Why a Woman’s Mars Sign Doesn’t Always Describe the Man She Wants

A woman’s Mars sign will tell you something about the type of man she wants (if she’s attracted to men). But just as a man’s Venus sign doesn’t tell the whole story, neither does a woman’s Mars sign. Mars will describe what qualities turn her on, but these may be very different from what she’s looking for in a partner. You have to look at her 7th House (of committed relationships) to get a fuller picture of the kind of guy she wants in her life.

Mars represents male energy in a man or woman’s chart. By its sign and house position, it shows how initiative and sexuality are expressed. It’s the instinctive hunger that pushes people to go after what they want. A woman will be attracted to a man who embodies her Mars qualities.

Mars in Aries, 7th House Cusp in Pisces

Rachel has Mars in Aries (the sign that it rules). She is not shy about going after what she wants, and she’s attracted to assertive men who do the same. Sexually hesitant guys are a turnoff (she gets impatient with them). But let’s say her 7th House cusp is in Pisces (the sign of dreams, transcendence and saviors). She may be attracted to guys who make the first move (Aries), but they must have a sense of spirituality, compassion or a higher purpose (Pisces). A “man’s man” who has no interest in what lies beyond the daily grind may be fun for a short period of time, but she wouldn’t partner up with him. Likewise, a man who drifts through life, or is easily bruised, would not make her heart beat faster. Rachel wants a man who energetically (Aries) pursues what lies beyond (Pisces) his immediate boundaries; a dreamer or healer with the fire to make his dreams happen. One example might be a doctor who puts himself on the front lines (in countries decimated by war or natural disasters).

Since the 7th House also represents Rachel’s projected qualities (that she may or may not own) she’ll admire her potential partner’s creativity, or faith, or healing abilities. Maybe she’s a frustrated idealist who lives out her unacknowledged dreams through her partner. Or maybe she’s a doctor as well, and is drawn to a partner who shares her mission. She’s attracted to the fire, but that fire has to fuel a higher purpose.

Mars in Cancer, 7th House Cusp in Leo

The house positions and signs of Mars, and the 7th House ruler, add depth to the interpretation of a woman’s potential love interest. If Dao has Mars in Cancer, her will is expressed through nurturing. She’s attracted to men who cuddle, cook and generally match her nurturing actions. For Dao, sex is about comfort as much as physical release. Put Mars in her 6th House of service, and this will emphasize her attraction to a man who helps others, just as she assertively (Mars) takes care of him.

But Dao’s 7th House cusp is in Leo, the sign of ego and appreciation. So while she’s attracted to a guy who’s got the domestic duties covered, she won’t partner with him if he’s too humble or self-effacing. He has to be proud of who he is, and she has to feel pride about who he is. If her Sun (ruler of her 7th House) is in her 5th House of self-expression (in Gemini) she might want a partner who’s a performer, or someone who communicates (Gemini) in a way that grabs everyone’s attention. The invisible man who works behind the scenes is not going to cut it as her partner. She’ll be expressing some of her ego (Sun) through her partner, whether or not she’s totally owned her desire to shine (Leo). Or, maybe she wants a partner who’s a nurturing (Cancer) playmate (5th House). But if he’s totally selfish (Leo) and more interested in having fun (5th House) than providing comfort, she won’t be attracted to him. Security turns her on (Mars in Cancer) and drama or attention-grabbing (7th House Leo) is what she admires.

Aspects to her other natal planets will tell us even more about the man she wants. Let’s say Dao’s Moon (needs) is in her 8th House (shared resources and intimacy) Virgo. Her Moon forms a tense square to her 5th House Sun. Dao’s private, intensified need (8th House Moon) to fix things (Virgo) clashes with the playful partners she’s drawn to. She may end up with men who unsettle her, because they push against her inner perfectionist (Virgo). The power dynamics of money, sex and emotions between Dao and her partner will be the battleground. But she needs that tension in a relationship; she’d be bored with a placid union. Maybe she gets involved with an actor (5th House Sun) whose unreliable paychecks make her worry (Virgo) about joint finances (8th House). Now she has a problem to chew on and keep her busy. Any planets in Dao’s 7th House, or aspecting her Mars, would round out the description of her lover and partner.

As always, analyzing an entire chart will give you the most complete relationship picture. But natal Mars represents a woman’s instinctive drive, and the man she’s attracted to must embody that drive. Just focusing on her Mars (the sexual/instinctive part of the equation) leaves out the qualities she’s looking for in a partner. Sometimes the male energy that attracts her is complementary to her ideal partner, but not always. Blending the qualities of her Mars, and her 7th House, will describe the kind of man who turns her on and whom she wants to commit to.

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About Nadia Gilchrist

Nadia Gilchrist offers 15 years of experience in Evolutionary and Traditional astrology. Her writings and personal consultations focus on applying astrology and tarot readings with a clear, practical approach to the real world. Nadia blogs regularly at Ruby Slipper Astrology.


  1. mmm food for thought, never thought about it that way before, mars in leo 10th, 7th house cusp aries…well I married a sag so I got the fire right and we both had libra moons, but that was about all that was right with it lol!

  2. Thank you Nadia,

    Please can you comment about how progressed mars and progressed 7th cusp, fits into this theory. After mars progresses into a new sign, will the woman be attracted to those qualities of the new sign. Does that overrule qualities of the natal mars sign?

