Your Attraction Profile: Who You Attract And Why

Your Attraction ProfileThink about your love life. Notice any patterns? The way you act around someone you’re attracted to. The type of person you’re attracted to. The type of person that always seems to be attracted to you. Put it all together and you have an attraction profile.

Can you see this profile by looking at your natal chart? You bet. Read on to discover how an astrological attraction profile works, and gain some insight into your (or someone else’s) love life. Note: a birth time is required, since this information is based on the signs that the start of each house (the cusp) falls in. Sound confusing? Think of the natal chart as a roulette wheel with the signs spinning around and the houses remaining in one place. The time you were born determines where each sign will stop on the wheel. If you have Pisces in your First House (your rising sign), your Second House will likely start in Aries, Third House in Taurus, etc. The areas of your life that the houses represent do not change, but what you do in those areas depends on the different signs.

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About Nadia Gilchrist

Nadia Gilchrist offers 15 years of experience in Evolutionary and Traditional astrology. Her writings and personal consultations focus on applying astrology and tarot readings with a clear, practical approach to the real world. Nadia blogs regularly at Ruby Slipper Astrology.


  1. @Robin:
    Capricorn on the 8th does not necessarily mean you’ll attract Capricorns. Rather, you’ll attract people with that energy strong in their charts. Also, look at Saturn in your chart (ruler of Cap) and see what’s happening with it. Saturn in Leo will influence the 8th house energy (less rigid, more outgoing).

    DC in Sag w/Venus on the DC: you will view Sag type people as your ideal partners. Look at Jupiter in your chart and see where it is, the aspects it makes…this will give you more info. If you have Venus on the DC look at Libra and Taurus in your chart, what planets are in them, etc.

    The house cusps will change signs depending on what system you use. I would pick a system that gives you a chart that resonates most with you and stick with that.

  2. @Love Warrior:
    12th house Aries Sun will temper that Aries aggression/enthusiasm. You will be more private, more self contained and possibly have more blind spots about your motivations/sense of self.

  3. Love Warrior says:

    Thanks Nadia. This response resonates with me. Its not what I feared, but what I expected and have been experiencing subliminally.

  4. Rachscorp says:

    I’m kind of confused… My 7th house is cancer and seems to have Leo, and Leo seems to be in my 8th as well.

    My 12th house is sag but I also have venus, saturn, uranus and neptune in the 12th..

    Oh and my 2nd house as well as north node is aquarius.

    Only one house seems to have just one sign in it so I’m not sure how to interpret this..

    In life I generally have Leo, virgo and scorpio around me, as well as a few cancers.

  5. @Nadia,

    Thank you very much for putting me on the right track. :-)

    Ok, so it could also be I attract people with a lot of saturn in there chart too? or related to the Saturn in Leo/8th house type of energy. I can see that.

    I didn’t even think of looking too Libra or Taurus in my chart in respect to Venus on my DC.

    I usually use Koch or Equal house,but mostly Koch, and in Koch my Libra is in my intercepted scorpio 5th house, so Taurus is intercepted in my 11th. My Pluto singleton is in Libra 4th and I have Jupiter rx in Taurus in my 11th.
    So, with a literal,I guess, that would mean that I shouldn’t rock the boat in relationships and that I will have to work hard in all my social interactions.
    My Saturn in Leo in Koch is almost exactly on the 2nd/3rd house cusp, it’s 16’45 degrees and the 3rd house cusp is 17’32 degrees Leo.

    It should be interesting to try and figure out the rest…Thank you again Nadia, I really appreciate the guidance. :-)

  6. @Rachscorp:
    Look at the sign the house cusp falls in. The house cusp is the line that represents the start of the house. Whatever sign it falls in is the primary sign for that house. It is possible to have more then one sign in one house so in that case, use the sign on the house cusp and it’s ruler for your primary interpretation then take the second sign and use it as a secondary interpretation. They get blended together. It’s confusing I know but that’s what makes astrology so fascinating: it really is all about people and the endless variations in their personalities.

  7. @Robin:
    Exactly, you will attract people with an emphasized Saturn in their chart. It could be emphasized in many different ways: it could be unaspected, it could be the only planet on one side of their chart, it could conjunct their Sun or Moon or maybe they have a grouping of planets in their 10th House (the 10th House is the traditional “home” of Capricorn).

  8. Thank you very much again Nadia:-)

    This has shown me an interesting piece to the puzzle I call my relationships. :-)

    My husband has Saturn in Aries conjunct his Venus Rx in Aries both 9th house, its also trine his Leo Ascendant. In our synastry chart we have Venus Trine Saturn and Saturn Trine Venus.

