Why a Man’s Venus Sign Doesn’t Always Describe the Woman He Wants

If you know a man’s Venus sign, you’ve got the inside scoop on the woman he wants (provided he’s attracted to women). Venus in Virgo means he’ll be attracted to unassuming women. A Venus in Aquarius man wants an quirky outsider. Right? Not so fast. Venus is only one piece of the puzzle. Ideally, you need to look at his entire chart. But if you had to narrow it down, a somewhat complete picture can be gleaned from the combination of his Venus sign and 7th House. Sometimes, these two contradict each other. If this is the case, the qualities of his Venus sign alone are an inaccurate description of what he’s looking for in a woman.

Venus in Virgo, 7th House Cusp in Aries

Venus in anyone’s chart indicates how they relate to themselves, and how they relate to others. Venus in a man’s chart also describes the female energy he is attracted to. But the 7th House (especially the sign on its cusp) describes the qualities he is looking for in a partner. For example, Dev has Venus in Virgo, the sign of service and perfection. You might think he wants a woman who is quiet and helpful. But all his girlfriends have been competitive bodybuilders. He also seems to enjoy it when they boss him around. Looking at Dev’s 7th House cusp, we see that it’s in Aries. Aries is ruled by Mars, the planet of male energy, action and initiative. Dev is drawn to partners who embody that aggressive energy. If you’re wondering where Virgo fits in, know that Dev is only attracted to women who are ambitious (Mars) about their health and self-improvement (Virgo).

Dev would not be into a partner who only embodied Mars’ energy. For example, if she were highly motivated (but not concerned about being the healthiest she could possibly be) he might be initially drawn to her fire. But his attraction would quickly wane when he realized that she was impatient with details, and not interested in improving herself. Remembering that Venus also describes how a person relates to themselves, Dev desires (Venus) to refine himself into a state that’s close to perfection (let’s say he’s also a bodybuilder). He’s attracted to a woman who reflects his desires. But a woman who only embodied that Virgo energy (not interested in putting herself first) wouldn’t be the right fit for him, as a partner . He wants a relationship with a lady who expresses some of that male energy he has not completely owned. The 7th House is about Dev’s projected qualities. However, even if Dev evolves into a guy who’s expressing every inch of his chart in beautiful integration, he’ll still be drawn to partners who embody that Mars energy. 7th House qualities describe what Dev admires.

Venus in Aquarius, 7th House Cusp in Capricorn

House placement of Venus and the 7th House ruler add an additional layer of interpretation. Mick’s Venus is in Aquarius, the sign of shock, liberation and the collective. He’s attracted to the fringe, and relates to himself as someone who stands apart from the crowd. In order to do this, he first needs to be aware of who’s in the crowd, so he is open and curious about everyone. But he’s only attracted to a woman who stands out. If his Venus is in his 9th House of ideals, philosophy and exploration, she also has to introduce him to new experiences. She must love (Venus) challenging others’ preconceptions, just as he does.

Mick’s 7th House cusp is in Capricorn, with ruler Saturn in his 10th House of career and future goals. He’s drawn to partners who have authority and provide structure, in a way that boosts his status and their status (10th House). Maybe he hasn’t fully realized his career goals, so he’s drawn to a woman who is carving her path towards the future (in a way he’s been unable to). Or maybe he’s got a grip on his career, but still wants an ambitious partner he can respect. He admires Saturn maturity, and would have no interest in partnering up with an aimless, angry rebel. However, she can’t be a conformist; she still has to forge her own path (Aquarius). He wants a partner who is respected (Saturn) for how she stands out (Aquarius).

Planets in the 7th House, and the aspects Venus and Saturn make to Mick’s other planets, add yet another layer. If Mick’s Pluto (power and transformation) is in his 7th House (in Capricorn), he’s probably drawn to partners who are passionate and controlling. They confront him with his power issues (since it’s his Pluto) through their intensity. He will never be content with a partner who skims the surface. Now, let’s say his Venus in Aquarius (still in his 9th House) is conjunct Jupiter (optimism and expansion). This amplifies the way he relates to others; he reaches out with big intentions to almost anyone (especially if they are new and intriguing). Jupiter’s expansive energy will emphasize Aquarius’ independence (and idealism). He’s attracted to women who are outgoing, adventurous, and who match his elevated sociability. Maybe he has a ton of female friends whom he enjoys hanging out with, but the one he partners up with is a passionately driven career woman (Pluto in Capricorn). She funnels her idealism (Venus/Jupiter in 9th House Aquarius) into organizing and running a charity. If Mercury (information and communication) conjuncts his 10th House Saturn, this lady expresses her ideals (9th House) with authority (Saturn) through her words (Mercury).

The sign that the 7th House ruler is in will add even more to the picture, but I omitted these examples to avoid confusion. As you can see, the love interest implied in a man’s chart is about so much more than his Venus sign. While a man’s natal Venus may describe the basic female energy he’s attracted to, you have to blend in the qualities of his 7th House ruler. By analyzing what he’s attracted to (Venus) and what he admires (7th House), you can form a more rounded picture of the type of woman he’ll want to spend serious time with.

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Nadia Gilchrist offers 15 years of experience in Evolutionary and Traditional astrology. Her writings and personal consultations focus on applying astrology and tarot readings with a clear, practical approach to the real world. Nadia blogs regularly at Ruby Slipper Astrology.


  1. Ana M Oliveira says:

    Hi, Nadia!
    Can I say that a man with Venus (in Cancer) and Mars as the ruler of the 7nd house is only attracted to active and dynamic women but who enjoy a family life, taking care of home, cocooning…?
    But what’s the role of the Moon in a man’s chart? It helps also to define the type of woman he likes?

