How do you know if a Virgo man does not love you anymore?

VirgoYou know how excessive criticism from a partner makes you doubt that he loves you? Well, the opposite can run true if you’re with a Virgo. If he stops picking you apart, he doesn’t care enough to make you his improvement project. A Virgo dissects things in a quest to make them function more efficiently, and if he isn’t bothering to make you the best-running model he can … well, prepare for your pink slip.

On the other side of the spectrum, he may nitpick such minor details — that he had glossed over before because he was willing to live with a few of your flaws — that you feel every ounce of your being is under the microscope. It’s one thing to be told that a hair is out of place … it’s another to hear that the mole on your chin should be removed. When Virgo harps on aspects of yourself that cannot be changed without the help of surgery or a Scientology audit, you know he’s lost all affection for you.

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  1. VillamorPH says:


    Can you tell me your thoughts?
    Okay, here’s what happened.
    My Virgo man and I were elementary classmates and we met again during our reunion.
    After the event, we started talking, everything happened so fast, he confessed that he likes me, I did pushed him away because I wasn’t sure how I felt about him, sure, he is a good guy, in fact he never had a girlfriend that made me scared a bit more because I dont wanna end up hurting him. He asked me twice if he has a chance, I gave him signals because I totally like him but I’m just afraid because I just broke up with my ex. BTW I am a gemini. And so here’s what happened, I said he is a nice guy, I liked him but I’m not into love (though I dont mean it). He respect it. He quit telling me how he feels, then the time came that we shared a lot of thoughts, deep and personal, until we decided to have sex.
    At first we agreed not to expect anything. But after a couple of days I told him I’m starting to like him, he said Don’t. I was stunned, like what the fuck happened? Seriously? After sex he changed his mind already? Because to be honest, I’m not ugly, I dont smell bad or anything. I didnt mind it, because I was thinking maybe he doesnt want to be in a relationship right now because he might want to try to have sex with other girls too. So then, after a week, we had sex again. Yes we did it twice. And then I started to show him how I care… Remind him how much I like him…. Then he became distant. Told me that he really doesnt like me anymore. I cried a lot. And then I accepted it. And now he’s back again, he’s flirting with me, but still the same, he doesnt show much love, he didnt mention he likes me again or anything. I’m just confused if I have to take it slow and wait. And be strong to make him interested with me again because I think I showed him a lot of my weaknesses, so.
    Please help. Anyone?

  2. Just move on you deserve someone better

  3. Weird. I can’t comment.

  4. Hmm. There appears to be a word limit here.

  5. Sheesh. How old are you? Coz both of you sound rather young. I don’t know enough to advise you, I’m afraid but I’ll give it a shot with the caveat that I may be completely wrong.

    First off, you said he’d never had a girlfriend. Was he a virgin? Were you his first? That would explain a lot. Sex is very disappointing the first time. Very icky too.

    Secondly, I personally don’t like women who play hard to get. If I tell someone how I feel about them and they shrug it off then come back a week later to tell me they’ve changed their minds, it’s a bit too late… I’ve already pegged them in the uninterested category and now I feel like they’re teasing me. I’m always very aware of my feelings and I don’t seesaw so I’m very upfront immediately when someone asks me and I expect the same from them.

    So now, if you’d told me not to expect anything and then tell me a coupla days later that you have feelings for me after having sex, I’m going to assume these feelings are shallow and temporary brought on by physical intimacy and not really real.

  6. OK, there’s more but I can’t seem to comment here for some odd reason.

  7. VillamorPH says:

    I think you’re right about that. But….. Is there any chance to get him back? Or should I just move on?

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