The Astrology of Kink: The Naked Aries

Leather and lace, fringe and fetish…. In this series, we’ll take a peek at the kinkier side of the zodiac. Each sign has its own distinct sexual flavor; by combining the various tastes you find in the natal chart, each person’s unique sexual recipe begins to emerge. Let’s take it from the top with Aries, who is anything but vanilla.

In some ways, this cardinal fire sign is straightforward. Headstrong and willful, direct and impatient, Rams charge through their sex lives without so many of the exotic twists that slow down some other signs. Aries isn’t interested in needless variation; as far as sex is concerned, they want it vigorous, and they want it now. They rarely offer anything less than straight-up, full-tilt lust.

As direct as it is, though, even Aries has its kinks. Spontaneous sex in unplanned places is often a turn-on. Aries is not necessarily an exhibitionist, but there’s something delicious about wanting each other so badly that you’re willing to risk a charge of indecent exposure. The hallway at home will do — or the garage, or the hood of the car — anywhere, really, so long as it involves the prospect of wild, do-it-right-here-and-now action.

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About the Author
Laura F. Walton is a writer, artist, and arts instructor based in Texas. She has been a practicing astrologer for nearly ten years; she specializes in areas of sexuality, individuality, and creative self-discovery. She has contributed forecasts for print media, and currently provides monthlies on her blog Astro What?


  1. arieschick says:

    Dont forgive him or do but not to win him over. You can feel sorry that he missed out on a chance with someone such as you but thats about it. He’s a big boy and fully aware of the choices and decisions he is making and has made. Let is be and see if he will make a move. If not then count your blessings you are not in a relationship trying to guess at his emotions all the time and wonder if he is/was ever really in it. Just sit back and imagine (fully) what a relationship with him would be like and I’ll bet that you would not like it. Imagine that he will be jealous and give you the silent treament for slights real and imagined. That you will always have to be on eggshells for what you say or do. Yikes!!! Not a good way to live. If he comes back around let it be on his own time in his own way and then he will truly appreciate you and dont make it easy on him if he does come back around. Yes he may be a poor soul. He may be scared of love or emotions or whatever, but he may also be a jerk. He let you in a little bit and now look how he is behaving. I’m just going off the note he sent you and I would be so mad i would have cussed him out on the spot. Please just think about it.

  2. arieschick says:

    All those are true though, the influence of other planets on us or others it can be scary. I am aries with a cancer moon and libra pluto and NN. All 3 cardinal and all 3 cause internal conflict. You would think that my cancer moon would soften the aries, instead it makes it worse. I hate to cry in front of people bc to me it shows weakness but I dont mind if others cry in front of me. I’m moody to a fault but always believe in fairness. I’m loyal and I never do anyone (whether or not I like them or not) bad. I’m very justice oriented. I love very deeply but hate to let people in. Just opposites always fighting each other. I love all kinds of music & reading & poetry & I LOVE to dance (mars in pisces) and I also love to write (sun in 3rd) but always ahead of my thoughts so alot of spelling mistakes (mercury in aries). No matter what your sign, planet or species, we are all at least a little bit jacked up and not all of that has to do with astrology. I started studying it to find out how people think and what makes them tick (pluto in 9th house and Sag rising) and I love psychology and social sciences. I have been studying and reading astrology for about 5 years now. And it is a endless search of info. The more you learn the more there is to learn and at the end of the day there are so many influences (charting, life, psychological problems and disorders) that we all do well just to get along.
    Tomorrow is a new day Barb! Hope yours is wonderful!!!

  3. Barb Libra/Monkey ,why you feeling sorry for him? he’s so cruel what he said to you was terrible some womens self esteem would be torn to shreds
    p.s whatever do dont give him the cd hell only become worse hold your head up high and stop catering to this man.

  4. oh and Barb Libra/Monkey ,did you and the aries date .i mean where you in a intimate relationship as in boyfriend/girlfriend?

  5. Barb Libra/Monkey says:

    Kate, No, not in an intimate relationship…just all the chase and talked on occasion…he was always nice when we talked. However, he used to watch me everywhere I went and get jealous every time I talked to another guy or played pool or whatever. He would come out to the front counter whenever I went to the restaurant to say hi and walk off with a huge smile on his face like a little boy(: I met his mum and she was lovely, very down to earth. He actually enjoyed watching his mum and I talk. I do still like him,but want him to be happy and hope he finds someone and maybe he can have babies…to be honest, it was immediately after a mutual friend got pregnant that he went strange. Maybe it is a sore point with him, and that is why he suddenly was repulsed at me being older…had my child and not able to have more.
    Only he knows the answer to the puzzle, and only he can make himself happy now. Thanks for your kindness.