    So this would make lots of sense. :-)

    Have a good day!

  9. Thank you very much Nadia! I really appreciate it!
    That has definitely made it easier to understand and interpret. 😀

  10. I just checked mine, and for the second house I have Cancer, yet my Mercury is ruled by Aries. So if I’m getting the hang of this correctly… I would give off really conflicted signals, wouldn’t I? I was also reading what you said about Capricorn @Robin, and I wanted to mention mine… my Saturn is in Capricorn, and Capricorn is also in my 8th house. If I don’t have an outgoing sign like Leo in Saturn, then will that 8th house energy never express itself? …Sorry if that was confusing! I suppose I’m just asking how to rev up the 8th house energy. And my seventh house is in Sagittarius, in case that’s helpful at all.

  11. @Hanna:

    To see how your 2nd House Cancer operates you need to look at your Moon (the ruler of Cancer). Check what house your Moon is in, what sign and what aspects to other planets it’s making.

    Saturn in Capricorn in the 8th House: it would definitely express itself. The 8th House is not about going out and grabbing someone’s attention (that’s 2nd house). The 8th House represents who is attracted to you and who you draw towards you. You may or may not be attracted to those people but they are drawn to you. So you would draw people with Capricorn energy towards you (ambitious, structured, authoritative).

    Look at what aspects Saturn is making to the other planets in your chart and that will tell you more.

  12. Hello everyone! Im an cancer & I will like to know my placements. But to be honest even if I know my houses I still wouldnt understand. It just so very confusing..
    My friend say that she noticed I only attract VERY DARK, Twisted individuals. And said that is not normal.. I secretly like creepy ppl and dont know why…Lol

  13. @Nadia

    You know, I was thinking about this after I posted last night and I suddenly realized all that Capricorn may very well be the reason only OLD MEN seem to hit on me!!! I don’t even DO anything and they just tell me I’m very pretty, or some will make comments about my chest (gross.)

    My moon is in Taurus, so I suppose that compliments my 2nd house very well? With Saturn in the 7th house, it claims I may never marry (eeeek!).

    My Saturn is conjunct with both Uranus and Neptune, and sextile with Pluto. I’m still a bit confused if conjunctions and sextiles are “good” aspects though. Conjunctions mean “difficulties”, right?

  14. Also, I found myself intrigued by a Leo with a Capricorn moon. What will my 8th house and Saturn influences have on his moon? Or does it have more to do with any aspects that form, rather than just what signs and planets are in there?

  15. Hi! and in my case how about:

    Aries in the 8th house and mars in libra in the first house?
    And leo in the 12th house and the sun in virgo in the first house?


  16. Hi, this article is really interesting.. now i am wondering abt my attraction profile..

    My 2nd house is in cap and its ruler saturn is in cap as well which means i am somewhat ‘passive’ in courtships rite???

    My 7th house is in Gemini and its ruler mercury is in virgo which means my ideal partner must be really gd with interesting and intellectual communication???

    PLS correct me if i m wrong….

    My 8th house is in cancer and its ruler moon is in aries; My 12th house is scorpio and its ruler pluto/ mars is in virgo(for mars)… for these i am still figuring out can someone help me??

  17. @Hanna:
    Conjunctions are strong aspects and can be smooth sailing or difficult depending on the planets involved. Someone’s Venus conjunct your Moon will feel much more gentle then their Pluto. Sextiles are generally considered weaker aspects so no matter what planets are involved they are not as overwhelming. There are always exceptions though…
    Both House overlays and aspects will influence the contacts between people. You need to look at all the data (what planets of his land in your houses and what aspects are formed between his planets and yours) and combine the information. It’s kind of like seasoning for soup: a bit of this or that will alter the flavour somewhat and the end result is a blend.

  18. Hi,

    Your article is very interesting to me. My 2nd house is Libra the ruler Venus is Libra. The 2nd house contains Sun, Venus, mercury, Pluto and Saturn in Libra 4th House is Sagittarius, 7th house is Pisces and 8th house is Aries whose ruler Mars is in Sagittarius in the 4th. Moon in Leo in the 12th . I am most interested in Fire Signs mostly Sagittarius and Aries people. correct if I am wrong.

  19. sexyniceredheadvirgo says:

    @i have taurus in my 7th house never met a
    taur man in my life…..not in a romantic aspect!.
    my first house is in scorp and I do attracted them
    like be to honey!>

    my 12 house is in libra, does that mean my
    ex libra was my soulmate? NO wonder why I
    still cant forget about him..

    so if virgo is not in my ex libra s 12 house that means
    HE was my soulmate BUT I wasnt his soulmate?

