How do you know if a Virgo man does not love you anymore?

VirgoYou know how excessive criticism from a partner makes you doubt that he loves you? Well, the opposite can run true if you’re with a Virgo. If he stops picking you apart, he doesn’t care enough to make you his improvement project. A Virgo dissects things in a quest to make them function more efficiently, and if he isn’t bothering to make you the best-running model he can … well, prepare for your pink slip.

On the other side of the spectrum, he may nitpick such minor details — that he had glossed over before because he was willing to live with a few of your flaws — that you feel every ounce of your being is under the microscope. It’s one thing to be told that a hair is out of place … it’s another to hear that the mole on your chin should be removed. When Virgo harps on aspects of yourself that cannot be changed without the help of surgery or a Scientology audit, you know he’s lost all affection for you.

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  1. @Shay:

    Fortunately, I have far removed myself from the experiences I have had with several virgos and they were not all damaging…lol..its just that…unless you have a lot of time on your hands…they can be a handful to deal with….and it can practically take over your life…now tauruses…they can work with virgos…because two earth signs…both grounded…both tauruses and virgos like stability and routine..which both also provide for eachother..I know…my first boyfriend was a Taurus (which by the way he never gave me much problems) and he was very sure about what he wanted and was always clear and caring….and he happens to be with a Virgo women now (though he nor his family is happy about it…I saw him and his family this past weekend and his mother still calls me her “daughter-in-law” around his girlfriend too…)…his cousin tells me that his girlfriend is so jealous that if she wasnt his cousin, she probably woudnt be able to speak to him…smdh….so…their insecurity issues can become a life burden to bear…so just be sure that that is something you want to deal with…Tauruses can be stubborn when they decide to be with someone…and you dont want to devote yourself to a life of misery if he never gets out of his funk…and that is a possibility depending on how he handles it

  2. Hi everyone, I was wondering if you could possibly give me some feedback so I can possibly better understand my situation with my Virgo boyfriend 🙂 I am a Taurus female with some Piscean in her and dating a Virgo whose moon sign is a Scorpio and with Venus and Mercury in Virgo.

    We’ve been together for almost 5 years now, since we were both 16. When we first met, I was really happy with myself and almost every aspect of my life. I was usually always easygoing, joyful, or laughing and he said that one of the reasons he was so attracted to me was because of my personality. Unfortunately, I’ve changed, or become more like myself (and he has too) within the 5 years and this has greatly affected our relationship. I’ve grown unmotivated, self-conscious, perhaps too sensitive, fearful, and needy since I’ve gone through a couple of emotional/mental hardships. I’ve been through a couple of mild depressions from feeling like he doesn’t love/want me as much, moving away to college and feeling like I’m not smart enough, gained some weight, and been diagnosed with a panic disorder with agoraphobia. Lately, I’ve been improving but I am still not the same, exact person I was 5 years ago.

    I feel like all of this has been hard for him too and I can understand now how selfless he had to be in order to be there for me since his father very recently passed away and he’s been down therefore I have to be strong and selfless in order to be there for him. But, since I am still needy at times, I’ll show it and he gets annoyed by it, starts acting mean and cold which hurts me even more. He’s acted like this about a year ago when I was going through a mild depression, which caused me to be needy, which annoyed him and was mean to me in the process; he then ended up breaking up with me (a year ago).

    I am just so confused because I don’t understand why he has to be mean or cold when I want some more affection or comfort from him. Sometimes I tell myself that I shouldn’t take it too personal because he is going through a tough time therefore he might act moody at times but still, I am just too confused. I don’t know what to do. He says he enjoys my company and wants me by his side so that I can comfort him but at times, he just gets easily annoyed, acts mean and says that he wants to be alone. I just don’t know what to do :/

  3. @Lilly:

    “I am just so confused because I don’t understand why he has to be mean or cold when I want some more affection or comfort from him. Sometimes I tell myself that I shouldn’t take it too personal because he is going through a tough time therefore he might act moody at times but still, I am just too confused. I don’t know what to do. He says he enjoys my company and wants me by his side so that I can comfort him but at times, he just gets easily annoyed, acts mean and says that he wants to be alone. I just don’t know what to do :/”

    He is mean and cold to you because he sees your neediness and depression as a sign of weakness…Virgos like strong minded people who usually put them in line and you, in his mind, come off as very weak….trust me, if you date a Virgo, you definitely do not want to show your vulnerable side to them too often if even at all….because that is when they enact what they believe is tough love but I think otherwise…I always suggest against Pisces-Virgo relationships because they are opposites….him breaking up with you was just a moment action…trust me, my ex Virgo was VERY similar to what you describe…I have dated several of them and though I know them now enough to know how to handle them and keep them on their toes, it just not worth the time and energy….in order to get him back to where he is not mean and cold, you have to become that…mean and cold and/or ignore him…get your life back…you are a strong Piscean woman…be that….stop honing in to your victim tendencies which all Pisceans have…and he will be all over you..the more you are distant and cold to him, the more intrigued he will be…TRUST ME…they like a challenge, they like someone who will tell them off in a second if they get out of line…they do not respect people who they can talk smack to and get away with it because they will walk over you if you dont set boundaries….join a gym if you feel you need to lose some wait, seek a shrink if you need to deal with your issues…dont lay that on your BF, handle your issues on your own…and dont tell him about what you are doing…just do it….go out and start a mentally and physically healthy lifestyle…get your groove back and he will be all over you..the trick is that once you become that person again, that you were five years ago, you have to keep him guessing…that is how you maintain control over a Virgo man….many men at that….stop feeding him all of your problems, issues and life struggles….deal with them on your own…develop an inner strength where you do not need him to get through life and he will be infatuated…believe me…the first time I dated a Virgo, I didnt know this but I learned and it felt great when I turned the tables….but you have to commit to it and not fall prey to the tricks that he will play along the way to “figure out” what is going on…he will become suspicious once you start working out, looking more upbeat and not leaning on him….do not tell him why…just do what your doing because this is more about healing yourself…not him

  4. @Pisces Queen

    I know what you mean because when I look back at the times when he was much more attentive, I didn’t pay too much attention to him because I wasn’t really into him. But now that I really am into him, he acts distant a lot of the time. And then, when he broke up with me, it took me like 3 months to finally tell him, “You know what, I love you, I really do and it sucks that we’ve had to break up but at this point, I want to move on. I just want to progress and move on.” And I stopped calling him, contacting him, speaking to him all sweet and stuff and he was right back where I always wanted to him to be. I saw it as pathetic and it made me mad that he was doing that now instead of when I actually needed his affection. And then, the Taurus in me came out and lashed out at him because I was angry at him for breaking up with me, being a jerk, and then freaking go out of his way to take me back. But I eventually took him back.

    Earlier in the relationship, I used to put him in line more often and make him realize that the way he was acting was wrong or the way he handled it wasn’t the best way but I felt like I was being mean and that he didn’t deserve that since he used to be so sweet to me. Then I stopped, gave him “more space” and I created a monster. Sometimes I feel like taking out the fierce Taurus in me and really tell him off but it doesn’t seem to help anymore since he’ll just shut me off one way or another, usually he’ll either hang up on me, or say that I’m acting all dumb and dramatic and ignore me and it just makes me even more mad. Point is, lately, I haven’t really been like that anymore or I haven’t been so opiniated anymore because I’m trying to be more understanding of what he’s going through.

    Thank you for replying though 🙂 I really did like your advice, it gave me that extra motivation I needed to do the stuff that I had been wanting to do. For example, for a while now, I had been wanting to work on myself, get mentally stronger and healthier, work out and lose weight, and just simply do stuff for myself but I always put it off because I lacked the self-motivation to do so (which really sucks because I’ve never really lacked self-motivation in the past).

    It sucks that he has to act this way, like, why can’t he just be constant? And not be hot and cold…ugh. He’s a great guy though, he tells his friends and myself that we were meant to be, he tells me I’m amazing, smart, and beautiful, he spoils me at times…he’s like another mother sometimes, he genuinely cares and loves me but I just really hate his way of expressing it! He expresses it through practical methods but dang, sometimes I just REALLY want a passionate way of expressing to me that he loves me. He’s even told me many times that he just doesn’t really show affection or emotion because that’s the way he is but I guess I’m too stuborn to accept it.

