The worst way to break up with Aquarius

AquariusFriendship can be more important to the Aquarius man than romance, so a breakup ending with, “And I never want to see you again!” can be particularly hard on the Water Bearer. And, although “Let’s stay friends” can be the salt on a wound to many others, the Aquarian will say, “Coolio!”

You see, the Aquarius man isn’t going to be as devastated by the ending of a relationship as those born under some other signs, so maintaining a friendship isn’t as painful for him. He’s not going to be jealous when you talk to other guys. He’s not going to pine for you and sing love ballads from outside your window.

As much as the Aquarian needs distance, he doesn’t want you cut off from his community. Speaking of which … another bad way of breaking up with an Aquarius is by creating subdivisions among his circle of friends. This egalitarian sign isn’t all too keen on group rifts, so don’t spread malicious half-truths or try to get the majority of your mutual friends to take sides with you. They ought to (according to Aquarius) be able to view the breakup with some perspective, respect the reasons for the demise of the relationship, and not get all emotional about it! It’s not like they slept with him — you did! — so why should they be all that invested?

Can’t we all just get along?

Comment below: How have you broken it off with an Aquarius?

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  1. PS if you are with an aquarius, they can (and will) easily cheat on you WITHOUT YOU EVER FINDING OUT. They are intelligent people and opportunists. A married Doctor aquarius tried to cheat on his lawyer wife with me. Lucky for her I have morals and put him in his place, unfortunately for her I’m probably not the only one he’s tried to cheat with. LOL. Unless you have a super high IQ and are good at playing mind games I would stay away…and even then, their lack of compassion and twisted (hypocritical) sense of morality is nothing I would ever stick around for.

  2. I was with an Aquarian male for 3 years and he knew I wanted to get married which he rejected the whole idea. So I cheated on him and left him to marry someone else. He found out through mutual friends and was very hurt. I’m a Cancer by the way and didn’t care how he felt. I did everything in my power for him to pop the question and he never did. I had to move on. A year passed and he went to my home knowing I was married and said he was going crazy. Couldn’t stop thinking of me. He wanted me to leave my husband for him and run off. Omg! I was shocked but then again Aquarians are known for shocking people. I never imagined him trying to come back after the way I had broke up with him. I don’t know what made him behave this way but a mutual friend had told me it was because he wanted what he knew he couldn’t have anymore Hmmmm…

  3. Hi, i just broke it off with an aquarius.. hes kind of stalking my profile now on the dating site we met on although he played it cool when i broke it off. Out of curiosity can you tell me what you and his birthdates are?

  4. I’ve been dating an Aquarius 35 man for 8 months and I’m starting to fall in love with him (Help!!)

    We get along very well and we are heavily attracted to each other and our sex is sensational the best I’ve ever had .

    He has not officially made me his girl by title and says he’s not sure about me yet calls and texts me every single day (no fail) he’s introduced me to his family very early on .I give him a lot of space never stress him with demands and cater to him the best way I can .

    When at his house he treats me well I feel special at his home or when we go out in public. But I’m at a point where I feel I need to make a decision to stay or go and find someone new ; as I feel he had got it too good . He says things like he don’t want me seeing anyone else but I keep reminding myself he’s not made me his girlfriend .

    What should I do ? Should I just cut him off and vanish . I love him but it’s a new love and I don’t know if he even cares about me with the mixed messages ??

  5. he wants to control you and dont be affected cause he dont mind it. you should avoid him as early and move on dont waste your time with him cause he will olny given you false hope. you deserve to be happy with someone else who can give you true love back.

  6. you know why aquarius cheated bacause they are non sense and worthless or maybe they are just stupid to know. aquarian want you but didnt do anything to satisfy you. they are complete foolish jerk and they deserve to cheat !

  7. stay with that fucking worthless parasite aquarians. you deserve better, aquarians is witches a toxic dont trust him beleive me

  8. Thank you so much for your advice I’ve decided to let him know today that we shouldn’t see or talk to each other anymore

  9. im with my aqua man for 10 years but we met 14 years ago. on and off relationship. its very hard for me to end our relationship bec i treat him my bestfriend and thought that he is the one. but i try my best to move on now and never to have him again to my life. dont put too much trust and effort to aqua and dont try to fall in love and get blinded you will be sorry or hurt in the end. be wiser than them or u will be the looser.

  10. Thank you I’ve decided to pull away and count my losses

  11. si limberg ba yan?

