How to make a Pisces man chase you

PiscesYou’ve got your work cut out for you, because Pisces is not exactly a chaser. A man born with the Sun in last sign of the zodiac is essentially passive in nature, more inclined to going with the flow than going for what he wants. At the very least, the Pisces man is not “in your face” about his attraction. He may woo you with song and poetry, or hope that just by “sticking around,” something will happen.

If you do want to be stalked by a troubadour, you need to fit his ideal image of a woman (or a man, for that matter). Pisces thrives on inspiration, and if it’s not coming from his inner muse, he’ll look outside himself for someone to stir his insides.

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About Jeffrey Kishner

Jeffrey Kishner is founder and publisher of Sasstrology. He is a licensed mental health counselor and has been doing astrological counseling since 2001. Jeffrey has been published in print magazines including The Mountain Astrologer and Dell Horoscope, and has written online for sites including AOL, and StarIQ. Jeffrey has also been heavily involved in the astrology blogger community. Read his personal blog at


  1. I already ddiiiid that’s why I left him quietly cuz I got bored talking to him and saving the relationship

  2. i knooooow but you feel shocked hes not getting ahoooold of you because y’all were already off and on. It’s not healthy. He most likely won’t come back unless he wants sex.

  3. ITA with NP

  4. known pi-guy for 2 years as friends only. Long story with ups and downs even as friends…we over came it and a relationship is beginning. hasn’t been an easy start but we’re willing to try…

    the sag in you..I’m cap with sag in… I forgot what… but that placement with Pi isn’t good in our synastry. We can make it work though if he can overlook this and I can overlook that in him between those placements.

  5. @Cap-tivating

    I’ve been out of the loop! Apparently, much has happened! I hope being friends first makes for the best foundation.

  6. NovLady!! yeah I’ll have to tell you..soon..short on time right now!

  7. why is it that a Pi man can ignore you but when you give the same treatment in return, give them their space, they get pissy? I mean..seriously?!

  8. @CAP-tivating,

    you can look at it one of two ways…

    Pi is in Pissy…

    Pis–s is in Pisces…

    and I hope that those who’ve been ignoring me, continue to do so… coz I’m the opposite… those who chose to p!ss on the P! make me p!ssy… :-D

  9. I like the “don’t be too available” part. True, if a woman shows that she’s to open, she might be sending the message thus can be misinterpreted by the guy. Get your act straight girl friend and lure that Pisces in all the right places.

  10. True to the word, fishes are not chasers rather they are the one’s being chased. Good luck in catching one.

  11. tauruslove1234 says:

    I’ve been with Pisces guy for 1.5 yrs and my life is so unpredictable now. I’m Taurus and I love to love show him d world take him places but I don’t get much in return. Sometimes hez so nice and caring but d very next day hez so cold for no reason. I realized the more I chase him d more cocky and comfortable he gets and it’s like he preys on my attention and love. I confront him abt it but he just tells me life is too short to be mad sad. I really need to detach myself from him so he feels wot I’m feeling . To make a Pisces chase u just him make him feel insecure

  12. To make a Pisces man fall for you all you have to do is support him in his dreams, show him you appreciate him and treat him like a king, he will be putty in your hands!

  13. curious757 says:

    Definitely INSPIRATION. A huge must. The woman must be above all else, be his “goddess” , a goddess who brings him inspiration in all forms. For his fully imaginative mind, it’s what he lives for.

