Loving an Immature Leo

Leos can bring endless amounts of fun and romance into a relationship. They can also be passionately generous with their hearts, time, energy and money. But what if your Leo isn’t resembling any of this sign’s typical positive traits? What if your Leo likes to play mind games, is stingy (or worse, hot and cold) with his or her affections, dishonest or disloyal? If this is the case, then you’re in love with an immature Leo.

An immature Leo is one of the hardest signs to deal with in love, because when things are good, they’re soooo good that it almost makes it worthwhile to put up with the more difficult aspects of the immature Leo’s personality. They are usually very charming, which they can use to persuade you to see the pros of giving them their way all the time. However, this is the exact opposite of what will help them grow up and learn how to consider others in love. Like their astrological representation, the Lion, they believe themselves to be the Kings (or Queens) of the Jungle. When you cater to this belief, the immature Leo will take advantage and get stuck in the “Gimme, ’cause I deserve it” mode. They will take everything you have to offer and still want more. Nothing you do will ever be enough to convince them you are the love of their lives. The more insecure a Leo is, the more arrogant and inconsiderate he or she will act.

Ironically, the only thing this kind of Leo will respect (or respond to) is someone who has the courage to walk away. They may initially view your walking away as a sign that you don’t love them enough, but eventually they will come to respect you for not taking anymore of the crap they know they’ve been dishing out to you. (Because they’re very aware of how to leave a good impression, Leos know when they’re mistreating someone. Sidenote: RUN, don’t walk, if your Leo doesn’t care at all that he or she is disappointing you.)

As Leo’s partner, you might have come to expect that Leo won’t be able to survive without the daily doses of Vitamin A (affection), Vitamin C (compliments), Vitamin D (devotion) and Vitamin E (excitement) they’ve come to depend on from you. However, even immature Leos are very self-sufficient when left to their own devices. Either they will find someone else who will enable their “me, me, me” attitude or they will learn how to depend on themselves to get what they want. Doing the latter will help them gain the confidence that will bring out the generosity, loyalty, and lovableness that mature Leos already possess. While it will always be important to Leos that others admire them, a sign of Leo’s growing maturity is that they can recognize their own sunshine regardless of whether there’s a moon (i.e. you) around to provide a reflection.

When you’re feeling the urge to shower your immature Leo with more love, just remember that cats always land on their feet. And if they don’t, they have 8 more lifetimes to learn how…

What kind of Leo are you? How have you dealt with an immature Leo? Have you seen an immature Leo become mature?

About the Author

Jara Dan-Fodio has been gazing at the sky and observing people all of her life. After reading her first astrology book that went beyond the 12 zodiac signs 15 years ago, the patterns she noticed began to make sense. Although she dabbles in vocational, predictive and electional astrology upon request, her favorites are depth astrology and synastry. She’s an eternal student of life and astrology is just one of her many teachers. You can find more of this 8th houser’s astro-notes at Random Astrology or Twitter.


  1. My mother is a Leo, I have a homie that’s a Leo, & I was in Love with a Leo that accused me of something I wasn’t even doing!!! I’m the type of person that doesn’t want to always be right I wanna be happy!!!! I swallowed my pride (I’m an Aries) and tried to make up AND I WASN’T EVEN WRONG!!!! That Pompous FOOL still gave me her a** to kiss!!! LEAVE THEM ALONE!!! THEY ARE IMPOSSIBLE!!! They will destroy you if they think they are right!!!! They always act like the victim!!!! I’m the caregiver for my 90 year old Leo mother & she still cracks her whip,& has no consideration for me needing time to socialize and have a life, I’m 33 not 93!!!!!!! & I cater to her like she is a queen!!!! However GuESS what!!!??? She thinks no more of it than , a man in the Moon!!!!! I promised myself when my mom is gone , No MoRE LEos!!!!! They are tOXiC!!!! Take it from me!!! head for the hills!!!!! Get inside your hurricane shelters when you see them coming!!!!! My father should have received a Nobel peace prize for having the wear withal to be married toy mom for 57 years!!! I see why he had a stroke b4 he passed away!!!! They won’t change!!!! I’d prefer being run over by a bulldozer than to ever deal with a Leo again!!!!! Im a Ram,(Aries), not a Sheep!!!! Hope everybody listens to what I’m saying!!!! I’m very much against people being hurt or violence, so if you have a bad temper ReALLY stay clear of Leos!!!! Even thoug I can’t stand them I would hate to see one get hurt, cuz a Leo will try even Jesus Christ patience!!!!!

