What to do when your Cancer man is angry at you

CancerAn angry Cancer man is not a pretty sight. He’ll withdraw into his shell and refuse to talk to you, or just bitch and complain (whine). Passive-aggressiveness is also common for a water sign that is famous for moving sideways.

More likely than not, he’s angry because you wounded his sensitive crabmeat, or your actions elicited his fierce protectiveness towards those he loves. It is natural to feel angry when you don’t feel safe.

Therefore, the first step towards reconciliation is acknowledging that you posed a threat, and that you will do everything you can to maintain Homeland Security. (And although our current President is a Cancer, do not follow his example. Torturing others to save your relationship is off limits!)

Talk is just talk, though. The Cancer man, as a member of the cardinal signs, prefers action over words. (A warm embrace counts more than verbal reassurance.) Your overtures should reflect a sincere desire to make things right. Cancer, ruled by the Moon, is an intuitive sign, and will be able to tell if you’re just going through the motions.

Cancer’s feelings of safety are based on emotions, not logic, so a home-cooked meal may indeed do the trick, provided he can taste the love. A cup of warm milk and a nice cuddle can also melt the Crab’s defenses.

Comment below: What would you do if a Cancer man were angry at you?

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Jeffrey Kishner is founder and publisher of Sasstrology. He is a licensed mental health counselor and has been doing astrological counseling since 2001. Jeffrey has been published in print magazines including The Mountain Astrologer and Dell Horoscope, and has written online for sites including AOL, Tarot.com and StarIQ. Jeffrey has also been heavily involved in the astrology blogger community. Read his personal blog at JeffreyKishner.com.


  1. fullgrownpisces says:

    Oh my gosh this cancer guy is making me nuts. We met 3 mos ago and he has texted me every ay since. On average 70 times per day. Only withdrawing once as I told him early that I hated the thought of him suffering alone on bad days and I wanted to crawl in his shell with him until the bad feelings past. He gave an amazing response and completely let me IN! But we are like 7 hours part and have only gotten to spend a few days together. I’ve noticed a pattern that when he starts feeling really close I can feel him pull away slightly, but not too far. Enter the issue, there is another girl that, lives nearby that he not only has to see a lot for work, but he also CHOOSES to be with often. He tells me they are just friends, but she blows up his facebook page with pictures of everything they do. But when I acted the least bit upset over it, he told me that he didn’t like the way I was acting, And that I was not connecting with him on the same level? Yet he tells he me he doesn’t want any other guys around me. We have been intimate and are pretty much EVERY DAY OF TH WORLD on the phone. Although he prefers to text not talk! He sends me pictures all the time, and I know he is thinking of me cause he takes pictures of things he thinks I wld like to see and sends them to me. The contact is constant and honest. But I can’t figure out what is going on. I sent him a copy of a text one of my guy friends sent that had an autocorrect screw up that was FUNNY to me, I cld have told you the second he read it because I immediately felt the chill in my spine. I was right, he was pissed. he didn’t say so directly. Instead when I told him I felt the coldness he said there was no way that cld have beendone accidentally and then repeated that to me like 4 times. I said perhaps he was right and I wld tell the guy I thought it wls be a hard screwup and not to do it again. he just told me he was going to bed and goodnight. Which is SOOOO unlike him so I know he was more angry than he let on. I am at my wits end, as I am a true Pisces, I admit I flirt a lot if Im single but Im super respectful if I’m in a relationship. But I am so confused as to what is happening here. And how am I supposed to feel about his other “friend”?????? He told me he knows Im a jealous sort, I admit that, but he is too apparently! I shld probably also mention that he is younger, by quite a bit. So it makes for even more confusion, but we are like SIGNIFICANTLY DRAWN to each other. And all the things I wld do (cook, cuddle, comfort away his insecurities) I can’t do because we are so far apart. He talks about future things and sys he wld never want to lose me. Do they get over being angry quickly. Is it common for them to expect you to be only for them while they can be “friends” with whoever. Cancer man insight please……