  14. tauruslove1234 says:

    well i realized by being with my pisces dude is dat ever1 of dem act like their busy and dey dont respond… just tell him he needs to act properly now or else ur out of here… trust me he will pee in his panties also make sure whenever u hang out try to be a good girl dont be a bitch for no reason show hom respect and then scold him on d spot if he behaves bad with u… they just need some1 to guide dem they are not gentlemen … they r very indecisive and. insecure and will always come back after some time

  15. I have been dating a pisces guy for 9 months. The first 6 months he was the most considerate and loving person. Now he is cold and calls or texts me once to twice per week. He told me he internalizes problems in his personal life. I figure he is so stand offish because he is off in his fantasy world with his new job. Which requires him to travel throughout the week. We spend less time together and when we do spend time together he tells me how much he misses me and how much he has been thinking about me. He gets real nervous around me and sometimes cant keep his hands off of me. The sex is great, he sensual and passionate, but the down side is I dont like the feeling of only being good for one thing. What happened to the dates and whats up with the Pisces disappearing acts. Sometimes I get random calls asking me to come over and of course that is a call for sex. Its a dysfunctional situation because I am a Gemini. I need communication and he no longer gives me that and I dont like feeling used. So I guess my solution is simple date other people or walk away. If its meant to be he will get his act together and date me. If not no more bedroom priveledges for him! im sure he can find someone else to satisfy that need.

  16. I met this pisces guy abt two years ago and we instantly connected. We met up a while later and I fell in love with him.we don’t live in d same city,but we communicate pretty well. I think he is love in with me(he’s neva said so),he says we have a connection he’s neva had with anyone and I believe him cos I feel d same way too. Howeva,its been 2 yrs and we seem stuck in a rut. I hardly see him,and he never seems to want to take d initiative to get together. Sometimes we seem to lose touch( no calls,no text) for many weeks and I get frustrated. I thinks this isn’t working and I tell myself to move on( I have even tried dating other guys),but then he calls and apologises for his absense and I m back to square one… In love with him and optimistic about us. I want to get married soon and start my family,but I dnt know where he is on dat. He talks abt it casually somtyms… Lyk how he would make sure I had 6 kids for him in 6 years(joke, of course). Does dat mean he is talkin abt me as a wife and mother of his kids? I m goin crazy literally cos I really love and care for him and he is just perfect for me in everyway. I m a virgo and very decisive,so I can’t stand his indecisiveness.

  17. Alyssa (pisces) Price says:

    can pisces and pisces be together or would their relationship suck? i have been getting mixed signals on different sites (obviously lol)… well i really like this pisces guy who’s b-day is a day after mine!

  18. Alyssa (pisces) Price says:

    y does everyone hate pisces???

  19. BubblyFishy says:

    Hello, as a fellow Piscean, I’d like to share some traits that I have noticed in Pisces men (generally speaking). This is only what I have seen so far in my fellow fishy male companions though, so it may be different here’n’there ;

    THEY :

    * Don’t like being told how to do things (what man truly does though? Haha)
    * Carry many masks with them and almost expect you to be psychic on what mood of the day they are currently wearing (this becomes draining over time though)
    * Like their privacy and a fair amount of space to the point of being indifferent about you (they will be calling/texting you only when THEY miss you).
    * Like being “the man” and having their ego’s stroked (just don’t overdo it too much or they’ll start assuming you’re not being sincere).
    * Usually stay pretty quiet about their true feelings (they just have too many of them! Haha)
    * Have a tendency to try and woo girls they have quickly rejected in the past (this is so confusing for me – may be part of that indecisive nature they have?)

    That’s my list so far, hopefully it helps a little bit. Pisces people are slippery by nature, so it takes a bit of effort on your behalf to catch their attention (once you are successful though, they will be there for you no matter what). Also, even though there are some similar traits among people according to their astrological sun sign, please don’t overlook their Moon signs, it’s a definite eye-opener.

    Cheers and Good Luck!
    (Pisces Sun, Aries Moon)

  20. Juliet A says:

    Hi,jst want to say dat most of the things said here abt pisceans are true. I’m sagittarius n I have a pi friend dat making life frustrating to me. I’m have tried most times to undstnd his nature, bt he is being more slippery and I can’t cope with dat. I like him a lot bt I jst can’t figure out how to make him want me more. I have known abt a year now. Thanks!

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