Scorpio on the receiving end of a breakup

In the comments section of How Scorpios get over breakups, Dramatoso Scorpioso wrote,

A Scorpio get dumped?

I’ve known a few Scorps and this one thing holds true in all cases, male or female– they do the dirty work (the dumping). They are well ahead of the game and as master strategists will not place themselves in a position to get dumped.

If their spidey senses pick up on a waning interest, they pull out the knife and slash it then and there. Hurts like hell but you gotta do what you gotta do.

Masked woman holding a knifeI feel suspicious whenever I read “one thing holds true in all cases.” Sun sign behavior is not as reliable as, say, the orbital pattern of Mars.

Scorpio is not only about control, strategy and manipulation. This sign ultimately concerns the depths of intimacy one experiences with another person — the true sharing of one’s innermost self, as well as one’s body and belongings. To be this close, a Scorpio must relinquish power. As long as she holds the knife, she is on the defensive, fearful of getting hurt. Vulnerability can be terrifying to a Scorpio, for wounds to this intensely emotional water sign can feel as painful as death. Thus, the scorpion develops an arsenal of shields and weapons, as well as enhanced detective skills (the spidey sense).

But who says Scorpio needs to be locked and loaded? Can’t she have enough trust to let down her guard, to leave the sharp utensils in the kitchen? Although I would not go so far as to describe Scorpio as innocent, I can imagine a young scorpion falling deeply in love, willing to connect completely with another — no games, no ammo. If she gets burned by her first lover, then the stingers come out. She toughens up and resolves never to let it happen again.

But there is a beauty in her initial willingness to go to the depths in a relationship, and it is a shame that she may not recover that all-consuming passion — for how can she love truly, madly and deeply when she’s packing a pistol? She may be possessed by desire, but as long as her inner Mars is at the ready, she’s destined to remain separate.

Comment below: Are you Scorpio who’s been dumped? Share your stories.

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  1. I Just kicked out and force my scorp man to packed all his shit in the middle of the night with and his 5 years old daugther was with him. It was because the lacked of trust From my end. He lied to me one time that it is so hard to gain back the trust that I had for him. He was very attentive to me but at the same time he is intertaining all this ladies he met online. I feel bad for kicking them out in the middle of the night but I was so fed up already. Its been 3 days now no contact. I miss him and I love him with all my heart thats why it breaks my heart so bad when he lied to me multiple times. I have a lot of restoring to do for myself. In 2 weeks I will be done with my RN course and plan to hit the book for NCLEX review. Start working out and eating healthy. If we are meant to be we will be.

  2. Wrong! My Scorpio was amazing and would og multiple times. Maybe u just suck in bed?

  3. Lol bed is way beyond that my dear. I think i overdo it to the point he become powerless?

  4. Scorpio Moon says:

    Scorpio men get dumped. They’re not always one step ahead, believe me!

    I’ve dumped mine several times. We’re both addicted the physical connection which keeps us coming back for more, but the manipulation, the game playing, the drama, the head games, the tests… really gets old after a while.

  5. I’m a male Scorpio that was blindside dumped and I’ve never been through such a massive force of a ride of emotions. Absolutely the hardest thing I’ve ever gone through. I was so in love with her and saw us together forever. It’s been almost a year and I think of her everyday whether I want to or not

  6. I don’t know if Scorpio men are psychotic or if it is just me. They play the victim. I am a Sag sun, Aries Moon, Aries rising dating a Scorpio sun and he was so manipulative. So many tests. It felt like I was raising a child. I could tell he was sensitive and emotional by the way he would act after sex or whenever he would open up to me. But I got tired of waiting for him to fully open up and stop being Secretive Sally. So I dumped him. But I feel guilty because he is going through a lot and I don’t want him to think of me as another person who has abandoned him. I care, I just don’t know if he cares about me. It’s like I know, but how can I be sure? One day he loves me, the next I’m a doormat. I’m a Sag, we can’t take that. I’ll give you space, everything, because I love space, but the moodswings no. He’s completely iced me out, but it’s only been a day so I’m waiting.

  7. samestuff says:

    I am experiencing the same crap with my now x scorpio. I love him, but I love me more
    They are users who play victim. They have so much extra baggage and always looking for pity. They are addicted to online fantasy affairs.. I miss him, but im done. He could fall off the earth for all i care.

  8. ScorpAscAQminded says:

    Same situation with Cap Sun Scorpio Mars. Plays victim and loves testing. Thinks being emotionally distant is a great way to maintain a long-term relationship. When I decided to break it off, responded like it was me being dishonest and holding back. Similarly, I understand how deep the emotions are, and I know that he loves me… but it’s very hard to love him anymore if he is constantly trying to manipulate the relationship. Couldn’t agree more with the idea of space, and the questioning of where or not he actually cares about me, instead of being focused on his feelings the whole time. Done trying to ace his games, leaving.

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