  12. how do aquarius be said to be friends with everyone even they are truly not. all ive known aquarians male and female that want to be friends with me all are not for life time. because there something in them that i really dont like because they are not good people and seems they are all truly fake that i dont see in my other friends zodiac. im the one decided to move away and ignore them because there not worth it. im a person will keep my true friend in my life my they are ALL AQUARIANS TRULY all aquarians well definitely u are all looser because you are all stupid and accept it

  13. Cancer woman here….dated Aquarius for 6 years on and off. intellectual and sexual compatibility was amazing. Being a cancer I tried to make it work but some signs just aren’t meant to be. now going through phone being blown up and stalking. the jealousy was bad also throughout the whole relationship. When they say they’re always here and there and expect woman to be at home is 6years of my life. I’m more independent from this relationship but doubt I’d do it again if I went back.

  14. Linda Dixon says:

    I was best friends with an Aquarius man who I had caught sexting/texting with a woman after an agreement of exclusivity with each other June 1015. A month later we started talking and we had been steady since. Though i lived 2 hours away, he didn’t drive, I had my own place and came up on weekends. Because I had caught him on the cell phone my mistake he gave me access to his phone. I never bothered to look. Something was changing again in him that I sensed once I moved in with him (this was for a short time) and though we did talk about this, my guts told me something else was happening. I was approached by a woman asking me about our relationship at a Walmart as he had asked her for a date. I then found out through sheer snooping, he asked a friends ex girlfriend out on a date which she declined. New Years Eve we were celebrating and he kept quietly texting and puting the phone face down. I saw who it was and it was the same lady in 2015. I should have confronted him then but didn’t (we were drinking) so after a few days I went through phone records and found this text/sexting has been going on for 2 months or more. New Years she told him she was with someone however he did text things that hurt me deeply. I was wrong for snooping but as he is a good liar I felt it was the best way for me to find out. I was making arrangements to move out too so wanted to keep the peace for a week. He attacked a friend of mine verbally for sleeping with his friend and called her a slut as she was with someone else – this was a rumor he was told. After a constant mean conversation I lost it on him and showed him what I knew and called him a hypocrite. He thinks he has done nothing wrong and I was wrong for looking at the phone. I left and while he was my best friend whom I do love I am walking away for good. For the record, I should not have snooped but am glad the truth is out. Be careful. Great lovers, good friends but very selfish and the only woman this man loves purely is his mother. Don’t be fooled.

  15. courtneyLeo says:

    Please help! me n this aqua guy are talking and he says things to me I cant quite figure I remind him of his mother…he has a good relationship with her bty..and that im his antidote. ..and that I get away with things other chicc woulnt…im confusted becaude he has not labeled me his girl n refuses to open up about how he feels…he just says lil comments like that..oh he also ssaid he thinks im the one to put him n his place…plz help…he will not call me his girl but he so quicc to try n have sex…I will not have sex..only with my man n he has not labled himself that either. ..

  16. Started seeing a aquarius guy for 3yrs who has 2x kids and ex,he saw me as his best friend, I saw him as my brother. For as he was the only guy I was intimate with , we enjoyed eachother company,and the intimacy was amazing between the 3rd year we was in love and my emotions were up n down with him all because I felt he lived a double life. I’ve never met his family n friends and he supports his ex and kids greatly, his ex still mixes with his family and xmas n new yr he lied to me as he spent it with his own family friends n ex n kids. My friends say his treated me like side chick. Every time I try break up with him he says how much he loves me ect but actions speak louder than words. I feel like a secret. If your in a relationship with a aquarius man dont trust them they only care about there own self worth, they will not fight for you but give bull shit. They are like a bumble bee, work hard but fly from one flower girl to the nxt flower.they waste your time. Wow iv wasted 3yrs of my life? Had I had been with some other star sign I would of been happily married and a family by now. Don’t waste your time with them there nothing but a thoughtless unfaithful bee flying wind.

  17. *******saw him as my boyfriend not brother omg how do I edit this thing I’ve posted lol

  18. I’ve been with an Aqua male for 13yrs of my life wasted! They are liars, cheaters, and the biggest manipulative individuals. I would advise anyone who’s dating one to run as fast and as far away as possible. They see absolutely nothing wrong with cheating if you catch them they will try and find a way to blame you. Like someone stated previously they only care about their mother’s others females are disposable to them. One woman can’t and won’t satisfy these men they are master minds and if you’re not careful they’ll wrap you up in their web of lies then shoot for the kill. They’re not relationship material save yourself the grief this man will literally chew you up and spit you out and have little to no remorse. If you don’t know any better he’ll make you believe he does but trust me he doesn’t. He’ll continue to dog you until you get the courage to leave

  19. Capricorn says:

    Hi all,
    I was seeing this Aquarius guy 2 years younger to me, we use to meet only at my place and after doing it he use to leave like m meant just to have sex. It was kind of a repetitive pattern, I asked him bluntly was it about sex to which he denied, but this anger was building up in me n eventually I broke it off, I called him a fuckboy who uses girls at his own convenience.
    I don’t regret saying it as that’s exactly how I felt every time. He blocked me from everywhere and I don’t even hope seeing him again ever. I know it’s over and I think it’s the right thing.

