The Astrology of Kink: Virgo, the Fallen Angel

Leather and lace, fringe and fetish … in this series, we’ll take a peek at the kinkier side of the zodiac. Each sign has its own distinct sexual flavor; by combining the various tastes you find in the natal chart, each person’s unique sexual recipe begins to emerge. Let’s take a look at Virgo, one of the kinkiest signs around.

The symbol for Virgo is the Virgin, and it helps to keep in mind when dealing with this highly paradoxical sign. No matter how many times they’ve been around the block, Virgos always seem as fussy and particular as a first-timer. Don’t be fooled — this is only one half of this dual sign. Make no mistake: Virgo is dual, just like Gemini or Pisces, but Virgo often hides its duality, even from itself.

As an earth sign, they are less comfortable with the changeability of their mutable natures and often seek to suppress it. Part of Virgo wants to remain pristine and proper, while the other part wants to get down and dirty. Virgo enacts the tense “virgin/whore” polarity in almost all aspects of life, and this can result in some intriguing bedroom quirks, to say the least.

Foremost, Virgo is Mercury-ruled, and can build elaborate mental fences around their most taboo desires. They tend to create exacting-but-arbitrary conditions under which specific desires can be satisfied (as in “only if her name starts with P,” or “only on a Tuesday during tax season.”) If a Virgin violates her own rules, she feels unpleasantly grubby. If her conditions are met, she feels just dirty enough — she maintains her “virgin” status but has given the “whore” her due.

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About the Author
Laura F. Walton is a writer, artist, and arts instructor based in Texas. She has been a practicing astrologer for nearly ten years; she specializes in areas of sexuality, individuality, and creative self-discovery. She has contributed forecasts for print media, and currently provides monthlies on her blog Astro What?

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  1. ooh, i’ve been waiting for the Virgo entry, but I don’t know that it describes me, as I only have a Virgo sun.

    Question: Can these be read according to Ascendants or is it Sun sign-primarily?

  2. Plume de ma tante says:

    What an interesting insight into Virgo world. Really apt. I have a number of Virgo friends who display this duality so interestingly. The earthy nature and mercurial nature can be so easily forgotten when they seem to pick at the spots on your clothes. Is it just me, or are some Virgos surprisingly ‘literal’ when it comes to creative communication. Symbolism, jokes, exaggeration etc don’t go down easily in a conversation

  3. Interestingly I’m a Virgo (9/19/69)and I was born with my Pluto in Virgo in the 8th house of Sexuality. My Venus in Leo. I can definitely relate to what this article is saying. On the surface I am seemingly very pure and demure, but inside I’m very kinky and tend to be openly adventurous in the bedroom. Great article!

  4. Laura F. Walton says:

    Thanks, guys! I just love Virgos…they’re such fascinating people, full of interesting paradox and enigma.

    @ GSV: Yes, these can be read for either Sun, Ascendant, Mars, or Venus signs, though the effect is somewhat different. A person’s sexual personality is the result of a combination of factors, so these articles are meant to describe sign tendencies, rather than sign certainties.

    Each sign has its quirks, depending on where it’s placed. For instance, the Virgo Ascendant can be a fairly strong physical/sexual influence, if other chart factors support it. On the other hand, a Gemini Ascendant (Gemini is the other Mercury-ruled sign) is rarely physically indicative. Mercury in Earth (Virgo) is more physically expressed than Mercury in Air (Gemini) and therefore is more noticeable in the sex life.

    Does that make sense? Each sign has a slightly different mode of expression, depending on where it’s coming from….

  5. Interesting.

    What could Lilith in Virgo mean, particularly in the fourth house?

  6. Actually Lilith conjunct Vesta in Virgo in the fourth.

  7. Jeffrey Kishner says:

    @Lucky, I don’t work with Lilith. Perhaps someone else can help out?

  8. Laura F. Walton says:

    Hi Lucky! I’m going to give you my take on Lilith, though mine is a little different– I hope a few others comment, too.

    Lilith (Black Moon Lilith, anyway) is not a planet or physical body; it’s a mathematical point in the chart. I do work with Lilith, but only in a specialized way: the point doesn’t do anything at all unless it’s activated, preferably by an actual conjunction in a synastry.