  2. Im a freaking cancer male, 28 years later- im finding out that being born between July 2 and July 12 means you will exhibit stronger aspects of the cancer sign more than most.
    When the going is great, its nirvana, when its bad- its 7 steps lower than hell.
    If i had know some of this zodiac traits, i might have saved myself and others a lot of heartaches and pains or maybe not.
    I always thought everyone felt the same things i felt and could read others so well- oh well fml

  3. Mspink510@yahoo.com says:

    Hi! I’m a Scorpio and I was in an interracial relationship with an Irish Cancer man. I fell for him and we were together all the time. It didn’t take long for problems to occur quickly. I found out that he has a serious drug addiction. I have a full time job and I attend college part time. I found out that he was also living in this house illegally & he has no job & no car. I still stayed with him. He kept making empty promises he couldn’t keep. Then I was arrested & puton house arrest. This all happened after I met his family. Then he lost his place to live and let him come live at my house which was a horrible idea. I became resentful at him for being a lazy loser and he started to withhold sex and affection from me. He’d fall asleep every night and was really cold to me & it hurt so bad. So we got into a huge fight and then he went out and used drugs with his friend. Then that evening, he started packing his things and he left me. It hurt so bad. I reached out to him several times apologizing but no response. Then I gave him some time, three weeks passed by and I saw him online on a dating site looking for someone new. It broke my heart in pieces and I became so in raged. He lied to me and my mother about paying for a ticket he got in my car . He said he was in it for the long haul. It was all lies. Now I’m completely sober and it hurts me to know that I’m going through all of this alone. Now I want revenge on this Crab. I let him and his dog into my home. I almost lost my job because he left me stranded for work . Will I ever be able to make this Cancer what he did was wrong? HELP!

  4. Hi Mspink

    I am shocked and beyond words as to how you managed to involve yourself
    with this “PARASITE” but that’s beside the point now because what matters
    is that you had the good fortune of him leaving you and going on the prowl of
    of looking for a new “VICTIM” to latch on to so good luck to them.


    Learn from this and keep moving forward with your life and keep striving to be
    the best you can be. Don’t waste time, energy, thoughts and emotion on this
    “LOSER” whom will get his just deserts and what is coming to him in due course.

    Just put it all behind you and consider it a very bad mistake in your lapse of judgment
    at that particular time and point in your life where you were subjected to doing things
    you wouldn’t normally do but he sucked you in and had a firm grip with his filthy claws.
    Just consider yourself lucky it didn’t get any worse by him sticking around and dragging
    you further into his corrupted and destructive little world.

    I wish you the best of luck in the future and keep smiling. Taurus

  5. Cancer men have sociopath traits and tendancies. Please research sociopath and his victims online. when a cancer man do decide to calm down fall in love settle and give you attention meaning being around more, it will still be a problem…BORDOM! Lately ive realized that the only thing astrology can help with is a persons basics like emotions hobbies and family, but in the logic and reasoning area it needs to be thrown back into the cosmos. because ppl out here is just plain psychotic and damaged.

  6. Shannon,

    Sorry you seem to feel that way, but remember there’s an entire chart to look at that determine’s one’s behavior. I know many, many Cancers, many being very close to my personal life, and I would not call ANY of them sociopaths. I have dated a sociopathic Pisces, but it wasn’t because he was a Pisces! You have to look at the whole chart. Don’t go out assuming a few people you know make up the whole zodiac sign, itself.

  7. NewlyWedLibraLady says:

    My father was Cancer and my 18 yr old son is Cancer. I grew up feeling extremely protected, Cancer Dad Scorpio Mom, and free at the same time.
    Anyhow, over years of watching my father with other people I realized that he was only angry for a while when he got mad, as long as it wasn’t serious like someone he loved being hurt he was easygoing. If the person showed remorse and tried to make things up, he was cool with that. My son is a lot like him, same nature.
    I have made mistakes as a parent, like over babying my son, I get scared of him getting hurt and for an impatient person, he really shows me patients. He is so wonderful with his younger cousins, he is polite in ways that he wasn’t taught, it just came natural to him, as a baby, he was so easy to look after, I kept him near me all day everyday and he rarely cried. Never woke me up crying, I would look at him staring at me when I woke up and he would smile.
    The Cancer men in my life have always been beautiful people with big hearts.