  2. Hi Domici

    Is this your Mother or Grandmother because the age difference is staggering
    and it doesn’t make sense if she was your birth Mother.???

    Very puzzled Taurus.

  3. Astrochick says:

    Leos are ruled by the sun
    They think the world revolves around them
    They talk too much listen too little
    Are very bossy, like to control every situation,
    Way too much pride…
    Plays the victim feeling sorry for himself as if they are the only ones that feel pain in the world.. Makes bad decisions than blames it on bad luck
    Lost in his own ego and mind!

  4. Well where do I begin? They entice you leer you in and then go from hot to cold.. Their problems are bigger than yours.. So they think .. They will adore you with loving words act kind but expect more of it from you and always feeding their ego.. Exhausting I’m telling you .. Leo men different from Leo women .. Hands down .. Big babies the men doesn’t matter how successful they are… Good side to them is aware of your emotions ~ kind words~ some gifts and letters of love .. Downside … Give me more attitude … I’m king … What I say is right.. Pompous … Lol.. Depends on if you can handle constant admiration of them.. Oh too much work lol =^\^=

  5. Astro chick is right!

  6. Btw I’m a Libra… Around 3 Leos frequently .. Sister is different .. The other two lions … Oh pow!!! Lots of drama ????????????????????

  7. I’m Aquarius, the man I loved was Leo. He was great fun, gregarious, generous, smart….but he was very distant. It was like are roles were reversed. I’m trying to give love and affection, and he was pushing me away. He could also be very insensitive to my feelings, and cruel. I finally walked away, even though it broke my heart. I never heard from him again…that stubborn Leo pride, coming into play. He doesn’t realize he’s dealing with an Aquarian who is as stubborn as he is. I’m not taking any more crap. Grow up!

  8. This post helped me so much!!!! How I trying to hand my immature leo boy is break free been trying for months but have reached my final straw now he has a gay “homie ” girl her pictures flooded through his phone she has the password to his phone and I’m the so called girlfriend that has nothing and I have none of that no pictures of me in his phone I don’t have the password to the phone. the whole relationship was a piece of crap. I just been getting used for my money and my time wasted and I’m done I’m through closing doors trying to change my number today and just no contact whatsoever I’m tired of being hurt. Then Leo’s tend to always make it seem like they’re the victim ihe didn’t do anything wrong sorry to say but they are worst sign I’ve ever encountered. He just messed up big time and no turning back by the way I’m a Capricorn! With a Leo daughter hopefully I can break her out of their characteristics

  9. I’m a Leo woman and I’m engaged to a Leo man . The way I broke him of cheating is being he’s perfect woman and held out on sex. That drives them crazy, they love the challenge. Then every other woman becomes suddenly uninteresting and boring and typical .. And you shine and all they want and think about . I love him to pieces , their a lot of fun if you can get thru the immature stage and break him .

  10. This article was so informative but not that helpful. My girlfriend is an unrepentant spoiled brat and my son is a progressed Leo with the same attitude and youre right there’s no remedy for, if webreak up she’ll just find someone else to use control and lie to. Shes a fixed sign but worse than that her moon and mars are mutable which gives her the slick capability to be manipulative. Idealistic Mooon is Sag and her impulsive Mars in Gemini drives me nuts with dishonesty. I will befair and say i have the same signs in different places. Sag sun, Leo Moon, Gemini rising.

    We may have a kid on the way, how do i fix this?

  11. Woman in love TS says:

    I have an Leo man immature I might add and he had been talking to someone for six months when I found out and he quickly pushed me to the curve after seven years he’s mean cruel self center and unappreciative nothing never good enough but he tell me that’s its hard to let me go I’m a virgo and that he love me unconditionally When I found the text that’s when he kick me to the curve because he couldn’t handle beening caught that’s pitty to broke off seven years for phone conversation for six months never seen the girl I’m hurt but I still love him can it work

  12. Woman in love TS says:

    Leos need their a$$ kick for treating ppl the way they do my leo man stab me and now he act like he the victim like I owe him something not only thing I owe him is my foot in his a$$?????

