What to do when your Cancer man is angry at you

CancerAn angry Cancer man is not a pretty sight. He’ll withdraw into his shell and refuse to talk to you, or just bitch and complain (whine). Passive-aggressiveness is also common for a water sign that is famous for moving sideways.

More likely than not, he’s angry because you wounded his sensitive crabmeat, or your actions elicited his fierce protectiveness towards those he loves. It is natural to feel angry when you don’t feel safe.

Therefore, the first step towards reconciliation is acknowledging that you posed a threat, and that you will do everything you can to maintain Homeland Security. (And although our current President is a Cancer, do not follow his example. Torturing others to save your relationship is off limits!)

Talk is just talk, though. The Cancer man, as a member of the cardinal signs, prefers action over words. (A warm embrace counts more than verbal reassurance.) Your overtures should reflect a sincere desire to make things right. Cancer, ruled by the Moon, is an intuitive sign, and will be able to tell if you’re just going through the motions.

Cancer’s feelings of safety are based on emotions, not logic, so a home-cooked meal may indeed do the trick, provided he can taste the love. A cup of warm milk and a nice cuddle can also melt the Crab’s defenses.

Comment below: What would you do if a Cancer man were angry at you?

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Jeffrey Kishner is founder and publisher of Sasstrology. He is a licensed mental health counselor and has been doing astrological counseling since 2001. Jeffrey has been published in print magazines including The Mountain Astrologer and Dell Horoscope, and has written online for sites including AOL, Tarot.com and StarIQ. Jeffrey has also been heavily involved in the astrology blogger community. Read his personal blog at JeffreyKishner.com.


  1. mrskinyo

    Well you know we doing best thing right here talking about things. It lowers stress levels to talk and even more so to just sit and write what you thinking and feeling. Maybe this is what we should recommend to the men:) if they can’t find it in them to discuss then just down and write what they feel.

    With each day I am getting stronger and looking forward to a good weekend out with friends. At least all the emotions I first went through have now subsided, so one minute anger, to sadness back to blaming myself are dissolving bit by bit. No longer does it hurt me to know that when we first broke up he put lots of posts about how he was brutally broken etc, crap it made me feel like I was some cruel bitch.. My friends said ignore it as I know the truth. Shame was first argument and virtually our last just because he can’t stand confrontation.

    You know up to that day I had never seen the other cruel side of him, he changed from the most loving man to someone with no empathy whatsoever. You would’nt believe he was the most loving man I had ever experienced..strange that isn’t it? Well time is a healer and all my energy is now spent on me.
    I wish you well in your journey its hard but worth it for your own sanity.

  2. Evesapple

    Yes using this site and others I have used has helped me lower stress lol. It feels good to be able to chat with others who has similar experiences and can relate.I also like to journal because it is so relaxing and gives me the opportunity to put my thoughts on paper. Yeah we should recommend the men give it a try even though I can about imagine how far that would go lol.

    I would have been hurt if my guy had posted crappy post up saying insinuating I was something I was not. You did the right thing by ignoring it because all it would have done is drained your energy. It reminds me of the young cancer I know that is communicating with a cancer girl. As soon as things took a shift between the two of them. He started communicating with other females and quick to say things about her. I flat out told him I could see he still had feelings for here and he was trying to suppress his feelings and emotions by trying to spend time with others. I explained to him, he could spend time with as many people he liked.It doesn’t matter because it isn’t her. Long story short he and I saw her. I suggested he walk up to her and start a conversation. He returned to me and appeared happy.Of course now he ask me for tips and advice as in how to go about things with her and other females. I think it is funny because he hates the way she treats him but he does it to others himself.

    He reminds me of my cancer guy somewhat. They both ride a motorcycle and they both act so macho. In reality it is all a bluff. My guy would act as if all was fine between he and I. Then bang he is gone and when he returns I hear what set him off. This is the longest we have gone with out seeing one another since meeting. At this point I could careless if I do or don’t see him. Too much time has passed and that interest I use to have isn’t the same. This last time made me look at things differently and I refuse to allow his moods emotionally drain me. He and I can be friends or associates. Plus I like have my sanity lol.