  5. @Lilly:

    That is just it…Virgos are practical…they only know how to “help” you through times by “doing” something but not necessarily appealing to your emotions…this is actually good in a sense for you…because as a Piscean…we can overboard at times with the “woe is me” syndrome and need a nice kick back to reality every now and then…unfortunately Virgos do not know how to do that nicely…but the effect is the same…the problem is that their cold method makes pisceans eventually resent them for itand take it personally so that when we do get back to our usual strong selves…we end up kicking them to the curb….the only way to be in a successful relationship with a Virgo man as a Pisces woman is to be independent, strong and have the courage of your own conviction…stop being needy…even if it means you have to be mean to him every now and then…the truth is…Virgos get turned on when their mates put them in check so he will secretly admire and respect you for it plus he will feel that you really love him if he was able to get you that angry…sick in my opinion but thats how many of them work….they are attracted to strong independent women who dont put up with their noonsense…otherwise he will walk all over you whenever he is in the mood to do so and it will gradually get worse over the years…handle it now

  6. @Pisces Queen

    Wait, I’m not a Pisces though, I’m a proud Taurus lol But I do have a Pisces streak in me.
    I think that’s why I’ve been with him so long because I can be very patient (Tauruses are supposed to be patient) and because I love him, of course.

    And yeah I definitely know what you mean because I had seen the trend several times, I just didn’t do so much about it since I was at school and away from him. But now it’s summer, school’s over and I’m back home with him (I’m at my parents’ and he’s at his parents’) so this started really bugging me again since now there’s no real excuse to not see each other as much since we’re both living like 2 miles away now, instead of 80 miles away…and yet he still doesn’t want to hang out as much :/ But perhaps he doesn’t want to go out as much since he’s down because his dad just passed away unexpectadly so he’s still grieving. I don’t know, he’s just hard to understand at times and I hate it when he’s cold…I guess it’s time for me to toughen up some more and limit contact with him.

  7. He’s early 20s and his dad just died? Oh wow… yeah, he’s just not dealing with his anger in the way you’d like to see it. That’s absolutely devastating at any age 🙁

  8. Yeah I kinda figured that a huge reason why he may be acting so cold at the moment is because he is grieving. I was given advice from a close friend of mine who also lost her father several years ago and she told me that right now it is a tough time for him and that I have to be as selfless and supportive as I can in order to be there for him. One key thing that she told me which really helped was that I shouldn’t take his coldness too personal because that’s how he’s responding to the situation and that I should just let him know that I’m here for him but that I should just leave him alone and he’ll come around whenever he needs me. And I think this part kinda ties in with what Pisces Queen has told me that as long as I give him space, be strong, and stay away from him for a while, he’ll come back to me.

    Other than his father passing away, he has still acted cold and distant in the past which has hurt me which is what Pisces Queen and I have been talking about. But the fact that he’s grieving, it just kinda makes things different and I don’t know what to do or how to react to his actions…I just know that I get hurt :/

  9. @Lilly:

    I’m sorry…forgot you said Taurus sunwith Pisces placements….your Taurean and Pisces placements means you have some serious longevity in a relationship even when you no longer should…..if you really want to remain with him, my advice is to do everything I said without the coldness….just wrap yourself up in doing the things you need to do with you while he takes space to grieve….he will come around when he is ready and you will have transformed or evolved, rather, into that woman you have been yearning to become…trust me…and that will make him want you even more….the key is, after he returns after his grieving period…when he gets all nice because you are looking great, doing things on your own with no self-pity and not needing him for anything….you take the niceness on the chin but do not return it to him in the same amount…just continue to do as you had been doing while he was gone and do not resort to going back to that…this will keep things on an even keel..again, you have to remain independent in order for your relationship to work, otherwise you will keep revisitng the same situation

  10. Virgo man feels for me or never feel for me? He told me I should go and find a man whom I should care for, he text me when he sick, sometimes I text he never reply, when I keep quiet he then initiaites!

  11. @Pisces Queen

    I’ve definitely taken your advice. I’ve started hanging out more with a few of my close girl friends and been planning to do more stuff with them and it’s helped to make me feel better 😀

    And I’ve been thinking about what you said, “your Taurean and Pisces placements means you have some serious longevity in a relationship even when you no longer should”. A while back I had been contemplating about whether this is really true and whether I was just lying to myself or whether I was too blind to see that I should’ve left him. It’s just so confusing but for now, I’ve just stuck to the fact that I need to work on myself and I have started to and it just feels great 🙂

    Quick update:

    He broke up with me about 3 weeks ago. He told me that he doesn’t want a relationship right now because he just doesn’t want to deal with one on top of dealing with the loss of his father. He also said that he doesn’t want me to have to put up with his hostility and feels that he is holding me back from progressing and moving on with my life. He said he still loves me but that he just doesn’t want a relationship.

    I saw him today, I visited him at his home and he is pretty depressed :/ We spoke little, I only hugged him once because I felt like comforting him since he started crying for a while. He just looks sad and doesn’t open up to me anymore, at least not so much as he used to. He also doesn’t really want my comfort, for example, I would ask if I could hold him and sit close to him and he’d say no. I don’t really know how to process this. Yeah I got hurt at first but then I kinda got over it because I said to myself, “Well, he’s depressed, he’s not himself and I can only imagine that he’s going through a tough time”

    I’m just really confused about our future though, if there even is a future for us as a couple.

    Also, I was wondering if one of the reasons why I get hurt so much is because of my Aries in Venus. I mean, I do crave attention from the ones I love the most, especially from him and if I don’t get the affection and I attention I want, I get hurt. Am I being, in a way, selfish for wanting more attention from him? I figured that I am but idk, I’m just so confused, never been so confused in my life! haha

  12. Lily:

    I am so happy to hear that you have been getting back to your old self…I have been there and its one of the best feelings…

    The key about relationships is being able to understand your mate outside of how his actions make you feel…Virgos, when hurt or depressed, do not necessarily take to physical displays of emotion…they become cold and have to remember that not everyone processes loss and depression in the same way…and not take his reactions personally…at that time, its all he knows how to be…your Venus in Aries would make you more impulsive if anything…perhaps you want him to get over his loss faster than he is so that you two can get back to how things used to be…the truth is…it may take him longer than you like…and as long as continue to be around him and comfort him, though sincerely, you make it harder for him to move on and deal with issues without having to deal with you…meaning…even though he knows you are trying to help he cannot both focus on not hurting your feelings and dealing with his grief…Virgos reaction to moodiness and depression is to lash it out somewhere on someone else..usually a loved one…and so I suggest you stay out of his radar and give him time to himself…your Pisces placements is what makes you feel hurt when your displays of affection are rejected…and for Virgo, such displays can be seen as weakness…the best way to help him is in practical ways…not emotional ways…similar to how he would try to help you if the situation was reversed. Like, make errands for him that he usually makes, or cook for him if he isnt eating or do his laundry if he hasnt taken the time to do it…this is how he would show you he cares if you were dealing with a loss so you would have to show your affection and care in that manner.

  13. @Pisces Queen

    Thank you for your input, it always helps to put things in better perspective 🙂 “Your Venus in Aries would make you more impulsive if anything…perhaps you want him to get over his loss faster than he is so that you two can get back to how things used to be” That just makes me feel bad :/ But I can definitely see that in myself, now that you’ve pointed it out, and I’ve felt what you described, that’s why I feel bad because it’s true and I know if I was in his position, (which I kinda have been, but not as intense, when I was mentally unhealthy with the panic disorder and mild depression) he would give me all the time and space I’d need in order to get better, and he’d be gentle and caring about it too.

    In the past couple of days, I’ve tried my best to give him more alone space and when I do call him, I keep it short and simply check up on how he’s doing, I also try to be as supportive as I can while simply being a friend, for example, I try to not smother him with affection or attention. Today was the first day I visited him since I last saw him, which was last Monday, and I feel proud of myself for not acting needy or emotional or crying in front of him. I did cry a short bit when I got hurt but I did it while I was somewhere where he wouldn’t see me and I’d get back to him once I put myself back together. For the most part, we just sat and talked a bit or we just sat quiet and I gave him the space he needed.

    I’m planning on being there for him, limiting much contact with him so that I can give him alone time, and simply being a good friend.

  14. Ignoring, a classic sign of lack of interest. True enough if Virgos lack the interest of something, they wouldn’t bother looking at it anymore. If this happens to your partner, be warned.

  15. We had a silly argument and I said sorry the next day for snapping and swearing at him but he says he don’t want to know and we’re over. We live together and it’s been a tense atmosphere for a couple days. Now he says he might just move aboard as his had enough with work and everything. But his slowly starting to speak more like we’re just friends. I’m going through a low phase with loosing job etc and he seems like he cares for me. Do you think it’s really over or he just had a sulk reaction and doesn’t mean it but just wanted to hurt me. Help please.

    He is Venus in Cancer
    I am Venus in Leo

    so last night I asked what was going on with us and he said we’re not together anymore, said our relationship is always going round in circles. I told him it was just stress and teething problems to us moving in together but he said no its more then that. I told him I love him and he said he loves me too but his not in love with me at the moment. I said I can’t imagine being without him to which he said nothing.

    he said that when I make him angry he feels like he wants to ignore me and his not normally like that.

    his told his parents we’re over but not his friends. I’m just finding it all strange. his talking to me like we’re friends and being normal. he asks what i’m doing today and i asked if he had plans for the weekend and i said i had got the message from his mate about all going out saturday and that i hadn’t replied as i didn’t think he’d want me going to which he said i won’t shut you out of group things while you’re here. I just said thanks.

