Sandra Bullock and Jesse James: Mars Square Jupiter

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Long ago, in a tomboy-blossoms-out-of-ugly-duckling-phase flick far, far away, actress Sandra Bullock cooled her heels with ruggedly handsome guys like Tate Donovan, Troy Aikman and Matthew McConaughey. She was super pretty, and by our count, very, very bored. Then, one ill-fated day, the down-to-earth movie star got together with a motorcycle maniac named Jesse James, and it felt like all the world’s six-and-a-half-million people collectively went, “WTF?”

Had she eaten a poisoned apple? Was she under a magic spell? Did she have some bad Botox that totally affected the decision-making lobe of her brain? We’re not sure. All we know is, Earth’s population and the media finally came to terms with the bizarro pairing (and the head-to-toe tattoos), and America’s sweetheart and the grease monkey lived happily ever after.

For, like, five years.

See, the custody battle with James’ porn star ex-wife was kinda tough to swallow. And can we talk about the infidelity rumors? (Reportedly, Jesse’s been shacking up with way-déclassé be-inked stripper Michelle McGee.) Now that the fairytale’s falling apart, Moonit’s taking a look under the hood of this oddball relationship.

According to their birth dates, Sandra (born on July 26, 1964) is inclined to “come on a little too strong” for Jesse (born on April 19, 1969). More >

*Note: Moonit’s relationship assessment is based on a proprietary algorithm powered by Astrolabe that identified Mars square Jupiter as their strongest weighted aspect, based on their birth dates using a noon election.
Sandra Bullock and Jesse James


  1. Boondocksaints says:

    LOL I love how you described the douche I mean Jesse and their relationship! Made my day. Poor Sandra, I usually hate to use the word “deserve” but she definitely deserves better.

  2. he’s a typical aries guy – he will NEVER be afithful.
    one aries guy that used to live in my town had an affair with his mother in law!!! his wife actually took him back only to find out he was having an affair with one of her close friends.
    aries are the worst to have a relationship with.

  3. i meant to say “he will NEVER be faithful NOT ‘afithful’ .

  4. Ari3fire says:

    He will be loyal to her, but find it challenging to be faithful.
    They probably could have made it if he was more honest about what he wanted.

  5. for those of you who don’t already know jesse james time of birth is 5:50 am ,lynwood ca (or so i have heard through the grape vine)

  6. @kay what’s your source?

  7. “@kay what’s your source?”

    a woman in the USA who has access to private data such as birth certificates ,she’s also provides links to astrologers .

  8. Am I the only one who noticed you said 6.5 million of the world’s population. I’m sure you mean Billion.

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