  20. I find that I am attracted to Cancer sun signs quite frequently, but they generally have a lot of fire throughout their chart.. OR Fire Sun signs with a lot of Air.

    Sun: Pisces (1st house)
    Moon: Gemini (4th house)
    Mercury: Aquarius (1st house)
    Venus: Capricorn (1st house)
    Mars: Libra (8th house)
    Jupiter: Scorpio (9th house)
    Saturn: Libra (8th house)
    Uranus: Sagittarius (10th house)
    Neptune: Sagittarius (11th house)
    Pluto: Libra (9th house)
    ASC: Capricorn

  21. Hi,

    I’m Leo born August 6 and for me, its been really rocky in the relationship field. Would you elaborate on why and when will it end?



  22. @Najma:

    I would be happy to. Please go to my website, or email me at for information on how to access my services.

  23. Nadia, am I reading this right?

    When it comes to the 7th house I am a Sagittarius/Capricorn cusper. I am absolutely drawn towards foreigners. But my only long-term relationship (16 years) has been with someone of my own culture. The ruler of Sag, Jupiter is in my 5th house of Romance. Also there are Pluto and Uranus. Does this indicate I will only have short-term flings when a foreigner is concerned?
    In case of a Capricorn candidate: my Saturn is in Aries in the 11th house. I definitely met the guy I had this long-term relationship with through Group-life. But this is exactly the way I met my last foreigner short-term too!! What to believe? This foreigner has Capricorn Rising, is that the reason? My North Node is in Aries and my Mars is in Gemini, in the 1st house.

    On to the 8th house. It’s in Capricorn. The only long-term relationship I had was with someone two years younger. He came across as very hardworking and dependable yet turned out to be a sex-addict, now at bankruptcy. All this for 8 years unbeknownst to me (separate bank-accounts). So how dependable is this Capricorn type? (He is a Cancer by the way, so right on the Axis) Was I overwhelmingly attracted to him and/or repulsed by them? No, is the answer. I was drawn to him in a smooth sailing way.
    The foreigner however (a Scorpio) gave me the strongest, most visceral reaction of my life! Very deep sexual connection, yes! Totally disruptive emotionally, yes!

    My 12th house contains: Moon in Taurus (stable) and Mercury Rx in Gemini (fickle).
    The ruler of Taurus is Venus which is in Cancer (2nd house). My Venus is so cuspy it conjuncts my Sun/Mercury/Mars and Rising none-the less (it’s a bundle).

    I don’t know how to go from here? Sorry for the long post.

  24. @gemster:
    I’d love to help you out but you’re asking for an in depth reading here and I do charge money for those. Please go to my website at for more details.


  25. i’ll give this a shot.

    I Want You: What You Do When You’re Attracted to Someone
    2nd house in sag. ruler jupiter in 3rd house capricorn.

    You’re My Type: Who You View as Your “Ideal” Partner
    7th house in taurus. ruler venus in 7th house as well.

    You Again: Who You Attract Instinctively
    8th house in gemini. ruler merc in 6th house aries.

    You’re my Soul Mate: Your Ultimate Other
    12th house in libra. ruler venus in 7th house taurus.

    hmm.. i’ve never dated any of these signs.

  26. I Want You: What You Do When You’re Attracted to Someone
    (I get silly, LOL. Then I get avoidant.)
    Sag on 2nd house cusp; Jupiter in 8th in Gem conj Venus in Can.
    No planets in 2nd.

    You’re My Type: Who You View as Your “Ideal” Partner
    Tau on 7th house cusp; Venus in 8th in Can conj Jupiter in Gem.
    In 7th: Mars in Gem; Merc in 10th conj MC (both in Vir).

    You Again: Who You Attract Instinctively
    Gem on 8th house cusp; Merc in 10th conj MC (both in Vir)
    In 8th: Jupiter in Gem conj Venus in Can – Moon in 6th in Tau (Koch)

    You’re my Soul Mate: Your Ultimate Other
    Libra on 12th house cusp; Venus… in 8th in Can conj. Jupiter in Gem!
    In 12th: Uranus in Scorp – Mars in Gem in 7th, Pluto in Lib in 11th conj N. Node

    Hmmm…seems to be a pattern here. :)

  27. What if there is an absence of planets in a particular ‘attraction’ house? Or how about an abundance of planets (or stellium) in an ‘attraction’ house? How does one interpret in that case?