    I felt bad after writing those things as I can’t hurt people but do anyone of you think I wrote too much ?

  20. Hello ladies,

    I am truly fed up from my aquarius partner. We have been married for 8 years now. Since I have met him, I kept giving him chances and I always ended up forgiving him. The truth is he is a jerk! He has never been changed and won’t be! The amount of mind games he plays is unbelievable!!, literally UNBELIEVABLE! Every time he covers up his weird action with a new lie, new story! I am very honest, passionate person who deserves love and happiness. Since I met him I entered the weirdest stage in my life ever. Living with him is like a loop or a maze that you can’t get out of it. At first I thought it was me that I didn’t understand him well, ridiculously I was even blaming myself sometimes for confronting him with his lies and be real with him. I feel so sorry for myself. Years went by I had two beautiful children. And things are repeating over and over again. HE is very unstable, abnormal, weirdo kind of a man. Finally I have the courage to get out of her I and my kids deserve much more than this. All this time he was pretending that he loves me,, but when you look at his actions they confuse you totally the opposite of what he says. This is not love this is *****. Capricorn is right, he is the most selfish person I have ever met only cares about what his needs and what he wants.

    I can go on on no stop forever. He cannot be real he can’t be human very confusing seriously he is mentally

  21. So many mad bitches here lol

  22. so aquarians are this much bad….i dont think so

  23. TAURUS GURL says:

    My first love was a Aquarius the end he broke my heart and I left his ass. Fast forward 25 yrs later and he found me on Facebook.We hooked back up. He was on that bs and of course I left his ass again.This time I broke his heart.Hes a grown man with nothing to offer but penis…I dodged that bullet twice.Hes not worth the effort. I require physical intimacy and he never understood that..Im the queen of mind games so I put a ex on my Facebook page,I know he’s a stalker. He saw it and was pissed.. Moral of the story;if u have nothing to do with your life besides waiting on his broke ass to stop playing games…hes your guy…

  24. You sound hurt ? Im a great friend I give my all to my friends. Too bad its one sided. Blame yourself for not understanding aquas. Don’t try to make cheating on us seem okay.

  25. Yes they are very selfish and lie a lot

  26. I’m an Aquarius, I’m in my late 30’s and still a virgin “saving it”. Being a parasite would probably be a nightmare for me. I’m independent and also have the strength to look after a lady if I ever chose. I see myself as nobility from the 1800’s. I’m surprised at the feedback on Aqua Men here.

  27. ? Tati ? LEO ? says:

    I just can’t seem to understand the Aquarius man, I love my Aquarius a lot god knows I do. But I can’t shake the fact that he’s lying to me about something. He tells me he loves me everyday , and how he want to marry me and start a life together. I’ve been hurt In the future , and reading all of these comments are actually making me not want to purse my Aquarius man any further. I understand everyone is different and all Aquarius aren’t bad but it’s like the morgrity of them are toxic. And I’m scared that I might get my heart broken dealing with the Aquarius man. My Aquarius just seems so different from what all the things people are saying.

    Somebody please help me.

  28. Libra Lady says:

    I messes around with Aqua man for 20ty years, it was him who would not go away. But i said messes around. When i finnally stopped having sex with him he got mean angry and rude disrespectful and All. He just could not understand why we should stop. Okay i got that but he always kept me away. He called often but would not do anything for me really i guess things end like they start or something like that.

  29. so true there’s crazy

  30. I’m aries n was dating aqua man for a couple months then he started to date other women so I did other men.. We are really good together but we had a big arguement n I went in no contact mode..We word together so I had to ignore his presence.Aparently he couldn’t take it n eventually came back begging for communication.. We started talking again n went out I he told me he loved me but I ignored it.. He still sees other ppl n I do as well but I jus wish we could be together seriously!? We don’t have sex but share kisses.. Recently he has a soccer game at work n decided to bring this female he is interested in n when I asked who she was he said.”she wanted to see the game”. He continued saying that he not trying to live a double life n that he cares about me and he is trying to do the right thing n what was he suppose to do.. I felt very disrespected n hurt n I told him.. I also told him that I’m through spending time with him.. I’m really hurt about this!!?? PS. I told him a couple weeks ago that he was confused n he agreed so y would he bring a GF were I was?

