The worst way to break up with Aquarius

AquariusFriendship can be more important to the Aquarius man than romance, so a breakup ending with, “And I never want to see you again!” can be particularly hard on the Water Bearer. And, although “Let’s stay friends” can be the salt on a wound to many others, the Aquarian will say, “Coolio!”

You see, the Aquarius man isn’t going to be as devastated by the ending of a relationship as those born under some other signs, so maintaining a friendship isn’t as painful for him. He’s not going to be jealous when you talk to other guys. He’s not going to pine for you and sing love ballads from outside your window.

As much as the Aquarian needs distance, he doesn’t want you cut off from his community. Speaking of which … another bad way of breaking up with an Aquarius is by creating subdivisions among his circle of friends. This egalitarian sign isn’t all too keen on group rifts, so don’t spread malicious half-truths or try to get the majority of your mutual friends to take sides with you. They ought to (according to Aquarius) be able to view the breakup with some perspective, respect the reasons for the demise of the relationship, and not get all emotional about it! It’s not like they slept with him — you did! — so why should they be all that invested?

Can’t we all just get along?

Comment below: How have you broken it off with an Aquarius?

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  1. PS if you are with an aquarius, they can (and will) easily cheat on you WITHOUT YOU EVER FINDING OUT. They are intelligent people and opportunists. A married Doctor aquarius tried to cheat on his lawyer wife with me. Lucky for her I have morals and put him in his place, unfortunately for her I’m probably not the only one he’s tried to cheat with. LOL. Unless you have a super high IQ and are good at playing mind games I would stay away…and even then, their lack of compassion and twisted (hypocritical) sense of morality is nothing I would ever stick around for.

  2. I was with an Aquarian male for 3 years and he knew I wanted to get married which he rejected the whole idea. So I cheated on him and left him to marry someone else. He found out through mutual friends and was very hurt. I’m a Cancer by the way and didn’t care how he felt. I did everything in my power for him to pop the question and he never did. I had to move on. A year passed and he went to my home knowing I was married and said he was going crazy. Couldn’t stop thinking of me. He wanted me to leave my husband for him and run off. Omg! I was shocked but then again Aquarians are known for shocking people. I never imagined him trying to come back after the way I had broke up with him. I don’t know what made him behave this way but a mutual friend had told me it was because he wanted what he knew he couldn’t have anymore Hmmmm…

  3. Hi, i just broke it off with an aquarius.. hes kind of stalking my profile now on the dating site we met on although he played it cool when i broke it off. Out of curiosity can you tell me what you and his birthdates are?

  4. I’ve been dating an Aquarius 35 man for 8 months and I’m starting to fall in love with him (Help!!)

    We get along very well and we are heavily attracted to each other and our sex is sensational the best I’ve ever had .

    He has not officially made me his girl by title and says he’s not sure about me yet calls and texts me every single day (no fail) he’s introduced me to his family very early on .I give him a lot of space never stress him with demands and cater to him the best way I can .

    When at his house he treats me well I feel special at his home or when we go out in public. But I’m at a point where I feel I need to make a decision to stay or go and find someone new ; as I feel he had got it too good . He says things like he don’t want me seeing anyone else but I keep reminding myself he’s not made me his girlfriend .

    What should I do ? Should I just cut him off and vanish . I love him but it’s a new love and I don’t know if he even cares about me with the mixed messages ??

  5. he wants to control you and dont be affected cause he dont mind it. you should avoid him as early and move on dont waste your time with him cause he will olny given you false hope. you deserve to be happy with someone else who can give you true love back.

  6. you know why aquarius cheated bacause they are non sense and worthless or maybe they are just stupid to know. aquarian want you but didnt do anything to satisfy you. they are complete foolish jerk and they deserve to cheat !

  7. stay with that fucking worthless parasite aquarians. you deserve better, aquarians is witches a toxic dont trust him beleive me

  8. Thank you so much for your advice I’ve decided to let him know today that we shouldn’t see or talk to each other anymore

  9. im with my aqua man for 10 years but we met 14 years ago. on and off relationship. its very hard for me to end our relationship bec i treat him my bestfriend and thought that he is the one. but i try my best to move on now and never to have him again to my life. dont put too much trust and effort to aqua and dont try to fall in love and get blinded you will be sorry or hurt in the end. be wiser than them or u will be the looser.

  10. Thank you I’ve decided to pull away and count my losses

  11. si limberg ba yan?

  12. how do aquarius be said to be friends with everyone even they are truly not. all ive known aquarians male and female that want to be friends with me all are not for life time. because there something in them that i really dont like because they are not good people and seems they are all truly fake that i dont see in my other friends zodiac. im the one decided to move away and ignore them because there not worth it. im a person will keep my true friend in my life my they are ALL AQUARIANS TRULY all aquarians well definitely u are all looser because you are all stupid and accept it

  13. Cancer woman here….dated Aquarius for 6 years on and off. intellectual and sexual compatibility was amazing. Being a cancer I tried to make it work but some signs just aren’t meant to be. now going through phone being blown up and stalking. the jealousy was bad also throughout the whole relationship. When they say they’re always here and there and expect woman to be at home is 6years of my life. I’m more independent from this relationship but doubt I’d do it again if I went back.

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