  28. I Want You: What You Do When You’re Attracted to Someone
    2nd house in Gem, ruler mercury in 9th Capricorn.

    You’re My Type: Who You View as Your “Ideal” Partner
    7th house in Scorpio. ruler Mars in 7th house as well, along with Pluto..

    You Again: Who You Attract Instinctively
    8th house in Sag. ruler Jupiter in 10th Aquarius.

    You’re my Soul Mate: Your Ultimate Other
    12th house in Aries. ruler Mars in 7th house Scorpio.

    I am intensely attracted to Scorpios and they seem to be drawn to me too, but it never works..

    I’m attracted to Sags and Aquarius as well.. but I do not really go for them.. Sags seem to approach me more than any other sign or Scorps with Sag moons, or Virgos/Pisces with Aries moons…

    Gemini it’s like a love/hate relationship.

    Aries.. I don’t know. There is attraction but then it dies.

  29. I fall for the same type, the strong silent ones with intense eyes, mysterious, an air of authority. The coy smile,very tall and thin with wild dark hair.. They usually turn out to be Scorpio or Aquarius.. The latest one is a Pisces though, I thought he was Scorpio at first, because of how attracted I was to him the first time I saw him.. it was magnetic..I’m sure it was only on my part though.

  30. I’ll surely take note on your advise on the second house Nadia. I have been after Gemini and being talkative isn’t the best asset I could show him. Thanks a lot!

  31. I hear ya, kari – I’ve got it bad for the strong, silent types as well. My Mars is in Gem, and I’m initially attracted to the talkers, but I don’t trust the glibness. I’d rather banter and that’s it. Moving on.

    I have a deep, deep attraction to dark hair. I’m starting to think it’s a fetish! I don’t go for blondes at all.

  32. Can I please have some help on mine? Thanks

    I Want You: What You Do When You’re Attracted to Someone
    My 2nd house holds Virgo, ruled by Mercury, where Aquarius is, 6th house

    You’re My Type: Who You View as Your “Ideal” Partner
    7th house Pisces/Aquarius, ruler Neptune (Jupiter)…which leaves me confused. Jupiter is in Scorpio (3rd house) and Neptune is in Sagittarius cusp (5th house)….Aquarius, ruled by Saturn(Uranus) Saturn in Libra(3rd), Uranus in Sagittarius cusp (4th)…… this is confusing. and give me two slightly different looking birth charts

    You Again: Who You Attract Instinctively
    8th house… easy..PISCES! Though, I have no planets in there. For them, I am like the perfect girl, but to me, they are down on themselves way too much. Too emotional. I get along better with females of that sign. I DEFINITELY attract Pisces. This summer alone there was like 5!

    You’re my Soul Mate: Your Ultimate Other
    Leo…. seriously, Leo?! Ruled by the sun, Aquarius in the 6th/7th house cusp
    Maybe I’m overly judging, but I only had one intimate Leo experience and my brother’s a Leo. Though, I’ve met many great Lions before! Oh, but my best relationship yet was with someone who had a lot of Leo placements, not their sun though.

  33. I have Aries on the 8th house cusp, and Mars in Gemini..I don’t like either Aries or Gemini types. The former are too aggressive and too active, and the latter are too shallow.

  34. @ Sandra…Sagittarius is in my 8th house and I hear ya. I don’t click at all with Sag sun men. But the Sag in Mars and Venus guys so far…yummy! So, maybe Aries in another placement will work out better rather than the sun sign. I would see if the people who you are attracting have an Aries Venus or Mars…these will probably be the types that go after you at 120 mph without stopping. lol

    However, my bestie is a Sag female and we are inseperatable. Her hubby had to make her get off of the phone last night on their anniversary so that they could go out for dinner. LMAO!!! I was like, “Oops…girl you better go!” Then she called me first thing this morning and we talked…still planning on talking AGAIN this evening. Completely inseperatable.

  35. Hey this article seems really helpful but I am not sure if I am applying it to myself right. Can you apply it to me? I really want to know who I attract and who I am attracted to. I am: Sun in Cancer, Libra rising and in the 2nd house, Moon in Capricorn, Mercury in Gemini, Venus in Gemini, Mars in Pisces. Aries Decedent and 8th house. I know that I attract Aries female friends like crazy. I feel like I cannot figure out what kind of guy I should be going for because I crush on guys so easily.

