How to satisfy a male Scorpio in bed

Sex advice columnist Dan Savage has coined the abbreviation GGG: “good in bed, giving equal time and equal pleasure, and game for anything — within reason.” The Scorpio man is drawn to taboos and the underworld of sexuality, so a few kinks are to be expected. Bondage, domination, sadomasochism … power and pain are old friends to the Scorpion. This is not to say that all Scorpios like to dole out punishment: The sign is truly about the depths of intimacy, which means exploring every nook and cranny of your English muffin. No! I mean that he will want to connect intensely with you — staring into each other’s eyes (even during orgasm), or achieving tantric bliss through controlled sexual techniques.

If you want to satisfy him, you have to overcome your fear — fear of closeness, fear of exploring the boundaries of pain and pleasure. By all means don’t do anything that feels violating (unless, of course, you’re into that sort of thing.) But be willing to turn lovemaking into an attempt to excavate your hidden turn-ons and wounds, eroticizing power dynamics and family traumas to gain a sense of mastery over them.

And if all else fails, stick your finger up his patootie.

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