    This Lilith point represents solely feminine power, the kind of power that makes for femme fatales, for uppity women, and sometimes for fatal attractions. If a woman’s Sun falls in conjunction with a man’s Lilith point, for instance, he will tend to have very intense reactions to her– often, he sees her as the most irresistable seductress on earth, but sometimes he sees her as a “Whore of Babylon”-type figure. Whatever the reaction, it’ll be strong, and it’ll be directed at her specifically as a woman, not as just another member of the human race.

    In a woman’s chart, if someone else activates her sensitive Lilith point by conjunction, she’ll have to confront her own female-specific power through that relationship.

    Otherwise, in my experience, Lilith just sits dormant. The sign in which Lilith is placed colors its effect somewhat– it has to do with the manner in which a person experiences the female-specific power– but sign and house placement is not as important in a natal reading as that of the actual bodies. Even the smaller asteroids have more of a constant effect than Lilith does.

    However, when your femme fatale encounters are operating, they’ll be somewhat Virgo-colored. Some possible keywords: bisexuality and gender reversals (especially if you’re predominantly monosexual most of the time), health-related issues (especially those related to vulnerability, or “savior/caretaker” dynamics), and definite service-related roles. I don’t know what your personal gender/sexual preference is from your comment, but I’ll venture this: when your Lilith is activated, you’ll find hints about the nature of The Feminine through service to others. How does The Feminine (as an energy) use service as a means to control situations? What responsibilities come with that sort of power? How and when do you use it, and for what ends?

    Probably too much information, lol, but I hope it helps….

  9. What kind of affect would a Virgo woman, who’s Mercury and Lilith is also in Virgo have on a man who’s South node and Vesta that’s in Virgo, and is in opposition to the woman’s Moon and North node?

    Also, is the use the Feminine exclusive to women? If not, I’m also interested in the role the sixth house may play in this equation with Pluto residing therein.

    As far as bisexuality and gender reversal being a keyword, that’s pretty much been a no-no, even with Virgo women, however I’m very attracted to women who stand up for themselves – a quality I’ve noticed in most Virgo women as well Capricorns and Scorpios.
    I guess you could say that I’m bisexual to the extent that I acknowledge my “feminine side” (or “anima” if you’re into Jungian psychology) and strive to bring it into equilbrium with my masculine self, but I believe that’s called androgyny. Other than that, I’m strictly heterosexual. I will note that a few Virgo women in my life were either bi or bi-curious.

  10. Excellent article. My Virgo man has a Scorpio rising and Gemini moon. I am an Aries woman with a Cancer rising and Libra moon. Our sex is crazy hot! He has that kinky side going on (ex. water sports, lactation…) and his porn collection is like nothing I have ever seen before. I am pretty sexually open and experimental. There is almost nothing I have not tried. I wanted to trade my life of sexual excitement for something more sustaining and stable. Virgo man knows how to help me reach optimum functioning in the bedroom – he holds me and caresses me while we are lying in bed, I am able to gaze up at him as we do this…I love feeling that I am in his (Scorpio power). My Cancer rising responds well to this. With the foundation laid for intimacy, he is very rough and dominant with me…and the Aries side of me flourishes under such conditions. This is my second Virgo guy…and the sparks just fly!!! I’m glad our physical relationship is so awesome…the way we relate emotionally…meh, not so much!

  11. What about Pisces N Virgo in the bedroom ?!?!?!
    i think i read one article 24/7 turn on ( a pisces woman an virgo man !) Yes ! cannot wait !!!

  12. LibraLady says:

    Do Virgo guys like to seduce or be seduced? Whenever I used to think of a Virgo guy in the bedroom I picture a shy boylike man that lost his pants and cries that you can see him, after reading this its nice to have a different picture 🙂 LOL

  13. @libralady.. thats funny !!! lol i didnt get that far, hes frustrated the life out me, not very forward,and too busy 🙁

  14. LibraLady says:

    Thats sad SG,
    I never got that far with the only Virgo guy I went out with either, LOL But we were just kids then in our early teens, He was cruel to other girls that liked him, so I told him he was a jerk…. The sad thing is he was nice to me, but seeing him treat other people so mean like that made me angry. I do hear all the time about how virgo guys are busy all the time, its amazing how many women in love with a Virgo say the same thing…..