  13. Woman in love TS says:

    My leo immature man came back and said that we going to take one day at a time right now we are friends with benefits what do I do accept it

  14. I’m a Pisces dating a Leo he has hurt me so bad but reading this he considers his self the victim but he cheated on me now he’s a shame to call he’ he’s very embarrassed that he was caught he won’t call nor he won’t text he just left do they ever return after breaking your heart

  15. How on earth do you know this about immature leos?

    Ive never read something about “myself” that has ever made so much sense and even made me cry a little lol i feel lik i dont know myself at all now even though eevvryhing makes sense.. argh!!!

    😀 help

  16. i now c y?

  17. My Leo is stubborn you have to stand up to them and show no weakness..they always come back and if they get embarassed they gonna act a fool just ignore them or leave. You have to kill them with kindness.

  18. In Response to Klarisa15, i was born when my mom was 46, there was 22 years age difference in me and my brother! She is my real mim & im still taking care of her, however when she dies she gets ni funeral from me, I JUST WANT OUT & AWAY FROM HER!!! SHE CALLED NNE FAGGOTS, TILD ME I DESERVED TO BE BULLIED IN SCHOOL, its too late i hate her and im to old now to even want her love!! It is what it is!!

  19. I just don’t get it. My Leo friend (woman) did everything to turn me on (I’m a woman). I never got involved with a woman before. After she lured me into being attracted to her like hell, all of a sudden she turned cold towards me. I don’t understand? Please comment. If there are any Leo women out there attracted to another woman, can you please try to explain what happened to us. She did everything to make me love her.

  20. I’m so hurt and feeling stupid for letting myself fall for this woman. Honestly, it was not my idea in the first place. She told me she loved me and touched me suggestively and really turned me on and then poof all of a sudden acted cold towards me like nothing ever happened. I need help, I’m unbelievably upset about this and don’t quite understand at all. I swore before I met her that I’d never open my heart to anyone again and now my heart is broken.

  21. Ariesgurl says:

    Ohh. So true. Iam involved with a leo and hes fantastic when things happen to his liking. Oh jeeez if things. Go little offplan hes the moodiest angriest. Hea knows that and often apologises for it. The sex and communucation between aries and leo man is fantastic. Its like u understand them so well. Give them their space when they r angry. Leos r spendthrifts and always in financial problems. But its a match atleast to try once in ur life even rhough they r arrogant with too much attitude

  22. Thanks Ariesgurl….yes my Leo is mad at me, because I got a little attention, even though I usually allow them to get all the attention. They can be so spoiled and immature. If my leo friend stays mad, so be it.
    I will not cater to silly behavior. I’m a Gemini with Leo Rising and Libra moon. Yup, gonna give my leo
    friend space and if they come back…great…if they don’t…gonna keep going. Leo’s are great, but if you
    constantly find yourself giving too much of yourself up for them, guess it’s time to move on. Glad you and your Leo man are doing well.

  23. My bff of 7 years has cut all contact no argument nothing for 3 months we were like sisters she never was protective and vice versa use to call me for hours make me laugh always cheer me up when I was very I’ll she took care of me I miss her very much my life is empty I’ve tried lots of contact and got nothing back a few weeks ago she contact me to say she loved me very much but no contact over Xmas or new year I reason she needs her space but cannot believe she has done this a very sad and upset Virgo.

  24. Christina says:

    This is so accurate it’s crazy. I was in a sort of friends with benefits thing with an immature Leo and even for a fwb fling, he was incredibly inconsiderate, self-centered and could be downright rude if he didn’t get what he wanted when he wanted it. I stopped talking to him without any explanation because I figured his actions would be obvious enough for him to realize that he was in the wrong. At first, he was pretty pissed off and sat on his high horse. However, now, months later, I’m getting a respectful but silent attitude from him. It’s almost as if he’s ashamed to talk to me. I’m glad to say that I think that immature Leos can learn.

  25. Christina says:

    Oh btw I’m a Pisces ^^ and I know he’s not just ignoring me because he acts politely towards me. In any case, that’s a sign of maturity.

  26. BTW my bf is a Leo and considering Leo and Virgo are not a good match well we were a terrific duo
    And very tuned in as for Pisces they can b cool and indifferent cos I dated one for 4 year

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