  36. Nice. I felt the article rang a bell of truth.
    I do tend to start relationships on a mental level:
    2nd cusp Gemini..Mercury in Aquarius in 10th house
    I am very often attracted to the Scorpion persona (sexy, brooding..etc):
    7th cusp Scorpio..Pluto in Scorpio in 7th house
    I do attract fun-loving, flighty types which drives me crazy since they’re unlikely to commit:
    8th cusp Sagittairus..Jupiter in Capricorn in 10th house
    I often feel kindred connection with the shy, sensitive passive, mysterious types:
    12th cusp Pisces..Neptune in Capricorn in 9th house

    Not sure how to go deeper and incorporate the houses and aspects to get a fuller interpretation but here are some of the aspects with the relevant planets…maybe someone can help me out.. :-)

    Mercury Sextile Venus
    Mercury Sextile Mars
    Mercury Conjunction
    Mercury Sextile Saturn
    Mercury Square Pluto
    Mercury Square Ascendant
    Pluto Opposition Ascendant
    Pluto Square Jupiter
    Pluto Sextile Neptune
    Pluto Square Mercury
    Pluto Trine Moon
    Jupiter Sextile Saturn
    Jupiter Square Pluto
    Jupiter Conjuction Mercury
    Jupiter Sextile Venus
    Jupiter Sextile Mars
    Neptune Sextile Pluto
    Neptune Trine Ascendant
    Neptune Square Mars
    Neptune Square Venus
    Neptune Opposition Mars
    Sun Aquarius
    Moon Cancer
    Mercury Aquarius
    Venus Aries
    Mars Pisces
    Jupiter Capricorn
    Saturn Scorpio
    Uranus Sagittarius
    Neptune Capricorn
    Pluto Scorpio

  37. Hmm, this is interesting

    I have Gemini on my 2nd house. The ruler of my second house is Mercury and it sits in my 9th.
    I do tend to be very chatty when attracting a partner. For a long time I actually believed that I was Gemini Ascending since I identified with Gemini so strongly. I tend to chat about absolutely broad subjects (Mercury in 9th) and relish conversations with knowledgeable “foreigners”. Yummy.

    My 7th house is Scorpio. The ruler of my 7th house is in 6th.

    I don’t know if I like the prissy-meticulous type (as I have never dated a Virgo).Nor have I ever had any relationship at work (6th). But I do tend to find a work environment (6th) that is supportive (7th) very necessary.

    This I can also interpret as a relationship (7th) that is supportive (6th) is very necessary. In this regard, all my partners have been very involved with my affairs (a Virgo-like trait) and have been extremely supportive of me: Sometimes believing so strongly in me when I doubted myself. (At other times I’ve had to do this for them).

    My 8th house is in Sagittarius. The ruler of my 8th is in the 8th. I do have a love/hate relationship with Sag (my mom, 8 of my friends, my colleagues and current admirer are all Sags).
    I have a Sag Stellium in 8th, including the Sun there. Yikes.

    Most Sagittarians that I attract want to get into my pants?. Being Sag myself, I should be all game, but their motives are so transparent that I tend to get annoyed when the same ol’ same ol’ happens again and again.

    There is this one Sag, however, with Sun-Jupiter-Neptune contacts with my natal chart in 8th. The sex was so amazing I ran He is still holding a candle but am scared ….(his mars in Scorp conjuncts my Venus EXACTLY!)

    My 12th is in Aries. The ruler of my 12th is in 6th.

    Is my soul mate(12th) a person who is humble and supportive(6th)? Yes.

    Interestingly, I have Juno (the partner you end up with) in 12th and it opposes my 7th house ruler (partner) ;Pluto and 12th house ruler(soul-connection) Mars. I think this emphasis on Mars/Pluto in 6th/12th connection must mean something. It can’t be co-incidence.

    I met a Libran with Moon/Mercury making aspects with these and it did feel like he got “under my skin”. Another was an Aries cusp whose conjunction with my Juno and opposition to my Pluto had him run away because, I think, he felt the connection was too intense (he had moon/sun square issues natally).

    I find it interesting that you skipped the 5th house (which is often mentioned herein).

    Virgo is in 5th, mercury (ruler) in 9th: Again the whole love affair (5th) with a foreigner, professor or foreign country (9th house).

    This could also mean that my first child (5th) will be very bright (9th) or he/she may have Sag position in one of the “BIG THREE”. Can’t wait .lol

    Boy, this is a long response I wrote. Did I mention I have a Mercury in 9th (Moon in 3rd opposition). So it comes naturally for me (moo) to talk so much(mercury) and compulsively(opposition). Sorry!