  15. hey, well im glad im not the only one :0)

  16. Mountain Goat says:

    Oooohhhhh thats why virgos get nasty at the most unexpected times, dualty who would of thought.

  17. No-Twitch Tabitha says:

    Great article.

    I’m curious…I’m a Sun conj Saturn in Leo, Scorpio Asc, Pluto in Libra in love with a Virgo whose Moon and Lilith are conj my Pluto (his Sun and Merc are conjunct my Merc in Virgo; his Venus is in Leo – but it has no contact with my Sun nor Saturn). We connected first as friends and it progressed quickly (I say quickly – 2 months).

    From the moment he and I declared ourselves, our communications and expressions of love have been quite intense (which isn’t a huge surprise with that Moon-Pluto and Merc-Sun-Merc connections). He tells me he has never felt for another woman the love he feels for me and that he couldn’t see himself falling for anyone else ever again (I don’t doubt his sincerity). My Sun-Saturn makes me wonder what exactly it is that I did to bring this out in him, but that’s another story.

    My question is, what role does his Lilith play in this? I can understand from the above comments that he is responding to me as a woman, but is it because his Lilith is adding that dimension and more intensity to our connection?

  18. Sex With Virgo:
    As time progresses, sex with Virgo becomes more and more sensual. These are not the type of people who will engage in a one night stand, they are too reserved and prudish for that. Expect sex to be direct and straightforward, no fancy moves, places or games. Virgo is not a highly sexed zodiac sign and does not place much importance on it, if anything they consider sex to be gross and dirty. Once a relationship is solid, Virgo is willing to experiment a little bit with techniques and foreplay but like everything else involving a Virgo, it takes time to develop once all the advantages and disadvantages have been thoroughly weighed out.

  19. aireezgirl says:

    This article couldn’t be more on point. My virgo and I started of with little flirty texts and phone calls. We simmered for a few months. When I finally agreed to go out with him he was so pleasant and laid back. When it was time to say goodbye, everything changed. He grabbed me and gave me a kiss that paralyzed me. I was stunned. The tension between us had been brewing, but I didn’t expect it to erupt that night. We didn’t go all the way, but it went further than I anticipated. He actually apologized to me for his actions.

    We decided to try to act like nothing had ever happened. A few weeks passed and I couldn’t take it any more, I wanted to see him again, but for just a kiss. We started off okay, but things spiraled out of control quickly…and I’ve been hooked ever since. OMG, I have never experienced anyone like him. To say he has a little freaky side is an understatement. He’s way more adventurous than I ever would have imagined and I enjoy learning from him. He’s very domineering and I just melt for him. I honestly never knew I could feel like this before. I plan on enjoy enjoying my virgo as long as possible.

    I have read so many other things about his sign that are true and apply to him: the disappearing, the pulling back, the nitpicking, the hypochondria moments, attention to detail, I could go on and on. His wit, sense of humor, handsome face and wonderful physique have me hooked though. He’s really a joy to have in my life.

  20. Kayden kross and Victoria silvested are awesome Virgo girls..

  21. Im a Virgo, dang didnt know I was like this. But I can say some is true.

  22. ChocoVirgin says:

    lol! this is so interesting. I’d have to say that I am completely like this. I was born September 22nd so I’m on the cusp of Virgo/Libra. Can anyone tell me how I can find out if I’m Ascending or Descending or where my planets are? lol I would really like to know

  23. VirgoDancer says:

    Great article! I am a Virgo with my Venus in Leo. Personally I welcome experiments as long as it does not involve dirtying the bed sheets. hahaha. I also like the idea of ‘serving’ my partner. He names it, I’ll do it, perfectly, just as how typical Virgo thrives to. Good thing my boyfriend is a Scorpio, who likes to be dominant in bed. :)He just have to name the fantasy, and then I’ll do my best to make it come true. Again, as long as it doesn’t involve dirtying any bed sheets. 😀