  8. Cancerian men are full of shit. A matter of fact all men are full of shit.

  9. Librascales7 says:

    To my experience having a brother thats a cancer and loving a man thats a cancer, they are a roller coaster. You really feel lost sometimes with them you don’t know what their feelings for you, and they don’t trust easiy. They are stubborn, and willfull. If you don’t agree with them it will sent chills down your spine. they won’t tell you anything about it usually but you can feel their anger. when they are mad they are the biggest jerks, hurtful,cold and distant. they can make you feel insane. They don’t talk about emotions. They will make you believe they are unpenetrable, invincible. Finally, they hate to lose they can’t stand it.
    However on the other hand, they are are great people they have a pure heart. Most of the time when they are being jerks its usually because they have been provoaked. they can be the sweet and they care for people in a very deep way and they will do anything for the ones they love. yes, they retreat and dont talk about their feelings even though they have them, but they are always there to lend a hand when anyone needs it. they are always there to comfort and listen. yea they are complicated. i can read anyone and i am great at it, but when it comes to them i have no idea. i can predict him but even so its hard. but they are worth it. I aboustely hate them at times but i love them to death because they are one hell of a person. they are misunderstood since they can’t seem to communicate to well, and they won’t always let you know what they are thinking into they are pressured to do so, when they have no other option lol.
    the cancer man i love tends to retreat when he feels hurt, depressed, angry,or really whenever there is anything negativie going on with him. when he is down he likes to get over it on his own. i think the reason that he does this is not because he doesn’t want me by his side its because he doesn’t want to seem vulenrable. From what i have noticed they seem to hate it when people think they are weak so i think that sometimes as women we want to nurture and be there for everything and we don’t notice that sometimes people need to handle things on thier own. it doesn’t mean they are pushing you away it just means they need their space. He is defensive, he will counter attack anything you say but think about it a crab has a shell for its defense and if they didn’t have it anything could kill them so its the same with them. They need their friends and they come first. I mean it when i say that. they freaking love their friends like family (i am like that too and i am a libra) so sometimes that can make you feel like he is pushing you aside as well but in reality he just wants to feel comfortable like he’s not trying to impress anyone he just wants to relax. he’s super kind his heart is made of gold and even though i am insecure about him i know that he cares about me deeply. they don’t express their feelings, they only express their feels through physical contact. its just who they are. they are wonderful people they just have their clicks if you can get over those clicks and stay by them and show them you care you will have an amazing man by you. they need to feel love, and if they feel it they are loyal very loyal they only start to look for other people when they feel they are not loved but if they know you care for them they will stick by you through it all. so have patience ladies they are not all bad you just need to crack their shells 😉 good luck everyone!

  10. Angelface11783 says:

    I’ve fallen in love with a cancerian man while going through a divorce. He didn’t want to have a relationship with me until my divorce was final but we were drawn to each other. However loving him has been a crazy ride. He’s ignored me on 3 occasions and always gotten back to me. He claims he has deep feelings for me but can’t tell me yet and then out of nowhere he claims he just wants to be alone. Now I’m pregnant by him and still very much in love with him. The pregnancy is unexpected for both of us, I still want to be with him but now the baby is an even bigger issue…should I even work on trying to be with him or focus on our child that’s coming??

