Loving an Immature Leo

Leos can bring endless amounts of fun and romance into a relationship. They can also be passionately generous with their hearts, time, energy and money. But what if your Leo isn’t resembling any of this sign’s typical positive traits? What if your Leo likes to play mind games, is stingy (or worse, hot and cold) with his or her affections, dishonest or disloyal? If this is the case, then you’re in love with an immature Leo.

An immature Leo is one of the hardest signs to deal with in love, because when things are good, they’re soooo good that it almost makes it worthwhile to put up with the more difficult aspects of the immature Leo’s personality. They are usually very charming, which they can use to persuade you to see the pros of giving them their way all the time. However, this is the exact opposite of what will help them grow up and learn how to consider others in love. Like their astrological representation, the Lion, they believe themselves to be the Kings (or Queens) of the Jungle. When you cater to this belief, the immature Leo will take advantage and get stuck in the “Gimme, ’cause I deserve it” mode. They will take everything you have to offer and still want more. Nothing you do will ever be enough to convince them you are the love of their lives. The more insecure a Leo is, the more arrogant and inconsiderate he or she will act.

Ironically, the only thing this kind of Leo will respect (or respond to) is someone who has the courage to walk away. They may initially view your walking away as a sign that you don’t love them enough, but eventually they will come to respect you for not taking anymore of the crap they know they’ve been dishing out to you. (Because they’re very aware of how to leave a good impression, Leos know when they’re mistreating someone. Sidenote: RUN, don’t walk, if your Leo doesn’t care at all that he or she is disappointing you.)

As Leo’s partner, you might have come to expect that Leo won’t be able to survive without the daily doses of Vitamin A (affection), Vitamin C (compliments), Vitamin D (devotion) and Vitamin E (excitement) they’ve come to depend on from you. However, even immature Leos are very self-sufficient when left to their own devices. Either they will find someone else who will enable their “me, me, me” attitude or they will learn how to depend on themselves to get what they want. Doing the latter will help them gain the confidence that will bring out the generosity, loyalty, and lovableness that mature Leos already possess. While it will always be important to Leos that others admire them, a sign of Leo’s growing maturity is that they can recognize their own sunshine regardless of whether there’s a moon (i.e. you) around to provide a reflection.

When you’re feeling the urge to shower your immature Leo with more love, just remember that cats always land on their feet. And if they don’t, they have 8 more lifetimes to learn how…

What kind of Leo are you? How have you dealt with an immature Leo? Have you seen an immature Leo become mature?

About the Author

Jara Dan-Fodio has been gazing at the sky and observing people all of her life. After reading her first astrology book that went beyond the 12 zodiac signs 15 years ago, the patterns she noticed began to make sense. Although she dabbles in vocational, predictive and electional astrology upon request, her favorites are depth astrology and synastry. She’s an eternal student of life and astrology is just one of her many teachers. You can find more of this 8th houser’s astro-notes at Random Astrology or Twitter.


  1. Hey Leo Man26….Were you answering my blog about knowing that my Leo loves me but
    why are they still looking around for attention from others????? I give my Leo sincere compliments
    every single day so I was wondering why my Leo still looks around???? I know my Leo loves me
    by the way they treat me, so that’s why this is very confusing to me???? Any Leo’s out there want
    to comment and help me out here??????? I would really appreciate your comments. Thanks

  2. Thank you very much to the Leo that took the time to respond to my question.

    I very much appreciate it and feel you gave me good advice. I will try what you
    suggested. I will blog again and let you know how it went. Have a great un-domesticated
    day (Ha Ha). But seriously, have a great day.

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