  31. Sorry for typos.. additionally.. after not speaking for a couple weeks n me ignoring his presence at work..When we finally went out he said i love u beb n told me how he missed me..he always has to control himself around me.. but I’m wondering what’s the problem? His friends constantly say how they like me but he and he knows we are good together but he wont/wouldnt commit.. Now I’m through…sadly..

  32. Peach78 says:

    I am a Pisces woman, 39yr old, I had just broke up with my ex Aquarius gf, 33yr old, like a few days ago..she was chasing me for a whole month before we got together even told me after the first 2weeks of courting that she wasn’t good enough for me..a day after that she asked me to be her gf because she wanted to give it a try..i agreed but as soon as I said yea..she started acting real funny..expected more out of me than what she was giving..i live an hour and some change from her..due to me being off from work because of an injury..i couldn’t come n visit her when she wanted me to..and when we were together it felt good but distant..she told me thay she didnt feel like she had a gf..she had so many exes as friends and female friends..ive never shared my dislike for it..i let it ride for a minute until she said her ex gf was there for her more than i was..then one day asked what if she wanted to have sex with someone else what would i say..i shouldve left her alone then because it maxe me feel she may have slept with someone or thought of doing it but i stayes thinking shes just trying fuck with my head..she had an ex wife who had just got married a month ago to a man..who she kept as a good friend and wanted me to accept it..i tried but I couldn’t do it..for the simple reason I don’t stay cool with my exes..NONE OF n my cousin were invited to a bbq at her home..she treated her ex wife like they still were together and I was by myself looking crazy..after that I couldn’t take it no more..she obviously didn’t respect me enough to make sht cool rather than being in the corner of the room with your I don’t exist..i let her go some days after that telling her she doesn’t respect me..her only response was..”omg you’re the only person to ever say that”..smh I texted her a whole paragraph on how I felt..she hmu telling me to call I did..she didn’t wanna speak about the break up until the day after that..i asked her if we were friends..she told me since Im the type to not have exes for friends then that’ll be all to say nothing more..then later that day she wrote me a long text saying that she didn’t show me sympathy for my bad migraine because I wouldn’t buy her a box of cereal when she was sick..and that I didn’t deserve any attention from her..i thought about her but I’m glad I made the decision that I did..i deserve real love not be with you for just convenience

  33. I broke off with a aquarian by leaving him for someone he thought was his friend and it Stung him real good and he deserved it because he treated me like crap. Another way to leave an Aquarius is to do a cut off. No explaining no nothing…just disappear.

  34. ms virgo says:

    Back again after my supposingly aquarius boyfriend fixed our breakup with his poly filler words that come out his mouth. In the three years I’ve known him I treated him special cooked, treated him been there for him I must be a mug. And still is accepted the fact he was there for his bby mama n kids he assured me he separated from 3 yrs ago. But this year was my final stab in the back from him. I ended up pregnante and he went mad to get rid of it, I had the worst 7weeks pregnancy as we turned to hate, all he thought about was him him him his money money money n life life life like a stuck up c***. Not one care for me and bby. He coerced me to abort, I told him if I do this were over I’ll never forgive u. I couldn’t bare da fact he wanted me to rid of my bby and expect me to stay with him after instead I hated him. I ended up aborting in tears n hate for him to free me from him and endure more of his narcassistic behaviour had i kept the pregnancy going. I cry every day I will never forgive him. They are NARCASSISTIC!!! Evil stone hearted selfish c***..

  35. ms virgo says:

    I owe it to my unborn soul. To never ever forgive him ever again. I hate him so much. Stay away from aqurius men they are narcassistic people who can’t have proper relationships. We deserve better another man that another yet afraid to love and be tied the knot with. Aquarius men are the biggest time wasters of urs life if you accept to have patience with them.

  36. ms virgo says:

    Omg and not to forget to mention….whilst I went through the procedure!!! Just coz I hated him for coerced I got me to abort he took his kids and bby mama to morrocco!!! Wat sick bas*** does that???