  11. i met him on dating site , talking alot he told me im special for him and he feel with me new feelings he like how i take care of him , i keep him happy and he can imagine how can life without talking with me everyday , he text me every half an hour and any where , he told me he love my personalty and how im thinking and im so funny and he looking the future with me i told him we have distance 4 hours he told me doesn’t care ,then he told me he has new problem in his life so lets be friend i told him its ok but he the same text a lot and filtering me a lot then he asked me meet , i met him he told me im so sexy and attractive i hug him a lot and he kissed me 4 times and touch my back and breast and was so nice , and told me if i have any problem with long distance i told no i can wait him and understand any case , when i left and he back in his city he text me how he felt lonely without me and he want more than friend special after kissed me and im his mine and he start jealous on me , after one day he told me he thinking about my relation and he know im so great lady so he dosnt want hurt me lets be friend , i told him you want stop chat he told me no he want me in his life , and its not great to date other guy but dont feel guilty and hes not happy about that but he will glad for me, then start dont text if im not text him then start ignoring me when im upset and told him you play game hes mad and told me when i met you im not was the same level on you and go find other guy , im mad and told him hes play game and im stupid love him and trust him and he will know who i when he meet other girl , after 2 hours im call him hes not answer then text him im sorry hes not text back , after 2 days text him again im sorry lets be friend , he text me hes happy becouse im relax now and ok why not . then hes not text me if im not text him then ignored me , im stop text him and no any contact with him 4 weeks , so do you think he will text me when im ignored him , help me please ?

  12. I love these readings ima cancer male july4 this is true

  13. Pls I need help on now to get my cancer man bad. He’s my friend’s elder brother and we in a long distance relationship. He’s so hard to read sometimes I wonder if he really cares for me. He tells me he cares about me N he has only told me he loved me like 4 times in our 1 year relationship. I’ve broken things up fr d second time but now I want him back cus I realise I was being immature. Pls I need help on how to do that. Fellow cancer males

  14. Hello, I’m a cancer of July 13th 1998. My step dad is cancer of July 3rd. Moms a Leo. Chris and I fight so much. We just recently for into a fight where I hit him. When a cancer is mad at you or says something they instantly regret it. Well that’s how it is for me, Mabye that’s my picies moon. Anyways…my step dad is a really good person. All he wants to do is make me happy but sometimes he can smother me and since I am cancer too I don’t like it. I came on here because of my guilty conscious. Man, we get in brutal fights with the worst words. I really hope everything goes back to normal. </3

  15. Been w/ my crab for going on a year 🙂 OK so I learned that you have to look at conception in astrology as well. I’m a virgo/Libra 9/21 but was conceived in Sag 12/21. He is a Cancer 7/6 conxeived in 7/6. So long story short. Ive learned to try and talk less listen more. Also never ever touch their stuff… Don’t do it trust me an exsplosion you wouldn’t believe. Never had love like this we fall out make up get along. Then out of nowhere he is mad. For only reasons him and God know Lol. Love him!!!! It hasent been a full year and I’ve met all of his family and he has spoke about marriage. All in all I love my lil crab. Oh use kind words hurt runs deep w/ cancer ppl. The can be harsh but mean well. So walk slowly with him. If he loves you trust you will always know!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. blowinkk says:

    Cancer men are confused
    Babys and a complete waste
    Of time and energy,

  17. Libra11 says:

    Well I am keeping a touch with a cancer male. I am a libra male he is 51 and I am 42. Married once and now he likes to play. He is the one who contacted me to be one of your connections. At the beginning I am talking about 2 weeks ago did care much. But since he post little ting cards. He is gentle when we chat. I can tell e is not interested very much in talking. I am separated still living with my ex but we are good friends that’s all. He had a comment which makes me feel really uncomfortable about my breasts. I stopped writing him. I cried I felt hurt because I was trying to know this person but he went to far. Maybe is normal for him telling a woman her breast area yum. I have read all comments and I don’t know what to think. He hardly writes but always is a card for me and when I said would you like to chat he says of curse. I believe he is too old to be into games don’t you people think?
    What I have decided to do is leave my email address to him if he emails me maybe we can go from there. Or just flip my page.