    Wanna have a librarian who’s a sex kitten at the same time? Find a Virgo, unleash their sensuality, then you’ll have just that. 😀

  24. LOL…..untap that hidden sexuality in us Virgo men and you will be rewarded………….MULTIPLE TIMES!

  25. “Virgos are also prone to wanting two partners. This is not quite the same as Gemini’s Mercurial curiosity; the Virgo who wants two partners sincerely believes he or she needs two full-time wives, or two full-time husbands, or possibly one of each. Permanent menage a trois living situations often center around a strong Virgo, particularly a Plutonian one.”

    couldnt have said it better myself.

    For me what could be more challenging than satisfying one woman…..satisfying two women at the same time. It doesnt get better than that for a detail-oriented Virgo male like myself.

  26. emotionalcreature says:

    I’m a Virgo woman.It’s true as much as I like to be a good little girl,well a proper woman.I still am a inner freak,enjoy sex and think of it quite often. but yet,there still is a shamed of my sexuallity.I tend to be shy in so many ways. I don’t want to be seen as a whore,hoe,slut,get down girl,hood rat or whatever name that men call women who have sex. Althou,there are whores of course who sleep around but I tend to want relationships. Just so happens one or two guys isn’t the worst idea,yet for sake of decency I can decline.
    For years,I have a monogomous relationship with a Aries man who also fathers my children. I am very faithful to him. However,there are things that I would enjoy sexually he does not do.I feel deprived and my aries man would make me out to be a slut for feeling freaky.
    I just want to be his freak actually. I go from the cuddle mode to the just
    F- me mode,I get turned on but I can’t express myself much around him. I aim to please that’s for sure!

  27. I was born with Mars and Venus in conjunction in Virgo. Yes, this article is spot on, especially the part about the Virgo nature making great slaves! I suppose the right word would be “masochistic”?

  28. Kay Lance says:

    I’m a Virgo but I’m not at all like this. Have to admit though, that sex has never been a priority on any level in my life. Too busy having mind blowing spiritual experiences in meditation that no physical experience could ever touch!

    To me – sex is really boring in comparison!!

  29. I’m a 2x year-old Virgo male(Virgo sun, Virgo mercury, with Scorpio rising and Pluto in Scorpio), and had never gotten intimate with anyone before, so I had my own worries that I wouldn’t be good enough, since I was perhaps too late to start.
    Somehow, at that moment my personality noticeably(even I noticed it) changed completely, it was incredible. The woman I was with was extremely surprised also. I have no idea if she was telling the truth, but since we’re best friends, I believe her. She said that if she didn’t know me for so long, she would never have known I was a first-timer, and that it was really good.
    I, myself, had never known I had that kind of hidden personality in me. As a matter of fact, I’m the shyest person my friends know, since I never ever tried to hit on any girl. This time she suddenly kissed me, so that kinda skipped right past my shyness, and triggered the start of the momentary transformation, which only took place completely in the bedroom.

  30. I don’t know if other virgos are also like this, but even though I never knew my personality would change completely in bed(and the intensity unleashed), I always tried(and still do) to hide or supress my sexual drive by looking like I’m not very sexual, because I’m afraid that it’s way too strong for most women to be able to handle.

  31. @all

    has anyone ever noticed that the zodiac chart is set up in three sets of fours. showing the rise and fall of societies. its a constant circle.

    the first four signs represent the intial conquest to impose will and make an establishment. (bullies, also the weaker of the elements. mostly using their powers in aggressive fashions)
    aries-are the marines
    gemeni- the aloof sepratist
    cancer- the kings men

    after that firts wave is done. everything is set fo the king the leo. the second set of four zodiac represent compromise, diplomacy and politics.(the medium of their elemental tribes. this set focuses on the practical uses of their powers/elements)
    leo- is the only fire sign that is about the brightness of the flame and the warmth. as a fire sign leo is the only one to harness fire mainly for reasons other then to destroy.
    virgo- the nobles
    libra-the ones whos scale society to their advantage
    scorpio- the secret society/the under world. we help to initiate the fall of society

    the third set (each the most magical of their elemental tribe) represent the fall of society.

    sagitarius- the dancing flame. burning everything it touches
    capricorn- the last voice of practical logic and its applications
    aquarius – the compassionate/detachable final sweeper. after they sweep they pour water
    pisces- the the final cleanser of the land/ the makers of fertile soil.