  38. Goddammit! This thing is serious! I just realized I DO attract Aries guys. So annoying!

    They’re so pushy, too! This last Aries pursuer has Mars in Cancer, though..but he’s 4 years younger than I am!
    At first I thought Aries are the types that hit on any girl, but now I’m thinkin it must have something to do with my 8th being in Aries.
    Seriously, though, they cannot be right for me..I have no Fire in my chart! And I’m all Pisces. I really long for a Pisces mate(7th house in Pisces, with Venus and Sun on DC); I’d love a sexy, mysterious, emotional and proud Fish-with maybe one or two Virgo planets, for extra spice. A real Neptune!

    But, for some reason, I always seem to fall for guys who hardly even seem to notice me!! Or I fall for uber-sensitive guys who run away from me, because I seem like “such a strong personality”, like one Pisces Moon guy once told me..(yes, I am a REAL daughter of Neptune..outside, I’m the little mermaid, inside, I’m the Great White. You’d better keep your Virgo dudes locked up, mothers and daughters, cause we’re out to devour them all..muhahaha)
    I have Leo on the 12th, but dunno..I have had a couple of Leo guys say they have a crush on me, too, but..dunno. I can’t trust cats. You can never tell if it’s real love, or if they’re just out for a new toy. I guess all fire signs are the same.
    I really long for a deep psycho-sexual connection, though, and my friggin 8th house in Aries is ruining it!

  39. curious757 says:

    this is very interesting. I went to look at my past serious relationships and the three of them were all Venus in Aries, as well as strong Sun/Aries/Mars/Pluto energy in their chart. Even Neptune/Jupiter
    I was thinking to myself….why do I attract those with such strong Mars energy?
    Isn’t it always “opposite attracts”???
    But I had no Libra or Taurus venusian energy in my love planets: Rising/Moon/Venus/Mars.

    However I found out that I have a Venus ruled Midheaven. Could it be that that Venus energy pull draws a lot of Martian energy to me? Before astrology, I never realized this, but now that I made the effort to look into my three ex’s charts, I thought wow, how come so much Mars energy?
    I have never been attracted to Libra or Gemini Suns /or with venuses ever, or even moons.
    But nonetheless, Venus Midheaven pulls a lot of every guy type energy to me in the past. Needless to say, it’s terrible. I don’t like a lot of the men who pursued me, and I had to choose discrimiately who I wanted (My strong stellium in Earth energy is very discriminating).

  40. His 8th house cusp is Aries
    My 8th house cusp is Sagittarius

    His Sun&Moon are Sag
    His 7th house cusp is Pisces

    My Jupiter in Aries is the handle of my bucket shart in Aries in 12th house *so I am a Jupiterian-Neptunian combo that satisfies his Sun&Moon and 7th house Pisces* and I am attracted to him because my Jupiter is in Aries?

    Also, like in this article my 8th house ruler is in 12th house so I was not really aware of him. He had to approach me and he is more active in pursuing me, though we both love each other equally.

  41. ((Sorry for long post )) 😛 I tried to do my own love chart after looking at this article.

    THE SECOND HOUSE: Scorpio. when you try to court someone, you attract them by being alluring, sexy, intense but can become obsessed easily.

    THE SEVENTH HOUSE: Aries. You may be drawn to fierce people who engage in power struggles with you. The relationships had certain patterns of a bumpy ride, where both partners want to do their own thing. Both will be strong willed and have to find a compromise, or the relationship will painfully take an
    abrupt ending as it began.

    THE EIGHT HOUSE: Taurus. Most of them will not in this case be players. But theyre beautiful. They love gifts, and what they want from their partner is for them to wait until they are ready to emerge and give their time and heart away.These types hates drama, underneath the steele and the relationship is like a project. Being taken for granted is a common complaint among Tauruses.

    THE TWELTH HOUSE: Virgo. These people see through your facade. It can be heavenly and terrifying.
    They may nitpick your faults. It may feel like overcleaning
    something to be completely perfect and clean. It’s the people who cant help themselfes, who thinks you can be more of yourself, a bigger and better version of yourself that charge past all your defenses.