  18. Being with a cancer man is the hardest thing on earth , when we first met he seemed laid back, loving , deep thinking and everything I had ever needed , he said he loved me for who I was ( care free , free spirit ,) but bit by bit he has picked and criticised every part of my personality and controlled every part of my being , I love him so much , but after making me feel insecure about how he feels about me , by pushing me away , he then says I am selfish for asking if he wants someone else ! I am the worst person on earth apparently , and all the reasons why he fell for me are now faults ! We have a baby so it’s hard to walk away plus I love him deeply and don’t understand why sometimes ! He takes everything I say the wrong way and once he says it then it’s gospel even if I deny it ! He accuses me of being in a mood all the time , when we got together I told him I am a quiet person but oh no that means I am moody ! I say things wrong , I can’t cook , I don’t know anything , I’m a bad parent , I do this wrong and that and he wonders why I doubt he loves me , he’s currently not speaking to me , because I have been depressed following a big operation and that’s me being a horrible person apparently I feel so alone and lost and don’t even remember who I am anymore , stay away from people like this and take my advice stay single !

  19. shwetlana says:

    I’m so hurt with his stubbornness

  20. shwetlana says:

    Please help me!!! !! I think if I die then only he will feel my love I have made mistakes but I do realise it also.. . Today we are going to meet for the last time how can I make it up to him?? I can’t make it without him

  21. This Is for shwetlana hope I am not to late don’t even think of killing yor self for a man if he stays who says he will make you happy just let him go none of us are attached to each other.I know its hard but a man leaving you isn’t the end of the world there harsher heartships that people endure in this world that makes your heartache looks like nothing.

  22. Danielle Scorpio lady says:

    I just finally broke off my relationship for good with that bastard Cancerian loser. Never again. Started out great, then the moods set in,disappearing act then groveling back & with holding sex. He even tells lies when he didnt need too. He broke my heart. I ended it last week & bought a house this week. Feels great. No more.

  23. my boyfriend is a cancerian i really need few powerful tips to get him back because he is really frustated these days and not talking to me his job,family and unstable future is bothring him so much. It took him full 1 year to convince me to get in a relationship with him and now he wants to quit because of his family . There is no doubt thAt he loves me or not because he does . He has asked me to call after 15 days but i am not able to resist.

  24. Sassy Dee says:

    I will make this quick and to the point. My cancer man and I are both in our 40’s, both cancer. Our relationship is the deepest, most bi-polar ass, up and down experience I’ve ever had and we are going on 1 year together.

    Talk about clingy, spoiled, self-righteous, immature, always playing games and the list goes on. He started off saying he loved me first and was obsessed with getting me to say I loved him back long before we made love. I told him I had to protect my heart and I was too old to confuse love with infatuation.

    Baby he wined and dined me, buying me gifts, giving me money, telling me we were soul mates, and would always say he loved me so much and how beautiful I was to him. Good morning texts, the works. He claimed me as his the moment we made love which was very deep, soulful and very passionate by the way. Eventually I said I loved him; fell deep as hell in fact, then this mofo started changing. Getting mad about little shit, swear I’m having sex with someone else if I don’t answer the phone when he calls about five time per day, and just want all my time. Swears he don’t care about other guys wanting me, but when we make love he talks about how many guys want me and can’t have me because I’m his.

    Now he’s stingy with his money except if I ask for some which I don’t like doing. He never says he loves me or calls me beautiful anymore, he says I hear from other guys so why should he say it. We break up at least once a month for stupid crap like his tone or a text I send him when he pisses me off.

    I’m ready to get off thhis bipolar ass roller-coaster ride but I love him too much and get sick after two days without him. If I go a whole day without talking to him or answering the phone he gets mad and starts sending me nice-nasty texts. I almost wish we never started because I’m jacked up in the head over this man..My lover, friend, twin, and sometimes my enemy..Who can relate?

  25. Cancer men seriously lack a conscience and whist over-sensitive to their own feelings,they seem to enjpy inflicting hurt on others.I speak fron experience.I am a scorpio man.I had a cancer boyfriend who used to get a real sense of satisfaction from abusing me,putting me down and goading me with hurtful,inflammatory coents- onstantly trying to ptovoke me to anger and then made put I was the bad one when I became enraged!He also had no empathy or compassion.When my chinchilla died his reaction was “what do you expect me to do cry?”.
    He aldo cheated on me.Cancer men are utterly vile,selfish,insensitive,cruel mental cases with serous bipolar mood disorder.Whoever daid scorpio and cancer are compatible are talking utter rubbish-it was world war three.I cannot understand how this thing’s mind works.