  6. Barb Libra/Monkey says:

    Aries chick, yes, it is all very scientific with different gravitational pulls creating different effects on our fluids in our brains and so forth at the time…more to the term lunartic than many realise or want to admit(: I would love to have my full chart done, but have never had the cash at the time to pay someone to do it. The Chines seem to be pretty spot on. This man is also a Dragon, which is Aries equivalent, making him even more superior minded…but I adore Dragons(: My Aquarian soulmate is a Dragon too…a lovely one.
    He is the other man the psychic was picking up on, and she said a few months before Aries gets jealous and wants to make a move…we will be meeting up at a reunion for a town we met in back in the70s. Should b e interesting to see if the Aquarian will decide to finally leave his unhappy situation and stay with me…fingers crossed hey what?
    You are right, tomorrow is another day and there is always sunshine after the rain, and sunrise after sunset. ‘Cheers

  7. Anyone with an Aries Sun and Aries Mars!!??? … what should I be expecting?? I am a leo by the way! 🙂

  8. Soooooo true. Aries has a very passionate sex drive, yes we do not like talk we LOVE action

  9. i recently dated a aries sun/venus guy and he was an absolutely great of the best i have had
    it’s true he wasn’t that into foreplay but to be honest i didnt really need it ‘cos i was so worked up with intensity plus he really made up for it during lovemaking ,only fault was he’s not into ‘talking’ during the act which is a shame because he has a very deep sexy voice which for me is a huge turn on but everything else was perfect.10/10

  10. Alessandra says:

    I have my sun and moon in Aries, mercury in pisces, venus in aries, mars in cancer, jupiter in libra, saturn in aquarius, uranus and neptune in capricorn, and pluto in scorpio. Can anyone tell me what I should do to lure and get into a relationship with this very popular and in demand, Sagittarius. What would the relationship be like? What should I look out for?

  11. Aries III/Dragon says:

    I find that I disagree with a lot of the stuff written about Aries. I am actually getting bad self esteem from it all. I think that I am generous to a fault, I adopted a little girl from China and she has autism. I love her with all my heart. I actually thrive on someone talking to me when I am in bed. I don’t like all action. Sometimes I think they are just talking about the Aries men?

  12. ther aries men i have know have always wanted a threesum.. male male female.. is it there ego or what?? has anyone else had this experience..

    i never did it as im fond off him and i dont think having another man involved will keep him keen…

  13. to ???? says:
    March 5, 2010 at 10:04 pm

    yep,i have had that experience a very long time ago when i was about sixteen , it was me my female friend and the aries and his aquarius friend i never actually had sex or anything with the aries guy THANKFULLY!! because from what i saw he was quite the sadist ,really rough with my friend .
    he had this really bad ’80’s hairstyle like one of those guys in a heavy metal!!! anyway apparently these two guys would do this sort of thing quite often .the aquarius would call up girls and bring his friend along .
    anyway i know this happens a lot with them.
    maybe there are hidden homosexual tendencies or maybe it’s that porn habit most of them have.

  14. Aries III/Dragon ,dont let descriptions of sun signs make you feel bad ,
    each person is very complicated .
    a natal chart is like a game of connect the dots .each planet has a sign and a house then there’s the aspects ,asteroids etc.
    your not ONLY ruled by your sun/aries your a map of signs and planets.
    we all are

  15. Aries III/Dragon says:

    Kate, Thank you for your positive response. I am a Leo rising. I don’t think I follow that sexuality either. I really do like being talked to in bed. I don’t have fun when someone just needs to “get to business.” I am a double fire sign, so I know I am VERY passionate, and not just in bed. LOL I hate it when people treat the disabled poorly. It’s probably the one thing I fight the hardest. I hate it when people treat my duaghter like she is stupid just because she has a hard time speaking…see, soapbox all the way! 🙂

  16. VirgoWoman says:

    Haha. I met an Aries about 10 days ago. He kind of “glommed” onto me the first evening in my neighborhood bar and took me from the bar to dinner. He tried to talk me into taking him back to my place, and I was like “No way. I just met you. Duh!”