  37. Hi.

  38. Ms. Taurus says:

    Hi. I am a married taurus woman ( 33 yrs ) into a relationship with an aquarius married man (38 yrs). We work in the same organisation and he is my boss. At first he queried a lot about me. Asked me numerous questions in order to know me inside out. Shared with me his alternate mobile number which was his non official personal number and that as per his version he shared only with ppl who were close to his heart. Gradually he started dropping me home and then calling me back…then started night long conversation on fb/whatsapp and finally one day he uttered those three magical words..We went out ensuring nobody at out work place or both of ours family doesn’t get to know about it. This continued for several months…it was strange how he could talk to me all night and his wife couldn’t find out abt it. My husband loves me but he never cared for me or loved me the way this aquarian guy loved me. He made me feel special always. My husband is abroad since last 9 months and this is all that happened with me all these days in his absence. Although this aquarian took me out of station with him for some work related official tour for a couple of days and there we made out…had a bful time with him. ..but I insisted on not crossing the line ..We didn’t had sex which he respectfully agreed for. He alws expresses his love to me in bful ways. Favours me always but when it comes to commitment he stays mum. Does not speak a word. He keeps his wife and 5 yrs old kid happy. I feel so jealous when he goes out with his family. Sense of loneliness and depression conquers me always to which he alws responds inappropriatelying. I also have a 1 yr old kid whom I love so much. I don’t expect him to leave his son but how far can we get along like this. I mean my love for him is very pious and I can’t live without him. Never ever thought I would be in a extra marital but perhaps this is the destiny. He doesn’t leave me either does not commit also. I have told him several times that I can leave everything for getting married to him but he doesn’t seem interested although he is not happy with his wife and wants me in his life forever. Pls help what should I do. I don’t wanna lose him coz true love happens just once …rest is just life.

  39. failed by an aqua says:

    I am 40 and I got pregnant by my ex 48yr old aquarius bf. We were together for 3 years. I am 5 months pregnant and he left me 2 months ago because he says I purposely got pregnant to trap him and that he,already has 4 kids and he doesn’t want anymore. Well uh hello….I can still have more kids and so can he, neither of us are fixed. Duh!!!

  40. mariana says:

    I hate and love w/my aquarius m

  41. Ms Scorpio says:

    Now I know that Scorpio and Aquarius relationship can be tense and many difference between each other. So I was with an Aquarius male for almost four years, what a waste of time, at first things were OK, not great, but ok. So I found out I was pregnant a little early in the relationship, and now we have a beautiful almost three year old girl, which by the way is a Scorpio as well lol. But we tried our best to make things work and as a year went by, I started to figure out just how selfish, mean, arrogant, and thick headed he is. Oh and if you ever have money, don’t ever think your ever going to be able to spend it on anything you might possibly need. Oh no I bought this fuc#*%g selfish a$$h#%e a car, what a huggggggeeee mistake that was, and on top of that I helped him fix it up, and now that he has a perfectly running car, god forbid he would ever help me fix mine. He’s planning on leaving my baby and I homeless because he feels like paying the bills is taking money away from him. He constantly blames all our problems on me, saying I’m the reason why things went bad. But yet he never saw the way he treated me, like I was his fuc#*%g maid, doormat and bank. Well I’m sorry that Aquarius don’t have a heart, let alone emotions, its not my fault that trying to get a straight answer is like trying to catch a running rabbit, completely fuc#*%g impossible. Oh and top of that he will smooth talk you into doing something that he wants and as soon as he gets what he fuc#*%g wants, he will not have a problem stabbing you in the back. From what I learned if things are not beneficial to them they don’t want to ever fuc#*%g do s*** for you, but expect you to do s*** for them at a snap of a finger. I have never been with such a mixed up selfish person in my life, and to tell you the truth, I will never ever in my damn life, will ever again. Aquarius are a waste of your damn time, don’t fall for their tricks, or head games, my simple answer to anything they want especially wanting to hook up is a fuc#* no. To anyone who is dating or even interested in an Aquarius, just beware, there sweet at first but get really cold hearted in the end.

  42. Collette says:

    ( He’s Aquarius, I’m Pisces) Well I was dating this teenage boy for 8 Months, and we loved each other. It was like a fairytale, we was perfect. We loved each other endlessly, but now he’s just started to change and act so different, and he broke up with me now, and it was weird because everything was fine. He got “bored” of me, I’m not “interesting anymore, I don’t love you”. And now he’s just acting like a bully, he’s acting really mean to everyone and me and my friends. He’s only thinking of himself. He’s changing for no reason at all, he showed me to his family, we all was really close and everything. I’m really confused what to do, but now it’s just like he got a gf 3 days after, and then she dumped him. Even more of a bully. He’s talking bad about me and everything, and it’s like we are BOTH playing mind games on each other. HELPPPP

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