    I wish you well in your journey also.

  3. evesapple says:

    Think my journey is going to be a struggle and will have to dig deep to keep myself balanced and strong. It started with last night. As I walked into restaurant to meet friends he sitting in bar part with her, gives me a smile and a big hiya (like he used to always do before split) Bear in mind for past 6 months he hasn’t said a word to me, and up to 2 weeks ago couldn’t look at me. Why does he want to be friendly now and with her there? I politely said hi and walked on even though I felt like smashing something.

    2 hours later walked around to another local and as i walk in he is there and looks directly at me. She had her back to me.. It really was easier dealing with emotional stuff not seeing him around, now if he wants to be friendly does he expect same from me? I don’t know if its just me but its like it was a set up that he is in packed bar and says hiya loudly that I cannot ignore, he has now broken the ice and I would look like an idiot if I did not respond. I do not think I would take too kindly if I was going out with a man for him to become friendly again with his ex.. Would like to know what other women think.

    I hope he is not planning on ruining my Christmas and New Year, I really do not want him hanging around making me feel crap and her looking at him all soppy.. OK Rant over ..think I just needed to write this down get it off my chest. Sorry just in a shit mood as kept me awake for hours running this over in my head.
    Oh well back out tonight and intend to dance night away that will cheer me up:)

  4. Evesapple my crab knows he must not play these crazy games with me. He definitely moved on but knows he should not call to me in public-especially with another woman hanging around. Just go about your business and don’t even answer when he calls to you.
    Believe it or not he probably doesn’t even have feelings for this poor girl and using her to get on your nerves. That’s the games that these men play. Once you start to avoid and ignore then he gonna be busy and wanna know what and who you been up to.
    Step up your game. Change your game, your hair style like colouring, etc.. Aim to look different.
    My cancer accusing me now of meeting someone else. All I did was make an obvious change and ensure he sees that…

  5. Evesapple

    I would have been upset as well.They play childish games and I agree with Shanmack he probably does not care about the poor girl.I doubt it if he will ruin your Christmas or New Years because you are goung to be busy not paying him any attention.Hell give him a taste of his own medicine by spending time with someone else.Or better yet just say the heck with him and move on.Out of site out of mind.

    I agree with Shanmack aim to look different. I been so focused living life and revamping myself inside and out.When and if the time come I see my cancer guy again he is going to hate the day he messed up.I be darn if I will let him walk back into my life with open arms.He can walk his ass back where he has been for all I care.

    My opinion of some cancer men is their full of shit and play off of female’s feelings and emotions.It is like they wait on the slightest thing to upset them to introduce you to the jerk they really are.They will literally screw up friendships and relationships instead of working whatever issues out to move forward.Chatting with others on line and in person has made me realize their behavior is not normal.

  6. Yes Ms. Lady. They not normal and lose alot of good women because of their nasty attitude and behavior towards the woman who truly loves them. Doubt, suspicion, crazy mind fuck games, and the disappearing act are is the cancer man’s middle name.
    And they expect you to be there waiting on you. Ha!!! This Libra lady now a days look extra delicious. My cancer guy can’t stand that shit because his new woman be wearing flip flops and faded clothes while they happen to see my sexy ass in heels and butt hugging jeans… Hair on fleek and my everything turn up up up.. Lol.
    Evesapple show him what he missing. He don’t want that girl. Only using her for sex and believe it or not to make himself feel good about himself and what he did.
    You got one life to live.. Live it up.

  7. evesapple says:


    Oh he loves playing games, but this is new one on me. I wouldn’t call her a poor girl as when they were just friends she knew bits of what was going on. She informed all they were just friends but I could sense she wanted more and as soon as I walked out after argument she was there too boost his ego and has been there ever since only 2 weeks later in a relationship. Wonder if he was trying to catch up on the intimacy with her that we had as that is what happens with rebounds. Still let her discover he is using her to boost his self confidence back up again and once he feels good he will be gone.