    When he asked for my number, I said yeah “but I don’t have a pen”. I told him to remember my number and he walked back to his car repeating my number over and over out loud. Pretty funny, but he never called.

    Tonight he showed up in my neighborhood bar for “no reason”…even though his neighborhood is about 30-40 miles round trip. LOL He doesn’t live in my “hood”. Said he tried to call me, but apparently didn’t get the number right.

    Anyway on the subject of “astologic of kink”, he made a comment briefly tonight about “…so does that mean I can’t take you home and tie you up tonight?” Whoa…pretty forward comment for a second time meeting, huh? I said, “Only if you’ve got handcuffs with the very soft gentle feather lining!” LOL I was clearly just joking with him. Called his bluff, and he was quite the gentleman before and after his “tie you up” comment. LOL He did say he’d call. We’ll see.

    He might be interesting…

  17. VirgoWoman says:

    Sorry for the typo … “astrology” not “astrologic”. Doh!

  18. To Kate haha .. i wondered about the homosexual aspect.. i know he may not bethat way but his always hugging his mates in photos there for the lads do anything for his mates very influenced by what his mates are doing and thinkig..

    i was thinking shall i do it to bring him closer but like i said i dont think it would.. so i may keep him as a friend and not explore with him sexually because his abit of a ladys man who brags xx

  19. Stubborn Bull says:

    Aries are a riot in bed!
    I guess mine is still new, and the whole foreplay is definately there. Usually on my part. That’s just how I am though, I get excited knowing that he’s excited with me.
    He never uses the words or phrases such as “sex”, “f**k”, “making love” etc. It’s always, “come here and play with me” or “I can’t wait to play with you tonight.” It always sounds much more interesting… and intreguing.

    He really is into his porn. Any porn will do, and at first it kind of bothered me that he would always have to have it on while we were doing the “deed”, then I started getting used to it, and now it’s completely stopped. It’s almost weird now without it lol. Homosexual tendancies? Absolutely! He is so comfortable with his sexuality, he walks around naked ALL the time, but I think that also has something to do with his arrogance. He has told me the acts that he’s done with other men, and I actually am quite open to it. I think it’s kind of hot, considering most of the guys I’ve been with were completely homophobic, but surprisingly leinent towards girl/girl intimacies. figures.
    He has brought up having threesomes before too. Once he asked for another guy around, but I can hardly handle him, I don’t think I could be bothered with another guy around. lol…. unless it was for him.
    He also asked for a friend of mine to come home with us, but I think it was more for me. I don’t know. He definately has the stamina for two women. that’s for sure! I’m pretty satisfied with a 10-15min quicky or even less sometimes…. but his “quicky” is definately an hour.
    He knows all the little tricks too! AMAZING!!!
    Although I’m thinking he’s starting to want more than just a sexual relationship with me, as he told me last night that he didn’t want to play with me, he just wanted to watch a movie and talk. His conversation was completely one way though. lol. I left bored and unsatisfied, but there’s always next time 😉

  20. Regenisis says:

    My aries man has venus in aries, Mars and mercury in pisces, and a leo moon all wrapped up in a cancer ascendant. I see his aries show through most of the time with his friends,(impatient, competitive). But with me, he’s actually kinda subtle, like a shy kid who’s afraid he’s going to get slapped on the hand, lol. I see bits of aries from time to time but I sense there’s more under the surface. My scorpio curiosity is killin’ me! Can anyone with a simlilar chart clue me in?

  21. Regenisis says:

    oops…I meant “similar”

  22. *******

    if i have learnt one thing about aries men it’s that they cannot or will not be faithful .
    they will sleep with anyone woman with a vagina
    they’ll even try and f*ck your sister ,cousins ,friends whoever just so long as she has female body parts .
    i have noticed this in at least 14 aries men and keep seeing the same pattern with them over and over…

    aries will play the chameleon or pretend to be a ‘good guy’ but they have no morals .really they dont.
    so before getting into a relationship with on remember that .

  23. starbelly says:

    Definetely true for me!!! I looaaathhheee being teased…and adore games of being brtually “taken” but only by a man that is warlike and strong enough physically and mentally to manage it! Heaven 🙂

  24. I enjoyed reading all this feedback about Aries males. Including the not so flattering ones. I am an Aries male, Sagittarius Rising, Venus conjunct Sun and moon conjunct Saturn 1st house type, Mars in Gemini, with moon and saturn opposing Mars in 7th house. Very mixed feeling and I’m a jumble of emotions and contradictions. The altar boy with a fetish for women with big breast and great legs type in my younger days. Of course feeling guilty and somewhat
    repressed about sex seemed to dominate my teenage years.