    Results = When G meets a guy she likes, shes intense in pursuing him.
    They can either run the other way or be mesmerized. G mars is in cancer in 10th house,
    which indicates that G have good memories and remembers her interest emotionally after a breakup.
    ambition will be slow to rise
    but once it’s turned on, you feel nothing but an intense feeling and may be too bold at times.
    G is slow to initiate things and the ending will be
    emotinal and painful, but growing. G may have a disruptive streak in
    pursuing and will not understand why G felt those feelings or why G is drawn to a partner when there are
    better and not superficial things to experience.
    G mercury in libra in 1 house indicates
    that the men or women G is drawn to should be friends.
    as well as lovers. 😛 They teach eachother things aswell as having fun. There always have to be words of
    romance or passion. G wants a meaningful relationship with the undertone of intensity.
    G might not be aware of being handed gifts, both hearts and
    material gifts by these men. G may manipulate these men.
    But G will find the one through a bumpy ride, due to the 12 house in virgo.
    They could exhibit the less favorable aspects of venus in
    virgo, you’re unassuming, reserved and a loyal friend or partner. You may not show a lot
    of emotion outwardly, but are sensitive to what others think. You prefer to slowly build mutual respect, than to fan the flames of passion. Sometimes you’re detached and hard to reach at an emotional level. Your tendency to criticize can be wicked, if not balanced with ample affection. In the bedroom, you can be endearingly modest, but are responsive to touch, and over time,
    will reveal more layers of the sensual self. To get in touch with 12 house means G has to become more philosophical. (?)
    G could find the one in another country, someone with
    communication and perfectionism vision of how (war-things) should work, maybe he does federal work.

  42. Can some one explain these to me in detail?

    I want you:
    2nd house in Virgo, ruler mercury in 12th house Cancer

    You’re my type:
    7th house in Aquarius, ruler Uranus as well as Neptune in 7th house as well.

    You again:
    8th house in Pisces, ruler Neptune in 7th house Aquarius

    You’re my soul mate:
    12th house in Cancer, ruler moon in Midheaven Taurus

    Please and thank you. Sorry if I got anything in the wrong way!!! 😀

  43. I’m just guessing! 😀 and having fun doing it. here ya go.

    I want you:
    2nd house in Virgo, ruler mercury in 12th house Cancer

    Second house rules money, the mouth, sensuality. With Virgo, they are nitpicking perfectionist who fear sickness and bacterias of different kinds.I think i see a connection to talking about economics, statuses,having a safety net to fall into if needed. 12 house Cancer has a connection with emotions, dreams, the higher self, philanthropists and hospitals. Perhaps this person works at a hospital, perhaps they spend time caring about other people. I think this person is a big dreamer. Probably has big, dreamy
    eyes and sensual mouth.
    i believe this person is good at handling money and receiving it as well. what you do when courting; probably likes to wait, think about the good and bad qualities, balancing a future relationship in mind.if its in virgo, you feel a magnetism to someone but you dont want anything serious just yet. impressing someone with gifts and intellect and flattery. the rules is in the 12 house, making someone more shy, dreaming up scenarios of failure or romanticism.

    You’re my type:
    7th house in Aquarius, ruler Uranus as well as Neptune in 7th house as well.
    i think youre drawn to people-persons! the 7th house is about love, relationships and justice. with aquarius in it youd want someone who communicates with different people, someone who reaches out to other with fun ideas to bond friends together. this person likes to attract attention, maybe they are keen on their appearance. with aquarius in the rules, they are probably ahead of their time. a genius or a nutcase. with neptune in 7th house, this person has to live in a dreamworld of beauty and justice. they maybe feel strange wth things that they dont really know, like outside culture or foreign things. neptune in 7th house have a strange soft glowing aura.

    You again:
    8th house in Pisces, ruler Neptune in 7th house Aquarius

    you attract pisces peeps from unlikely places. maybe someones interest in you came quick, like someone you never talked to before suddenly wanna ask you out on a date. in pisces, the person is somewhat snobbish, a philanthropist, loner, a nurse, a pirate or a teacher. the pisces is the last house,
    it is your higher self, who doesnt let itself concern about sex too much. but with 8 house, the dark one with secrets, sex, passion and rebirth, connected with pisces, i believe its playing a big role. perhaps the person has been in a trauma, and looks for someone gentle n caring. perhaps this person attracts people who have been in some kind of abuse, trauma, death and is thinking about the aspects of life, like a monk who is in peace trying to clarify the inner world. you may find this qualities disruptive or not.

    You’re my soul mate:
    12th house in Cancer, ruler moon in Midheaven Taurus
    these helps you get in touch with your higher self. they can see through your facade. it can be heavenly or terrifying. with 12 house in cancer, it could be someone extremely clingy or emotional. it can also be someone who is thoughtfull, submissive, cares about other people, and the moon in midheaven taurus makes this person a little more stable and patient. probably has beautiful eyes and lips.

  44. Thanks so much Gabriella!!! I so appreciate it!!!

  45. I need some explaining, tell me if I need to add more:

    2nd house Cancer ruler moon in Taurus
    7th house Sagittarius ruler Jupiter in Taurus
    8th house Capricorn ruler Saturn in Taurus
    12th house Aries ruler mars in Scorpio

    The first 3 rulers and the signs they’re in show up in no other place on my chart so please let me know if more info is needed but otherwise can you explain it?