  26. So I’m a libra woman and I’m dating this cancer guy. Before we started to date we where friends for four years. We currently have a child together. Lately things have been rocky. When we get in an argument its like he shuts down. He gives me the cold shoulder. Doesn’t say a word to me. Not only that we live together so its weird that he doesn’t say anything. I apologized he still doesn’t talk to me and its driving me crazy… What should I do move on or what

  27. Precious Stone says:

    Im realy shockd al this is true thou im hurt as we speak i lov him and wev dated 3mounths im preg wot mst i do help?

  28. I have been dating this cancer guy for 2 1/2 months now. I am an Aquarius and we both in our 40’s and both divorce with kids (he has 2 and I have 1). 2 weeks after we’ve dated, he told me he loves me and I said the same. I have never felt anything like this in all my pass relationships, never! He is such a wonderful guy, very educated and comes from a very good family. He is moody, very sensitive and yet very loving and nurturing. I love him with all my heart. Although, very little things can affect him deeply, such as his job (regional manager for Ford), and when he is stress with his job, all hell came break loose! Like right now, he only texted me once and that just to say good morning! He would usually text me at least 3 times a day and when I say “I love you” he would reply right away like STAT code blue! lol!! Now, I am wondering if all these things I am reading about cancer people are true?! Oh and to top it off, I have a feeling that I am pregnant and don’t know how to deliver the news to him when I tested positive. That’ll be the day! Although, if I remember correctly, he said he wanted to have another one, I wasn’t sure if he meant it with me or with someone else?! I am one hell of a confused Aquarian woman!

  29. Felicity Newman says:

    I have a bf who’s a Cancer and he’s Irish. He hasn’t told me anything about his past relationship. I realize that it could be anyone up there but I have to know…what is his name? My bf’s phone was off for a little while and I’m worried I did something wrong. We have a long distance relationship and it’s hard on both of us but I don’t think he could take it any longer..I’m really scared this is the same guy. I feel like he hasn’t been honest with me at all. Making empty promises, ect. I’m sorry to bother you but any help would be very appreciated! Thank you!

  30. hi . At begining,i immidiately apologize for my incorrect english,but i need help.i need to start writing somewhere. Im aries woman dating cancer man almoust 5 months now.. i will not write about his past ,i will only say his ex was pisces. he will be 30 now, and me 21. his ex was his first. till me.which i suprised cause he is very open person, very charming also..i thought he had lots of girls.he was almoust 10 years with her. he said it become boring in relationship.he said he liked womans,and that he flirted time to time, but never serious. he also said he liked some girl lot. but he felt only attraction towards her.later i found her on fb and i saw she is scorpio(that explains attraction). when we meet each other,we were like friends.i liked a lot his attention, he always make me feel good and comtfortable. i have lots of friends and he have also, so we all spend time together.thats how we meet. i was like not into him.but he was quite good at winning my attention.and then we started dating. i had lots of fun with him. (we didnt sleep together then). first month was perfect. he texted me in morning when he waked before work,he send me some pics from job while im sleeping, when i waked, we chatted every morning from like 8am till noon.and more.then he come home from work, he send me also he is in drive to home(so cute),and after we meet each other.we spended all day together. we were not bored of each other. one day we went to his home where i meet his mom “accidently” he says 😀 . i was like so scared,but she was very nice woman and we getted along nice. we connected at first. we were very often there in his house and after all, i meet his all family. i cooced there also with his mom and all(where he was so suprised that i know to cook,he liked that much,especially he liked when his mom hug me spontaniously,i see his face then.)
    i fall for him so hard. then my jelaousy started. but he was okay with it, cause he always explain me what i want to know. i was like: whos that girl on fb, why u commenting her and her.why u like her pics,etc.very imature.but i felt if for first time and i didnt know how to react on all that jelaousy.i thought it was normal.lol. but still he didnt mind it. as matter of fact,he knew send to me always pics of what he is doing, some screenshots, and etc.by himself. ofc we start telling to each other i love u.. after a week. he accepted so easily my lil jelousy, like lil, but one day he changed that. and also i noticed he had some problems on work. so he started ignoring me. and i was like, u do this cause u dont care anymore about me, u do this cause u stopped loving me and etc.now this happened. now almoust 5 month passed. he is really start sending me less msgs and all. but we see each other normal.but he dont say much.and i only hug him.and i say to him he has my support,and that he can tell me anything if he want. i decided that,cause i start reading horoscope and some things started to make sence to me. and i stopped being selfish.and i didnt thought anymore that his mood is random.and that this is my fault.thats theirs nature. horoscope helped me to figure out that. i want to say only we are already on the edge of relationship cause of his behavior.but im him 100% of love and support. this is my first experiance with his mood. this is only first,and i know it will be more.and already i cant deal with it sometimes. i need his attention, and i feel left out. my rising sign,asc, is leo. and his asc is virgo. can anybody help me what i should do? cause i really love him,and i know he loves me too, he tells me that lot of times even when he is moody. i think my sign is not ready for take this anymore.and in future.i think we will have problems with that in future. and im hurted so much then.and im afarid that i dont hurt him then also. i have lot more to write, but i think this is lot already. i only need someone to give me advice ? and i say again,just pls people,ignore my bad english :p ..

