Astrology Truth or Myth: Moon Square Venus Means A Lifetime Of Unsatisfying Relationships

Moon Square Venus Means a Lifetime of Unsatisfying Relationships

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Natal Moon square Venus in a man’s chart is considered a romantic red flag. Some astrologers interpret it as a life characterized by unsatisfying partnerships. Read on to discover why—and if this is even true.

Moon Square Venus

In anyone’s chart, the Moon represents emotions, and Venus represents love and attraction. In a man’s chart, these planets represent the women in his life. If you want to get into archetypes, think Mother (Moon) and Lover (Venus). When these planets form a difficult (square) aspect, the types of women a man is comfortable with (Moon) clashes with the types of women he is attracted to (Venus). This clash is what many see as a romantic red flag.

Because a square creates tension, a man with this aspect between Moon and Venus will be driven to fix it. He will be on an endless search for the “right” partner. Ideally, she’ll tick all the boxes by giving him those childhood, emotional dynamics while pulling him away from his past. This is impossible, of course. Before he can find a partner that makes him happy, he’ll need to confront his internal dynamics.

I’ve seen this aspect trigger romantic difficulties in the charts of male clients. The key is (usually) the relationship with Mom; Venus becomes the outlet to rebel against his mother’s influence. But the Moon’s energy, with its ties to the past, is not easy to break away from. Does this aspect guarantee an unsatisfying love life? Not if it’s dealt with. For someone who is willing to work on his issues, the square can create impetus for change.

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Example: Moon in Scorpio

For example, a Moon in Scorpio man will feel “at home” with intense, controlling women. His mother was certainly powerful, and she was probably emotionally invasive. His Moon describes his primary emotional template, positive or negative. But his Venus is in Aquarius, squaring his Moon. He is attracted to women who are independent and detached. He is used to the depth of Scorpio but is drawn to the distant call of Aquarius. But when he’s in relationships with emotionally detached women, he feels dissatisfied.

Mr. Moon in Scorpio square Venus in Aquarius needs to figure out what kind of emotional control (Scorpio) he is rebelling against (Aquarius). What is his deepest fear and what is his deepest emotional craving? They are probably connected (or even the same thing). The Moon’s house position and other natal aspects can provide more information. Once he is no longer in full-on escape mode from his past, he’ll find it easier to attract (Venus) a partner that fits his needs. He’ll always have that tension, but a resolved Moon/Venus square has the ability to search for love in healthier ways.

Have a story to tell about a Moon Square Venus man in your life? Tell us about it in comments below.

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  1. Jacqueline Bell says:

    My boyfriend has this aspect. Moon in Scorpio/Venus Aquarius. His Sun is also Aquarius.

    My Sun and Venus is in Scorpio and my moon is in Aquarius.. does that make things a little easier regarding this aspect?


  2. Jacqueline Bell says:

    Nadia.. forgot to mention…His Sun and Venus is also in 8th house.. and my moon is in 8th

  3. Hello Nadia, I was a man who have Venus in leo against moon in aquarius,
    It´s evident how part of he loves proximitiy and afectionate, and part of him was very cold.
    Sorry about my english, I´m spanish.

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