    I think my 1st house moon conjunct saturn is what I feel most keenly. I feel more at ease and comfortable with a woman who I can count on, with saturn qualities like loyalty and discipline. Since my Sun Venus in Aries conjunction falls in my 5th house. Of course I sing about it “Wait on me Girl, cry in the night if it helps, but more than EVER…I simply love you…more than I love life itself…while I’m away…never forget that I’m your man.” This of course has a touch of my Mercury in Taurus possessiveness and yearning for stability.

    I probably write or speak and in my case sing about LOVE more than I actually experience it in real life. Mars in Gemini tends to make me quite chatty. Observe my long winded posts and worded responses. Definitely I love when a woman tells me everything she’s been dreaming about and especially what she’d like to do if I ever let her get close enough to me or give her a chance. Like one homely lady literally talked me into bed by saying the right things to me like “Richard, let me love you, I can see that all you need is love and just give me a chance to show you some appreciation and your fine little ass is driving me crazy…I’m about to rape your ass.” (well in so many words :0)

    My first real girlfriend literally would pin me against the wall and just start kissing me and would not take NO for an answer. That is the kind of intensity I crave but is so rare in a woman. (Mars in 7th house) I Love aggressive rapist type women. I remember one of my earliest most erotic experiences as a 14 year old. Was when the neighbor girl next door who was bigger and stronger than me, would pin me down and breathe really hard while on top of me..and even put her crotch on my face in a leg sissors…while it scared me, and she overpowered me and dominated me completely. I had no choice but surrender to her but fortunately she had to let me go cause her parents and my parents would have caught her. Once she started dry humping my face I would start yelling and protesting. I could see myself having been being married to her. Pity she moved away. I was just too young and not ready for sex back then. Plus back then oral sex of any kind would have disgusted me and
    was a big NO was a big NO NO to me. (Remember I have an altar boy background, I served as an Altar boy every daily mass including saturdays and Sunday and sang in the church choir as well) Now I have no qualms about oral sex but only with women and I must love them before I would though. Aries are known to like the sight and smell of sex organs. I actually feel like oral sex with my beloved is better than kissing her. Since it involves the ultimate intimacy. I definitely would only give oral sex to my girlfriend or at least my wife if I ever do get married that is. As often and as long as she likes too. My ex hated sex but oh she loves oral sex. I still give her oral sex
    on some occassions and actually enjoy the sight and smell and the naughtiness
    involved in it all. :0) She doesnt like to give oral sex but she loves to recieve oral sex and I am a happy giver in that regard. :0)

    Sun conjunct Venus makes me very comfortable with my female animas. For instance I could wear a pink shirt and be comfortable and dance with the prettiest women at a big dance…when most men would not be caught dead in a pink shirt like in 1971.

    Some Aries males can be quite complicated. While at times it is me that is the aggressor and pursuing women. I quickly tire of chasing after them and prefer a woman desires me enough to chase after me and just get down to GETTING IT ON with me. Again sexually aggressive women that target me are rare.

    I’m not into men. All my erotic turn ons involve women. The sight of a naked man does not turn me on one bit. Nor the sight of preteens or teens in bikinis do not turn me on one bit, either. Women with big breast and obviously of mature age over 18 at least is what sexually appeals to me.

    Well this post pretty much bares alot so consider it The Naked Aries dialogue. While I wont speak for other Aries males I can only write my tale
    and bid thee farewell. for now.

  25. barb libra monkey says:

