How does the Virgo man deal with a breakup?

As a Pisces, I deal with grief and pain by drinking large quantities of alcohol and watching DVDs. (Just kidding on the first part!) Virgo, my opposite, scrubs his toilet when his heart breaks. Unlike Pisces — who seeks to escape suffering by transcending reality — Virgo hones in on the details, immersing himself in ritualistic behaviors. A thorough house-cleaning may help him purge the demons of longing. Or he may participate in a round of colonic hydrotherapy sessions to cleanse himself of embodied relationship toxins.

Virgo is ruled by intellectual Mercury. This analytic guy likes to improve upon anything that is not working efficiently. Even though the relationship is over, he will obsess over what he could have done better, picking apart the flaws in communication patterns, living arrangements and bookshelf categorization systems.

If there is a liability in Virgo’s coping mechanisms, it is that he will process the breakup mentally, yet not truly feel his grief. As a result, he may somatize his sadness, and end up consulting his holistic health practitioner to address problems that would not exist if he truly stayed with his emotions.

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  1. Virgo Bloke says:

    As I have just broken up with a Taurus and I’m Virgo male I’ll tell you exactly how it works.

    We fall to pieces, we bargain and go over every everything in microscopic detail. Including ourselves. We hate ourselves for being so stupid, we fantasise about scenarios that simply would never have happened good and bad. We cry, get angry, bargain some more (sometimes with ourselves Doh!) get rational and say pull yourself together man and realise she just didn’t love you enough to want you forever, no shame in that is there?? We get mad and want to write the most hurtful things down and send them. But we don’t.

    But above all we tell no one what we are going through, until we have got to the point that we feel happy (ier) with knowing that it will get better and life is still the same glorious adventure it always was and the pressure of trying to fix what never was meant to be has lifted. Then we get back to being the clever, thoughtful, loyal, trusting, funny and perfect man we always were :)

    In some cases this takes years in others it takes a few days

    But I must say, after all my relationships that have broken up, I have never once wanted to clean house!!

  2. I’m a Virgo and I dealt with my 2 breakup’s with partying, drinking, sex, and then therapy.

  3. A lot of these responses must be from really young virgos or first-time serious relationship virgos. The reason I say that is because an experienced virgo will not make the same mistake twice. Yes, the first true-love break-up is hard, but also the virgo has very strong will-power so when they realize the issue is unhealthy or no resolve then they will completely break ties with that person. After that the virgo will never leave themselves open or vulnerable enough to be hurt in the same way again. Also, the virgo is a very innate clean person so of course they will want all of their surroundings clean. It really has nothing to do with overcleaning due to just a break-up.

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