    Please can someone help me, does he really want us to end or will he come running back if i’m strong??? I find he weird that his being fine and not shutting me off.
    i always thought Virgos shut people off and move on quick. yet if i text him to just ask a question, his replying pretty quick. like i asked him if he was in for dinner so i could get bits out before i go out. he replied ‘ummmmm not sure really what i’m doing, don’t worry about me tho i will fend for myself when i get back miss, u going somewhere nice?’ so his interested in where i’m going.

    we still live together so i need help on how to be around him. he’s acting like his fine and just chatting like normal.

  16. @brie

    I think we dated the same dude lol!!

  17. This post and mostly the comments really helped me understand better my situation, and from a different point of view.
    Right now I am dealing with the exact same issues that Lilly was dealing with.
    Since he’s father got truly sick he got very distant, cold and he started to avoid seeing me or even contacted me.
    He never texted me or called me through out our relationship.
    At first I thought that wasn’t normal but he gave me the same answer.
    That that was just the way he was, and that e wasn’t a very touchy guy.
    But I know now that he loves me and that he cares about me, even if it means he has to show that in an unusual way sometimes.

    I guess my major flaw is that I care too much and also worry too much.
    I will follow that advice and give him the space he needs and deserves, and still letting him know that I will support him no matter what happens.
    Also, take more time for myself and for my goals, be strong and independent which is actually healthy.

    I am a Gemini girl and he’s a Virgo, I know it’s not a very good combination but I like to think that this little difference doesn’t affect that much our relationship 🙂

    Thank you for sharing your experiences, it did helped me for real.

  18. Cancerian sweety says:

    I’ve read each and every post on this forum and I am really shocked to know that I ‘m not the only one who had/has such bad experiences with virgo men.Pisces Queen is 100% correct about the “VIRGO MEN ANALYSIS” here.She hitted the nail at the right place. Being a cancer woman with my rising in virgo. I attract virgo men where ever I go which is a bit scary now after knowing all their traits.Lol… My experience with them(both sept and aug virgos) is really horrible . I was sure that being an Earth sign virgo men are the most stable , responsible,Loyal and steady men of the zodiacs but after few scary encounters with them I am sorry to admit that I’ve in my entire life never met such whinny, negative, unstable, manipulative, indecisive emotionally cold as well as unavailable, liars in my life. They seem to me like human ROBOTS lol. Ahhhh I was literally sucked and drained emotionally ugh such a waste of time and piece of work they are..They never say what they mean and never mean what they say(very misleading people)..I was going insane with my virgo bf(Sept 10th) but luckily he did something and I dodged the bullet by dumping his sorry arse. He was verbally , emotionally, psychologically abusive. As an emotional cancerian it was too much for me to deal with.Now he is trying to be “MY FRIEND”. But I dont him as a friend cuz I am done with him and I cannot trust him anymore. Once we cancers are done we are done forever , no more looking back. We are are only clingy to those who cares for us. Now he ocassionally calls and at the same time vents about his frustrations of his life ( he used to do that before too). He is still the same whinny lil kid(though he is 32 years old) which he was when I first met him. Nothing has changed I’ve tried to help him solving his problems but he doesnot care to change them, he loves routine but doesnot like change. It seems that he loves to stay negative and miserable. no matter how much any one tries “he wont change his ways”. He is deeply insecured fragile from inside. I feel pity for him . *sigh*

  19. Gemini girl says:

    Here’s my story…
    I am a Gemini woman cared very much for a Virgo guy. After 4 years of trying to put my head around his words versus his actions. His constant pushing and pulling away, his lack of compassion and empathy. His disregard for my feelings. The up and down of this emotional roller coaster of life. I finally got closure of the permanent kind last night. The latest angle of his was that I come work for him at his business. I hesitated because my gut told me that this was a bad idea and after his constant prodding, I decided to give it a shot. Only with his assurances that business would be business and personal would be personal and that this was a trial basis and that I could tell him that it wasn’t working for me at any time and he would understand. Again, more lies spewed from the mouth of this babe as now his true action has reared it’s ugly head. As I feared, it wasn’t working for me. He was a true disrespectful, egotistical idiot at the job and this was not a place I was going to settle for this kind of treatment. His constant standing over my shoulder, his sarcastic critisisms and his plain old disregard for my feelings as I watched him cohort with another female worker in a touchy feely way, I quit after 4 days advising him that it just wasn’t working for me. No whining, no drama, just walking away with that as my only explanation. Well, it ended by him telling me to lose his phone number and all business affiliation with his company and that he had let his guard down only to have it come back and bite him. He finally showed me his true colors of which I am so thankful for. This makes it very easy for me. I don’t want that kind of negativity in my life and yes, my new motto, “you reap what you sow”! I was his karmic payback – not that i am saying it was intentional but after years of being treated in this manner, he got what he deserved as far as I am concerned. You get what you give!

  20. Cancerian sweety says:

    Yeah one thing I forgot to mention about my ex- virgo -he was completely spineless if not a coward. He was very girly too and had NARCISSIST tendencies. I am glad that he isn’t a part of my life anymore. I want a man who will have protective instinct for me , will always be there when I need him , will care for me but my virgo didn’t have had those qualities. He is far from being perrrrfect himself (ahh I can write a book on his imperfections) but he always runs behind perfection which he will never achieve in his life. I was always by his side whenever he needed me but it was completely the opposite when I needed him. He is a master manipulator and runner , hider , sulker when faced with reality.When I was with him I was having serious health problems as if he came as a “BAD LUCK “in my life.I was feeling trapped and unhappy all the time..He never really cared or bothered about my feelings or needs..He lost some one(me) who loved him genuinely but I lost the one(him) who never loved me.. So He is the looooooser here…Now I am happy and healthy again and enjoying my life.I am happy that I shared my experience with you all.Now I will think 1000000000 times before getting in to a relationship with another VIRGO MAN again.I took this experience as a life lesson.

  21. Virgo men are jerks, stay away from them if you want to save your sanity. They are walking contradictions with major defects and flaws in their characters but still they dare to find faults in others. Most of them are Bi-polar and suffers from emotional and communication constipation. If you have like 10 or 20 years in your hands to waste then a virgo man is all yours and beware all these years will be filled with emotional games, hot and cold games, isolation, control and all the other things that a narcissist virgo man loves to do with a victim. good luck

  22. Taurus101 says:

    My virgo n I hv been together on and off for over a year. We do love each other but I think he’s insecure bc he always asks if I’m sure I love him. But I soooo do. He just drives me crazy n I shut down or ignore him or avoid his picky critical ness .. I respect him when he’s critical of me just not when he goes over board. We are very much alike. However, recently I found out I was prego n I told him bc I have been hormonal n lashing out on him. I broke down n told him I think I’m prego that’s why I’ve been acting so crazy. He was surprised and he seems to be taking it a little hard bc we haven’t decided what the next step shld be for us. Since he has slowly shut me out. I’m very emotional n hormonal I told him I wished he’d act like he cares n at least support me by being nice. But his responses are short like “K” … It drives me crazy. I tried to text him to see if we were ok n he doesn’t respond. So I’m letting him be. But I wish he wasn’t so self absorbed n focus on the bigger picture here! I need his support! I’m crying all the time alone I feel alone in this and I never expected this from him. I love him but he’s hurting me bad. I don’t know what to do.

  23. I have to agree with cancerian sweety 200 percent!!!!! I dated a female virgo september 11th it was a complete nightmare. Complete narcissist with mental, physical and emotionally abusive tendencies. She would always play the victim and completely manipulate every situation. NEVER! said what she meant or meant what she says and then expected me to know exactly what she meant. Would turn everything around and twist things. Pathological liar. Thank god i’m free.

  24. Mstonia72 says:

    I am Leo and my man is a virgo. This is the most craziest relationiship. First he broke trust by having 2 girlfriends. I found out that he was talking to other girl and I left him alone. He tried to work things out with her but that didnt work out. I had moved on but we remained friends. If I needed something he was there every birthday gifts galore. Anytime I would pop up he would be excited to see even drew a picture of me had it framed and everything! Always buying me gifts. All the while in other relationships! After 8 years of this. We decided to try again. My trust for him was no there. I would check his phone. I would always see some text from some ex talking about the love him. He says he doesnt talk or be with anybody We moved in together for 6 months! Not good! He would agrue about things petty in my book. I moved out but I come back to the house every weekend. I snoop around cause I just dont trust him. He told me that he had some condoms I counted them now one is missing. Im so tired of be a private investigator. I end rhe relationship but its hard to do. He always throw blame on me when its him. As soon as I leaves he calls me back.