  32. Good article and true. I’ve always hated the duality part of being a Virgo. I was born Sept 9. I am either a nun or a whore and I HATE IT. The whore part I hide, in fact, I supress. I feel like that perfect humanitarian or housewife type of role who strips for a living at night & enjoys every bit of it as she’s doing it but then hates herself in the morning!

    That part she said about “The Virgo influence is often found in charts of people who enjoy humiliation as part of domination scenarios; they can make great slaves” is very very true. I was once in a Dominant/submissive relationship. Yes I believe we make great slaves if your into this. For me it brought out that urge of wanting to serve & being a whore in a nutshell. But for most Virgo’s the other person has to be truly worth of our time and energy and worth going this far with otherwise it won’t happen. This “D/s” relationship was the best relationship I had ever had.

  33. cancerthecrab says:

    Lucy helppppppppppppp…need more of ur wonderful advise lool my virgo guy has been increasingly critical and harsh lately. as i stated earlier, we are in process of moving. i understand this stresses him out. i have tried to be sweet, understanding…give him space but his mood has become increasingly cold for the past few weeks. he rarely makes any effort at all to be kind anymore!!!! we have been living together for nearly 2 years… when we firstbegan dating he was VERY caring,gentle thoughtfull…truly he is harsh and moody and cranky 24/7. moved 1,000 miles away from my hometown to start a new life!!!! (had been in an abusive relationship and thought i finally found ‘prince charming’) well, he has stopped being nice and i feel very betrayed and confused!!!!!!! i suffer from low self esteem,he knows this and promised to “help me” grow. now he takes total advantage of my insecurities. we have not made llov in nearly 3 weeksm he comes home from work grumpy and never pays me a genuine compliment anymore. is this typical virgo behaviour??? thought i figured him out, but now he is acting very strange and this is frightening. why is he being so cold and what should i do?? (tried talking about this issue calmly ,but he always becomes irate and walks away) my heart is breaking:(

  34. Cancerthecrab – You need to stand up for yourself. He will find this appealing even though he won’t show it. I am currently married to another Virgo. He was born Sept 3. I’m Sept 9. Virgo/Virgo relationships are quite interesting but extremely boring at times. My hubby and I get on to each other and will nit-pick at each other endlessly when we are angry. During these nit-picking arguing sessions, I actually respect him more when he stands up to me and doesn’t put up with my nit-picking and vice-versa. I’ve tried the whole submissive thing with him, it doesn’t work. Mostly because Virgo’s like to be of service to the other person even males. Deep down inside male Virgo are submissive. You give them an order and they will jump at it and do it. You will need to shift the roles subtly. First, if you have a low self-esteem don’t reveal that to him. Lie to him and tell him that you no longer feel you have a low self-esteem. Don’t just say it, act it too. If you weren’t feisty before, become feisty. Slowly but surely start showing him “who the man really is”. Maybe others will disagree with me but I can tell you right now, it will work. Once it’s being established who really wears the pants in that relationship, then start giving him orders. Don’t give him orders like a drill sergeant but say something like “I’m soooo hungry. Babe … can you make me breakfast pleeeeeaaassee.” Give him orders in a charming girly way but keep in mind, it is still an order and he will listen. Keep in mind, Virgo’s are dual and this is something I am still having to contend with myself. If he is sweet on you, he will more than likely complain about others to you or he will be rude to others. If he is being mean to you, he will be a sweetheart to others. Like I mentioned before, you can change switch that by slowly and surely showing him who really wears the pants in that relationship.