  2. I would love to see a similar analysis of a woman’s 7th house cusp and her Mars – this was fascinating!!

  3. Nadia, this is great. :) Thank you for sharing this with us. It give us better understanding of man’s romantic needs and at the same time release us from prejudice about man’s Venus sign. I was wondering, how about progressed man’s Venus? Does progressed Venus in new sign has an effect on man’s romantic choice?

  4. Thanks, Nadia! I had wondered about this before because my partner has Aries Venus. I’m Scorpio sun AND Venus, and the two aren’t exactly compatible. But, my partner has Scorpio 7th house cusp. So… hahaha, the plot thickens!

  5. Love this article Nadia, it clears up alot of thoughts I had on this. This helps clarify things. One question I have is if the same applies to women, except you look at mars instead of venus? So mars and the 7th house!

  6. VenusHesperus says:

    This was the most kickass two and a half minutes of astrology reading EVER. What a terrific little article! You have really helped further my growth in relationship astrology today. Thank you!

  7. Thanks Nadia! Does Juno fit into this anywhere? I have read that it is the asteroid that relates to what people are looking for in a committed partnership.

  8. Ah, this makes sense. The last guy who was crazy about me had an Aries Venus and a Libra DC. I have nothing in Aries (though I do have a 1st house Mars), but I am very Libran. This article helps explain some things. Thanks!

  9. curious757 says:

    @magiczara, i noticed that too in my chart. I have in the past attracted so many Aries Venus men, also with aries stellium ( mercury/jupiter/saturn/mc ect) then having noticed my 1st house is packed, i thought hmmmm 1st house = aries. even though i am constantly trying to figure this out myself, it does make sense now. Well well well…so that’s why and now i’m married to a scorpio, also mars ruled. very very interesting. I realise that’s just the small part of the equation though. Mostly it’s water sun men with alot of fire/mars. My husband has an empty 7th house though,so i may just attribute it to his venus.

  10. curious757 says:

    oh and now i noticed why some people presume i’m an aries (due to the aries energy) but have no aries.
    i noticed too, my sister’s husbands don’t have a 7th house either, but their husbands have plenty of 12th house/10th and 11th house packed.

  11. If the composite Moon conjuncts the partner’s Venus, and the composite Venus/Mercury/Neptune conjuct his/her Moon/7th, does that mean s/he is attracted to the relationship itself?

  12. Hello Nadia

    What type of woman would a man with Venus in Aries and Pisces in the 7th be? I only know astrology slightly but have been obsessed with it all my life and sometimes find it difficult to do. I have Venus in Sagittarius and Aquarius in the 7th. Thanks

  13. @Ana M Oliveira
    From what you’ve described, yes; he would be attracted to dynamic, nurturing women. The Moon defines his feelings and needs…what he needs to feel safe. It also represents his experience with his mother.

  14. @Ag
    Stay tuned for next week’s article. :)

  15. @vanessa
    Great question. Progressed Venus in a new sign will describe the type of female energy he is ready to encounter at this point in his life. But his natal Venus still counts…you have to blend the two interpretations (and natal Venus is still the strongest influence).

  16. @megan
    Mars (ruler of Aries) is the traditional ruler of Scorpio, so you’re more in tune with his Aries Venus than you realize.

  17. @Ellie
    Yes, you look at a woman’s Mars…next week’s article will be all about that.

  18. @VenusHesperus
    You’re welcome!

  19. @Katie
    Yes, Juno is just as you described. Yet another piece of the relationship puzzle.

  20. @magiczara
    Interesting…that 1st House Mars obviously dominates your chart (at least for him).

  21. @Leo
    It means that she/he feels it’s natural to express their love in this relationship. It feels “right” for them to be in this partnership.

  22. @Andrea
    He’d be attracted to a dynamic/assertive woman, but if she was going to be his partner she’d have to help him express his dreams as well.

  23. MajjikMoon says:

    I was told by an astrologer that Venus in Virgo secretly arn’t looking for a mate but a mother..I know 4 guys with Virgo Venus and this would appear to be true (at least for them).But say Venus in the mothership 4th house Virgo is conj Pluto and the 7th house is in Scorpio tenanted by Neptune rules the fatherly MC, would this guy be attracted to lovers who will parent/control/deceive him? Dark Moon is in Leo conj Sun/casimi Mars in 3rd house ruled Cancer, SN conj IC and Merc also 4th
    ..squares 7th…and does 4th house Ve/Pl behave like Ve/Pl In Cancer?

  24. Hey Nadia, Idea! Maybe, you could start a dating compatibility service with the help of astro chart matching.
    Say you invite singles to register with you – men and women, and help them find who they shd date with. Ofcourse a large database may be reqd ? It could really cut down “find the right partner” time?

  25. @MajjikMoon
    I would say Venus in Virgo is looking for someone to care for him/fix things, but not specifically a mother (that’s Cancer). In the example you gave, control (from his partner and from him over his partner) is certainly mixed in with parental themes. H4 Venus/Pluto can be very similar to Venus/Pluto in Cancer, but the Virgo energy is more about nurturing in practical rather than emotional ways.

  26. @Madhumita
    I think there’s a couple of sites like that out there already. It’s a good idea, but not something I’m interested in pursuing. :)

  27. cool. Would you know which sites are these? i dont mind if I could take the help to get some compatible leads . Thank you

  28. astrologydating.com is one

  29. Thank you. Jeffrey. I found the site fascinating. Exactly what I had in mind. Unfortuantely, it doesnt allow entry without a US Pin Code. Writing to them to see if anything is possible.

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