  25. Omg im a taurus female and im dating a virgo male. I knew him since high school but i recently took it to the next level with him. Now i am professionally stable but him not so much at all. But i had it in my head that i could possibly motivate him to do better. Since im doing good that usually motivates people in my circle do be better. At the beginning of the relationship, we discussed future goals and plans and getting a better job was one of his goals but ultimately him going to school to get a career. I realized that takes a process. Mind you this is year ago, 3 months go by i ask him “so whats up with finding a job? (Nicely though). He says, o im tried this place but no call back. 6 months go by, i ask him “whats up with a job” he says o im trying but nobody calls me back…. Im like ok, maybe you could borrow my car and go into jobs and physically put in apps and talk to a manager he says “ok” but never does it so i dont say anything until about 10-11 months into our relationship, at this point i snap, and point out everything that he is doing wrong like playing the video games all day n night, sleeping the morning away this not taking the initiative to get it together (now i feel like that was a big mistake) anyway he says nasty things to me and vice versa. The end result we break up. Now we dont talk for roughly 2-3 weeks however his mother loves me and continues to keep in contact with me. I end up getting sick needing the hospital and i was talking to his mom during this is. She recommended me call him to take me to the hospital. I say “no, im good, you call him and if its a go he will call me. Needless to say, he called me and took me to the hospital. We started back talking again and I asked him “do you still want me”. His exact words were “i dont want to be with you or anybody right because i do need to my like together but i want to be friends. At this point it didnt register so i accepted it and started fooling around with him. He threw the whole friends bs in my face and i grew distant. He sensed it so he wheeled me bk in by asking me on a date? I said yes (dumb move). I enjoyed it but we ended up messing around that night.2 days later we were talking and he threw the whole friendship thing in my face and i told him you cant be friends with someone your in love with. He didnt say anything. I said i need my space bc obviously im not strong in turning you down and i need to get over you. If you really care, give my space. 4days went by, we didnt speak however on fathers day, i called him to wish him one and that was it. The next day i got emotional and text him i still want us no response.
    I spoke to his mom and found out he got a second job….
    I just feel like a total dummy for even saying anything cuz he ended up leaving me at the end. I am a emotional wreck.
    Please give me some insight.
    @pisces queen or anyone

  26. geminonsense says:

    A few weeks ago, I started becoming friendly with my friend’s older brother, who happens to be a virgo. I am a gemini. We’re only a year and nine months apart, but the age difference isnt an issue. We used to text everyday nonstop and he met my friends through group chats. We never really hung out. We have talked in person but he never noticed me until he asked my friend for my number, a story I’ll never understand. Lately, I feel he has been getting bored. I’ve talked to his friends, tried to get comfortable just as he has done. And nowadays, he barely talks to me unless its a quick tweet or something. I’m the one who texts him. Im the one who has been calling for facetime or a hangout. He used to always offer to see me or we’d plan to see eachh other. Now something has changed. I don’t know if its because of my friendships with guys who like me and he’s jealous or thinks I’ve lost interest.. for example, one guy friend asked me out on a date and i said no. And i told my the guy i liked… and he asked if i had feelings and i said “no i like you”.. or maybe he’s lost interest in me. I don’t know what to do. Hes 100% my type, and I always had a crush on him, and I’m worried I blew it. Am I responsible for this? Has he lost interest? Or is it just a misunderstanding that I need to work out?
    I need help… I really don’t want to mess this up.

  27. geminonsense says:

    A few weeks ago, I started becoming friendly with my friend’s older brother, who happens to be a virgo. I am a gemini. We’re only a year and nine months apart, but the age difference isnt an issue. We used to text everyday nonstop and he met my friends through group chats. We never really hung out. We have talked in person but he never noticed me until he asked my friend for my number, a story I’ll never understand. Lately, I feel he has been getting bored. I’ve talked to his friends, tried to get comfortable just as he has done. And nowadays, he barely talks to me unless its a quick tweet or something. I’m the one who texts him. Im the one who has been calling for facetime or a hangout. He used to always offer to see me or we’d plan to see eachh other. Now something has changed. I don’t know if its because of my friendships with guys who like me and he’s jealous or thinks I’ve lost interest.. for example, one guy friend asked me out on a date and i said no. And i told my the guy i liked… and he asked if i had feelings and i said “no i like you”.. or maybe he’s lost interest in me. I don’t know what to do. Hes 100% my type, and I always had a crush on him, and I’m worried I blew it. Am I responsible for this? Has he lost interest? Or is it just a misunderstanding that I need to work out?
    I need help… I really don’t want to mess this up.

  28. chemist3 says:

    i don’t get my virguy ):
    we have been dating for almost 5 mths+.
    Everything went well for the first 3 mths. there were lots of communication and all.. and slowly after that, his text msges and phone calls dies out on me (there were no quarrels between us so far btw).
    After about half a mth of MIA from him, i decided to meet him out last month for a casual talk- asked him if theres anything that I’ve done that hurt him subconsciously and such thus the silence and withdrawal.

    he says i havnt done anything that hurt him.. it’s not my fault, It’s his. he just wanted to be ‘alone and single for now’. then he asks me to focus on my studies instead just in case this unexplainable feeling (of wanting to be alone and single) doesn’t go away.. and added that I should prepare for the ‘bad news’ because he is really uncertain if this feeling will continue to remain in him.
    i then proceed to ask him if it is because our relationship has been stagnant all the while (no thrills, no ups and downs) thus hes getting bored over this r/s.
    he replied that it’s not that.. he just doesn’t know why hes feeling that way and assured me that it isn’t about that or any other girls.

    god im mad confused. can any virgo guys out there explain this to me? i really don’t get why he cant explain why he wants to be alone and single.

    i havnt been talking to him for the past 1 month (since the day we last met to talk about it).
    I told him that im going to give him the space that he needs for now and that i wont be contacting him until he feels that hes ‘ready’ again (which means that he will have to make the first move).

    but come to think of it, does his ‘alone and single for now’ means that he is already considering our relationship status as officially single?

  29. chemist3 says:

    i don’t get my virguy ):
    we have been dating for almost 5 mths+.
    Everything went well for the first 3 mths. there were lots of communication and all.. and slowly after that, his text msges and phone calls dies out on me (there were no quarrels between us so far btw).
    After about half a mth of MIA from him, i decided to meet him out last month for a casual talk- asked him if theres anything that I’ve done that hurt him subconsciously and such thus the silence and withdrawal.

    he says i havnt done anything that hurt him.. it’s not my fault, It’s his. he just wanted to be ‘alone and single for now’. then he asks me to focus on my studies instead just in case this unexplainable feeling (of wanting to be alone and single) doesn’t go away.. and added that I should prepare for the ‘bad news’ because he is really uncertain if this feeling will continue to remain in him.
    i then proceed to ask him if it is because our relationship has been stagnant all the while (no thrills, no ups and downs) thus hes getting bored over this r/s.
    he replied that it’s not that.. he just doesn’t know why hes feeling that way and assured me that it isn’t about that or any other girls.
    apart from those, he also told me that if I want to meet out/catch movies with him etc, I can still call and ask him out.

    god im mad confused. can any virgo guys out there explain this to me? i really don’t get why he cant explain why he wants to be alone and single.

    we havn’t talked to each other for the past 1 month (since the day we last met to have a casual talk).
    on that day, I told him that im going to give him the space that he needs for now and that i wont be contacting him until he feels that hes ‘ready’ again (which means that he will have to make the first move).

    but come to think of it, does this ‘alone and single for now’ means that he is already considering our relationship status as officially single?

  30. chemist3 says:

    sorry, for the double post. ignore the first :

  31. Stephanie Kristen says:

    Hi I’m new to this but I’m a cancer 27 June an my boyfriend is a virgo 26 August.

    I can totally agree with the critisim part. His like a yo yo sometimes. When his going thru something though he always turns to me his even called me his” rock” before sometimes I feel though an I don’t even know if anyone else has noticed sometimes they just seem annoyed like they don’t love you anymore.

    My boyfriend went thru this huge ordeal at work an I was their with him thru out the whole ordeal. Now he resigns an he tells me his at a cross roads an needs time to see if he wants to continue this relationship in his next step of life.

    I will mention when I first met him I was outgoing I was fun I was that girl nobody could tie down I’m not a typical cancer I think I’m aquarius rising.

