Four Reasons Why You Would Fall Hard for a Libra

Every creature of the zodiac is inherently creative in some fashion. Creativity expresses itself through each of us in many interesting and diverse ways. The Libra man or woman, however, takes that creative impulse and elevates it to artistry. That’s hot enough. Add to that a dose of the legendary charm and chivalry that Libra’s reputation is built on, and you’ve barely got a chance of NOT falling for a Libra.

1. All for Art

An artistic outlet is almost as crucial as oxygen for Libra. It doesn’t matter if he’s directing a play, writing a poem, or composing a piece. A big part of Libra’s raison d’etre is art for art’s sake. Your Libra lover can help you access a world of artistic heights. Why should that be of any import? Because it’s through storytelling in all of its mediums that we see ourselves and our triumphs and struggles reflected. There’s the potential for catharsis, along with the revelation that your private world shares a great deal in common with most other people’s. Libra’s focus is sharp and intelligent even if his vision appears impossibly idyllic. His creative output may not accurately portray the mundane realities of daily living, nor is it meant to. Rather, Libra is keyed into archetypes and symbols. He will open your mind and heart to the possibilities of a perfect world, where harmony reigns. He may even appoint you as his muse. Pretty intoxicating, the thought of being someone’s muse, isn’t it?

2. All for Love

The Libra lady is ruled by Venus, goddess of love — as if that isn’t reason enough to tumble. If artistic expression is Libra’s oxygen, then Love is her blood. Libra is magnetized to experience herself more fully within the bosom of romantic union. Emphasis on romantic. Imagine that: being with someone who already knows that she is here to experience commitment and a balanced blend of two unique identities. Now, to be sure, this lover lives in her head a good amount of time. That’s an air sign for you. So this can mean that she is tapped into the idea of love more than the down-to-earth reality of it. And yes, this can result in the occasional disconnect between what she sees as possible, and what you feel to be probable. If she has some good grounding earth in her chart, it can mitigate Libra’s mind-body schism, and offset her inclination to build castles in the clouds. As natural ruler of the seventh house, Libra’s very domain is partnership—preferably of the intimate kind—and so she is primed to seek romance and to live in that exultant state. And she’s made of the right ingredients to keep romance fresh over a long period of time.

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