory birthday or holiday season gift. I’m talking about receiving a gift from her for no other reason than she saw it–or better yet, made it–and thought it would be perfect for you.

The thing about Venus in any sign is that she’s into exchange. And placed in the earthy sign of Capricorn, Venus appreciates the material world. If she shares some of it with you, she’s making a bold statement. It may be couched in words such as, “Oh, since you mentioned you needed a new scarf I wondered if you’d like this one? I knit it. I think it brings out your eyes.” Or, “I was shopping but I bought this extra item that I don’t actually need. I think it would be appropriate for you.”

The unexpected timing or nature of her gift may catch you off-guard. You’re trying to figure out what happened to Ms. All Work and No Play. But Venus in Capricorn will play hard and reward herself–as well as those she draws into her inner circle–with gusto. Remember, Capricorn’s ruler disperses diamonds as much as lumps of coal. Suffice it to say you are on her list if Venus in Capricorn is shopping for you.

Connecting During Work Hours

But maybe it was just a one-off thing, that unexpected prezzie from Venus in Capricorn. For all you know, he delivered gifts to a whole bunch of folks. Doubtful, but here’s a sign you really can’t ignore: you somehow score some time with him during office hours. Understand that every hour is office hour for Venus in Capricorn. This sign is the natural ruler of the 10th house of professional calling. And he takes his calling seriously. Venus in Capricorn doesn’t give a fig about work-life balance. If the scales are tipped, it will be towards work. That’s his first love. Venus in Capricorn is building a legacy–not to have his name attached to something, but to leave the world in more stable condition. There’s no such thing as work break or after work.

That he would step away from productivity for you is huge. If you can pry Venus in Capricorn away from his professional responsibilities for even an hour, you’re sitting pretty. Of course, you can’t sit for too long, or some of his shine to you will wear off.

Same Time Next Year

Venus in Capricorn is tough to read. Even if you distracted her from the pleasures of productivity, it must have been a fluke, you’re thinking. While you couldn’t be blamed for wondering if that’s the case, you should know that Venus in Capricorn doesn’t do flukes. A fluke isn’t a thing. A plan is a thing. A plan is solid, it’s reliable–and if you make a plan with this gal, you’d better stick to it. Venus in Capricorn has mastered time and space–Saturn’s realm–and she’ll hold you accountable to do the same. Show up where and when you say you will–especially if you’ve gotten this far with her.

Yet there’s no rush to woo her. Venus in Capricorn plays the long game. Her Saturnine guardian aligns with longevity. It’s all about gradual unfolding, as opposed to sprinting to the finish line. Venus in Capricorn has honed the art of waiting, so long as there’s a purpose to the wait. This means you can and should afford the time to plan an appropriate get-together with her. Be blown away if she asks you first. And she just might. She is a cardinal creature, after all. She’s no stranger to making a move, although doing so usually occurs in her comfort zone: her career. All the more reason to take note if she asks you out, even for coffee.

Given that Venus in Capricorn is given to reliability and the sureness of routine, it really suits her to have a regular plan in place. It’s the equivalent of, if it’s Friday we must be eating fish. A regular weekly date of some kind is one of the many ways she grounds herself, grows roots in her community, and develops one of her most treasured ingredients for a long-lasting relationship: glue. If she either offers or consents to a standing date or routine with you, you have captured her fancy. Remain honest with her, stay in your integrity, and you may scoop this fancy pants for good.

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