    I would like to know if Cancer female virgo male is a good combination? An anybody have experiances with this let me know

  32. Lost and confused says:

    My virgo (guy) friend vanished with no explanation. We’ve known each other for years, He used to text me good morning everyday, and we had this ongoing flirty thing going on for years. Though it was complicated to get together (reasons aside), he ( mid 30s), has a very demanding job now, that he’s on the road 90% of the time. His life was work and sleep.and we only saw each other for the past year every couple of months. We always stayed in touch, and i must admit, i’d get upset at times because he’d send me mixed signals. He’d act totallly into me, and sometimes when he sees me he’d act super cool, collected like “who cares” attitude. Very distant. I’m a pisces.. So i know how emotional i can get. Everytime i’d bring “the talk” or ask him if he was dating someone, he’d push it away, or say “no”, sometimes ignore all the questions, or give me vague responses. He’d get jealous if i mentioned other guys, but he didn ‘t seem like he was willing to commit either, but not willing to let me go either.. So i always felt like i was in “unknown territorry”. It frustrated the heck out of me.
    Last time we hung out, he said how important i am to him and that im the only person he talks to the most… ” why throw that away like it doesn’t matter?” i’d never do that to you- he said. I responded and i started crying saying that i don ‘t like when we’re like this.. And it hurts me a lot to see him go..sometimes i like to stay busy so i dont think how sad i am.. He cried. I asked him why was he crying? (he has cried in front of me before).. He didnt answer. Thought we had a good convo, and then when it was time to go, it all switched again. In person, He was very cuddly at one point, then cold, then back to hot, then cold again.. Once he went away, he started avoiding me by “bits” and i started to sense it.. Started by 3 days (would leave me hanging on the mssgs), then went on for 5 days.. He’d respond, then i’d respond.. He’d vanish again, i’d call.. He’d be “busy”, then now he’s completely ignoring me. Not answering calls. No answering texts.. It’s been an ongoing month.. And i’m sooo hurt because i dont know what i said. I didn’t say anythin’ wrong. I care about him a lot, he knows that, and i’ve been messaging because im so angry and upset that he’d leave me hanging after he said “he’d never do that to me” prior to this, he’d have little arguments on how i shouldnt do that to him either. That i mean a lot to him, that he likes me a lot…We talked to each other everyday for years… Now, he’s ignoring me completely… Im so sad.. I don’t know what else to do… I don’t know where he’s at, so my only choice is the phone or email. He’s a big part of my life, and i know i am in his( because no guy would be just liking a girl for years and no intimacy).. Please help me! Thanks.

  33. Krista Rene'e says:

    My names kiss,I’m 17 going on 18 in a few months, I’ve known a Virgo named David for 5 years now an of those years we’ve been off an on alot.. he gives mixed signals to me,he can be all cuddles & kisses when he first catches me then out of the blue he’ll be cold hearted an very secretive about what he does..My zodiac is Aquarius, I’m very patient in nature an I’ve looked up Virgos an it says to give them time..I once gave David almost a month to himself,no messages,no phone calls,no contact in school..& after I did that he came back around,when ever we brake up I ignore him,don’t talk to him an he’s always the first to come back around to me..I love him to death,I’d do an have done everything I can to keep this guy,he’s just so damn complicated to stay with,I’ve tried everything,I’ve been independent to show him I don’t need him.…& it’s funny cause I’ll yell at him an tell him that I don’t like what he’s doing to me an he’ll be hurt but it seems like he becomes close to me again..I just,I don’t even know anymore what to do about me an him..when he’s in a good mood an we’re together,it’s like watching fire works spark between us an from what I understand Virgos an Aquariuses aren’t suppose to be together.??..but me an him work it’s just he makes it difficult sometimes..Hey is there anyone out there that can give me advice on what I should do.????:(

  34. Taurus lady says:

    Some times us ladies we like to play stupid at times, life is selfish so if someone do things that you don;t understand why don;t u ask yourself what is going on. I hear that virgo guys are like this but if you don;t show them the way who will. This people are like kids they need a firm hand call them to order sometimes because if you don;t they wont realise their mistakes. We are all human and we have got common sense for god sake. I don;t believe that virgo guys are like that it us who make them feel they are very special at times even if they do wrong to us. Why cant we be like scopio man and say is either your in or out nothing in between. If someone want;s to be alone will be alone no matter what. Same appplies to you if you don;t love someone you have your own way of avoiding them so are virgo guy. What I have noticed about this people when theres no one caring about them anymore they become longly and when they get some one is when they start to behave, be patient and tolarent no matter what. The only problem I see is when they say jump we say how high do you have that energy to waist be in a relationship for years with out any proggress at the end, you end up alone and hurt. I am talking from experience. Ladies love yourselves life is to short.

  35. Why won’t Virgo man just tell you plain and simply that they are not interested? or, that they like someone else more than they like you?

  36. 20 Capricorn girl, 19 Virgo boy.
    Okay so, I was friends with him for a year and we always had a good connection and we got along very well..though I was never attracted to him in the beginning, no romantic feelings whatsoever and people used to tease us both together and i always wondered why. The attraction started with the flirting etc only after a year, ..and recently in the past 2 months I decided to give it a just happened..with the flow..nothing like should we date or will you be my bf/gf? I always made it clear that we wouldn’t tell anyone that we liked each other until after our college ends because we hang out in a big group and I didn’t want people to know yet. So everything goes fine for a month, talking on the phone, hanging out in group, holding hands, hugging, kissing (he’s into pda) and then we kinda hit a sour patch where I thought that this wouldn’t work because he was getting too physical with one of his friends. He told me that he didn’t FEEL anything, he was holding her hand and hugging her in a playful manner but he didn’t feel anything, the way he feels happy with me. I told him I don’t like it and if this has to happen again I will not continue to be with him. Next thing I know he is crying, taking out his phone, and showing me a note (he’s written 2-3 more but i haven’t seen them)( In that its written that how he thinks of me constantly, how he wants to tell me everything, wants to be close to me and how he has started falling in love with me and wanted to propose officially on my birthday which is next month.) So then it became fine and he went away for a one week vacay( during which i kept getting ‘i miss you texts’ from him). He comes back and I meet him and we just go for a drive..later i text him saying that you don’t take me anywhere but drives ..that i wanted to spend more alone time with him since we are always in groups. After that I meet him directly after 5 days and he starts acting all distant, like when I tried to hug him he gives me a light hug, doesn’t sit close to me..we go for a party that night, and when i tried to initiate all that he just seemed distant so i stopped. Then in the middle of the party I’m standing and he secretly holds my hand (we were with our friends) and then I’m wondering whats wrong with him again. He drops me home and I give him a tight hug and kiss and ask him when hes gonna meet me next, and he says I’ll let you know. ( he met his other friends though)
    The next time that we meet is my birthday and he didn’t propose like he said he would. He wore the tee that I got him for his birthday though. We went for a short drive with friends (the few friends that know about us) and he barely spoke throughout..didn’t even hug me while going home, just wished me an awkward happy birthday. So now I don’t know what where this is going..should i give him time and space? or am i wasting my time? I feel he is not a man of action, just words. Sp should i just behave like a buddy with him, how we were when we were friends, which would be tough. P.S- he keeps talking about the future, what it would be like when we would get married, have kids, how he wants us to last forever etc.

  37. OMG… I read almost every post on here… I am dating this virgo guy for over 4 months now and I am a full blown scorpio… Now you go figure how crazy this dude is driving me… I already laid my rage on him 3 times and we have already broken up 4 times, now we are back together as of yesterday… My hopes are not that great bc I don’t trust him at all… It’s only a matter of time b4 he sets me off again. I act very vindictive when I am mad at him, and that scares that hell out of his sorry ass… I don’t know why I am so in love with him, and I hate that I am in love with him. Everything I read on here describes this asshole that I am seeing to the T. He is emotionally dumb and keeps trying to control me and make me an emotional slave. He is so freaking imperfect yet keeps wanting me to be perfect. He loves my sex and won’t give me any affection at all, he never compromises, just have to let him be who he says he is. Leaves me hanging when I call or text, hangs up on me when I try to fish for an apology, or get emotional on the phone, never wants to explain anything, blames everything on me. I listen and show support when he’s miserable about work and life in general (he acts like he hates the whole world By the way). But he refuses to be there for me, even when I told him I was feeling really sick and needed to go to the hospital. I am trying to be as understanding as I can coz I really like him. Lies to my face even when I show him proof of his lies, makes me feel like I am insane. I really don’t know what else to do to appeal to him… I wanted a future with him and I afraid it will never be… Too bad, though coz I don’t wanna hate him at all, but he is really driving me insane.

  38. I been. Dating this Virgo man for 6 mths this man is cutting my furniture and telling me its a ghost in the house. What have I said or done to this Virgo man to make him so stupid or crazy. Can someone help me?

  39. This whole write up on the Virgo man is terrifying to me! Literally, I am trembling…
    Thanks everyone so much, very insightful comments and experiences to share.

    I am an Aquarius Pisces Cusp and my boyfriend is a Virgo. We have been together for 8 months and decided to move in together after only dating for 5 months. I think that was a bit quick! But, it happened because of a chain of events and we loved each other from the start.

