Why Scorpio men won’t tell how they feel about you

The initial stage of a relationship is harrowing, especially if you are with an uncommunicative man. You’re falling for him, but he just won’t come out and say how he feels. He’s sticking around, yes … but how do you know it’s not just for sex, or because being with you is better than being alone? You want clarity! And unfortunately, the Scorpio man is not the most divulging guy on the block.

Scorpio is the sign of secrets. This sign is not forthcoming, but for good reason. Scorpio is an emotional water sign, and feels pretty deeply. It may not be obvious, but there’s alot going on inside. The Scorpio man is keenly aware of people’s ability to harm, abuse and manipulate one another. His ruling planet Pluto is the Lord of the Underworld, after all. Scary, dark things happen down there. Unspeakable things. It is better to just keep a lid on it, don’t you think? Otherwise, all the demons will be unleashed, and that’s not a pretty thing.

So, he keeps his feelings close to his chest. Although Scorpio has a rep for being mysterious, he’s only hiding from you because he’s afraid. After all, if he bares his soul to you, who knows how you can use that sensitive information to undermine him? He needs to trust you — implicitly — to give you the keys to his heart. He may indeed love you, but it’s not easy for him to utter the words. Not until he’s made sure they won’t come back and haunt him.

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Jeffrey Kishner is founder and publisher of Sasstrology. He is a licensed mental health counselor and has been doing astrological counseling since 2001. Jeffrey has been published in print magazines including The Mountain Astrologer and Dell Horoscope, and has written online for sites including AOL, Tarot.com and StarIQ. Jeffrey has also been heavily involved in the astrology blogger community. Read his personal blog at JeffreyKishner.com.


  1. ScorpioLover says:

    My Scorpio became emotionally distant after 4 1/2 months of dating. For the last two months, I practically stayed at his house each night. For the last month, he’s been emotionally distant. I wrote him a breakup text explaining that it’s okay if he wants to see others and that I respect that he doesn’t feel the same. He doesn’t kiss me, cuddle with me or anything. The only thing he does is cook dinner for me, serve me the food, call me daily, and invite me over to his house everyday. I stopped going because he momentarily tried to show affectionate but no kidding. We’ve only kissed once in a four month time period. Low and behold, I started noticing random texts late into the night and him getting off the phone quickly. His daily calls decreased to once a day towards the end of the work day. I believe he’s back with his ex of three years. I’m Cancer. In essence, I walked away and in no contact until I get over the feelings of caring about him. I love him and would’ve grown in love within the next two months had he reciprocated. We met on pof. In all honesty, I accept that he’s just not into me and was not willing to be exclusive with me. It hurts but I’ll be okay. Emotional strength and resilience kicking in.

  2. Ive been dating my love a scorpio man on and off for 6 years. Im a Cancer woman. Just stick in there honey. They go through emotional phases. I suggest you read Astro Twins Love Zodiac. Scorpio men are sometimes emotionally distant because they dont want to catch feelings too fast because they are or they want to see if you will chase after them. But Dont. They have to be in control of everything but you have to always be independent and not clingy.Its good you dont call him while hes going through these phases. When you see him drifting away like that let him go when hes ready let him always be the on to get in contact with you first. Make him beg for you sometimes if you can. In the mean time hang out with your friends but dont make him jealous. He needs to know youre loyal and will stand the test of time before he fully gives you his soul. Good luck to you.

  3. Nilanjana Chatterjee says:

    What do I say? I am an Aquarius with Scorpio moon dating a Scorpio man. There has been a lot of distance even when we decided to be together. Though he was far off, he made sure his words made me feel warm and loved all the time. I stayed over a night with him, he took me for a movie and a dinner date, we did a lot of things together (apart from sex), activities we both loved like reading books, watching Harry Potter and even studying together. He made me feel like a princess that day/night. And then after that, BAM! He started pulling away, he stopped saying I love you and merely said me too whenever I said so. Frequency of his texts went down. Sensing the change, I confronted him, to which he said that he was busy with office work and preparing for an exam he wishes to appear for this December. He has been so busy that when I tried asking him about what he feels for me (now that 2 months passed by) and he said that he is confused. I realize I made a mistake asking him so now. But since we took things pretty fast and doing a lot of reading and research I do know that a Scorpio means what he says, but there is always a possibility that he mistook infatuation for love? I am scared to break it to him coz I know how sensitive he is. But what do I do? I have given him the time and space he needs. He can walk out of the relationship if he likes. But I am mentally and emotionally troubled by this. I really feel lost.