  46. 2nd house Cancer ruler moon in Taurus
    7th house Sagittarius ruler Jupiter in Taurus
    8th house Capricorn ruler Saturn in Taurus
    12th house Aries ruler mars in Scorpio

    hey! thanks for asking for my help, im glad!

    I Want You: What You Do When You’re Attracted to Someone:

    You probably try to impress your lover with your grace and your fashion sense. Perhaps you like to wait
    before making a move, going back and forth between being steady and steady, at peace with where you’re at,
    and then the unknown and being outside of your shell. The second house in cancer means you are probably
    lucky in love, a romantic or just have a very clear sense of real love. when you court, youd try to recreate
    a feeling of home, security which can sometimes scare of the hard-commited souls, like a spiderweb of feelings,
    and you are perhaps a bit shallow. The moon in taurus modifies your material side, youre flirty and
    attractive, and have a way with words. you are gifted in some way, youre either creative or have admirers
    and people who know you well to give you presents and gifts.

    You’re My Type: Who You View as Your “Ideal” Partner:

    With saggy in 7th house, you are popular among friends and lucky in love. (unless you have bad aspects)
    but the big thing is luck. you may have had relationships who stretched over the seas, you may find interesting
    people when you travel. your relationship tends to be fun, untangled, messy, flirty and adventuros. it may
    have been a bit controlling on your side. but as saggys tend to philosoph, they learn to shrug small things
    off, that make others nervous. your jupiter in taurus is certain to make you an attractive individual,
    who travel and likes to investigate. an idea; you may want to travel to Greece, where the sunsign taurus is present.

    You Again: Who You Attract Instinctively

    you attract people from your work, people with controlled atmoshpere, people who may be seen as stern,
    workaholics or traditional. maybe you have attracted elder men, in 50+ or chiefs, who youre friends may
    be quit shocked by. if you have a bad aspect, you may have encountered men who tried to start something
    with you at work. you may hate these men. in a good aspect, it would be the opposite. youd enjoy the
    hardworking men or women, culture OR have good relationships with the wo/men at your work. with saturn in
    taurus, youre always a step ahead of people at your workplace and you like to take your time when doing
    work, and you dont like changes in your workspace At All. you want in your pace.

    You’re my Soul Mate: Your Ultimate Other:

    these people can see through your facade and also help you to guide yourself into a higher self. you may
    be terrified but also quit pleased.when letting go of superficial attachments, in aries,you may struggle.
    its always a fight deep inside of the soul, youre going back and forth between letting go and being
    the true self which sometimes means being open and vulnerable, and then fighting to feel like one individual,
    piecing your barrier together, and at the same time you want to embarge out of the shell but the fear
    of being hurt is always there. with mars in scorpio, these people may be very mysterious to you,
    the partner who is hard to commit, secure,strong and silent type may have an impact. with aries and scorpio,
    there is a fight between the human lust, secrets and a passionated war, a whole package of intenseness.

  47. Hello everyone! I need help in understanding these planet placements:

    2nd house Cancer, with its ruler, the moon in Pisces 9th house. Moon trines Scorpio Sun in the 5th but is opposite 7th house ruler Jupiter in the 3rd and squares chart ruler mercury in the 6th.

    7th house Sagittarius, with Uranus, Neptune and NN in Capricorn in it (Cap is intercepted in the 7th). Ruler jupiter is in the 3rd, trining both Uranus and Neptune.

    8th house Capricorn, with ruler Aquarius Saturn in it, trining Venus in the 4th. Aqua is intercepted in the 8th.

    12th house Taurus, with no planets in it. Ruler Venus is in Libra in the 4th house. Libra intercepts Cusp ruler Virgo in the 4th.

    Thank you in advance! 😀

  48. I need help regarding who I attract.

    I have Mars & Saturn in the 8th house. Eighth house is in Aquarius.
    Ruler of 8th house in the 6th house. I have Capricorn Uranus in the 6th house.
    If Saturn counts as ruler of Aquarius, it’s also in the 8th house.

    Uranus squares my 10th house Moon & Sun

  49. Here lately, all the guys that ever pursue me are Taureans & Pisceans….Why is that?…& right now, a Taurus guy is hot on my pursuit and I want to go for it. I don’t remember much about my birth chart, but I do remember I am a true Gemini girl with Mercury rising…

  50. But Nadia, it says that if someone’s planet falls on someone else’s 8th house, its the 8th house person who is more attracted and obssessed.. so why is it, that its the person with the 8th house who does the “attracting”

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