    But you right best to let him get on with it and worry about me. Already thinking of changing hair colour etc.


    I had good night out saturday and one of his friends hit on me .:) was an ego boost but know it will not go any where. Still good to know they back me all the way and said he the loser and will regret what he has done in the end. They already laying bets on when his so called friend will be no more.

    Good for you for revamping yourself, I did great before he entered my life and hope to eventually be back there. I told him at the start I do not need anyone to provide for me, been doing it for years and I am very independent. I enjoyed his company and the time we had but I try not to dwell to much on the past as it just leaves empty feeling.

    You are spot on, some cancer men are full of shit and rely on females to build them up and make them feel like real men. They seem to pick women with issues. by that I mean women who have gone through a lot they use their loving techniques so we never see the real man till its too late. If we ever do speak I will listen carefully to every word he has to say. Mirror him in that way as they take in all you ever say.

  8. Evesapple taking better care of and evaluating yourself is the best way to get pass a cancer guy. They do use women to make themselves feel better and boost their ego… Always playing the victim. Mine had a long list of bad occurrence to tell me about his then wife.. And expected me to be there for him. He was so manipulative too.
    You just want to know when he sees you, you are looking like a million bucks.. Even if nothing much not happening in your life make something up when you see him because they are nosy but really would like to hear you down in the gutter. Always stress you busy and if you have to talk to him talk about nothing more about your achievements and tell him you gotta go because you are Busy. when they want to come back they pretend as if nothing happened between you two. He will call… But keep it short because you are BUSY.

  9. Shanmack

    Hello friend and I am glad to hear all is well.Darn right show his ass what a bad decision he made.I know he wanted to hide under a shell seeing how good you look while walking around with his fill in lol.I been going on with my life doing things that I enjoy.I joined a workout program with friends and loving the results.I totally agree with telling Evesapple to pretend to be busy when he reaches out.The way I see it you have to play their game and give them a taste of their own medicine.I refuse to wait on my cancer guy point blank period.I did that mess long time ago but not now lol.My friend zone lane is so strong and that is where he will sit.The way I see it he does not care about how he has made me feel with the passive behavior.So I will remember not to be available when he wants to reach out to me.#busy

  10. Evesapple

    You are going to be just fine because you are a strong woman who knows her worth.Your cancer guy will reach out to you soon or later,they always do.As of today continue to focus on you and your happiness.These cancer men we speak of aren’t happy within the situations their in.My opinion is they would rather run and hide instead of correcting their wrong.These men are cowards they would rather hide behind their pride.They know without a doubt their dramatic as hell.However; when their ready to return they act like all is supposed to be forgiven.I find that abdurd because they do not forgive people they claim hurt them so easily.

    All I know is I will NEVER embrace my guy the same.He has shown me one too many times his passive behavior.That passive behavior is abusive and as a Libra woman it does not suit well for me.I like balance and that isn’t in his nature.My cancer guy will mull and take shell time until he is ready to talk and then reappear as if all is well.After dealing with that pattern a few times has made it easy for me to put that wall up with him.

    Evesapple I do feel your guy will be back around.When he returns make sure he knows you have been busy and still are.He will be literally wondering if he has lost you for good.Either way do not show him exactly how happy you are to see or hear from him.The reason I say this is once they know how you feel about them tbey start to act differently.I guess to them they feel like they have you lockec in so no more trying to work hard to keep you.So you have to keep them on their toes.

    Evesapple my guy is going to be really puzzled when he attempts to walk back into my life.We Libras love hard and once you get us to that I don’t care mind set; then you will hate the day you set us aside.I have ex male friends that still try to rekindle what we had.Guess what their still sitting there lol.We are loyal and have no problem showing a man how much we care and love them.When we have had enough then it is game on.Once we see there is no repairing a situation and the interest has faded then we have no problem putting you on the fuck you list lol.

    Evesapple time for youbto revamp and show this cancer guy what he has been missing!!!!!

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