    To break it down…I am absolutely starving.. starving for affection, intimacy, connection… He gives me bits and pieces but I am always wanting more. I just dont know how long I can take this for.. always wanting more.. So that manifests itself into neediness. Which I know they absolutely hate. It does come across to him as a weakness and he lets me know it. He needs me to be confident within myself of my vision in life, my goals, my happiness. But, that is so hard when I feel that the one thing I need from him he withholds.
    I have been his “project’ since we began dating. But it got to be way too much, he got way too involved in my professional life and all that I was doing. We both lots ourselves. Now we are trying to both work on ourselves.. In a way, I have stopped being his project…He needs more “space” to focus on his life and if I can give that to him he says that he will be more present with me other times. The most insanely compartmentalized analytical creature I have ever known!
    I am in a very difficult place where I need so much more from him but I know I cant ask for it anymore because my methods are not working. I have to somehow sit back and work on me, but that feels impossible when I feel that things are not right between us. This distance is weighing on me and I have never felt this vulnerable! I absolutely love this man, I dont want to run away. But maybe he wants me to?
    Any advice is so appreciated!!

  40. Bonzai,
    I am a Sun BMLillith Jupiter in Pisces and my most significant relationships have involved Virgos (husband, best friends, fantasies, you name it). They tend to work if I try (and if the Virgo in question has not died three hundred years ago or is not living on the other side of the planet) because these people are sweet and pure, modest and sincere and much more intense and profound than they seem to be in public. A single one didn’t work for me (the first one: lack of experience) and went a little downhill, like in your case. I was, like you, head over heels for him, which made me very vulnerable, so I got defensive, by giving him the impression of not being so involved with him and being a bit impersonal and capable of showing interest towards a number of things and persons… He got cold and soon it was over, in part because I am a little bit on the proud side and I didn’t take well the coldness. We were in the same circle and he continued to turn around me and, for myself, I only thought of him, which I wouldn’t have told him if you were to burn me slowly with a cigarette. So I believe I left him with the impression he wasn’t important enough or that anybody could replace him. I did that because I was too weak to assume what I felt. I was eighteen. His reaction was normal. Fear is a killer in relationships.
    All my other relationships with Virgos worked and, when I say that, I don’t mean just staying together, but being happy. One thing that could be said about Virgos is that you can talk to them. I know it sounds a little contradictory, but you can explain your feelings to them. With patience and a pleasure for discussing things, by not being afraid of dissecting intimate problems ?). Chances are he might need exactly what you have. You don’t need to feel ashamed of needing him, but you should find the force in yourself to talk to him, because they don’t really understand things telepathically?), and even when they do, they don’t believe it. And they enjoy a good talk, so don’t be afraid to put it on the table, to be proud of what you feel (no one likes a piece of insensitive wood, so don’t be ashamed of being sentimental) and to explain it to him, point by point if necessary. The only Virgos I find difficult to get along with are the ones with Mars also in Virgo, they are too aggressive, maybe I am too towards them without realising it, I don’t know. I didn’t try Saturn in Virgo. But all Virgos with no malefic in Virgo are people to whom you can talk, especially as a Pisces and especially if you make an effort towards them, by expressing your needs into words. They like to talk and to understand, not just to chit-chat, and normally they want you to help them understand what you need. If you find the courage to tell them that what you need is them, naked, in your arms, every night, I don’t believe they’re going to tell you they’ve got more important business to tend to.
    It’s worth it, they are good and sexy like hell and they feel like home (it’s been a few years since I love women, but even so, looking at the most conservative, narrow-minded, indigestible Virgo male politicians or religious leaders or ideologists, to whom you normally wouldn’t give a second glance, I am forced to remark what attractive sons-of-a-bitches they are. Even the worst of them are attractive; now imagine the best of them…)
    So confront your Virgo, talk to him, recognise overtly and fearlessly your feelings and if he ultimately doesn’t like you, what do you have to lose from knowing the truth? Vanity is irrelevant?) Fear is irrelevant. Speak to him, words are what he understands. In the worst case scenario he’ll tell you something so mean and well-aimed as to leave you stunned for three days. So what? That’s proof he knows you and he’s been paying attention?)) I know that Pisces is not the most courageous sign, I am one and I was often afraid in relationships, especially in my younger days. So I can say that if you don’t overcome fear (of being rejected, of being left, of being vexed), fear will kill your relationship. Overcoming fear means for example that, before talking to the guy, you have already accepted that he could reject you, leave you, and not value you. And that you know that this won’t mean your ending. Good luck!

  41. God, isn’t there an erase button somewhere? Bonsai, don’t listen! Psychotics everywhere…! I’ll take my pill and go to bed.

  42. I’m a Virgo woman myself and have been dating a Virgo male off and on for 3 years until recently. Some of you hit it right on regarding Virgo men. I know I can be difficult but Virgo men are impossible. He nearly destroyed me emotionally. Fire and ice are their personalities. I never knew where I stood with him…. So hot and cold, up and down. He is 50 yrs old never married, no kids…. Now I know why. I was thinking that I contributed to most of our problems but starting researching and realized Virgo men are basically cold, callous jerks. He was amazing and kind many times and then in a split second would distance himself and icy silence for days. He could never communicate and resolve conflict or talk anything more than superficial conversation. Compromise was out of the question for him. If anyone was going to change, it was going to be me. I’ll never date smother Virgo. I don’t need a repeat of that. Huge waste of time.

  43. I have read every single comment on this section and I am left without words. Everything you girls have experienced sounds so familiar with my end. I am a Scorpio girl 20 and he is Virgo 22. We broke up two months ago. The relationship we had was two years almost three and we got along so well. I would like to add that we live away from each other, about 5,000 miles away. So we could only see one another for two months in a year,even less sometimes. We were happy, playful, loving life and all its adventures until one day, he decides that he wants to split up with me because he doesn’t feel the same way about me. He admitted tht he has fallen out of love with me and it waas such a shock for me. I was so depressed and cried in front of me, he cried with me. Somehow I convinced him that eveeything will be okay and that we ar3 young @nd healthy human beings. That someday we will see each other because we get on so well, but he broke up with me again through a text. And went distant, he moved away from his family and found new job and friends. I really miss him. He said to me that he has found another girl who is 18 of age. Two years younger than me. He said he wants to see where things will go with her. He met her at a rock concert and it makes me think that he has done that because he wants to push me away. He said he doesn’t want to break contact with me and until this day we have not stopped texting. There is no difference between when we were together and now when we are not. Has he made up the story with the new girl so that he doesn’t seem desparate? I am so confused as to why he is acting like this? I truly love him and he says he doesn’t feel that way for me. I told him that lovers can be best friends and he said he said he has never said that. He still shares everything that is going on in his life with me. Are there chances for us?

  44. I am a Leo, a true Leo at that!!! For seven years I have been going back in forth, with this Virgo man… Out of those years I have had two kids with him..whom he has never did anything for!!! When I first met him I never knew he had already been in a relationship on and off with a herd of kids, that information he did not share!!! I found out later through the grapevine.. I was warned that he goes back in forth with her.. But whenever I would try to get somewhat of an understanding he would say that I need to stop listening to other people.. He would talk about how she has had sex with some of his friends and family members and how she’s not what he wanted… Oh did I forget to mention I was married at the time of all of this… But let me explain, I had never cheated on my husband until this… In fact, it was my husband that continuously kept cheating on me. So that’s how I ended up being with him.. Now back to the story. For three years I stayed away from the Virgo man and went back to my husband.. But I began to wonder out of those three years he never contacted me about my kids or anything! So I began to try to reach out, but couldn’t get in contact with him.. Later I found out that he was in jail so I wrote him.. He served probably 2years in there. Within that time period somehow he managed to make me believe that he was ready to be with me and marriage !!! I know I’m a damn dummy, but wait there’s more!!! I went and got his name tattooed on me.. I sent him a pic of it and he was just so pleased went as far as saying he got mines. So I surprised him and visited him cause hell I was excited and wanted to see, get up there no tattoo!!! Of course I was hurt!!! So I covered that tattoo and told him… I later received a phone call that he had got my name as well as my kids name and it checked out.. So I was all smiles for a brief moment and I mean brief!!! So he began saying when he got out we were going to get married, so I thought.. I began to make preparations on getting a divorce… I didn’t take those steps but we did separate. So when he got out I’m looking forward to having one of those reunited and it feel so good moments,but it just didn’t feel right… My guts just felt strange.. We had one night of passion, three days later I heard through the grapevine he got married to the same one he claimed he didn’t want!!! He dodged my calls for a while. Then he ended up answering and when he did he was so cruel to me as if I was the one that hurt him… So then I left him alone because I felt as if he was playing with my emotions.. And soon as I got the attitude “fuck him” here he go talkn bout it was my fault he wanted to show me something he said I took him for a joke!!! Which was just game to rear me back in. So like a dumb ass I began sleeping around with him.. He took a key to my house when I had him to change the locks, I never said anything about it cause I thought everything was straight until one night we got into an argument, in which I let him do all the going off because I felt as if that was what he was trying to do, so that he could do whatever it was he wanted to… So we squashed it had sex afterwards and everything good sex too!! Then I hadn’t heard from. He wasn’t answering any of my calls. Then his family called me looking for him but I had no clue as to where he was until his sister said he told his mom he was in Florida.. I found out he was in Florida with his other baby mama on Facebook!!! But look he left her and went back to the wife! I can’t say this about all Virgos but my experience with him has been nothing but hell!! His family takes up for him in his wrong doing which is why he continues to hurt people. He is very selfish!! He doesn’t even do anything for our kids or should I say mines… Which is what hurts me the worst!!! He always get away with hurting me… I say that to say this love yourself… Cause a Virgo knows how to get they want and make you feel like you are getting what you want and will be playing with your mind all at the same time.