    Oh Richard. I recall a conversation with you many months ago that described the man I still love deeply to a T. He is the Aries Dragon who uses song to speak and is quite rude when wanting to protect his very sensitive heart(:
    I no longer contact him, but have had an interesting encounter a week or so ago where I was at a bar/resort near home using their internet cafe and very few others around. It is near my home and on the way to his work…and my car is very obvious…and parked outside. He has claimed he doesn’t want to know me and called me many nasty names in the past, but leading up to this day, used this bar to wait for me to finish my afternoon courier run and then would jump in the car…once meeting me at the steps, not realising I had stopped and had business there. I cheerfully greeted him and he nervously replied, but polite. Anyway, back to the other day. I had run out of credit on my internet card, so went to the reception to get more credit, then moved along to the bar and ordered a drink and lunch…paid for all of it. I hadn’t seen him enter the bar, but several minutes after I returned to the i’net cafe, the male staff member returned my money for my drink and made some lame excuse(: It was then I sensed the man must be around somewhere. Sure enough, about 10mins later when I re-emerged to go home, he was sitting in the sun casually smoking with a drink…with a direct line of vision to where I had been sitting! I chose to ignore his claims of not wanting to know me and said hi. He chose to ignore me twice, then I said “you say you don’t want to know me, but you really do!” I walked off to reception to notify of the problem with their computer and felt his wind pass by my back as he attempted to leave…slowing at the stair and gradually walking to his Avenger. I finished and went to my car…looked at him looking at me and clutching his car door with a sad face, and asked if we were going to talk. He just couldn’t do it! He got in the care and played U2 as he slowly drove by close to me. I threw my hands up in the air and said Seeya! All I really wanted to do was grab hold of him and give him the most passionate kiss and say to meet me in 5 minutes at my place…what stopped me? I keep getting told the man has to lead!! Every night and every waking minute I think of this man and can see us being really happy together if he would only let it happen and stop holding back! He tortures himself and doesn’t need to! I am not sure if it is my level of education, public standing or the fact that I am 8 years his senior, but he clearly wants me, but is also clearly terrified!
    What does a woman have to do to get him to relent and enjoy himself? He is so lonely, and goes broke on hookers, yet could be incredibly happy and sexually fulfilled (I have a strong sex drive with venus appearing 5 times in my charts and a Aries/Taurus rising.)We are both incredibly romantic at heart and both love music that is meaningful, both compatible in every form of astrology and numerology, but he is absolutely terrified of making the move! I love surprises but also enjoy love-making…I love unplanned, passionate moments in dangerous places and love his taut little body…never had the opportunity to touch it yet though. I do imagine he would wear a g-string, and if not, should…it would do his body justice. I live in hope, and have learnt patience and to remain positive that one day love will conquer all. Do you think I am crazy? I actually enjoy your honesty and lengthy entries…I also enjoy writing…in case you hadn’t noticed(: It is so much easier than talking..although I enjoy that too.

  26. Eli is a sad, bitter woman. Aries men/women are capable of total monogamy and a very deep relationship. I know, I’m an Aries woman who has an Aries brother (married and totally committed to his Aries woman) and have been involved with Arian men. True, Arian men (like my brother) do enjoy their conquests but when they get serious, the games end.

    Angry sex? No, not for me. Vigorous, alive sex, yes, I likey but to keep me around I need to be in love. We’re about passion and nothing feeds the flames of passion more than love.

  27. Aries III/Dragon says:

    I totally agree with Bliss. Love makes it all the better. I am very monogamous…always have been. LOL

  28. I am an aries woman and most of the description of an aries fits me except for an angry sex.. i dont think im into that : ) Anyway, i was dating a pisces guy 6 years ago and he cant match me when it comes to sex. He was always the one who surrender because he was too tired : ) it was really funny to think that he was a lot younger than me.. We were together for 2 years but i decided to leave him because he was so jealous and controlling, kept on checking my phone and who my friends are. I got suffocated and left him because as an aries i dont think i will let him run my life.

  29. Wow, good article… It sums me up except for the not needing mental stimulation. I have a Gemini Moon and Mars… and I am na exhibitionist.

  30. Manofthehour says:

    I’m an Aries and I think this is kinda crap couse I love having intomint sex with my girl friend I’m all about pleasing her…..

  31. barb libra monkey says:

    It is nice tro hear Aries men are also into monogomy…Aries Dragon and manofhehour.(;
    i would want nothing less if I were able to win the heart5 of the Aries dragon i am smitten with(:

  32. Manofthehour says:

    Well barb libra monkey I got lucky when I met my girl friend. If I do what she likes she does what I like,but frankly doing my part in the. Sexual relationship is not that hard because most of the stuff she likes to do I also do.well most of my friends say Im gay because I love having romantic sex under the stars.

  33. barb libra monkey says:

    manofthehour Now you are talking…I love that kind of thing too(: I also love the idea of having sex on top of an island overlooking the islands and reef with not a care in the world.
    My first Aries man (deceased), always held our day on the same island on the noodie beach listening to the coral washing up with the waves like music whilst we made out in the water, as the VERY best time of his entire life and rang from the USA several times a year even after marriage and kids to keep our friendship alive until he was accidentally killed. It really was a special day and his birthday to boot(;
    I really need to find a man who is able to be adventurous in a romantic way and who can be happy just being with me.