  35. cancerthecrab says:

    thanks ashgood avise! will try to remember to not take his behaviour to heart. but i am a sensitve cancer and my emotions tend to get the best of me…

    @lucy you are 10000000% right- he can be a TOTAL bastard!!!!! a VERY VERY difficuklt, moody man. when we first started dating he liked me bcus i was fiesty. i actually played hard to get and one day i totally ignored him. well, that drove him NUTS!!! we did not talk for several months, then he came back to me. tail between the legs loool i just hate this power struggle. i was in a terrible relationship b4, with an aquarious. he loved all the crazy mind games. sometimes my virgo wants to play games too. when i pull back…ignore him or make a sarcaastic comment he responds much better than when i am sweet and accomodating…… why can;t a relationship be 50/50 about respect? why do i have to be in control, hide my feelings, become a Domme for him to be nice again??? so tired of all the BS. MEN….UGH!! can’t live with em, can’t live without em. loool

  36. Cancerthecrab – The best relationship I ever had was with an Aries but I relate best with Scorpios. Aries & Scorpios like to be in control & hold this possessive trait. With these 2 signs I was able to be the most vulnerable without getting backlash. Unfortunately with Virgo’s you do kind of have to be a Domme which can be very hard for a Cancer to contend with. It depends on the Cancer too. The ones that are born closer to Leo are actually quite dominant especially males.

  37. I”MA FREAK !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! INTO ALL NEW THINGS !!!!!!!!!!! & I am a Dominate lover !!!!!

  38. Delicious. I’m feigning for a Virgo right this minute. I’m kinda angry at how attracted and drawn to him I am. Primarily over the sex. Primarily that is, but…yea. I’m so mad at him for getting into my head. lol

    Can figure out what I’m gonna do. Right now, I sent him an intriguing text, now that he’s responded, I’m going to go off to my hair appt and probably not answer his text until later on or tomorrow morning. lol

    Virgos are definitely gluttons for punishment. Nice….oh so very nice. lol

  39. I love how Virgo can be so shy yet wild in the inside. He’s like an animal locked up in a cage waiting to be released. How exciting! I bet every woman wants to be with a Virgo!

  40. haha! All but Pisces women 🙂

  41. @ NP…LMAO!!! Uhhh…yea. Pretty much. SMH

  42. hi everyone am a aqua female and on our first night with this Virgo guy he cuddle and even kissed me after we were done …we even took a shower together this something normal for the typical male Virgo?..any Virgos?

  43. I’m a Virgo female and YES, this is very true.

  44. curious757 says:

    I can understand Gemini (mercury ruled) having that changeability factor: and the SYMBOL of ‘twins”, but virgo is a single human female (usually female icon) with the pristine madonna look.

  45. virginiavirgo says:

    As a Virgo female (August 24th) all of thee above is SO true. I nitpick the hell out of every guy I have potential spark in, must be good looking, witty, charming, INTELLIGENT, and someone sought after. I rarely go for the rebellious types or guys that are out of control and untamable. It’s too time consuming and frustrating. The duality is an interesting concept to examine as well. I can totally see how that’s true in situations. Sometimes I feel very shy and quiet wishing I was the social butterfly or fearless enough to go up to a guy I have my eye on and flirt blatantly. But then there is also this other side of me that once shown attraction from guys, I’m bubbly confident and unstoppable. If I’m interested in a guy there is NO question, Virgos aren’t wishy washy with their critical and direct nature.
    When it comes to bed I think Virgos are horribly misrepresented. I see again the duality. I hate to have my hair and makeup messed up in bed yet LOVE anything kinky along the lines of being slapped pushed and pinned. The slave nature is so spot on. I once had a Virgo/Libra cusp even say “You just love being told what to do” and I thrive on it. For me it’s simpler and more satisfying to be given a task and complete it.
    My favorite encounters have definitely been with guys with all different spectrums of personalities.
    TAURUS is the guy I go for when I want a romantic slow and sensual night. We click mentally and I always feel secure and safe with him. The foreplay is never wild so when I’m looking for a quiet night of cuddling and sex this guy is the one. Good match to marry I think.
    LIBRA charmed my pants right off and brought out my wilder side. Intense kisser and definitely set the mood with music, lights and foreplay. He was a Virgo/Libra too and fell for me based initially off of pure physical attraction as Libra guys can be set off by good looks. He didn’t like me when I talked though, saying I was too critical. Similar experiments with a Gemini man, although unlike the Libra we shared great intellectual conversations. We didn’t really ever connect sexually. I thought he talked too much.
    SCORPIO was a different and extremely exciting experience. Scorpio’s are very forward, both took no time to pursue me after first meeting and definitely were possessive which made me feel wanted. I loved the attention which might be the Leo/Virgo cusp in me, not sure. Scorpio definitely played up the slave sense in me, making me want to go to all lengths for his satisfaction. He also definitely kept my mind happy with good conversation; he was as perceptive as I am.
    As a whole Taurus’ love to wife me up, they know I’m dependable, love my feminine charm and like that I take things slow at times. Libras can’t get enough of my perfection when it comes to maintenance of appearance. I think my experience with Libras as always been purely based on physical attraction less than our minds. Scorpio’s find me the total package and our sexual dynamic is exciting and fast paced compared to the Taurus. Not exactly sure how this would work out relationship wise because none of my Scorpio hook ups have gone past sex yet.

