Why is my Leo man ignoring me?

Sure, our shining star loves to send warmth and light your way, but when there’s a threat to his dignity, he’s just focused on himself. Mars could blow up, but he couldn’t care less … except for the fact that he no longer has someone to do his dirty work.

Maybe Leo is ignoring you because you haven’t provided him the attention he obviously deserves. Leo has set his sights on finding a new admirer, someone smart enough to appreciate him for who he is, who would never doubt for a second how lucky he or she is to have a man like him.

If you’ve wounded Leo’s pride, he may retreat with his tail between his legs, plotting how he will pounce on you … when the time is ripe … and for increased dramatic effect! Don’t underestimate how stubborn this fixed sign can be. Just because he’s ignoring you does not mean he’s not thinking about you … as his next prey.

Or maybe it has nothing to do with you. Leo may be on a creative streak, working on his play with abandon, or lost in his painting. His is the sign of creativity and self-expression, and all that fire has to be channeled constructively. Better into his art than into endless preening, don’t you think?

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  1. When he called the other day. Idk what to do O just wanna love him because he is everytging to me. And I want to maybe meet his son one day (if baby moms let him see his son.) Any advice or something??????

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