  31. I am a married and dealing with a Cancer male who is younger than me.He is totally different from any guy I have dated.Here is the thing our last encounter we faced a major issue and it has left me unsure what will happen between us.He has gone MIA and will not answer my calls,text messages,voice messages.I am confused because he tends to go MIA but this is our first big blow up.I am going crazy and I can’t stop thinking about him.When I see and hear from him,I immediately light up and when I don’t I think the worst.I am not sure if we will get past this point and I have decided to give him his space.I just hope by doing so he’ll reach back out to me.This Cancer guy has left a lasting impression on me and I miss him something terrible.I could use some tips help with my Cancer guy!!!!!

  32. Keke I totally understand how you feel about wanting to break up with your Cancer man and trying to figure out if you should stay.If your Cancer guy is anything like the Cancer guy I deal with,follow your heart.I wouldn’t doubt he cares about you and have strong feelings but you know men are so macho lol.Loving a Cancer man is a roller coast and I am finding that out the more I try to get a better understanding of the one I have connected with.

  33. Cancer men are kind hearted and caring beings with a great knack for money. I’ve lived with a few men all my life and cab tell you that they are very understanding and helpful. Most of them are loving and will go out of the way to help those they love. If a Cancerian commits they do it with their heart and soul. Intuitive sign it readily reads emotions and are a little difficult to fool compared to other sings except Scorpio perhaps.

    Anger would mean “I’m hurt”… there’s a tendency to over react to the slightest remarks. They will brood and whine and crawl into their shells to cry alone. It is a complex sign and usually finds it difficult to act as child – parent. They can show extreme childishness if they aren’t being attended/heard.

    I think, patiently listening to their issues would help bring out the crab and they will feel better if you serve them some nicely cooked meal after the tears have stooped and understanding has been reached.

  34. a

  35. Sassypants says:

    Been there done that he will get over that stage idk what it is but that has happened to me too. Idk there very judgmental or critical.. Idk but you can always talk to me im with a cancer man also.

  36. My advices just do it back they love tit for tating if he ignores you do it back ,if his a dick be a bigger one. Till he stops my dad is a cancer my friends are cancers and I have been with cancer men and I’m s libra sun …just don’t give in ever … They always come back !!!! Always loool don’t worry yourself his 99% of the time stalking you on Facebook

  37. Kwélin says:

    Dee, I can TOTALLY relate..wjst you mentioned is SPOT on with my cancer fiancè and I.. We are both crabs….smh

    Would love to chat wuth you more.