  34. Manofthehour says:

    My sincerest condolences to your husband. And I am sure you will find an Aries man who is just as adventures as you. And I am also looking for that one specal person and I’m sure I found her. I just hope she will stay with me for a few more years till I think I’m old enough to prapose to at this moment I feel as if I am much to young to support her.

  35. barb libra monkey says:

    dear manofthehour, he wasn’t my husband, although wanted to be, just didn’t get hid letter in time to organise a work sponsor); However, if she is the one, she won’t give up on you. I don’t think money matters, if you love each other and you are both working, go for it. You can always work on material stuff later on. I waited and am now very lonely and much older(: It is more important to have a mate who loves you than all the money in the world.

  36. barb libra monkey says:

    manofthehour, I don’t see why you don’t tell your lady friend about your monogamous intention so she bothers to stay around until you feel able to support her…although that isn’t a necessary thing to do these days(: It is noble to want to support a female, but not always practical and why let it stand in your way???
    We all need to know where we stand or we go crazy or get confused. You may be pleasantly surprised if you are honest with your feelings and may find incredible lovemaking results once that level of trust is established(: think about it…you havbe nothing to lose but a hell of a lot to gain(:

  37. man of the hour, am I right in guessing you now have a woman of the month? Asian, likes your nice car and has children who need supporting? Good luck with that one.

  38. The kink of Aries men is that they are secretive and perverted…by that I mean they will sneak into your home without making a sound, move things so you know they have been, then leave.
    they will also draw their own conclusions when you get a txt, whether it be from your boss or child, as in their eyes, only another man could be txting and they are so terribly wrong!
    They end up with a mail-order-bride who will be their obedient partner and not the one they love, as because they love too deeply, leave the true love on the shelf with a bleeding heart. It may play on their conscience, but it is easier for them rather than go all the way with teh one they truly love and have them possibly leave them or die before them and not be able to mend their broken heart. It is far easier for them to break the chances of true love before the poor woman has a chance to break them. VERY SELFISH Why do I say this? Because it has just happened to me…manofthehour/ariesdragon

  39. Im an aries woman/asc in cancer/venus in aqua and moon in leo. I agree with the above description to some extent but Im not as wild as it is said there lol. I love sex,and even though I don’t usually have sex with someone I do not have any feelings for and for other people I look like Im timid and good girl..I am passionate and love sex indeed. However I started pretty late for what’s normal nowadays…I used to adore having sex with a man I love(d). In fact he admitted he had the greatest sex ever (sorry for how it sounds), maybe he was being nice but I really felt that we were having great sex. sadly that was one of the elements he kept coming back for..Maybe as a woman it’s different for me but as Im older I can see that love is the key element to great sex. Other than that I am a little pervert lol but only a bit. Handcuffs or licking whipped cream out of…is plain normal for me,I dont understand how others perceive it as wild.
    Now poor me I am singe and have no sex…!but I can handle that
    My ex used to say he cant wait to see me going ‘crazy’ and wild and flirty when with him.
    Two best matches for me were aqua. Sex with libra/scorpio was real bad-due to lack o chemistry I believe. Saggitarius was good.

  40. I can totally verify the whole arian lust thing. When it comes to sex I’m as bad (or worse) as a guy. I get the need for release as well as the emotional connection.You want to really turn on an arian; paint a dirty little picture in their mind, then tickle the roof of their mouth with your tongue as you kiss them! You will definitely be in for the ride of your life! However, I maybe more sexually charged than other aries. I have a Libra ascendant with Mars (@ 15 degrees), Venus (@ 15 degrees), and the Sun (@ 16 degrees) all in conjunction with each other in my Arian 7th house! I’ve always liked guys more than I should and have come to realize that I’m addicted to d**k. Without being in a stable relationship I get antsy and irratable. There have been some men that shouldn’t have gotten “any”, but due to my own horniness did. It’s hard when your hormones control your actions and not your own mind!

