Leo woman broke off engagement with Cancer man

Greg provided his birth time (click chart to view) and writes,

My fiance recently broke up with me. Will we get back together? She is a Leo.

Your natal Venus — which signifies relationships — is being squared (90 degree angle) by transiting Uranus, the planet that yearns for freedom and independence. The tension of the square aspect, along with the “sudden break” energy of Uranus, corresponds with the end of your engagement. Additionally, your progressed Moon — one way to time events — is currently square your natal Venus and opposite transiting Uranus.

Another more subtle indication that you are undergoing struggle: Transiting Saturn — planet of delay and hardship — is conjunct your progressed Sun in Leo. (This goes exact on June 14.)

Transiting Uranus has only passed over, or “hit,” your natal Venus for the first of three times. Its first hit was in mid-May; it retrogrades over this point in early August, and then finally passes over Venus the last time in late February of next year. This means that the instability and need for change in your love life will not end until Spring.

Will you get back together? I don’t know. However, you can use this time to make the following inquiry: What can you change in your relationship patterns? What rigidity needs to be shaken up?

Your Venus in Gemini wants variety and stimulation, yet it is squared by Saturn in Virgo, adding a need for stability and commitment. This complex is being challenged by transiting Uranus, and you have the opportunity to re-organize your values during this transit.

Uranus opposes your natal Saturn — which rules your relationship, as Capricorn is on your Descendant — in March 2009. Essentially, your difficulty expressing love, your fear of affection as symbolized by your Venus-Saturn contact, is being awakened over the next few years. Perhaps, with consciousness, you can loosen your defenses … and you will be more attractive to women (or your Leo ex, in particular) as a prospect for marriage.

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  1. I suggest you forget her. She isnt going to be looking back. BTW Leo & Cancer arent the most compatible signs. I can only hope that your heart heals soon…

  2. How it going ? R u still in love with her ?

  3. I’m a leo girl with a cancer man and i love it. But my venus is in cancer and my juno is scorpio. So we get along great.

  4. When you are in love with someone, you don’t know their zodiac signs. I am in love with a Leo girl as I am a Cancer guy. Oh well, what can I do? Can someone please tell me what needs to be done when you are in love without knowing their zodiac signs. I believe it’s all bs. My apologies. I don’t like any thing at all these days. Bye

  5. @me, you don’t need to know zodiac signs if you are in love. Just be in love. It can help to understand your lover and your relationship better if you look at each other’s natal charts, but it’s not necessary.

  6. Jeffrey, thanks for the post. Please help me where to find the natal charts and what are they anyway?


  7. @me, you can get free natal charts at astro.com. Sasstrology offers compatibility reports that include copies of natal charts (if you order synastry reports).

  8. LibraLady says:

    If you love her just be yourself and show her that you love her. It doesn’t matter about astrology, I agree with Jeffrey. Buy her some flowers, bring her some wine and just give her as much of your attention as you can. Be her friend and she will appreciate you. Be a good listener and tell her the truth about how you feel. My Aqua guy got straight to the point when we met, he told me flat out that he saw me as his potential wife and by our second or third date he told me that he loved me. I was stunned but did it ever feel great. I realized later how much I love him. He is always around, always devoted. When he asked me to marry him it wasn’t a shock, he’d already made his intentions clear months before. Anyways, I’ve met a lot of Cancer guys, you guys are lovable and I really don’t think any woman would not melt when she found out that you love her. Look at her with those deep eyes of yours and express yourself. Its worth it. Love is always worth it. If she says she doesnt feel the same, tell her you would like to stay friends, like that you see her anyways, just be part of her world, let her in yours. As a freind or a lover, who cares? When you love someone, just being near them is great. Love grows when you’re always around 🙂

  9. Thank you LibraLady,

    I guess I’m not around. I need to be physically near. We are in two different continents. No wonder.

    Thank you guys

  10. So true. No one can ever say if she will change her mind and would come running back to your arms. You should reflect this upon yourself and see where could you have done wrong or what things in you that would require change.

  11. I seem to remember that Grant Lewi gave the same adivce many years ago in Astrology for the Millions , Fabienne. It’s a good idea, I guess. Still, I hold back, because knowing what the planets are doing, in transit, and knowing my own birth chart, I’d be inclined to note (or even look for) certain things and ignore certain others. There’s a name for this psychological trait selective something or other. It’s often what skeptics throw at astrologers when trying to discredit an interpretation of a natal chart. It’s really hard not to do the self-fulfilling prophecy thing , particularly for a person with some astrological knowledge. Even when I think we’re being disciplined in this respect sometimes I’m not . For someone with no knowledge of their birth chart at all, and no astro knowledge, to keep a very detailed log of happenings then having an astrologer look at the events, for example in Retrograde periods, to see what had emerged that’d be useful and reliable, I think.

  12. I’m cancer guy engaged to a little woman and it’s a hit or miss we have our ups and downs but for the most part we get along very well and we love each other very well and when we bond together very well so it all depends on the love and how you guys see the future together you guys see the future the same then you guys can get along well if you don’t then you know what to do

  13. Leo*

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