  4. I’m Taurus women (4/20/97) he is scorpio (11/7/94). Our relationship started a year ago and we both were just friends with benefits, he was also a friend of mine when I was in highschool. I thought he didn’t like me because we would talk on the phone for a bit and then meet to hook up. One day I decided to ignore him and the next week he called again saying he has feelings for me. I thought he was just being a player because when I talked to him when I was younger, he said he didn’t want a relationship at that time. I never believed him because he wasnt consistent the next day, took forever to reply, or ignored me sometimes. At one point I said I was done with these games and he kept saying give me time, I promise i’ll change, but it was too late. He still contacted me every week but I just ignored him until a month later. I decided to see him and I could tell that he didn’t want to loose me. I decided to give him another try and he was getting better, but he still wasn’t there just yet. A while later he said he was sick of fighting with me and that it’s not like him to be a boyfriend. I was even more in love with him by this point that I told him I won’t do that anymore. He gave it another chance and he also tested me(sending his friends to me, seeing if I fight for him). Out of no where, he started calling and texting me every single day, multiple times. He wanted to see me almost every single day, it was like he had become obsessed with me. Now a month later, he came to me saying I cheated on him at this party and I was confused because I dont remember much if I drink a lot. Apparently I danced and kissed with some guy there, and I know that this is true because I asked other people who were there. He was so upset with me and made me feel really guilty by saying I broke his heart, I was so loyal, i did everything etc. But he told me he knows I wouldnt do that and forgave me. 1 week later, he kept arguing with me and ended up breaking up with me saying he cant stop thinking about it. At first, he was avoiding me completely but would only talk to me if he was drunk and kept saying i would have married you but i have to punish you for this etc. Then we were all at this event and he saw me dance with all my friends in a group, and he started to get mad because a guy was dancing next to me. The next day he went back to completely icing me out. After a month, i called him crying because i was feeling really upset in general with life and he came to see me. we hooked up and talked, and he kept asking if im talking to anyone and that i cant be with anyone else, bascially acting like my boyfriend. Afterwards, he never called. I’ve apologized many times and also poured my heart out to him. I would tell myself not to go to him anymore, and he would come back himself within 1 week saying he wants to see me and all that. Its been 5 months since we broke up and I see him actively but he tells me sometimes that he forgives me but cant forget and other times he tells me he loves me, wants to marry me, have kids with me, and gets jealous and protective of me. I told him i cant be friends with him and he said ok and didnt talk to me for 5 days. he called himself saying that he wants me in his life and that we connect etc. whenever we hang out, we dont do anything physical with each other anymore, so what does he want from me? I feel as if he keeps getting better and then becomes distant if i make him upset. How can I get him back? What can i do? Am i being stung? he tells me that there is no girl in his life. He starts to get really good with me and backs down after a couple of days. Please help.

  5. Scorpio Lover says:

    So, Christine, what happened? What did you discover about him? I’m in an eerie similar situation. What’s the final outcome? Did you find out the truth?

  6. Inlovewithhim says:

    I am Libra woman and I am in love with a Scorpio man since we were 13 we are now 28 ( I know it sucks), we used to be so close when we were in high school and share deep conversations all the time but of course life got in the way, I move away and so did he, I do send him messages but He never seem to engage in a conversation,I know he is particularly busy since He is a Marine and I am in a different country altogether, I don’t think He just sees me that way which hurt but alas I need to move on. Totally one sided love I suppose…

  7. Lalalight says:

    He’s playing a push and pull game with you honey it’s time you let him go and stop talking to him fully don’t waste any more time with this guy and stop hooking up with him and chatting to him you hurt him so he’s mentally hurting you he wants you to suffer don’t be so foolish end it with him change your number email every thing leave him be find a better man because he’s playing games with you don’t waste your time anymore with him people make mistakes you apologized the fact is even when you did he still holds a grudge against you he will never truly forgive you that is why he’s playing you as a fool he probably tells his friends you are one too because you head over heels still loving him wake up honey smell the coffee you are not his property and you deserve a man much better then him if you apologized it’s done don’t say sorry to him anymore as hard as it sounds ignore him and cut him out of your life completely I’m sorry if this sounds mean or harsh or rash but you truly deserve better and if you do meet someone good better then him and he tries to find or slither his way back into your life don’t let it happen the next man you have will treat you like a gem and not toy with you or your emotions and health

    When in an argument with a Scorpio man and he says he loves you have shown you but don’t know what to do anymore does that mean its over,I am a LIBRA I know our compatibility is not great its the worst but I love him..please help

  9. I’m currrntly with a Scorpio, we’ve been dating for a year now and we still are not in a relationship. Grant it he and I don’t see anyone else. He does have his moments where he is withrawn from me. It does hurt and I’m an Aries that needs constant reassurance. But we make it work, I understand he needs his space usually last a week. He just wants to be alone in another room. After that he will come back full force. Cuddle me, kiss me and tells me he loves me and that I should never forget that. He and I met in 5th grade we lost our virginity to each other. I was in a relationship for 11 years and reconnected and have been together ever since. All I know from my experience is that they are highly miss understood, blunt at times but he means well.Honestly it takes great patience to understand him but he’s amazing. Im an Aries so I’m impatient and have to be In control but he does like it when I rebuttal when I have a point he agrees. Again I think in order to make it work let him lead, be patient and you will get what you need from this partner.

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