  41. I can totally verify the arian lust thing. When it comes to sex I’m as bad (or worse) than a guy! I get the need for release, as well as an emotional connection, but don’t forget the mental connnection. My whole life I like guys a little too much. It wasn’t until I got older did I realize that I’m addicted to d**k. I can’t help myself. I’m currently in a stable relationship and no matter how mad I am at him I still can’t say no to sex- even when he NEEDS to go to bed and leave me alone. My chart however can testify that I’m a hornier arian. I have a Libra ascendant with Mars (@ 15 degrees), Venus(@ 15 degrees), and the Sun (@ 16 degrees) all in conjunction with each other in my Arian 7th house! My Moon is also retrograded into my 7th house. As a tip to anyone who really wants to see arian sparks fly do this; paint a dirty little picture in their minds, and then tickle the roof of their mouth when you kiss them! The kissing thing REALLY works!

  42. im currently dating an aries but he is nothing like whats discribed here, hes really shy and iv been batteling to get him to come out of his shell. we have been together for 5 months and i enjoy being open with people about everything and a shy person kinda baffels me. could anyone give me advice on how to get him to open up to me?
    thanks alot..

  43. I dated an Aries man for 3 1/2 years and although in the beginning he wasn’t very experience with variety in the bedroom, I got him to open up. I’m a Libra and we are very sexual by nature and him being Fire and me being Air we just fed each other. BUT the Aries men I’ve known have “whores” for lack of a better word, I’m sorry guys. And he ended up cheating on me with all kinds of different women, he told me I turned him into a sex addict. WTF I am getting blamed for him cheating, like he wasn’t getting enough at home. I will never date another Aries.

  44. jess0410 says:

    Oh you’ve described me to a T. Sex is something I most certainly can not live without. Turned on almost instantly, and open to almost anything especially if its wild and spontaneous. With a sex drive as high as mine, you’d think I’d have been with far more guys than just four. But as an aries, its vital I stay classy and hold on to my values 🙂

  45. jess0410 says:

    It’s also been a huge challenge to find a guy with a sex drive as high as mine. Most guys claim to be all for it but have very little follow through.

  46. I hear ya Jess. I never understood it when people said men have higher sex drives than women when all my boyfriends were, um, lacking imo. The first guy I met that was compatible, I married! Yahoo!

  47. jess0410 says:

    @Amanda, the only guy who has ever cheated on me was a Libra. So its not fair to put that label on a specific sign. Aries are generally loyal by nature and unless they are kept on their toes and things stay exciting, fresh and passionate, they will not cheat. Libras are great people, I have a lot of respect for my Libra friends, but as far as an aries and Libra being in a relationship together it does tend to get boring no matter what the sex is like, they need excitement in other areas too. My ex Libra would do everything I wanted and I hated it. Aries want to be challenged and he never challenged me.

    @bliss you sound like me. Lmao. After um, a relatively short amount of time I decided I had to marry him! No one else could keep up. Even my husband at times has a hard time but I certainly don’t blame him. Lots of Passion in our blood!

  48. jess0410 says:

    As long as** not unless

  49. Oh how I love that Aries man can be so impulsive, doing it anytime, anywhere…anywhere hidden that is. It always fun and exciting that way, the thrill of being caught makes your heart pump faster and make him pump faster as well. And after doing the deed, it’s just like having a massage. Exhilarating! Nice work!

  50. Dr Marc says:

    Since there are so many Aries females here, I would appreciate any replies to a sincere question.
    I am a single Virgo male. I have a very close, long time friend who is a married Aries female. She is a dance teacher in her early fifties who is very fit, very hot and very desirable. Her husband is not jealous about her and me taking all the time, where we go together, or what time we come home. I’ve always been attracted to her and she has always been very touchy and close. She will wear sheer fabrics and no bra and has natural breasts that are firm with erect nipples seemingly ALWAYS. When she hugs me, she will”grind”her beasts and nipples into my chest and rub them back and forth, this is very noticeable and cannot be ignored.
    I recently read her Zodiac qualities regarding sex. Several sites stated “Aries females demand repeated intercourse”. What do you make of that? Does she help her lover to have repeated intercourse during a lovemaking session? Or, several a day, several a week or, anytime has a chance do intercourse, she is highly sexual and will take it? If so, maybe that is why her husband is so laid back and not jealous at all…He gets all he wants. If so, and she is so independent and highly sexual, then the signs and signals she sends to me through touching may mean me and her could be lovers to help satisfying her exceptional needs and desires. I am considering sitting down with her, face to face and express my feelings for her. I would tell her I would rather everybody know and agree to it. I just wondered if your expertise may agree or disagree with what I have expressed? Thank you for your time and consideration.
    Dr Marc

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