  38. Kwélin says:

    Would love to chat more

  39. Mrskinyo says:

    I’m dealing with a Cancer male and he tends to withdraw often.It drives me insane and I’m not sure how to deal with it.We have experienced a major issue and appeared to get past it.When we’re together we’re so lovey dovey and behave like a couple.When he shuts down on me,I feel as if it’s my fault and reach out to him and he ignores all communication.Any advice would be useful.

  40. Are any of these guys names “Scott?” Some of these stories sound like a guy I met named “scott.” I think he is a playboy.

  41. I am a Gemini woman seeing a cancerian man and must I say, it is the most insane roller coaster with this dude. When things are good, it’s perfect, he showers me with love and affection, kisses, looks into my eyes and I feel secure with him. But when it’s bad, I feel like he doesn’t care about me, he’s got too much on his mind to even look at me and it seems as though he doesn’t want me around. He’ll take 2-3 weeks to get over a little problem and not communicate at all. Which bugs the hell out of me!!! All I want is damn communication. My fault for being unfaithful, that was only because I was drunk and feeling sorry for myself cos he left me hanging for too long. Idk what to do, I love him so much but I feel like I can’t deal with someone who doesn’t want to talk to me

  42. mrskinyo says:


    I can relate, my guy drives me insane when he goes mia on me. It has been a month since I have seen or heard from him. He is moody and when he has one of his moments he shuts done and will not respond to me. It doesn’t matter how many times I call, text , voice mail. It is crazy because when we are together it is as if we are a couple. We kiss, hug, stare into one eyes and discuss things we would like to do together. He is very attentive to me but at the same time it doesn’t take much to get into his mood swings. We experienced an issue a few months back over something I failed to tell him. I agree all I want is communication or for him to tell me when he is going through his mood spells to relieve me of my thoughts and questions.

  43. I have a cancer guy n I feel he disrespected me with a bitch at work and I told him I don’t want him talking to her…he agreed but still says shit to her…he says n I quote that how don’t mean shit! So If she doesn’t y u can’t stop speaking to her?!? So I told him since he can’t respect me go duck with her…he hasn’t tried to call or respond to my text I sent yesterday…n at work today he didn’t say a word to her…n just stated at me Luke he wants to say something…I feel as though he feels I’m controlling him n he doesn’t want to feel I have the upper hand…when us he going to talk to me about this…n y hasn’t he tried to get?

  44. I needed to read that, Thank you.

  45. My Zodiac sign says:

    My boyfriend is a cancer and well whenever our conversations end up in fights, he would rather “retreat into his shell” rather than talk about it right away and solve it instantly. This drives me completely insane!
    On the other hand, pacifying him is not a great task. Just a tight back hug while he’s doing his stuffs warms up his heart.

  46. My Zodiac sign says:

    I am in the same situation as you. I know we geminis badly need communication but trust me you would rather have him stay quiet and digest the arguments than face his wrath. I have been through it with my cancer bf once, it was horrible. I would suggest go to him, (keeping still your patience cause i know its damn hard) cuddle him a little maybe he’ll melt for sure. He just got insecure and hurt you have to build it up again.

  47. Aries82 says:

    Been on and off with my 39 year old cancer male for 6 years. We drift apart and then always seem to gravitate back to each other! But this time it feels different, we have spent a lot of time with each other, he’s told me he loves and cares for me, talked about marriage everything. Even the sex has been better(it was good before, but has been a whole different level this time) Anyway, we have now had a fall out this Monday, as he made a couple of hurtful comments, which usually are water off a ducks back but I overreacted and stormed from his slamming his doors. I apologised to him and he has said we are ok but not sure if he wants to see me again, and that he thinks we should chill for a bit. Anybody got any advice please? Feel like in in limbo!! Arrrrrgh

  48. Hello,

    I completely understand your pain and I agree with you 100%!

    I just feel so much better knowing I’m not the only one who is going through the same things with a cancer male- they are honestly emotional nightmares!

  49. michelle says:

    if you can call me at 619318-4966 we can give each other advice since I’m kind of going through the same thing

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