    VERY interesting and spot on, even for a Leo/Virgo cusp (August 24th) like me 🙂

  46. I read this and was blown away – completely. I’m a Leo and my bf is Virgo. He’s the intellectual type. Very neat, sophisticated, and becoming more and more academically accomplished. He used to say things like “women who burp and fart are gross” to which I was like ooookay that’s natural of humans but I can see what you mean about women who aren’t discreet. It would be out of the blue comments like that. Well low and behold! I got him to open up to me and boy oh boy. My babe is a kinky nasty freak who’s into water sports and scat. Oddly enough I wasn’t taken back by this. I like him even more now because I’m regal in flair and his sophistication is a complimenting match. I also feel we mutually compliment each other. I like the secret whore inside him that no one would ever guess in their wildest imagination concerning him. It’s like a secret only I know and get to see. No one has a clue looking at us and that’s exciting all on its own. I love his hidden duality and contradictions even 10x’s more than open duality. My last romantic interaction was Gemini, so you can see the comparison in that sense. My babe is loveable, intimate, practical, intuitive, intellectual, comical, reserved, and dirty all wrapped into one. The communication is very strong between us too. Love him! Inside and out.

  47. I am a Leo/Virgo cusp as well August 25th(male). I would have to agree with the young lady who is Leo/Virgo August 24th. I am a freak as well, I will do anything to satisfy my partner. My wife is a Gemini and she is not so much a freak at all. She was actually very flirty and feisty when we were dating and I loved it but now since we have have been married and have kids not so much. I must say that we virgos are very misinterpreted when it comes to sex. I think about it all the time and want it all the time. Sometimes I would just wish she would just jump my bones and screw the sh*t out of me. I would go to whatever length to please any woman I would be in a relationship with and I am very confident that she would love it as well. I have no doubts that I can please any woman. I just hate that I just saw this article, this is great stuff. Fellow Virgo men and women we are the best because we really want to be.

  48. Persephone says:

    Very true. Virgo Sun with cazimi Pluto and Jupiter and Uranus all in the 6th.
    Permanent MAT would be ideal but it’s not practical. Everyone thinks they can handle it. They can’t.
    I think Virgo gets the rap for being uptight because it takes awhile to decide to show you the freakier side. First we have to see that you can handle it…..and that you’re ‘worth’ revealing that extra layer.

  49. Libraoverit says:

    Dear Tab – with your vman two months is no time. He can be sweet as sugar at first sexy as all get out. But virgos are freaks (Or try to be) they don’t make love – they just need sexual attention. They operate like a machine – but they do go to work. It’s like a job to them instead of sensual pleasure. Just keep your third eye open and guard your heart. The mask is soon to call off.

  50. Libraoverit says:

    Cancer – get the he’ll out while you can. Before he gets to your soul. Like I mentioned to Tab – they are dual sided – they will be nice and sweet and charming at first, just when they know they have you. They will change, try to control you (that’s why he moved you away from those who may support you so he can have complete control of you). Please do take this advice – pay attention to all he does – he will literally destroy your self esteem if you let him. Be strong – keep a reserve of $ just for you in case you need to bail.

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