How To Tell If Venus in Virgo Likes You Back

Got a thing for someone with Venus in Virgo? Need a clue that he’s got a thing for you too? It’s going to take some very subtle sleuthing to figure out. It’s not that Venus in Virgo is trying to be crafty, but 1) he likely feels insecure about his ability to land you, and 2) he’s comfortable being solo. Hence the Virgin symbol. When applied to Virgo, virgin doesn’t mean sexually uninitiated; it means autonomous–whole on his own. Take both of these Virgo traits to mean that he’s not taking any undue risks about revealing a crush until you’ve all but declared your love for him. Still, there are a few clues that you’ve shown up on Venus in Virgo’s radar:

An Offer of Service

She offers you a helping hand. Maybe you’ve got a stalled research project, and she mentions that she’s got a book sitting on her shelf right now that could come in handy. Sounds dry? Think again: her offer of help means that you’ll need to arrange a follow-up meeting so she can hand over the book to you…which is just what she was intending when she so skillfully offered you her help in the first place. It’s the “when can I see you again without making it super obvious that I really want to see you again” approach. And you’d better treat her book as though it’s part of the Smithsonian collection. She treasures her tomes, so it’s huge that she’s risking its potential damage in your grubby little paws. She won’t do that for just anyone.

Connecting Online

Because Venus in Virgo is a renowned wordsmith, don’t be concerned if he prefers to reach out to you by email or text, instead of over the phone. It’s legit. And the passing back and forth of notes can lead to some smoldering online threads. Yes, the Virgin…smoldering. He reads, he writes–and he needs to know you’re literate, too. You don’t have to be Emily Bronte (who had Venus in Virgo, incidentally). But you do need to have something going on between the ears before he chooses to let you between the sheets. That’s because Venus in Virgo has a well-honed appreciation for gray matter. Know that your brain is actually a turn-on for him, provided you don’t come at him with a potty mouth that would make even the creators of “South Park” blush. Think word hygiene and follow his cues when in doubt.

If he engages you with witty word play–a pun or a wry remark that reveals his astute observations–he’s showing off for you. Venus in Virgo is one clever cookie, and you could learn a lot from this lover, whether it’s historical context, political turmoil, or even a scrumptious recipe. Remember that wordplay is foreplay, and you’ll be better prepared to respond accordingly.

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A Gentle Touch

Need something more tangible to assess Venus in Virgo’s interest in you? Her energy is earthy, so a gentle touch on your arm or an accidentally-on-purpose brush of your skin is one of her more overt signals that she’s noticed you. Please don’t miss this cue; it’s about as brazen as Venus in Virgo is going to get during the flirtation phase. She may remove a bit of lint from your jacket without warning. It’s a good excuse to place her pristine hands on you. And hey, there may even be an actual piece of lint there…or not. Regardless, she actually planned that precise moment to make contact with your skin or clothing, and she’s really hoping you’ll read that as a sign to come back with some kind of hint that you’re fascinated with her. She doesn’t lay her hands on everyone, so do take her delicate touch as an encouraging sign.

The Quest For Perfection

We should probably address some of the slightly negative press that Venus in Virgo may attract. Some accuse this lover of being a bit picky. Well, yes…there is that persnickety potential. After all, Virgo energy gets enthused by aspirations of perfection. And if he’s got a suggestion for you about how to get to that exalted state more efficiently, you’ve at least landed on his radar. He may be a gentleman, but he’s not going to waste his time or valuable feedback on someone he can’t imagine a future with. So take that ‘nitpicking’ as a compliment. And know that he’s really looking out for you.

Keep It Refined

One could say that ‘fastidious’ is Venus in Virgo’s middle name. That seems fair, given the energetic match between health and hygiene with Virgo. If he’s in your home–whether for a book club meeting or dinner a deux–and he then chooses to return to your home, consider it a positive sign. Whatever the state of your crib, it clearly didn’t turn his stomach if he’s making an encore visit.

People make a lot of Venus in Virgo’s clean-freak nature. It’s a bit of a stereotype, so let’s be real: Venus in Virgo is gifted with an ability to adapt to all kinds of circumstances, including the most gritty ones. Being a mutable maiden, she can dance with varying situations better than most people. You can let go of the idea that she can’t be pleased.

This translates into good news for you if you’re concerned that you might have blown your first impression with him. Simply try again with a more refined approach. Venus in Virgo is gracious enough to give you a second chance. Should your relationship progress further, you will eventually discover his secret that few ever do: Venus in Virgo gives as good as he gets. He is a sensuous lover who will do back-flips to ensure that you are happy and satisfied, in and out of the bedroom.


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