What to do when your Cancer man is angry at you

CancerAn angry Cancer man is not a pretty sight. He’ll withdraw into his shell and refuse to talk to you, or just bitch and complain (whine). Passive-aggressiveness is also common for a water sign that is famous for moving sideways.

More likely than not, he’s angry because you wounded his sensitive crabmeat, or your actions elicited his fierce protectiveness towards those he loves. It is natural to feel angry when you don’t feel safe.

Therefore, the first step towards reconciliation is acknowledging that you posed a threat, and that you will do everything you can to maintain Homeland Security. (And although our current President is a Cancer, do not follow his example. Torturing others to save your relationship is off limits!)

Talk is just talk, though. The Cancer man, as a member of the cardinal signs, prefers action over words. (A warm embrace counts more than verbal reassurance.) Your overtures should reflect a sincere desire to make things right. Cancer, ruled by the Moon, is an intuitive sign, and will be able to tell if you’re just going through the motions.

Cancer’s feelings of safety are based on emotions, not logic, so a home-cooked meal may indeed do the trick, provided he can taste the love. A cup of warm milk and a nice cuddle can also melt the Crab’s defenses.

Comment below: What would you do if a Cancer man were angry at you?

About Jeffrey Kishner

Jeffrey Kishner is founder and publisher of Sasstrology. He is a licensed mental health counselor and has been doing astrological counseling since 2001. Jeffrey has been published in print magazines including The Mountain Astrologer and Dell Horoscope, and has written online for sites including AOL, Tarot.com and StarIQ. Jeffrey has also been heavily involved in the astrology blogger community. Read his personal blog at JeffreyKishner.com.


  1. thorntongirl says:

    Anytime honey be strong and don’t give in

  2. Shanmack and Thortongirl here is a useful link that I have read with some good tips.

  3. thorntongirl says:

    Thanks for the article just read it very insightful. Seems we ‘re not totally blind some of this we knew huh girls lol

  4. Thortongirl yeah you’re right.We have to stay a few steps ahead of these men lol.I still haven’t seen or heard feom my Cancer guy friend.It is fine with me and if it’s meant for me to hear ir see him again it will happen.Until then I’m going to continue focusing on me.

  5. Shanmack and Thortongirl it is taking all my well power not to send my Cancer guy a text to say hello. He has been on my mind but I am determined not to reach out o him. The way I see it, if he wanted to hear from me he would contact me. It shouldn’t be me initiating communication majority of the time. What bothers me the most is how he moves on when he is upset with me or in his feelings. Then when I do reach out to him he ignores any communication from me until whenever. As much as I would like to consider him a faded memory it is hard to do so.

  6. Shanmack and Thortongirl I reactivated my snapchat and of I see my cancer guy has been on there.I personally don’t usually use Snapchat but decided to give it a try.Not sure if he will view what I posted.Maybe he will view what I posted or contact me since we haven’t seen one another in a few months.I didn’t view what he had posted but I will admit when I saw his face my heart dropped.I felt emotional.It hurts to think we will never see or talk to one another again.Everyday I’m building myself up to consider him a faded memory because he doesn’t want to be in a relationship with me.Atleast that’s what he said due to a situation that took place between he and I.The situation is something that needs to be addressed properly but when it comes down to him there is no in between.So I’m going to continue on with my life and if we’re meant to be we will be.Ladies I feel down today.

  7. Shanmack and Thortongirl he viewed what I posted on Snapchat.Maybe that’s a start either way it actually felt good to see that he wanted to see what I posted.I am not going to reach out to him being that I know he saw it.I’ll continue to remain in the background and maybe he’ll one day decide to reach out to me.

  8. Hey ladies just checking in.
    I saw him today and I just went upfront and told him off. His huge smile just flipped and turned upside down. Felt bad for him but I just told him to just stop and leave me alone and it’s best he moved on because I started seeing someone else( which of course is a lie).
    He hung his head in shame and I told him Im not intrested in him because of his behavior coupled with the things he did in the past – especially the disappearing thing. Told him I don’t want a man incapable of talking about things and that we don’t mesh well and we two different people.
    He just got in his car and left.
    I felt kinda relieved. The few days off from him actually gave me the space I needed to really think things through.

  9. Shanmack awesome and you really stood up to him.Even though my guy looked at my Snapchat post,he didn’t or hasn’t contacted me.It is cool and I haven’t seen him in a few months so fuck him.I agree with what you said about the part we don’t mesh well and I need someone who can openly express how they feel without running away.So he will remain on the block list and I’m going to consider him a faded memory.If he decides to hear from me he can text me but I will not reach out to him.I care about him but my feelings aren’t as strong as they use to be?proud of you diva

  10. Shanmack and Thortongirl my guy continues to view snaps I post on social media.Still no contact but maybe one day,if not its fine with me.At the end of the day,I know I tried.

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