  45. @Felicia

    Your Virgo guy said that he has fallen out of love with you. You then tried to convince him and he broke up with you again via text.

    He now says that he has found another girl and wants to see how things will go with her.
    You told him you truly love him and he says he doesn’t feel that way about you.

    I hate to be brutally honest but he has straight up told you clearly that he’s not interested. You’re either in denial or trying to torture yourself by hoping you’ll get back together.
    Sounds like he’s not worth it. I wouldn’t waste anymore time thinking about him. You deserve so much better. Try to distance yourself and not contact him. I know it would be hard but that’s the only way you won’t hurt yourself even further.

    He’s still in contact with you because he’s unsure if it will work out with this new girl which he has straight up told you and if it doesn’t work he knows you’ll be still there as a back up.

    Don’t settle for less! Don’t you want to be with someone who loves you in return and always be there 1st choice.

  46. i just found this page and read all these comments.
    they really helps me alot to understand what i have to do
    Im a Taurus and he is a virgo
    we are in a long distance relationship
    he just lost his father last month
    and i m experiencing the coldness due to his grief which hurts me alot as i m very attention seeking from him.
    actually last year we broke up once because he thought i was cheating on him (and NO i didn’t)
    but eventually after 4months of arguing and begging for him to talk, he finally believed i didn’t do it and we got back together
    but now that his dad has passed away,
    im going through this hard time all again.
    i always get emotional and sad and start questioning about his love (not to him) and start to become very depressing…
    i guess i just have to learn how to be distance from him at the time being, and wait for him to become himself again.

  47. Pisces Goddess says:

    I am a textbook Pisces. I embody feminine energy.. I am libra rising so I am very social and love to be the life of the party. Or so I was. I got wth my Virgo boyfriend and he literally sucked my life out of me. Then had the nerve to say he misses the old me.

    I am an emotional being. He criticized me making me feel like being emotional is bad and that I need to DEAL with it. So I stopped expressing myself. This caused resentment in me and I was not being myself.

    He caught wind of this and started to regret our relationship. A lot of push and pull games. Rollercoaster. He made me feel like I was the one who always had to work on our relationship. He only apologized maybe 2 times in 2 years.

    I have gained 60 lbs in 2 years since I’ve been with him. All my old relationships I’ve gained maybe 5-10 lbs at most.

    He tells me I deserve better and that he doesn’t think I am the woman he wants to marry and be mother of his kids. He says he needs 4 days … Yes 4 days.. To decide. I told him I can’t give him those days and broke up with him.

    I’ve been in relationships where I’ve semi lost myself but this one I truly lost everything. I tried so hard to be the woman he wanted (negative trait of Pisces) and sacrificed myself but good thing about Pisces is when we are done we are done and we can swim away with ease. And that’s what I’m doing.

    After reading all these comments I swear all Virgo men are the same. They make really good friends but when it comes to being lovers… I don’t think anyone can be good enough for them.

  48. I am a Cancer woman and I was friends with a virgo guy for over 2 years, we were co-workers and became very close to each other as well as intimate, we went out and used to hang out at his house countless times throughout the friendship – he always told me he wasnt ready for a relationship so thats why we never made it official, and I was fine with that until he started treating me like his girlfriend so I gave in (worst mistake I could have made); after just 2 months he started becoming very cold hearted, aloof uncaring and arrogant towards me, I assumed he found someone else so obviously I confronted him and he denied everything. I always thought highly of him, but towards the end I realised what a conniving lying manipulative prat this man really was. I eventually forced myself to cut all ties with him, and after he kept coming up with excuses about hanging out with me because he was “sick” and so “busy”, a few days after that we were chatting and I asked him what he was up to and he replied he was hanging out with one of his girl friends, I deleted him then and there! This was really difficult for me because I had already fallen head over heels for him and now needed to get over the dog.

    Prior to this I’ve dated two other virgo men and I can safely deduce that these men are the bottom feeders of the zodiac, they use and abuse you and when they feel they’ve sucked all the life and love out of you they throw u and years of friendship away as if it had never even happend!

    Something tells me it’s not over and he WILL be back and now that I’ve read all the posts about what these men are really like, I can safely say…no more chances here.

    Goodbye forever A**hole and goodluck finding another woman tolerant enough to deal with ur nonsense, I hope you find this post one day =)

  49. Jessica says:

    Hi, I been with a Virgo guy for 6months, we got together after knowing each other for 1 month. He is 2 years younger than me. When we started, I hid lots of things from him at first as I was in debt. I made investment and was in debt so I stopped school for awhile and worked full time to settle my situation, my parents have money but I don’t dare tell them and they were always overseas. I live in a strict family. We had problems at first cos he felt I wasn’t a good person as I wasn’t truthful with my parents. It was a mistake I made and I took reposibility of it in my own ways. But once I lied to him that my Friend needed $1000 dollar and he lent but it was for me to settle my debts but I was going to give him back every month.

    After being with him for 2 months, I decided to tell him everything and Mom my the truth, he didn’t break up with me but he was disappointed and hurt as money was a big issue for him. From then he changed. He started disliking everything I do, the way I dress, they way I behave and we quarrels a lot but we knew we love each other a lot. There was twice when he said he wanted to break up but I begged him to stay as I already gave my virginity to him. My mom helped me settle my debts so now am back in school and everything in my life is normal.

    After I told him the truth I felt so bad and I want to be a better gf so I really put in a lot of effort for him and this relationship, actually apart from the money issue I am not a bad person. But recently he became hot and cold he said he doesn’t feel the same anymore. When we were in fine situation he say sweet things to me then another day he say he feel he is lost in this relationship. Recently he have asked for a time off and just yesterday I met him coincidentally and he asked me to come his house sleep. And we had sex and I talked to him. He doesn’t like kiss me as much as before or sweet to me. When I talked to him, he said I wouldn’t talk to him about it if I really understands him.

    I know at the start was all my fault and I am changing for him to be what he wants. I am confused as I don’t know what to do and I still love him. Pls advise

  50. OK, perhaps I can help some of you women out. I’m a Virgo male. I am now 34 and have been single and celibate for the past 3 years. I’ve had 8 serious relationships, two that could have ended in marriage and been cheated on every single time. I’ve also made my way through the sexual zodiac though this was not intentional :).

    A bit more about me, to address some of the generalities about Virgo men spewed by vengeful, wronged women here. I’m 6 feet tall, approximately 220 pounds, most of which used to be muscle but is now turning to flab. I am feminine but I am not gay now am I a wimp. I’ve been a soldier, a martial artist and a bodybuilder. I’m also an engineer and a professional pilot. The point I’m trying to make is that I’m not dumb, nor am I a nancy boy. I’m also not a racist and am perfectly comfortable with homosexuals. I used to be extremely good looking, but now I’m bald and fat.

    This may sound like narcissism to most of you but this is simply a frank appraisal of the self which is what all Virgo’s do. To assume otherwise is your first mistake. A Virgo constantly analyses himself/herself. They seek perfection in themselves and also recognise that it is a never ending pursuit. However, some of you have complained that your significant others criticise you when they are imperfect themselves. You’re forgetting that not everyone has the same standards and also criticism is a way for Virgo to express their love for you. It’s a fucked up way, but it’s ours. Deal with it or don’t. The door is always open.

    Virgo cannot live without communication BUT we also don’t enjoy being stifled with crap. We don’t want to discuss things over and over again ad nauseam. We have excellent memories. I, personally had an eidetic memory and I can tell you from experience that I hated discussing the same things over and over when I’d already given the solution and seen it ignored.

    Virgo men are ultra sensitive. This took me time to understand because I had to be a man’s man and never show weakness. It’s how I was brought up. But every little thing hurt me and I suppressed the pain until it would blow up in someone else’s face. When you hurt your Virgo man, you won’t even realise it because he’ll keep it quiet and also because it could be something as trivial as you messaging someone else whilst you’re at dinner with him but for HIM it would bring back unpleasant memories of pain someone else caused him and even though he realises it isn’t fair to blame you for that, he will draw back a little and watch you with greater suspicion to see if you’re about to go down that same road and hurt him.