  3. Mars in Gemini in 8th; Taurus in 7th, Venus in Aries in 5th .

    I love wit, and seduction of the tongue, but I’ve never been able to understand my 7th house stuff

  4. Very interesting, thanks. I have sun cj mars in leo/1st. Husband is very driven and goes for everything he wants. He is also very animated and dramatic. My 7th is empty aquarius. Uranus is in Libra and 3rd (I think). We met at school. He has many progressive social and political ideas and always does the right thing in every situation.

    Would my north node in 7th/Pisces cj someone’s Aq Jup/Merc be solely intellectual and mean making relationships less egotistical (less Leo)? Any way to “warm” that connection? Thanks.

  5. I like looking at it this way. Mars is what turns you on and the 7th house is what you admire. Despite having Mars in Cancer I always thought I would hate a Cancerian type. But looking deeper, I do like it when a man knows how to cook, take care of his home, is family-oriented, etc. But with Capricorn on my 7th house cusp, I also need him to be responsible and self-disciplined, in general someone who has himself together. I don’t relish the idea of partnering with someone who relies on me to parent him.

  6. MajjikMoon says:

    My 2H Cancer Mars inconjuncts my Saggi 7th but trines my 2H Leo Venus which sextiles my Gem Asc??? Jupiter is in 4H Libra and opposes my 10H Juno conj Ceres @ the fateful 29degs..my husband died tragically almost 7 yrs ago and I was widowed at 36yrs of age.He was a family man (we have 3 children) wonderful provider, successful businessman, hardworking, and loved horses (we ran a farm with around 52 horses unbroken…he was a legendary horseman). I miss him terribly and after seeing my chart (the trauma of losing him lead me to astrology for answers) Im afraid of losing love again and don’t want to risk it.My Mars has prog into Leo and is about to conjunct my natal Venus (which squares my 11H Taurus Saturn ruler of my Capricorn 8th house) and my prog asc is now conj my natal 2H Moon in Leo which is conj my Ax…fated encounters or fatal attraction…??? Also my prog Moon will be in my 9/10H Aries when this happens… Who knows but Im very curious as to what this will bring : )

  7. Ana M Oliveira says:

    Thank you, Nadia!
    In only 2 articles (Venus and Mars/ man and woman and teh 7nd house) I learned so much about myself and about my relationships.
    Even if I have to do some work (adding the description of the signs and their position by house and aspects), you gave me the tools to start understanding better why some relationships seem to have everything to go forward and others do not seem to have it, but linger for many years. Thank You!

  8. MajjikMoon says:

    Btw, I should mention that my Mars in Cancer LOVES a man who cooks and makes me laugh (and can also laugh at himself) and children always come first (I think thats my first house Cancer Sun/Mercury talking there). My Mars trines my 5th house Scorp/Nep @ 28degs (9H Pisces NN 3degs conj Formalhaut) but I’ve never been sure what this means when it comes to my relationships if its relevant at all.Ive read somewhere that 9th house is the house of either the father, second marriage and 3rd child??? Also in-laws and higher education…I have found its where you find the meaning (higher mind) behind my committed relationships (7th house) that is if you’ve been lucky enough to survive the fire of the 8th (I got burned when my prog moon in capricorn came through there).

  9. I am a Pisces, but male Leos and Capricorns tend to gravitate towards me. I don’t seem to attract Cancers and Scorpios. The one true love of my life (passed) was a Leo with an Aquarius ascendant, Moon in Gemini and Mars in Taurus. He was a historian, a writer and a researcher. I’m not sure why it worked for both of us – I have Mars in Aries and Moon in Pisces. I have no planets in my seventh house, which I wonder if the absence of planets bodes well or not for a future relationship. Guess I’ll wait and see what the universe has in mind.

  10. @Marion
    Natal Mars will still be the overriding factor for the type of man a woman is attracted to. Progressed Mars will describe how her actions are evolving, and sometimes describes the qualities of a new man she meets, but he’ll still embody the qualities of her natal Mars.

  11. @Glitter
    Venus in H5 Aries=a playmate, someone indulgent and possibly self-centered. A partner to have fun with.

  12. @Leo
    More than intellectual…they would be your guide (especially with that Jupiter) on how you could reach your full potential. Someone to go exploring with.

  13. @MajjikMoon
    Sorry to read about your husband. That’s why many people are drawn to astrology…it provides answers and (hopefully) comfort for situations that seem to have to answer.

  14. @Ana M Oliveira
    You’re welcome, Ana. :)

  15. @MajjikMoon
    In addition to travel, education, legal matters and philosophy, H9 can represent the second marriage. But I always look at the 7th House for all partnerships.

  16. @Phyllis
    Having no planets in the 7th does not mean your future love life will go poorly. The main indicator is the ruler of your 7th and what aspects it is making to your other planets.

  17. @!debbie
    Yep, that’s where synastry/Composite charts (and your partner’s natal chart) tell the rest of the story.

  18. @magiczara
    That Cancer/Cap combination is always an interesting mix of parent/child/nurturer.

  19. Nadia,

    Thanks for your comment. Now it makes sense why he was so important to me and why our bond was so strong.

  20. I have mars in pisces in the 8th, and aquarius on the 7th, with saturn in the 7th. I’m still looking for a man with a deep sense of spirituality and who is full on into metaphysics and shares my ideals. I haven’t found hm. I’ve always ended up dating Geminis who can’ t commit,,,lol.

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