    If you’re complaining about how much work it is to be with a Virgo man, quit. The best things in life are always worth the effort. If you’re complaining about how you can’t understand him it’s because you’re immature. Maturity brings patience and a willingness to understand.

    Virgo’s do not trust easily. At first, I did until I was betrayed. With every subsequent relationship, I trusted less. With the last one, I made the conscious decision to trust the most from the get-go and was betrayed the most as well. Now, I do not trust anyone at all. Women who are attracted to me and there always are women like that, perhaps because they see me as a comfortable alternative from their insane lives call me cold, unemotional, robotic and gay. I’m none of those things and their words hurt and reaffirm my decision to avoid women. The point I’m trying to make is that if you think the man you’re interested in is an asshole who doesn’t respond to your charms, perhaps he’s just been hurt too much to do so.

    Virgo’s are the most honourable sunsign. Their word is their bond but only so long as you keep your end of the bargain. I’ve noticed that there are two kinds of Virgo’s. The first is completely fake and the second is a rock. They can also shift between the types. I’ve been both. In my youth, I have lied to get laid. I tried not to hurt women as much as possible, but I have done so… sometimes as a last resort to get rid of a particularly clingy specimen. I have never ever cheated on someone I loved though I have slept with many women in the same time period. I was a slut when I was experimenting. But in love, I am loyal and faithful as a hound. That is how all Virgo’s are. If they cheated on you, it wasn’t cheating. The relationship was in your head. They never agreed to it. I have had women assume that we were in a relationship just because we slept together a coupla times and it is always hard to explain to them that it was just sex.

    I’ve read on another thread about how bad Virgo men are in bed. From experience, until today I’ve received three complaints which I found surprising. I’m also sure that four other women didn’t enjoy sex with me because I didn’t enjoy it much either. However, I have never had any complaints from the women I was in relationships with and they’ve all said that I was either the best or close to the best sex they’ve ever had :P. I pay attention to my partner, if she isn’t enjoying herself… neither am I. Virgo’s are generally very attentive and unselfish that way, although when I was younger, I did find going down on a woman disgusting and so avoided it. I later realised that it was the pubic hair that grossed me out because it trapped the smell and enhanced it and I’m very sensitive to pungent odours. (Which also reminds me, someone else on another thread commented on how large our nostrils are. Weird. I have regular size nostrils and would be happy to submit to inspection and measurement.) Initially, I’d ask my girlfriends to shave it off but with time, I learned to ignore that as well. I quite enjoy going down on a woman now, in fact the 69 is my favourite position. So… if the sex is bad, speak up. We can’t read your vaginas. And he’s probably young. With age comes experience.

    That being said, I’ve always found sex to be a bit icky. At the same time, I have a very high sex drive. So I’d end up doing it and feeling grossed out afterwards. Making love on the other hand did not gross me out which is why as I grew older, I stopped having one night stands and hooking up. Now, if I were ever to have sex again it would be with a friend whose company I already enjoyed.

    Sex for a Virgo is always optional. You have to remember that. We can control the urge to a degree no other sign of the zodiac can. If you’re feeling that your partner doesn’t want to have sex with you, it’s either because he no longer loves you or is very preoccupied by something else. Sex takes a backseat to everything else.

    But when we DO make love to you, O women of the Zodiac… none shall ever compare to it :P. This is supposed to be humourous. Laugh.

    Trust is the way to win a Virgo’s heart. I remember everything someone says and when they say something contradictory, their trust level drops lower and I get suspicious. It’s mildly psychotic, I know but this is how we’re built. If you do nothing to betray my trust, I will let you into my heart forever and you will never have a more devoted friend and lover. Nothing and nobody shall ever compare to you even if you got fat or ugly or paralysed or braindead in a coma. We are faithful and will hold faith with you till the end of time even if we don’t say it out loud. But you won’t. Because inevitably someone will steal you away from me and I shall be left bereft and alone to wail my anguish at an uncaring world. So it is better that I keep you at arm’s length from the beginning.

    And this is how all Virgo’s think. We are so sensitive that we are hurt often and to make sure we don’t get hurt again, we armour ourselves to every possibility and yet are still hurt all the time. This is why people say you have to be patient to love a Virgo. The rewards can be great, but it takes a stupendous amount of time and constan reaffirmation of your love to make your Virgo believe that you will stay by him or her. We have very low self esteem. I have always wondered why someone so beautiful and wonderful would pick me out of the many options she had and consequently I would assume there was something wrong with her or that perhaps I was a temporary toy and then would actively begin to look for the flaw. Which basically screws things up.

    Nonetheless, I have always been very loving and even today every single ex would gladly have me back if I so chose. But I wouldn’t. Virgo’s never ever repeat their mistakes. This is for those of you still in touch with their Virgo ex’s hoping to get back because they’re still talking to you like you’re close friends. I talk to all my ex’s. I am friends with every one. I occasionally holiday with them too and stay over at their place if I’m in their city at the time. Because, in my head they’re still good people even though they cheated on me. They just sucked at being in a relationship. So, I have no problem being friends with them though I would never consider going back to them. Once was enough.

    Now, I shall tell you ladies what I think of women from the various zodiac signs based on my experiences with them and where you could be going wrong.

    Aries: The fire in you is intensely attractive. But your ambition and tendency to get bored and seek greener pastures secretly, kills things. Virgo’s are mostly unambitious. We don’t care about making money or building monuments to our glory. Telling us to get a better job means nothing to us if we’re already comfortable and enjoying what we do. And if you cheat, we will find out because you don’t watch what you say and we do.

    Taurus: I really like you, Taurus. The sex is always fun. But, you’re scatterbrained, not exactly clean and oh so stubborn. Being in a relationship with you is like being driven to the dentist’s office with death metal screeching in your ear. And it’s not even my dentist and you’re taking the longer route. Y’get me? Relationships are about compromise but you tend to get mulish about that.

    Gemini: Good sex. Lots of sex. Good conversation. Lots of conversation. Then the next man arrives. And you want a threesome. Not really conducive to a Virgo relationship which is purely monogamous for the most part. We hate sharing your mind with anyone else. That is also defined as cheating.

    Cancer: You’re not always right, Mother. And you’re not my Mother. The maternal instinct can be attractive at first but Virgo does not like to be constantly advised, especially when they don’t agree with that advice. Then it turns into nagging.

    Leo: I try to avoid Leo women. You’re all extremely selfish without even realising that you’re being selfish. The good part about that is that when it is brought forcefully to your attention with proof attached, you are genuinely apologetic. Right until the next time. And frankly, constantly having to point it out is exhausting and negative for me and you.

    Virgo: It is so damned hard trying to please you when you never tell me what pleases you without my asking about it constantly. I love your intelligence and wit, I can’t wait to get you into bed but I hate being ignored and I need to know that you love me. Reaffirmation of love needs to be constant. Can’t have two people sulking at the same time.

    Libra: So. Much. Drama! Cannot deal with drama that does not conform to logic. Also, you remind me of my sister coz she is Libra and that’s a no-no :P. On the plus side, I don’t think there is a warmer, more nurturing sign in the zodiac. You’re always in my corner, Libra and I’m grateful for that… even if you’re the reason we’re in this bind in the fire place :P.

    Scorpio: Intensely sexual. Very much so. Very compatible. Except that you’re unconsciously messy and cleaning up after you is the majority of the relationship. Also, not exactly the faithful type.

    Sagittarius: An odd sign. I’ve had great friends and lovers from this sign and some absolute shitty people too. I’d say that the greatest problem with you guys is your independence. You leave your partner behind expecting them to catch up without telling them where you went and that makes a Virgo think you don’t care.

    Capricorn: You’re boring. Sorry. It’s true. Virgo lives for the stimulation of the mind and Capricorn lives for order. A little disorder is necessary to be interesting. This is probably my fault though… I have met interesting Capricorns but they were never interested in me :P. But if you’re wondering why your Virgo man is disinterested in you, it’s because you’re boring. You just need to let loose and get a little wild.

    Aquarius: You’re either on or you’re off. You claim to care but disappear or stop talking for days. Virgo needs communication. If we’re constantly the ones to initiate it then we end up feeling like we’re chasing you which is something we hate to do and so we stop.

    Pisces: You change. We fall in love with the life of the party, the effervescent little pixie and as soon as we tie you down to ourselves, you let go and become insular, moody and lazy. Sure, our interests are different but your insistence on doing everything together ends up with you doing everything we like because you can sense that we don’t enjoy the things you want to do and then you end up changing into this broody bird that nobody wants around.

    I hope this helps. Don’t get offended if it doesn’t fit you, this is simply what I’ve observed with all the women that I’ve been with. Astrology isn’t a science, it isn’t quantifiable and verifiable. The coincidences do intrigue me, however and that is why I thought my experiences may help some of you avoid heartache.

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